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  1. Wow. So according to some information, it was originally believed that girls couldn't get Autism. This thought may have surfaced back in the 40s and still leeches into social conscious to this day.

    It was never on my radar because me and my mother share a heck of a lot of traits, many that are associated with Aspergers. So while she had never been diagnosed officially, I can easily believe she's on the spectrum too.

    Would the people that read my ramblings prefer that I share my sources? I tend to avoid doing that in the off chance that it turns out the information I'm sharing is inaccurate or a blatant lie. I tend to prefer that others do their own research as I am more likely to get something wrong.

    Is that dumb?

    1. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      For the longest time, autism was referred to as "Extreme Male Brain," (a stereotype I still deeply resent) so it's no wonder autistic girls got overlooked.

      Go ahead and share your sources. If they're wrong, chances are good that someone will let you know.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Hardly any different from the time people presumed AIDs were associated from gay people. Every condition is bound to get false accusations early in their discovery. From what I know, it's true that there are less girls diagnosed on the spectrum then boys are (but that doesn't mean girls are less likely to get Autism), and that the symptoms of Autism are different in girls, hence the hesitance to diagnose more girls. At one point, someone said they heard that Autism in girls is always highly severe, but women like Temple Grandin help me see through such lie. 


      I have not really gone too deep into autism beyond what was told in school, but I never really saw anything traits like that in my immediate family. My restraint from social activity clashes with my parents and siblings, the later of which both went off to college around when they were younger than I am now. Basically makes me feel even more like an outcast. But don't take what I said as discouragement on if your mother has it or not. Maybe mine was past down from a distant ancestor who had it and hardly knew it.

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      It's pretty well known that it used to be believed that only boys could get autism, and even nowadays it's seen as a rarity (more modern research suggests the reason girls seem to have a low figure for it is because it's simply been underrepresented via scientific research and social stigma in the past).

      On a real world application, it's so fun being seen as some sort of weird commodity at a jobs fair because you mention you have autism and have a sister with autism when asked by a rep for an advocacy service. /s

    4. DanJ86


      Yeah, a video I watched also mentioned that it appears boys are more likely to have Autism. But then explained that it might be that girls aren't being diagnosed for various reasons. One example was of a woman that was "masking" herself. I believe she used the words, "pretending to be normal." I watched this video about the subject.

      It also goes into a little detail about Asperger himself and his connection to the Nazis. I was already aware of that fact and even for a time, felt uncomfortable saying the word "Aspergers."

      All the sources the video creator used is in the video description. I was gonna share them myself but realised they are many different websites listed on a place called Pastebin.

    5. Piko


      While it’s true that girls are way less likely to be diagnosed with autism, that’s mainly because we tend to hide or “mask” our autistic traits and when we’re not, we tend to display them differently. For example, while autistic boys are probably looking at train timetables, autistic girls might be drawn to dolls or horses, interests which aren’t out of the ordinary for girls.

      Fortunately there’s much less stigma surrounding autistic women, but even now most don’t get diagnosed until well into adulthood due to skepticism from doctors and parents.

    6. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Yeah, I'm an exception in terms of diagnosis since I was only three. Basically my parents knew what to look out for thanks to my sister being an even stronger example.

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