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  1. Holy cow!? Speaking of the BotW 2 reveal, it was just pointed out to me that the area the glowing hand is clutching the zombie Ganondorf is the same place his wound was at the failed execution in Twilight Princess!?

  2. Been replaying through BotW due to me losing all my original saves.

    I'm kind of glad that Skulltula's and ReDeads aren't in this game. But if the sequel is going to be darker, I suspect they'll be back.


    (I'm glad because I'm a coward and they creep me out, okay??)

  3. Hm? What an odd feeling. I was blinded by rage earlier today but I can barely recall why...

    ...Um....it's been one of those days, I guess...

    Dammit, I thought I'd gotten better at handling the emotional outbursts. They rarely happen but when they do, my body moves before my brain gives permission.

    Sorry you had to see that.

  4. I'm so tired. So very, very tired...

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Hope you get some rest 

  5. Okay. Need to vent.

    I don't give a s*it what side you're on with the Vic situation. I just saw a KickVic conversation in which one of them insulted the IStandWithVic people by calling them Autistic.

    Again, I don't give a f*ck what anyone thinks about Vic. Using Autism as an insult thoroughly PISSES ME OFF!!!

    (I have a type of Autism if you didn't know.)

    That is all.

    1. Shiroi


      Yeah, that shit is never OK.

    2. Dr Egg-Gin

      Dr Egg-Gin

      As an Autistic person myself, I'd prioritise Vic being a piece of shit. 

      (Obviously without using that particular insult myself). 

    3. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      Calling a Vic supporter an autistic person is an insult to autistic people.

    4. DanJ86


      Thanks for totally shitting on my feelings.

    5. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      How are we shitting on your feelings? We’re all agreeing with you.

    6. DiamondX


      @Petrifying Panda You actually are. His entire point was that it doesn't matter what your views on Vic is but you guys insisted on insulting those who actually like Vic.

      Also "calling x a(n) y is an insult to y" also means y is used as a form of insult to a lesser extent.

    7. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      Sorry, yes it is insulting in general.

  6. Congratulations!

    You've won a free mansion!

    Come to the totally not haunted cemetery at midnight to collect your prize.

    All prize winners will leave satisfied and not encased in a magical painting.

    All professors named "Gadd" need not apply.

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer
    2. booblur98
    3. Spookilator


      Free mansion? Prize without needing to enter? Absolutely no suspicious activity at all?


  7. I wanted to make my own unique logo to house all my animation projects under.

    Why not make it cool looking one with something like Blender? It's free for some reason.

    *Loads Blender*

    …..Darn. That's a lot of options. Back to YouTube for Blender guides.... 😕

    It'll be worth it in the end. I hope...

  8. Their seems to be a group of people that either like to trick others into reacting to an absurd statement and then criticize them for doing it or say something dumb and then claim it was a joke when called out.

    This irks me as, (Being Autistic) detecting jokes is actually harder and we tend to take things literally. Then you get some clown going "Huh huh huh, idiot." Which alienates an already heavily alienated group of people.

    But I feel like I'm seeing more people not care about mental health these days.....

    Just my two pence...

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      If someone says something that you think seems absurd, it might be worth asking if they're being sarcastic/joking. I doubt that the intent is there to make you react to something absurd (unless they're out to make a mockery of you, in which case you should do your best to ignore them and move on). Usually with sarcasm, the intent is to point out how absurd something is and make a joke of it. People often change their inflections and emphasise words when using sarcasm, but not always. And it's harder still to detect when it's written and not spoken. 

      Knowing whether or not someone is joking or being sarcastic also depends on the person. We all have different senses of humour. For example, my siblings and I understand each other very well and we all know when we're joking or being serious, simply from what we're saying. But with a random strangers or anytime you don't know as well it becomes much more difficult.

      It sucks to feel left out when people are joking in a way that you don't get, or to feel though you're the target in their jokes. 

  9. Saw a very odd tweet that claimed mental illness and all types of it are a choice.

    I wonder if it was a joke? 

    I was going to share it but one of the replies was pretty graphic for some reason.

  10. I like how Left Foot Media analyses movies. I feel like he should have more subscribers.

    The following example is from The Joker movie and contains spoilers.


  11. Any other creative types here have this problem?

    Having two strong ideas for projects at the same time but can't decide which to do first? 😖

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Just two? Pbbt, I have at least a half dozen strong project ideas. Oh, to have the time. I'll never get 'em all done.

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Having only two is a blessing in my opinion. This especially true when you have more ideas than you can count and they start blending together.

    3. PaulyBFromDa303


      Times like that I just go with the flow, if I think of something that could possibly be better, I SAVE MY WORK OFTEN  so that I can change it back anytime if I'm not feeling it once it's down.

  12. Steam are having a sale of Idea Factory titles.


    ….I'm a sucker for a good deal.

  13. Their is this t-shirt that hurts my head. Every time I see it, I face palm. XD


    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      If Metroid can be a girl, he can too!

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Imagine being the guy who made that tweet, seeing this dumb joke, not realizing it's intentionally incorrect, and unironically thinking "there must be some way I can blame this on progressives"

    3. JosepHenry


      ... is a joke. THE SHIRT IS AN INTENTIONAL JOKE.

      God give me strength and wisdom to deal with.

    4. DanJ86


      @Shaddy Zaphod @JosepHenry

      I don't actually understand why the poster mentioned SJWs but, how do you know it's a joke?

  14. Been watching several reviews of Joker and how interesting it is.

    It sounds like the perfect movie to shine a light on society and say "Stop being a dick."

    The "critics" hysteria has been very telling. It's like they've been hoping for a mass tragedy with the amount of pushing they've given to their dumb narrative.

    It bothers me to even type that, but how else can I understand such extreme overreaction? I think it's important to discuss and understand stuff like mental health and this movie opens doors to those discussions.

    Meanwhile, the "critics" want everyone in a perpetual state of fear and will insult and smear anyone that dares think for themselves.

    1. Heckboy


      I've become convinced the "controversy" is at least partially a marketing gimmick.

      Nonetheless it is really stupid to take a movie about a broken, mentally ill man and reduce it to "DUDE, FUCKING INCELS". Haven't seen the movie but from the sound of it, it could make for an interesting look at alienation in our current time and how society (haha meme) exacerbates these problems, but, y'know. We're in a time where we're painfully aware that we really can't do anything about anything, so getting Mad Online is the only outlet. And we need a new pop culture outrage every week that immediately gets forgotten a week later.

  15. 4++?

    1. tailsBOOM!


      @Failinhearts will like this ++

    2. Petrifying Panda
    3. Spookilator


      Sure that isn't 4H?

    4. Failinhearts


      It's an enhanced version 4 ala Persona 4 Golden or 5 Royal.

      But will be DLC for those with the original 4.


  16. Let's stop and appreciate the excellent comic timing of this goose. 

    Is this proof that video games really do cause violence???


    1. Dr Egg-Gin

      Dr Egg-Gin

      RIP BBC Radio Nottingham's twitter feed. 

  17. Hey, just realised that I've drawn something for the first time in weeks.

    Granted it's not finished, but you gotta celebrate the little victories.

  18. Just finished writing a long emotions post. I don't know why I did it and it took hours.

    Still.....I feel okay for doing it.

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Haven't read it yet, but glad writing all down helped you feel even a little better,

    2. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      And read it now.

      Thank you for writing that. I don't know if my words mean all that much to you, but everything you said resonated with me and I appreciate you sharing those words of yours. I really needed that so again, thank you.

    3. DanJ86


      It is highly beneficial for me to know that my words have made some sort of impact. I didn't have a set plan in mind when I made that post and it probably shows. My natural talent to only focus on the negative has been a major thorn in my side.

      When you see level headed people saying that Twitter doesn't represent the real world and evidence to support that claim, it does help ease the mind a little. Sure, they are bad people out there, but we have the good to counter that.

      Something else that was pointed out to me is the theory that some online users may in fact be mentally ill to a more serious extent. Such as a fear of going outside or a fear of men, they talk about these things online and get sympathy when in reality, they also need therapy. If a number of people hear the ramblings of a highly paranoid individual, but not be aware of the condition, they might in fact believe what that person was saying to be true. If that makes sense.

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Definitely makes sense. Unfortunately as I've said in the past I've encountered racist individuals and women who are afraid of men irl. That's unfortunately usually where I encounter the problems and live in a state of constant paranoia hoping that I don't tick people off for existing as a light skinned male in America. Meeting actually nice people irl would be pretty nice, but just keeping people from hating my guts by keeping professional and courteous seems the best I can do. In fact, in my experiences social media is safer then the real world and that is despite all the problems it harbors and twists beyond reason.

  19. joker_eatin_popcorn_by_capnectoplasm-d39

    Who'll be seeing The Joker when it hits theatres?

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Not sure when I'll see it, but I'm hoping to do so.

    2. TheOcelot
    3. Jango


       Day one

    4. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I'll probably wait to see it on video, but I will definitely see it.

  20. raw

    Found my reaction to the Spider-Man news.

  21. Like or hate him, Tim Pool shares why I've grown to despise modern journalism.

  22. Watched some Audacity tutorials. Also the first time sharing an audio file. It shouldn't be loud but check your volume before playing just to be safe.


    It's an attempt at making a monster or ghost like voice. What it started as was me clearing my throat.

    So my voice is hidden in their....so to speak. (Which I technically didn't.)

    Jokes aside, if I am going to move forward with this animation project, I will have to share my voice eventually. I can't afford a professional voice actor...

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!


      won't sleep again

    2. skull902


      Need a voice actor, you say?

    3. DanJ86


      @skull902 Oh right. I could request volunteers, can't I? It never occurred to me to do that until now. It's certainly an interesting idea that I'll need to think about. It's probably too soon to make a request now as I'm still planning things out but I'll certainly consider it.

  23. Here is something pleasant to share.

    A Youtuber created Batman: The Animated Series intro with footage from the Arkham games. This is a side by side comparison. @Ryannumber1gamer


    1. Nina Cortex Spookhexeon

      Nina Cortex Spookhexeon

      Ah, good ol' BatmanArkhamVideoes.

    2. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Saw this, it's a pretty good recreation, although I think it would've been slightly better if ArkhamVideos used the B:TAS skin - 


    3. DanJ86


      Of course. I forgot about that skin.

      It's really been a while. I wouldn't mind seeing all three Arkham titles being remastered and re-released on todays consoles.

    4. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Arkham Asylum and City have been remastered, although Origins hasn't.

    5. DanJ86


      Damn. I haven't been on my PS4 much these days so I simply didn't notice. Guess I've gotten used to games being ported to the Switch and no Arkham game has done that yet. (I think.)

  24. On the same day I feel depressed, I happen across this.

    It's disturbing, pretty graphic and totally accurate. 

    1. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Not to point out a sexist angle of anything, but how does male depression feel any different from when a female is depressed

    2. DanJ86



      Are you not familiar with the frequently used excuse of "Get over it," "Man up" or "Be a man." It's bad all around but generally, male depression is taken less seriously.

    3. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      I do understand that, I was just curious

    4. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda

      He’s not saying depression affects males and females differently. He’s saying society views them differently.

    5. DanJ86


      @SupahBerry Ah, I see. I thought you were actually calling it sexist. I apologise.

      I've been made extra irritable by a story in which a 5 year old Autistic boy was being labelled as a sexual predator at his school for hugging another child.


    6. Petrifying Panda

      Petrifying Panda


    7. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      Disgusting. On the accusers' end, of course. 

      Five years old is still very young; every child that age doesn't even know things like sex and rape, at least they shouldn't. Yet here we are, a "genuine" 5 year old molester the entire economy won't ever let he or his family live down. All because he wanted other people to know that he's happy and can't properly express that.


      Aren't there any Special Ed classes the kid can be in? You know, places run by people who are smart enough not to pull off any BS and make kid actually feel welcomed and smart? Or are the too expensive and full and the only ones availble are for kids that have lower function disabilites than he does???? 

      I hope the Board of Education is proud of themselves. Cause they totally ain't educated.

  25. Sometimes I wish for world to end and then I remember....-






    -....absolutely nothing and still feel that way. 😕

    That's depression, folks.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Yeah :( having depression is a bitch

    2. Failinhearts


      I know that feel. But I always remember that there's good things worth keeping even amongst all the toxicity we're exposed to.

    3. tailsBOOM!


      What @Failinheartssaid.  Even when the worst of life rears its head there's still the beautiful parts as well 

    4. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I have a very hard time appreciating the beautiful things unfortunately when I'm having one of my episodes. Even when I do manage it ,it usually just makes me feel worse. I hope that isn't the case for you right now @DanJ86 and that you know you can talk to us here if you need to.

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