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  1. I'm hoping Purah, Robbie and maybe even King Rhoam become playable. King Dorephan would be awesome too, but since he's a big guy, I don't know if it would work.

    Warriors games let you play as the bad guys so we might get to play as the Blights.

  2. Hmm...I'm not sure if the sounds....sound right? If that makes sense? Which I don't think it does...

    With everything I learned about animation and Clip Studio Paint, (The software I use for drawing and animating.) it's bizarre to look at this and know I only drew Kirby once to make this. You can probably tell because it's a process I haven't perfected. Notice how the line art changes thickness while he moves, that occurs because his body parts are being manipulated into the next movement, adjusting size, bending, reversing or warping.

    Either the software or my computer were struggling to handle the amount of content that this animation used. Each part of Kirby (Eyes, cheeks, hands, feet and mouth.) had something like 60 different frames, then I duplicated him twice. That means I'll need to be more careful in how I handle future animations. Separating them into segments and using a video editor to put them all together.

    Anyway, this is now officially completed and means I've created 2 finished animations. Now I can use them both to send to Saberspark as my résumé, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

    Also, because I'm stupid, I made this new art topic because I thought it would be impossible to find my old one. I forgot that I could find topics I made from my own profile. I saw the darn thing when looking for this one. If the mods prefer it that I have only one topic for art stuff here, that's fine. I'm really bad at remembering minor stuff so posting something I already posted over in the other one is a very real possibility...

  3. On 7/18/2020 at 1:11 AM, Your Vest Friend said:

    Actually, I do remember something from a while back (while M&L was still alive) that said that Paper Mario was being steered towards being an adventure series because M&L had the RPG corner, so them actively trying to push away from the RPG aspects wouldn't be too far-fetched.

    Anyway, I came in here to make a single spoiler comment.

      Reveal hidden contents

    What is with the PM series and its obsession with Gooper Blooper?


    I remember seeing something like that being said too. Can't remember when or where it was reported from.

    Also, I personally wouldn't call that a spoiler. The battle was shown in the announcement trailer iirc.


    I'm also commenting to admit that I got the game, I was trying to wait for Arlo to review it but....who am I kidding? Put a mascot character in a staring role and I'll inevitably buy the game, regardless of if it was received well or not...

    Fun but pointless trivia for you. While waiting for OK to download, I was playing Bug Fables. I still haven't completed it and am cherishing the time I spend on it. I'm not really critical of most games, I never spotted the short comings of SS and CS until they were pointed out to me. So maybe because of that, I'm looking closer at Paper Mario: The Origami King and judging it too harshly...?

    As I walk up to the first stream, the battle system has been a hit or miss with me. It does drag on, having to move the panels and then attack, every time. On the other hand, I've also made mistakes and almost paid the full price of HP for it, so the game can be harder if you act brashly or zone out completely which did happen to me, once. The battles are also generous with coins and confetti, in fact, I stopped to beat up a tree to see how long it would give out confetti...they don't stop. Once the ground around you is covered in fallen confetti, the tree will stop producing it but will continue if you pick up what was dropped. Items do seem to cost more to compensate for the amount of coins you are given, though I've had no difficulty in buying what is on sale in the game at the moment.

    Nothing stands out humour wise, though I do recall laughing out loud at one line which I ultimately can't remember. I don't reckon much to our new partner at the moment, she tends to blurt out the obvious which I get is useful for learning the ropes, it can just slow me down when I already figured out what I need to do while she is spelling out. Some of the ways that Toads are hidden have been fun to reveal so far. The music is also as fun as ever. Maybe it's just me but the Sweet Sap Loggins theme sounds so fast and funky, it'd fit in a Sonic game.

    While I can nit-pick a little, I'm still having fun with the game so far.

  4. I have a question. I've not played Smash for a while and had since returned to it. I still had challenges to do, World of Light to complete and Spirits to find. I've found most things but have noticed 10 Spirits that just fail to show up. They were previously event Spirits and was wondering if they only appeared during that event. 

    But I missed most events yet still found Spirits from Astral Chain, Cuphead and Resident Evil. But the Spirits from 1404 to 1413 still refuse to appear. Is that the same for anyone else? Do I need to just keep trying?

    The Spirits I'm missing are from:


    Ring Fit Adventure, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Trails of Mana.


  5. 1 hour ago, Cayenne said:

    Tanabe: In Super Paper Mario, the elaborate story led the game away from the Mario universe, so since Paper Mario: Sticker Star I’ve refrained from using stories that are too complicated. Personally, though, I like games with stories. During the production of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, we made use of a system for character settings and real conversations in order to build the story, which was a first for a game in a series. (I also wrote the text for this game.)

    To go back to Mario, in Paper Mario: Color Splash, I avoided having a complicated story so as not to veer too far away from the Mario universe, and instead aimed for a game with more memorable events. To create even more memorable experiences for players, in Paper Mario: The Origami King we’ve established some characters other than the partner character who will also journey with players through the game. In particular, I think that Bobby (Bob-omb) has turned out to be just as memorable a character as Olivia.

    It's a shame. I played Sticker Star and Colour Splash and can only remember Sticker Star for silencing Bowser, which hurt the game in my opinion. Then with Colour Splash, I only remember the creepy way Shy Guy steal colour and that they used the "evil possessing a character" trope. (Bowser)

    Even though it's been years and I'm an old fart, I still remember so much from PM64, TTYD and Super. Characters and stories. The Origami King could still be memorable but without battle mechanics to keep the player interested, it could still fail.

  6. Not been able to focus much these past few weeks. It's not much but I was able to put together a practice for a walk cycle and looping background. I plan to clean it up and try to use it in a short animation, but progress is slow. I do have several animation ideas in the works and this is the only thing that can be shown in smooth motion.


  7. Okay, so I've got this long video I'm working on and I completed a short animation, I'm now considering other ideas for short animations that could be made while the long one continues to get development. Got one potential idea, not sure on it yet, though.

    Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some pictures I made that were created due to interactions with others on the internets.






  8. 2 hours ago, KoDaiko said:

    I haven't played TLOU but know the basic plot of the story, but glancing at the leaks....I can totally see how ton of people will be turned off by it narratively. 

    I'm the same. I was never going to get the game, I tend to gravitate towards more colourful fantasy games. But I also checked the leaks out of curiosity and can understand the outrage. Naughty Dog already had a bad rep in how they treat it's devs and since the news came out that the leaker apparently wasn't a disgruntled staff member, people seemed to have forgotten that they still treat staff like crap. Add to that, Sony, Naughty Dog and it's cronies are abusing copyright strikes to silence any youtubers that even mention that a leak occurred.

    By doing that, they've actively changed some players that were on the fence for the game into never playing it in a million years.

    It's all an interesting topic to discuss but I feel like I'm walking through a minefield if I was to get involved. It bugs me that both extremes will accuse the other of a narrow minded opinion while ignoring the more rational people. Humans are complicated creatures that are capable of more than one complex emotion. I'm not saying that scummy people don't exist.

  9. Oops, forgot I had this thread. I made it a week ago, sheesh...

    Now I can do basic stuff with 2D animation and 3D. I also have the tools required to do Stop-Motion, which is also something I'll be trying at some point. Though that will require a greater set up.

    This animation isn't perfect. Eggman's belly is moving, but I think it doesn't match his movements from his sprite. I also need to do better in removing the green from the green screen. That's more of a video editing problem, I might be required to buy a better version but at this stage, that wont be possible. (Financial reasons.) The video editor I have been using is a free demo.

  10. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I've had showcase topics before but those were years ago and difficult to find now. I'll be using this one mostly for video content as I practise and learn the best process for the job. I'm also learning how to edit videos and use 3D software. I have so much planned but have very little to show off at the moment.

    Animation Test 2: -No sound-

    Scrolling Animation Test 2: -With sound and music-


    Video Editing Practice Featuring Star Trek: Picard:


    That's all I really have to show for now. It's not much and nothing special. My hope is to improve and maybe entertain eventually. I can't rely on Television, comics or movies to do that anymore. Games are being ruined and Anime and Manga is being infiltrated by authoritarian scum. But anyway....ignore my ranting. I'm feeling pretty depressed at the moment and it will only worsen as time goes by.

  11. I don't usually get involved in political discussions. It's all far too complicated for me to follow and the UK does things slightly different, I think...

    I thought with the chaos going on today and the possibility of misinformation spreading, maybe it would help to share something. Their is a political commentator and ex journalist that hosts YouTube videos. He seems trustworthy and is also very anti-war. He's sharing photos that were taken during the riot in Baghdad which sparked the retaliation. (I think.)

    I can't really comment on anything else. I'm just hoping something like this would ease the worries that some might be having.

  12. Perhaps this is common knowledge but it was pointed out by @Solister that profile activity seems to be empty. Don't know if it's like that for everyone but we have confirmed that it's like that for some of us at least. Is it the same for you?

    Discussing it, they seemed unsure whether to make a topic so I figured I'd do it for them. This is one of those bug report things. I'm not sure what else to say. I haven't noticed anything else, but maybe you have?

  13. Did anyone know about this Nintendo Switch, Overwatch Launch party thing? Well it's been cancelled. Interesting that the tweet mentions specifically that it was Blizzard that cancelled it. We would've suspected that anyway, I just figure it was smart of the Nintendo Twitter PR person to point blame directly at Blizzard.


    I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard cancelled Blizzcon. But they can't hide forever.

  14. 13 hours ago, Operationgamer17 said:

    The YouTube content creators have all shared their thoughts on that statement. I sometimes forget things so having them keep track of the details really helps me understand things better. Yeah, based on how Blizzard had already acted and the words in this statement, the contradictions are many and not even Pheonix Wright could save Blizzard from that one.

    Pick one, they seem to share the same opinion.







    TheQuartering LIVE w/ Mark Kern







  15. For the Switch, I've been playing Astral Chain -

    - is a fast paced action romp with the unique twist of not only fighting monsters but also taking on traditional police tasks such as helping lost children, saving the injured, gathering evidence, apprehending felons and rescuing.....cats? Their is tons of stuff to do on this game and seeing as the protagonists are technically two protagonists. Twins. You can play as a male or female. With the concept of Legions (A powerful monster chained to your character.) which has different versions that you'll unlock as you progress, you can go back to previous stages with your new team to find things that required the other Legions specific abilities to access.

    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening -

    - I only played the beginning of the original and I was aware of a certain degree of familiar characters in this game. Even Kirby! It's strange to think that this game is from the same series that Breath of the Wild is from. Still, those that didn't like the feel of BotW should be able to enjoy Link's Awakening. The model figurine like visuals have grown on me and the Switch is able to recreate the simple button inputs of the Game Boy. The gameplay is what we all know and love. Granted, I'm not used to Zelda titles that let Link jump. I've been in two dungeons so far and still have much to do.

    While on PS4, I've got Code Vein -

    - ……………………………..…………………………….Still downloading.

  16. 7 hours ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Update on things, the ESA (the Entertainment Software Association, who you might know from their recent scandals involving defending EA at the previously mentioned hearing that had Surprise Mechanics, as well as leaking tons of E3 attendees personal info) have made an absolutely pathetic response towards the UK's report, trying to bring up their same nonsense from before where they said that all odds would be required to be disclosed (which was their attempt to defend themselves at the last hearing). 

    Put simply, it doesn't very much paint them in a good light considering the fact that the UK report outright accuses these companies as being purposefully obtuse as to misinform, and hide information.  

    I watched that video today. YongYea doesn't swear often and I almost fell out of my chair. It was justified though. He was super pissed at the 2K20 ads with YouTube shills featured. The ad itself was pretty cringe.

    I've never heard of anyone disagreeing with evidence until now. I wont sympathize with these f*cking corrupt companies and if they lose money and eventually go bankrupt, I'll start a freakin' street party! The only problem is that more often than not, it seems the actual developers have no say in these monetization scams and they are bound to suffer due to publisher greed.

  17. 2 hours ago, Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice said:

    You probably won't like to hear about the US moving against lootboxes too. Why you're so against it is beyond me.

    To be fair, some have expressed concern over the government getting involved. I believe the reasons were something like...maybe...historically based?

    I personally can't name any examples but some have mentioned that when the government gets involved, things can sometimes become worse. Though I'm not sure how at this stage considering the lack of morals of the companies involved. I suppose they could stamp down further on censorship but it seems like Sony are already doing that themselves.

    Anyway, if updating laws has to be made to screw over these b*st*rd companies, then so be it.

    Pfff, surprise mechanics? That's gold for memes at least.

  18. That story about the boy with mental health problems really hit me in the rage sternum.

    I feel sorry for modern parents. The games aren't exactly open about this manipulative content and it suddenly showed up at one point. I'm still p*ssed at the ESRB and PEGI for being just as corrupt. NBA 2K19 had- ….oh wait, it was NBA 2K20, apparently. Had visual gambling machines that involved real money in some way yet was still rated E (ESRB) or 3. (PEGI) Meanwhile, Pokémon (I forget which one.) also had gambling machines but didn't use real money and got a higher rating.

    Don't forget about those that have addictive tendencies and spent thousands on gambling, got help, then tried to escape into video games only for the whole damn process to start over. Some might not sympathise with the addicted and if you are one of them, I don't like you. It's so easy to get hooked on something and you never learn about it until it's too late.

    So I hope this is good news. F*ck EA, f*ck 2K, f*ck Bethesda, f*ck Activism/Blizzard and f*ck any others I failed to mention.

  19. Quote

    2019's Call of Duty will be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. That news has been known for quite some time now, but it's been made official by Activision's somewhat surprising reveal of the game ahead of E3 2019. 

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is being developed by Infinity Ward (the studio responsible for the Modern Warfare series) with help from Raven Software and Beenox. As previously suspected, this is not a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 3 nor is it a remake of the original game in the franchise (that already exists). Instead, it's described as a re-imagining of the franchise which sounds awfully similar to how God of War fits into that series. You'll even see some familiar faces from previous games in the series. 

    Part of the reason why Infinity War have chosen to go this route is that they felt there were no more stakes left at the end of Modern Warfare 3 due to how much chaos had transpired since the start of the series. This new Modern Warfare will take what the developers refer to as a "ripped from the headlines" approach that sounds like it will ground the series more than we've seen with some recent installments. 

    That approach includes the ability to play as both traditional (mostly Western) military forces as well as freedom fighters. PC Gamer got a look at one of these freedom fighter sections of the game and described it as being "bizarre." The sequence in question featured a young girl whose family had been murdered by a Russian soldier (it was a flashback) who decides to get revenge on the fleeing soldier. It's not quite clear at this time how much time will be spent between these two campaigns. 

    The good news is that both campaign sections seem to feature the kind of intense gameplay that the best Modern Warfare campaigns are known for. On top of that, you'll be able to play the campaign with a friend thanks to the return of a co-op mode named "Elite Operations." Sadly, we know much less about the game's other multiplayer options. Activision has said that all of the game's modes will offer an "immersive narrative experience," but it's not quite clear what that means at this time.

    It also doesn't sound like Modern Warfare will feature a version of Black Ops IV's battle royale mode, but nothing has been confirmed either way. With a new Black Ops reportedly coming in 2020, though, we'd guess Blackout might skip a year. The good news is that the game's multiplayer modes will support full cross-platform play with PC play being exclusive to Battle.net. 

    The above article quoted is from a different website and author to the one below.

    Strangely, I've already seen one article complaining about this game (From the "Journalist" who is well known for sucking at playing through the Cuphead tutorial.) and how it depicts woman being killed. A very sad but still very real part of war. The article seems to have made the interest for the game grow.


    Modern Warfare is bloody, but it’s not a sea of blood spraying everywhere. But sometimes the medium is the message. Sometimes the horror of a particular scene outweighs the point that you’re trying to make. There may be a message in what the developers intend, but it might be overshadowed.

    I think of the anti-war movie Apocalypse Now, which had the memorable Ride of the Valkyries scene, where a mad colonel orders an attack on a Vietnamese village so that his guys can surf. I was an excellent commentary on the insanity of war. But it was executed so well as a combat scene that, in my opinion, it probably inspired a lot of young people to enlist in the military. Art can often have unintentional effects. And that is why my favorite quote is from Kurt Vonnegut’s Mother Night, where an American spy does his cover job of being a Nazi propagandist too well. The line is, “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

    This is supposed to be a video game. It will undoubtedly have a multiplayer element, where players shoot each other for fun and have a hell of a time doing it. That’s when we’ll see that “guns are the star of the show.” And the incongruity of it all will be clear.

    The overall dramatic effect of the intense scenes should be memorable and artistic. Not gratuitous or base. The developers can fall back on the argument that this is our world. Their game is “ripped from the headlines.” But this puts us on a slippery slope toward a lot of things. What about school shootings? What about Christchurch? Do we want to put those in video games because they exist in the real world?

    This preview requires us to trust the developer. But in this case, Infinity Ward has not delivered as well as its sister studios Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games. The studio keeps skating closer to the edge in order to make us uncomfortable. We can view that cynically. As gamers, we don’t necessarily trust Infinity Ward to deliver an elevated experience, given the pressures it is under.

    Sometimes you have to judge something on just what your eyes tell you. And my vote is that this single-player campaign should not ship with these scenes.


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