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  1. Goodie, a reply. *boogie* Thanks Glenn. A cosplaying Wes Weasley!? Aww I wish I could've seen that! It's good that you suggest a recurring AoStH cast member as I can hardly remember any of them. Now, what was his catchphrase again? ...How are ya, how are ya, how are ya! heehee! lol Hmm...I might regret this later but... Ah, screw it! The rules I was using? There axed!! Gone!! Kaput!! "If somethings worth doing, then it's worth over doing." As a Mythbuster would say. The only reason I made the rules to begin with is becouse the original picture had a deadline. But I'm working in my own terms now! Heheh. The biggest problem I think I have is working out who would be the best choises from the cartoons and comics to appear in the picture. Everyone can't be in it, and I can't be bothered to draw everybody who had a line of dialogue once, or appeared in the background from those medias. But it's mostly the Archie comics, since I've never actually read any of them. I don't even think you can find them in shops where I live.
  2. Really? Wow, even though I remember reading about Eggman basing G-mel from Emerls data, I still came to the same conclusion. Maybe it was the idea that if he managed to copy Emerls data then there'd be a chance that his personality could make it in. But there's no evidence of that. Something else that threw me was G-mels "eye" (the blue thing in the centre of his head.) looks exactly as it did on Emerl. (It was only visible when he was obsorbing emerald power.) Plus I can't recall if the Phi robots had one. Advance 3 spoiler ahead... But just as DogTagz said, Sonic Battle practically states that nothing was left of Emerl. So how can you rebuild something that has completely gone? But he is an evil 300 IQ genius, practically capable of anything, as Glenn said. It's a good thing you mentioned Gamma since, as you said, had a similar connection. Which just left me to make the same conclusion when I first saw G-mel. Both Gamma and Emerl have alot in common. They both died on there debut game, then reappeared in some form on a future game, mellowed out at the end of said second game and then never see them again. I guess I'm the only person to think that they could've been the same. I'm not usually so dense. lol
  3. Erm...hello everyone. *wave* My Master has given me the green light to create an expansion of this picture I made. Now some of you may have already seen it and maybe spotted part of it in my sig. This is my plan, and I hope all you fellow Sonic fans out there can help with some much needed input. I hope to increase the cast of characters on this picture, that currently has 100 different game characters featured in it. Into something like 200, now that is just a rough round up number as some may need to be cut or added depending on space available. This new pic will be added to that old one into a massive allstar masterpiece. Well, that's the plan anyway... I created special rules for the cast of characters. Edit: The rules have been axed! For the expansion I hope to go full range, baby!! XD Well, I have a number of characters I'd like to include and I would like you guys to help fill in the rest of the spaces. They can be from any media, game, comic, cartoon. As long as they are not transformations or duplicates then I'll be happy to accept them. List of Characters on the first picture. (You don't need to mention these.) Edit: I moved the lists into spoiler tabs to shorten the post. I hope to have the picture done as a type of New Year celebration thing, so don't expect it to be completed for a while. Any input at all would be really appreciated. Many thanks everyone, I hope somebody replies. ^^;
  4. I always get nervous making a new topic, thinking if it's okay to discuss or not. ^^; Something I always considered is that Emerl from Sonic Battle was rebuilt by Dr Eggman for Sonic Advance 3, dubbed G-mel. I recently found out that not everyone believes this. As I compiled a complete cast of Sonic game characters in a drawing I made that featured G-mel in it, and some fans expected to see Emerl in it too. But I didn't include him becouse I figured Emerl and G-mel are basically the same robot. Yet, can that be the case? It is possible that G-mel could be an improved version of the Phi robots also from Sonic Battle. What does everyone think? Is he Emerl reborn or someone completely differant? I also ask this becouse I'm making an expanded version of the drawing I mentioned, and is wondering if Emerl should be added.
  5. I so wanna draw all the robots from Robotniks Mean Bean Machine. Anyone think it would look cool? Also, I didn't mention Sonic Generations, :) ....wait...crap! I just did...

  6. Oh, I would end my life in a second if I believed it would save someone I loved. But that could be becouse of a condition I have, although I find it hard to believe my opinion would change if I was to be fully cured suddenly. I salute this young girl for doing what she believed was right. It's a shame she had to die though, the world needs more selfless people like that. But...at the risk of becoming unpopular, is it possible that it's the families fault she died to begin with? As was stated by Tatsumaki & Roarz, she was too young and pure to understand the seriousness of the situation. The fathers illness could,(if possible) have been kept a secret from the little girl. Some of the most unpleasent things in life should be left out of a childs young mind until your sure they can handle it. I'm not saying it is the parents fault, I would never. And I would hope that they never see me saying this or anyone else saying similiar. Nobody could have predicted what would've happened. But when it comes to me personally, I could not handle serious bad news, and my parents would make sure I wouldn't find out, unless I really needed to know. Sometimes it's better to be safe then sorry. I still wanna give the family and everyone involved my best wishes.
  7. oh jeez...why always the hate topics? ...although the who's your fav character bit has probably been done already... Also they often turn into an attack on Big the Cat, has it happened yet? I've not been reading the posts...anyway... My personal favourites are Nack/Fang, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Mighty, Tails & Big. So...what? oh, yeah...it's a hate topic... erm...this is much harder for me. Let me think.... Okay...All Sonic X characters, I hated what that vile show did to the game stories. ...and probably....Sally Acorn, although I don't much remember how she was in SatAM and I've never read an Archie comic,(and most likely never will.) it was the simple fact that I compiled a massive collection of Sonic "game" characters on one drawing I made and was then bombarded with comments of "Where's Sally Acorn?" "You forgot Sally!" "You missed one of the most important characters!" When I clearly stated "Game" characters in the description. So, oddly enough, I grew to hate her becouse of the lack of observant Sonic fans on deviantart. lol
  8. Wow, Professor! Those designs look freakin' sweet!! Awesome work. I like the ideas too, plus Blaze in a dress is totally kawaii. ^-^ (cute.) I would love to draw them myself, but alas, I should wait. I'm drawing a couple more things for the first Age of Steam before moving up to the sequel. Although with no deadline there is less pressure to get things finished in a hurry. I've already shared some ideas and am currently dry, atm. I figured I'd drop by and share the full picture of what Doc MK was referencing earlier. If anybody else wants something Age of Steam related to be expressed through the medium of....drawing, I could give it a go. Assuming MK is okay with it, but why wouldn't he be?
  9. Let it be known that it is our humble leaders Birthday today. Happy Birthday Dreadknux!! Have a good one you old sod. *shot* j/k Much respect for everything you've done, have an awesome day.
  10. Thats fine. I never get tired of drawing the Sniper anyways. Besides, I shouldn't start getting lazy in my mid-20s age. Something original it is then. Now where did I put my thinking cap?
  11. Wow, what a cool idea. I did an allstar picture for the anniversary all on my own. You can see a part of it in my sig. ...anyway, I could seperate out my favourite character from that pic and add it to this collab if that's okay. It could take some work but I think I can do it. My personal pick would be Nack The Weasel also known as Fang The Sniper. I reckon I drew him the best.
  12. Cool for the demo but I'm not sure about it coming the the 360. I remember that the Mortal Kombat demo was available on the PS3 like...3 or so months before it was released. Yet the 360 did get that same demo evetually....like 2 weeks before release. If I remember correctly. I hate to be a kill joy but when one gets ones hopes up and then have them dashed, one will have a most painful fall back to earth. ...still, fingers crossed, right?!
  13. Yeah, I can understand being overly chivalrous could get tiring. Perhaps it should be saved for special days like anniversaries or Valentines Day. It would not be appropiate to act that way to random strangers or people you just met. Although I do have a soft spot for being the romantic type, and abandoning chivalry just for a couple of days a year seens harsh. But of course as you've all said, it all depends on the type of partner one has. Yet if a woman kissed my hand like that, I'd probably blush, laugh and then possibly pass out. You see, I'm not what you would call the 'manly' type so it wouldn't be an insult to me personally.
  14. I get shy and flustered around girls, I tend to be extra polite like opening doors and even bowing. But if feminists go on about being treated like equals then does that mean I shouldn't be like that. I don't wish to offend anyone, it's what being ridiculously polite is all about. But I've always wanted to kiss a girls ring finger like a knight would do to a princess. Does that mean I'm evil? Anyway, I'm saving that for my girlfriend....I gotta get one first.... Sorry....just thinking out loud....in text form.... Although this topic reminds me of the pension thing going on in the UK right now.
  15. I have returned!! Hello, does anybody remember me? Never mind.... I'll just shout out to all new SSMB members. :waves: *ahem* Greetings!!!
  16. I'm back!! Did you notice I was gone? Here's why... You can see a much larger version at my Deviantart gallery. If you wish to check it out, there should be a link on my profile page. Description: 3 Months of intense planning, sketching and....photoshoping. lol Greetings, this is a special piece of work that I made for a tribute project by *Psyguy Don't mistake me for a Sonic expert. The cast of characters were compiled with major help from the website Sonic News Network http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_News_Network For example, I'm very bad at Tails SkyPatrol, so I had no idea the game had it's own cast of boss characters. (although I had heard of Witchcart before.) I can't answer everyones questions if you spot someone you don't know, so I suggest going to the SNN if you wanna know who someone is. There is some characters not featured on this pic, that's becouse I set up some rules to help decide who I can use. Cast Rules: 1: No Transformations/Duplicates. The large number of Supers had to be excluded from the pic. If I had Super Sonic on, then I would've had to have Super Knuckles/Shadow/Tails etc. Also I didn't want Sonic and Super Sonic in the same picture as separate characters, so this rule was also to count storybook versions and Neo Metal Sonic. 2: Must Have Been Playable. There is at least one playable character that I left out, I'll explain why in the relevant rule. 3: Important Story Characters. Pretty self explanatory. 4: No Spoilers. Mostly includes secret last bosses, I also included E-10000B (Playable on Free Riders.) as a spoiler too. 5: Must Have Appeared on at Least One Game. No hacked, glitched, axed, comic, TV, or fan characters. Badniks and small animals are used to fill in spaces in the picture. There is at least one badnik from Sonic 1, 2 & 3
  17. Who? Me? I'm okay sorta... Got a headache trying to deal with a package that arrived damaged. Plus been really busy making a Sonic fan comic.

    Hence my very late reply. ^^;

    What about you? How are you?

  18. Well hello. Nice to meet'cha. Drop by anytime.

  19. Has recently learned I'm a Deadpool fan.

  20. I dropped everything to read the first three chapters, and I'm glad I did. I like the detailed descriptions of the areas and characters, as well as how the characters personalities are portrayed perfectly. The humour is an excellent addition too. I had some "lol" moments while reading. On a side note, it took a while for me to work out who the other characters were, except for "Lord Snivelton." lol It didn't click until "old man Owl" showed up, who the mayor and his daughter was. That doesn't have anything to do with your writing style, it's more to do with my lack of obsevational skills and memory. I also loved the quote about Knuckles hat that Swiss mentioned, although there was a part of it he missed out in his post. Heehee
  21. Wow, thanks guys. I'm happy to take part in something so good for the community. And I'm glad you all like it. I shall look forward to the next chapter of AoS too. Although I haven't had a chance to read the first two yet. >.< So many projects.... On a slightly related note, I think it's worth mentioning that so far this years Sonic Relief is extremely close to passing last years total already. That is an amazing achievement, and it's only been a week!! Lets keep this up everyone.
  22. As promised, here is my Age of Steam entry. Hope you like it.
  23. Right on! Let's get our nose on! XD I've got a couple of pictures under works for the campaign. It would be cool if I can finish my Sonic 20th tribute picture for Psyguys project, to be added to this too. Since it's going to be something extra special and may take several weeks to finish. Anyway, I'm gonna also try and make sure that anyone that knows Sonic also knows about Sonic Relief. In other words, I'm going to go harass a bunch of people. BTW: how does my blue nose guy look? I attempted to edit a gif for the first time. I also gave Sonic a smile by simply turning his frown upside down. ^-^
  24. I watched a show called "How TV Ruined Your Life" with Charlie Brooker. I'm not that familier with the other things that Charlie has done except for the occasional panel show. So I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it was a comedy show at least. After viewing said program, I found I did enjoy it. I also learned stuff. Things I wasn't expecting. Based on the first episode and it's theme, "fear." I am starting to think it has. (Ruined my life, that is.) He touched on some interesting facts, that I will now share. Talking about how TV (in the UK, at least) was used to tell us dumb folk what not to do in a graphic manor, with a authoritarian attitude. Like not fishing of playing with a kite next to powerlines, or the even more riduculous idea or playing with a frisbee next to a powerstation. Just don't breaking in and climb a substation to retrieve it. Children must have been dropping like flies before television came along. Then the attitude changed, and know they use fear and guilt. Like that disturbing ad that showed a childs corpse next to a guy doing several of his daily activites, reacting to it slightly. (It was to stop speeders.) That's fine if it stops boozer losers or the impatient twits, but for normal people like myself, it is very distressing. This trend continues to this day. The show then goes on to talk about a study called Cultivation theory developed by George Gerbner and Larry Gross of the University of Pennsylvania, here's a quote. Basically, they talk about the power television has and how it could effect your vision of the world. The world you see in TV is what you start to believe is how the real world really is. A statement I now believe to be absolutely true because I have anxiety about simply leaving my home. The show then proves this fact by moving on to crime based television like crimewatch and the news programs telling you who died today and what wars are going on. Then fictional stuff that make the killer always appear to be an evil genius that they can barely catch, when in reality, they are total twits that did something stupid in the moment and would try to cover it up in a panic. Moving on to armageddon type shows were the world ends and everybody dies, yeah we know it might happen eventually but know we have an image of what it might look like. Thanks for that.... Mixed in all this info is a very sarcastic Charlie Brooker and the occasional sketch taking the mickey. Like the "Pens that turn Hot" sketch, which eventually coused the earth to explode because humans lost the ability to communicate with each other. lol If you haven't seen the show and would like to watch it, it is availible for a limited time here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/ Just type in the search engine, "How TV Ruined My Life." Also here is more info on Cultivation theory. (sadly, on wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultivation_theory According to the BBC website, the next episode is themed on "The Lifecycle." If the show continues to be good and this topic moves ahead okay, I might give a summary of that one too. So? Has television done anything like that in your country? Have you other Brits noticed these trends? Has television ruined your life? So far, for me, I would say.....yes. BTW: I don't usually like making negative based topics, so if you believe television had improved your life in some way, then please feel free to share. It has with me, and I will share them later. I wonder if television can make up for what it did to me in creating so much anxiety....
  25. Yeah, cool story and awesome pic. The humour was nice too. I got an image of Knuckles doing the narrator himself in that strange voice detectices would do in those old films. The only critque I would give is perhaps it would be cool for the characters to have more dialogue. Also it's slightly tempting to draw something like that. ....must....fight....erge...
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