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  1. Happy Birthday to moi! Got a keen Jazz concert I'm performing in tonight!

  2. After deleting his original tweets, Richard Jacques is now (deservedly) getting comments on his general tweets that parody his own tweet towards Tee Lopes in mockery of him. When someone out of the loop asked what was with all the comments, he responded in total faux-ignorance ("Usual twitter nonsense?"). I could have retained some respect for him if he apologised for his words following a calm down of what might've been misdirected anger about lack of credit in a remix that he personally didn't enjoy, but this is what we get. What a cowardly piece of shit.

  3. The Simpsons has had a lot of bad moments over the years, but nothing in this show makes me cringe as much as this:


  4. Have you ever felt like you needed to get rid of something because you feel it’s “tainted”, but you also really don’t want to because letting go of said thing would be self-destructive?

  5. hey youtube

    do me a favour 

    and stop recommending the literal exact same luigi mansion 3 spoiler video 

  6. Why am I not surprised?

  7. In Pokemon Amie/Refresh, the mother and baby Kangaskhan react to being petted and eat food in unison, regardless of which one you’re actually petting/feeding...

  8. Time to check out the new Persona new I'm sure it will b-WAIT

    They remembered this game!? I'm actually am glad they remembered it because I was pretty sure it was in limbo. Thanks Atlus. Now localization please? I've been kiiiiinnnd of waiting for this game for a while now.

  9. It's good they're making more animated shorts for future games. Mania Adventures was a really cool way of promoting Mania Plus.

  10. A customer complained about me to a manager today, saying I say bad things about her to other staff. This is a lie and considering she comes in every day to treat me, other staff and other customers like dirt, I want her banned.

  11. Unpopular opinion that it may be, Twilight Princess has my preferred art style for Zelda. I like the series' versatility though, and that you never know quite what one game is going to look like from the next. It would be interesting to see them tackle realistic details again.

  12. I feel like I've been more irritable these past few weeks. I'm truly sorry about that.

    Their is something bothering me but I feel like I just can't share it. If I did, I'd probably be looked down upon (Even more.) or just laughed at. (Again.)

    Even worse, called names and run out of the forum entirely. I can easily believe it could happen, simply due to the extreme reactions that spark from just mentioning anything similar or related. 😔

  13. Something I genuinely did not know: “dinner” refers to a different meal depending on where where you are in the UK.

    And I’ve been using the wrong one for my region.

  14. I really hate how my country's government just gets by, by saying everything is England's fault and we are better without them. So uncomfortable living in a rascist Scotland.

  15. I graduate high school today.

    What a funny feeling, both excitement and melancholy at once. I don't have anyone to celebrate this day with, and am just hanging out on my own. I want to feel needed, but I feel like going home instead.

  16. IGN made a new top 100 games of all time list

    >No Mario Galaxy games

    >No Shovel Knight 

    >No Sonic game

    >No Kingdom Hearts

    >Adds in Pokemon Go and Yellow

    >Puts the original Street Fighter 2

    >Puts in the original Super Mario Bros 


  17. I only now just realized that the Kirby series actually has some sort of lore attached to it.

    I’m a bad fan, lol.

  18. I'm praying hard Sega bars the FF from coming back in idw comic. All it's done now is having that segment of fans on Twitter trying to get the comic into a archie 2.0 verse. Everything from bring back Sally, bunnie. Rotor, all of them to if they come back then hopefully the old egg bosses come back. People have a hard time not letting this  new universe build without digging to the past. Just my opinion.

  19. Is it common knowledge that Funimation tampers with dialogue of anime to suit their own bias?


    Because that's not cool. In fact, that really pisses me off.

    Also sounds like a growing number of English voice actors are a**holes so I might just stick with subs from now on. -_-

  20. Hey, LM3, word of advice; if you’re gonna have the lady who runs the hotel turn out to be King Boo, at least save til about close to the end.

  21. Eggman is confirmed to have descendants.

    So, does he already have kids who've just never appeared in the series? Or is he going to meet someone and become a father later on? Maybe he just clones himself?

    These are things I want the games to explore, but I'm sure they never will!

  22. Okay. Need to vent.

    I don't give a s*it what side you're on with the Vic situation. I just saw a KickVic conversation in which one of them insulted the IStandWithVic people by calling them Autistic.

    Again, I don't give a f*ck what anyone thinks about Vic. Using Autism as an insult thoroughly PISSES ME OFF!!!

    (I have a type of Autism if you didn't know.)

    That is all.

  23. *Important*

    I just realized that everyone in this message board aren't showing any activity in their profile. Don't think it worth creating a topic but felt I need to warn someone.

    Tried both logged in and out via private mode on browser as well different browsers.

  24. Anyone else not seeing the activity feeds on any profile?

  25. Ever since @Crow the BOOLET told me that Persona 3 is the same story as Neon Genesis Evangelion, I've constantly been finding things that give credit to the idea.

    Damn it, Crow, I hate how right you are.

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