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    Some cakes may contain large, bald, moustachioed, egomaniacal fatso's. No refunds.

    Merry Birthday, dood. 🎂

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    Godot, no need to be a chauvinist. The same is true for women.

    Merry Birthday, dood! 🎂

  3. It certainly looks pretty awesome right now. I'm kinda curious what you've got planned for the art in the game, it's certainly something to look forward to. I wish you all the best of luck, success and fun in such a large scale project.
  4. I'd like to get the comics but I can't decide the best method. Due to lack of space, I might be better off buying them digitally, if that is an option. Though you're right. I frequently miss the bigger picture but even I have noticed a lack of advertising for the comic.
  5. Since I'm playing Luigi's Mansion on 3DS, it seems like an ideal moment to mention this: It was taken out of the final game but I remember seeing that moment during one of the first trailers for it.
  6. Oh.... Don't let the parody picture fool you, I'm referring to the actual movie. Back in secondary school, rehearsals were taking place for a couple of hours for a performance of some kind that wasn't worth remembering. Those that weren't taking part got to watch a movie. Cool. What movie? Jaws. Not cool... I can't recall my exact age but it must've been around 8 or 12? Either way, I had established an irrational fear to all water. Swimming pools and even toilet water made me nervous. Ironic then that the school that gave me a fear of water would also try to teach me to swim the next year. Idiots... Though since then, large aquatic creatures always freak me out in video games. Banjo-Kazooie's Clanker and Snacker have already been mentioned but I was also scared of this guy when I was younger, too. As I got older, I grew to appreciate his comedic appeal, brought on by his bizarre name and the fact he fights you blind in the first part due to forgetting to open his eyes. They are many that wont know the horrors of this thing. Don't let the cutesy Disney-ish animals confuse you. Watership Down can't be for kids, it just can't! A cartoon based off a book, featuring rabbits. Contains blood, rabbit corpses, rabbit murder and a deeply depressing song that plays during the credits thing. Don't watch it, don't look it up!
  7. Are you sure you have time to talk? I replied to our PM a couple of weeks back, (Before my current downfall.) and having finally sorted out a password issue, I sent a message from Discord today and haven't had a reply from either of them yet.

    Or maybe I did something wrong?

    1. Kiah


      I’m sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong. I had no idea that you PMed me and I apologize. I just took a look at my inbox and the same day you wrote me I had to deal with an urgent matter so missed your message as a result, sorry. 

      As for Discord, I’m not on it anymore like I was for several reasons. If you need me on there you need to inform me here via PM and I’ll hop on. 

    2. DanJ86


      Oh, I see. Those were the only two ways I knew how to contact you.

    3. Kiah


      Yeah well it’s one at this point as far as reliability and accessibility is concerned. Maybe end up nixing Discord altogether. 

  8. Well, perhaps your familiar with these artist mannequins? With me moving deeper into digital art software, the one I'm using (Clip Studio.) has poseable 3D models that can function just like a mannequin, but one thousand times better. They really help with working on poses and anatomy. ------- But if anyone has been following my statuses, I have been dabbling in the traditional means one more time. With simple character sketches, shaded in pencil. Sticks The Badger King K. Rool I am working on a third one, but progress has recently halted and while I do have the desire to finish it. I don't have the energy. Which is a problem... While he's here, I have to add. Why does King K Rool have nipples? He's a lizard and lizards don't have nipples because they lay eggs. Well...he is a king so I guess he can do what he wants, it was just a fact that suddenly hit me for no reason and I felt like sharing. *shrug*
  9. I don't know why I keep my sig like that. It hasn't changed in a while. I've played many other games since completing Shadow of the Colossus, like...….Puppo and...…..Neptunia VIIR and.....wait...I think that's all of them... Anyway, for the time of year that I actually don't give any damn for, I changed me avathingie to that of a certain badass freaking overlord and his daughter from the future. Because family matters, even when you're a badass freaking overlord and have suddenly learned you have a daughter from the future. But you would've learned that much sooner if NISA bothered to localise the game that introduced her, which was also a port of the original Makai Kingdom and would've looked at home in my collection!! ….Not that I'm bitter or anything...
  10. I hope I'm not overstepping but we noticed something and we're all worried about it. Please talk to us if somethings bothering you.

    1. Failinhearts


      Yeah, man. If you wanna talk, please hit me up on Discord. I wanna help you with what's going on.

    2. Bloxxerboy


      Please talk with us about what’s wrong. This anniversary won’t be complete without you.

    3. Failinhearts
    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      What everyone else said. Everyone is worried about the sudden silence and if there's something happening, we're here for you, please talk to us.

  11. A braver man than I, you are. (Why did I type that as Yoda?) Appearing on camera and on youtube?! Oh, you could totally have logos and music and fancy background graphics, interviews with Robert Downey Jr. Too much? I don't bother much with youtube videos except for trailers and music. I've recently started watching tutorials too. There is this guy on YouTube I kinda like who uses a puppet. Or an extra from Sesame Street as the host. For some reason, I'm easily attracted to bright colours and puppets. (Though that puppet movie with Melissa McCarthy looks like a crock of shit.) His name is Arlo, by the way. Rambling aside, I wish you luck. Though I'd personally disable comments.....some people really such....the fun out of everything.
  12. Banish Shadow. Just for a laugh. Though his noble sacrifice would've been cool if it was an actual sacrifice and would erase the Shadow The Hedgehog game from existence. I don't hate Shadow or anything, it's actually the fans that tend to bug me most. Bring back Fang. It would be refreshing to have a character that acts purely in his own self interest. Sure, Rouge is similar but she also works for the government. (Are they even still around?) So in the end, she kinda has to do the right thing. Fang wouldn't have that problem. Plus he's portrayed as a bit of a bungler so that could make for some amusing moments.
  13. After...how long was it? Well...it's actually longer than you might think. The Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc IF comic adaption front cover is now complete. Alas...I cannot claim that everything you see here was created by me. I did want to draw Hope's Peak Academy for the background but the process might've been too time consuming and challenging for a component that would be barely visible once completed. An actual shot of the school from the game was used instead and altered around to effect the dark mood of the despair sisters. I'd ran through many possible cover ideas and I was stuck on which one to go ahead with. Other attempts had been done but never reached this stage before. In the end, I needed assistance to move things ahead. @Jovahexeon Dapper Ridley Funnily enough, attempting to emulate the official art style was never in the original plan. It was just an idea that hit me while I was progressing. Missed one of the status updates about the progress of this picture? They've all been saved and you can see it evolve in this spoiler tag below. To think...….this is only the beginning.
  14. Strange how I'm so into anime yet I stay out of the anime based topics. Well...actually, it's not strange. I know why I do it. I'm avoiding spoilers, watching and reading the stories at my own pace. But that info is for a different thread, this is about music. This is probably the only place I feel comfortable in sharing my music preferences due to music snobbery being an ever present thing around me. I love my family but why do they have the need to belittle or otherwise openly insult the musical preferences of each other? I've grown ever so fond of the first opening and ending music from the anime Gintama. I haven't actually had a proper listen to the others yet but the first ones I totally love. The upbeat and fast paced nature of Prey. Also has a slight mystical tone to it, if that makes sense. Yet Fuusen Gum is my favourite of the two and I've heard two slightly different versions of it. I remember seeing the English lyrics of Fuusen Gum and noticing how it had a sarcastic quality to it. If I recall correctly, a part goes something like "Life like a bad joke." Can't remember where I learned that or how to find it again. Maybe a different youtube video would have them in?
  15. A wild Happy Birthday message appeared!


    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Thanks Dan! CROW appreciates it!

  16. I've been really addicted to these Picross puzzles games for a while, I don't fully understand why. I tend to resist anything involving numbers because I'm pretty bad with maths. Though the games don't involve any complicate maths problems. I do get a sense of enjoyment out of putting together the hidden picture and trying to workout what it is while working on the puzzle. The most recent iteration I've played is the Sanrio characters Picross. A rather cutesy take with characters like Hello Kitty involved. It was still the same puzzle game. I managed to fully complete every puzzle in every mode only yesterday, I actually rarely ever do that. Those Macross puzzles tend to be a problem.
  17. Wow, that's a pleasant surprise. I wonder if Alex and Blaze are the only playable character? In the sequels, you could have 4-player co-op, if I recall correctly. Would online co-op be possible too?
  18. Hmm? Are you not aware of the original game Dampierre appeared in? Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. It was an exclusive PSP game that looked and felt a lot like Soul Calibur 4 but with Dampierre and....what's his name...Kratos? That war god guy. Anyway, I remember owning it but I also remember being very bored of it quickly so it couldn't have had as much content as a console game. (Which I guess is a given, console games usually have more memory space, right?) I never really cared about Dampierre in that game and I cared even less about him in 5. But on the topic of Tira, they have special art of her. Perhaps drawn by a guest artist, I don't know... But that's no excuse to demote her to DLC. Will she even be involved in any of the story modes??
  19. That reminds me of a gag from a Simpsons episode. It basically explains itself.
  20. I don't really have anything special to show but I need to announce the revival of this project. I forgot all about it. Clip Studio has tools specific for creating a comic and Project IF will make for a good testing ground. You can create a template like this and edit them to best suit your needs. If anyone is interested in this comic, stay tuned for more details in the following weeks.
  21. Previously in...this topic: Wait...what?! It's almost been a year? Unbelievable... Hmm? Oh, right...Spent the past week focusing only on art so I can finally finish a project and success has been reached. Specifically about the one mentioned above. Mukuro 1: Mukuro 2: Mukuro 3: Mukuro 4: Mukuro 5: Mukuro 6: Mukuro 7: Mukuro 8: Mukuro 9: Mukuro 10: Mukuro Ikusaba had ten sprite portraits all together and I edited each of them to how she actually looks. Now I am fairly confident that this specific project is complete. Yeah, I've edited all her sprites but...sure, I could make more. They'd just not be based on any of her original sprites. What will come next? I'm not yet sure but I know I have other stuff that need finishing...
  22. Perhaps it's a little late to point this out but I have observed a growing trend of mundane animations being tied to a video game franchise infecting the original source material. The earliest I can recall is Sonic X and the annoying voice actors fiasco. That can be considered good or bad, depending on who you ask. While I liked the Sonic Boom TV show, I found the games tied to it pretty dull. ...Also... *shudders* But...yeah, while the odds that it wont effect the games are probably high. It's in no way a guarantee. That's pretty much all what I wanted to say. ...And even though I am only casually aware of Megaman and his adventures, even I find the designs of the characters in this show...crappy. Plus...well...rock without roll is absurd!?
  23. I'm...actually sort of hype for this. It was sure a pleasant surprise to see FeMC back, which should've happened earlier, not that I'm bitter or anything....*cough* I do hope that this new character isn't suffering from amnesia. I didn't even notice how frequently they use that trope until it was pointed out. Though I wasn't expecting the P3 and P4 cast to return. I thought they might go a different route...or maybe I'm hoping for some P1 and P2 limelight for a change. I get that they are different to the other 3, but...if you're going for a crossover, why not go the whole way? The Q series doesn't suffer from any timeline issues with it doing things differently. That had to be the most confusing statement I've ever read, yet I did understand it. The pace of the game would be effected if P3 and P4 had to reintroduce themselves to each other again. Unless these PQ2 events happen directly after PQ...like the second they walk through those doors, they find themselves in a cinema or something. Though I would also like some kind of continuation of the Arena story. It feels like it has much more to tell with Elizabeth acting on her own and Sho running off.
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