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  1. I'm...actually sort of hype for this. It was sure a pleasant surprise to see FeMC back, which should've happened earlier, not that I'm bitter or anything....*cough* I do hope that this new character isn't suffering from amnesia. I didn't even notice how frequently they use that trope until it was pointed out. Though I wasn't expecting the P3 and P4 cast to return. I thought they might go a different route...or maybe I'm hoping for some P1 and P2 limelight for a change. I get that they are different to the other 3, but...if you're going for a crossover, why not go the whole way? The Q series doesn't suffer from any timeline issues with it doing things differently. That had to be the most confusing statement I've ever read, yet I did understand it. The pace of the game would be effected if P3 and P4 had to reintroduce themselves to each other again. Unless these PQ2 events happen directly after PQ...like the second they walk through those doors, they find themselves in a cinema or something. Though I would also like some kind of continuation of the Arena story. It feels like it has much more to tell with Elizabeth acting on her own and Sho running off.
  2. It's nice to see Talim again. Haven't seen her in a while, it's refreshing because she's not...exaggerated like the rest of the female cast. She still wears the Pac-Man reference too. ^-^ I'm kinda rooting for Cassandra to return. She has much more of a personality compared to Sophitia in my opinion.
  3. You might want to show your source for that info, makes it easier than trying to find it ourselves. But still...I do find it hard to believe that he didn't kill anyone. The guy he chucked his pointy projectile thingy at, cut him in a way that his blood splatted out pretty far. Suggesting he cut an artery which is a very serious injury and it wouldn't take him long to bleed out. Plus the whole stomping on some guys neck with a loud crunch sound and that comical scream I've heard many times before... If he didn't say "Fuck Batman" in some weak attempt to sound edgy, then maybe viewers wouldn't be so quick to think he's gone full blown Red Hood on everybody. But that's my opinion.
  4. That's interesting. I've been encouraged a lot to try and express my feelings through my art. I usually resist the idea but I have dabbled in it recently. If you can't express yourself in words, then why not find other creative ways to do it? It's also worth saying that as a fellow artist that has lost all confidence in using traditional colouring methods, I still enjoy seeing them used and I have great respect for those that can handle them with such ease and talent, such as yourself. That last picture is so true, too.
  5. To play or not to play? What the hell kind of question is that?? Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Donkey Kong Adventure - Switch Dusted off M+R to play the DK DLC and this has been the closest thing to video game content that I've actually been looking forward to. They was no change in my tone or anything, I just get visibly annoyed, the longer I have to wait for it. lol It's been said by many that DK and Rabbid Cranky are over powered and I suppose they kind of need to be as you don't have any additional characters to choose from. Though I think I've been using them wrong as I have still been struggling with some of the missions. When I first started, I forgot about upgrading the characters. lol I haven't completed it all yet, you can see bonus content that you'll get access to at some point in the hub world. It was also nice that Expresso and Engarde got a representation as weapons, I forgot all about Expresso. XD Also still has the same charming references, humour and...toilet humour that the rest of the game had. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice - 3DS It's just suddenly hit me that I never completed Duel Destinies, but anyway... I've just started the third Turnabout, although maybe nothing will happen. Maybe nobody will die and nobody will be put on trial? ...well...it'll be a different game if that happened. I guess I'm still being drawn in by the characters, the writing and the punny names. Though most of the puns go right over my head until maybe...several years later...? At first, I thought Rayfa was Maya. ^^; De Blob - PS4 ...Oh dear. I liked this game when I first played it on the Wii. But now I'm finding it rather dull and mostly annoying. I've done pretty much everything except get the 100% paint challenge in the last two stages. In every other stage, you can back track to the start and search for what you've missed but these last two? They both contain a point of no return and if you reach that point without painting everything, then you've failed before your anywhere near the end. The game will tell you what things you've missed that require a paint job, but only after you've completed every challenge of that level and it takes about an hour to cover everything in paint, you've spent so much time trying to 100% the level, only to reach the end and be told you missed something that is back at the part of the level you can no longer access...…………………………...much rage is followed!!
  6. Took me a while but I think I picked my other choices. Page is taking a while to load, I'll put them in a spoiler tag. I don't actually know if that makes a difference... XD Sonic & Knuckles: Knuckles Theme Knuckles Chaotix: Isolated Island Sonic The Fighters: Casino Night ~ Here We Go
  7. I found something cool that I thought is worth submitting. It's a remix from the OVA. South Island. Hamtaro is clearly dancing to it. XP
  8. I wasn't aware there was a stereotype. I am in that autistic group but if they are using it as some kind of insult, they obviously know nothing about autism. But back to your original question. It makes no difference to me either. Why waste time getting upset over the trite of the clinically stupid?
  9. My anger over yesterday has gone. All that's left is bitterness and shame. My new username reflects that. But I wanted a new avatar that still contained a smiling character, because being able to smile is nice and should be treasured. It's my wish to make people smile. Anybody that stands in the way of that, will earn my contempt. So remember to smile and give other people a reason to smile. Because we have enough scum in this world, why would you want to increase that number?
  10. Sonic Battle: Oh, I'm in agreement with some here. I enjoyed Sonic Battle. It had simple controls and was easy to pick up and play, it brought back Gamma and Chaos, it had a deep and engaging story, a new and cool looking art style. Also it had some rockin' music, who can forget this jazzy number? Sonic and the Black Knight: Yes, Sonic and the Black Knight also has a special place in my heart and it's not only because I was one of the artists featured in the European fan art collection. I also loved the story, (And the fact you could change from English to Japanese voice actors.) it had cool music from past Sonic games, the story was fantastic and I understood the motivation behind the antagonists actions, it also had a new art style for the cut scenes and it almost goes without saying that the music was awesome. Who can forget this jazzy number? Sonic 3d Flickies' Island (PAL) Blast (NTSC) Sega Saturn: Only two major differences exist compared to the Saturn version and the Megadrive (Genesis) version, if I'm remembering correctly. The visuals and the music. The visuals made a big impact on me. The increased feeling of creepiness at Rusty Ruins. The heightened sense of heat and cold you get from Volcano Vally and Diamond Dust respectively. I also loved the fast paced music and visuals that came from the version specific Special Stages. Yep, the music was still cool....who can forget this jazzy number?
  11. I usually don't update with unfinished or just started work but over the past couple of days, I've been hit by a severe case of inspiration which resulted in four different developing ideas at the same time. I had to map them out as soon as possible or risk forgetting one of them later. Theme: Fighting Sisters A nagging voice kept insisting that I should have Uni fire while standing on one knee. But I didn't want one sister standing over the other, so Noire was changed to an action pose too. This new setup means I can also add injured monsters to the foreground. So this is the beginning of the second draft... Theme: Master & Servant A reference to a running gag which often depicts Etna in promotional art, sitting on a Prinny like a chair. Though it might be hard to tell from this draft, Hero Prinny is the chair this time. Theme: Despair It's not often I draw something with a dark tone, but this one will be heavy with it. It....kinda makes me sad just looking at it, but it's far from finished... Theme: Four Swords Don't let the theme fool you. This has no connection to The Legend of Zelda. It is the first that has a cross over element though. What they all have in common is that they wield swords. Now the fourth character is clearly Kirby and some might think, why choose Kirby when Meta-Knight seems like the more obvious option? Well....theirs a reason for that... Stay tuned for further developments on these and many others...
  12. What the?! Oh yeah, I never uploaded the Bomberman picture here. I just showed it in a status... Intergalactic Hero An action shot and a celebration of his return to the gaming world. Sure, the game wasn't perfect gameplay wise but I do like the visual style, humour and light hearted message at the end credits. This picture is not an attempt to emulate the new visual style, more like an attempt to draw him with a realistic lighting effect. This picture represents a rare occurrence too. I never drew any lines to create the picture. I used the different shape tools available with Clip Studio Paint instead. Ultra Selfie Girls Surprised myself with this one for several reasons. If you've seen my statuses over the past week then you might've seen the progress of this picture. I was inspired by Komaru's Birthday and thought it would only take a couple of days to make. As you know, it took longer than that... My first idea was to draw Komaru fixing Toko's hair but I've seen fan art from another artist that was eerily similar to that idea. (And freakin' adorable. If you want to see it yourself, I'll show a link in a status I will write once I've finished writing this post.) Komaru is a cheerful girl and somewhat of a trend follower, so if she had her own phone that can take pictures, I can imagine she'd try to take one of those "selfies" all the vain people are obsessed with these days. The black border is usually what shows up when you take a picture with those new fangled modern phones and the position of Komaru's arm is supposed to suggest she is holding it and taking the picture. (Catching Toko by surprise.) My second surprise has never occurred before... You see, when an idea comes to me, I usually see the picture in my head. An imaginary reference to give a physical form. The final product almost never looks like the picture in my head. But this...? This somehow turned out better than the picture in my head. I think this happened because I was experimenting with what was available with Clip Studio Paint and used what I thought would give the picture some extra depth.
  13. I was intrigued by the possibility of a game that shares the charm of the good Paper Mario games, so I gave it a try...(Specifically because of what you said. ) I do like the hand painted visuals and I'm finding it much more challenging than I expected. And I totally love the righting too. Annoying Carlos at the very beginning into such a state that he challenges you to a fight...I probably enjoyed that more than I should have. Although I am finding the mission objectives to be a little vague. Around the beginning, it tells you to find the underground tunnel....but to find it, you have - Now I have to acquire a "Chop Ticket" and I'm seeing other Yums holding them like they are taunting me...I haven't grown tired of it yet, though. ^^;
  14. I can see most of the gifs except one of Ryan's (I can see Batman.) and one of Failins in the signature. I also noticed that some gif avatars weren't always loading. Sometimes Hamtaro freezes, that's not cool! *grabs pitchfork*
  15. I'm not surprised Maxi is baxi, with Kilik and Xia confirmed in the game, Maxi had to be in too. The three are really close friends if I recall correctly. Anyway, I also bring new art of Yoshimitsu and Maxi for those that want to see 'em. Yoshimitsu: Maxi: Legends never die!
  16. Heh...I was actually avoiding this topic because of how much V bugged me. I just happened to come across character art that instantly told me the proper cast was back. Wanna see the official art of some of the announced characters? (If you haven't already.) Zasalamel: (I'm putting him first because he's so awesome and I'm glad he's back. Anybody that wields a Scythe with ease like he does is cool. That's a fact!) Taki: Sophitia: Siegfried: Nightmare: Kilik: Ivy: Mitsurugi: Xianghua: Now for the newbies... Geralt of Rivia: Groh: Never actually played that Witcher game but I am aware that Geralt is the protag, making him this instalments guest character. As of typing this, Yoshi art has not been shown yet at the website where I found these. (I hope those links work.)
  17. I recently got the Platinum Trophy for Shadow of the Colossus. I probably wont play the game again until it's remade for the third time on the PS5. It's pretty amazing to see the comparison screenshots though. Having played the original on the PS2, I can't really register the graphical difference until they are put together. Now playing through Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Huh? So the games I've been playing recently, aren't even new? Neptunia VIIR comes out tomorrow, I plan to get that and it ain't a brand new title either... Anyway, back to DK. I kinda wish you could choose to play through the levels as Diddy, Cranky or Dixie on their own normally. I also find Funky to be a fun addition. I'm still discovering things I didn't think he's be able to do, like stomp on those pesky sharks. I'm usually avoiding them when I accidentally landed on one as Funky. It's a pity they didn't change the intro CG of the story to include him though...
  18. Team Adventure 1. Also, Gamma can fly. Does that mean Chaos would've been Speed? He's always been pretty slow though... But it's already been said. The power, flight and speed mechanic might not have been set when they considered these options. Although most of them do stay close to that pattern, maybe coincidentally? Rouge could work as a power type considering her rivalry with Knuckles and her deadly kicks. *shrug*
  19. Hmm? After a while, the link to my images seem to fail. I haven't removed the images from the host website so I assume it's a fault of that website or this one....? Anyway...after a long hiatus, I am attempting to get back into the creative arts once again! Stress, depression, environment...it all plays a part in why I lose focus. It creates frustration and results in even more stress, creating more depression and so on... First, I want to share the first of a series of pictures I'm making, featuring my mascots characters. These pictures act as a personal reminder to myself and a handy self help type reference for anyone else. Over the past month, I've been given a list of unhelpful thinking styles, it contains 10 in total. Here's the full list. Mental Filter Jumping to Conclusions Personalisation Catastrophizing Black & White Thinking Shouldering & Mustering Overgeneralisation Labelling Emotional Reasoning Magnification & Minimisation First up is Black & White Thinking. I'm guilty of using this thinking style sometimes. As the information says, it's focusing on one extreme or the other and not seeing any potential middle ground. When you stop to think about it, nothing in the world should be thought of in that way. Thinking outside the box is a necessary skill, you'll always have options out there and things are never hopeless. This is the first of the 10 completed so far... Next up is something random, it's kinda cute though, so I felt like sharing it with everyone. Even though it was created as an in joke. The following quote originated from @Ryannumber1gamer and inspired me to draw this. The thing that Kirby is "saying" is a quote from Stephen Hawking, I felt compelled to add a dedication to him. The colouring style was inspired by the visuals of Kirby's Dream Land 3. Also, even though I clearly drew Classic Sonic and Tails, Tails is using his translator from Sonic Colours. XD (And yes, Kirby is holding a pipe.) Last up is a reworking of a sprite I attempted to edit. I wasn't sure if it looked right and had consulted fellow members to see if we could identify the problem. So while the above two images are 100% my own work, this is me working on an official source to create something new. To recap, check the spoiler tag... When you look closer at the official portrait sprites, you can see little imperfections. Varying width of line art. You could tell it was hand drawn. My desire for perfection was a hindrance in this process. So I focused on the Line Art and tones, redoing them to turn my new edited sprite into this. Mukuru Ikusaba. As she actually looks. (If your familiar with Danganronpa, then you'll understand.) I'm much happier with this version and finally consider it, complete. Now I have to give the same treatment to her other poses.
  20. He can feel the pressure... I remember playing it back in the day. It had a rather unique approach to platforming, if I recall correctly. It would certainly be nice to see the little fellow again. I wonder if the consideration of his revival has something to do with the new rise in platforming mascots we are currently experiencing? The N64 had a lot of those type of games and to this day, platforming is still my favourite game genre. I shouldn't get my hopes up, Glover isn't a major player in the field of gaming icons. It'll just be a nice nostalgia trip, I guess...
  21. "Wow.......awesome!!" Refine? I sure hope that means HD Sprites and other visual and game play improvements. I've always enjoyed Takehito Harada's art style and character designs, but seeing the original cast redrawn as they originally appeared would be nice. His style has gotten even more colourful over the years. Although I wonder if they'd redo the dialogue for/if it gets a western release. Flonne's second dub actress has got nothing on her original. If they wanted to remake all the disgaea games for Switch, I wouldn't complain. They can skip over two though...guh, I can't freakin' stand Adell. (On a related note, I'd also love to see Makai Kingdom, La Pucelle and Soul Nomad get some more modern love.)
  22. Well, we have trailers for the trio and one of Marx, so I figured I'd link one of the last guy mentioned in this batch. Gooey. He can literally give the enemy a tongue lashing. I'll probably end up using these new characters, I still feel compelled to play the game despite already doing most of it. Just got to find the random blue puzzle pieces to complete the rest of the pictures and succeed at the hardiest boss rush difficulty. Not sure how much I'm willing to do. This title isn't as fun as past Kirby games and feels shorter too. I hadn't noticed until it was pointed out in a youtube video, but a yellow and red butterfly has been appearing in cut-scenes since at least the Wii title, Kirby's Return to Dream Land/Kirby's Adventure. I'll link the video in question but be warned. It's one of those videos that has a spoiler on the thumbnail preview, before playing it, bit...the spoiler is about a secret boss in Star Allies, so be careful if you don't wish to see it.
  23. You can turn the hints off in the options menu, but the abilities you need are always close by... Even though you can mix abilities, it doesn't seem as varied as Kirby 64 was, at least to me. On a side note, art is featured an awful lot in Kirby games.
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