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  1. Alisa now stands outside an igloo which appears to be the source of the chaos that spilled out, over the island. The door was left open, paper and torn up books scattered all over the floor and bookcases knocked over. A typewriter knocked over, pens smashed, just about everything seemed to be broken in some way, except for a box that was sitting on the bed, left open but empty. She cautiously steps into the room, checking if anyone was still inside. "H-Hello? Is anyone here?" No response came from within. She steps back outside, concerned that she might disturb some evidence of what happened here. The name plate that was one the door, had been knocked off and landed face down in the snow. She didn't notice it, so there was no way to find out who lives here. There wasn't even any photos inside. The sign was hiding this... She wasn't sure if this was an emergency or an argument that got heated...she doesn't have a DEUS either, so she couldn't call anyone. She tries to think of the best option to take...
  2. Alisa was taking a stroll around the island. Her time back has been rather uneventful. Probably due to lazy writing... Her calmness was interrupted by a torn up shred of paper that floated by her eye sight, thanks to the wind. Feeling it was strange, she walks in the general direction the paper came from. The further she walked, the more random paper floated past, she was able to make out that they had words on them, so they must've been from a book. She stops and as she enters the housing area. The place where all the igloos are located. "...Is somebody doing some cleaning, recklessly?" She thinks out loud, as she starts to enter.
  3. White Bomber stares at Tron in disbelief. She wanted him to "Keep it up"? Did she have some kind of cunning plan? For now he just nervously nods, the mystery around Shade will have to wait. Tron was a force of nature before, but now that she's trying to impress Mikan, things could get worse for anyone that got in the way. Mikan's nervous pacing stops abruptly, the shock of what Tron so easily said hitting her. "E-E-Eh? Y-Y-You t-think I-I'm c-c-cute???" Her face flushed red and when her nerves settled, you could see she was happy. "Hee hee hee...w-well I'd n-not l-l-like to k-keep you w-waiting w-while I g-g-get ready...c-c-could we w-walk down t-there....h-h-hand in h-h-hand?" She nervously approaches Tron and holds he hand out. She was asking if she could hold Trons hand while they headed to the mine. Now outside the Everyday Phoning Facility, in the Ski Village. Dan noticed Sayaka's embarrassed reaction. It made her seem even cuter to him, but he didn't want to tease her over it. He was unconsciously holding his watch with his other hand, hoping it keeps it's speakers shut. To try and ease the tension, he looks around at the decorations, trying to think of something else he could say. "....Erm...t-these decorations are a-amazing. Those penguins are r-really dedicated to the events here. I...I think it's a fine display of the l-leadership that you and Sonic show, when so many go to such amazing lengths t-to make this place feel like a home and fun place to socialise." He ended up saying more than he intended, but it's too late to take it back now....
  4. "Wait, it does? Oops, I'm still not used to these secret entrances. Heh..." He steps out of the elevator, have another look around there surroundings. "M-Maybe you should lead? You certainly know this island better then me." Blushing still, while trying to hide his embarrassment. Dave had the perfect opportunity to criticize and he took it. "Well....that was awkward...." Dan feels dejected by such a simple blunder. "I-I'm sorry. I-I get nervous around cute girls...I-I'll try to be more careful.
  5. "Hmm, I'm not picking up a temperature. As long as you promise to take it easy, I think you'll be fine. But if you feel dizzy again, you must find a place to rest and stay there." "................Err...y-yes. A-A deal. It's a deal. A mighty fine deal it is too....heh...." *gulp* White Bomber mumbles nervously, even though he doesn't understand what Tron is asking of him. "O-Oh, I didn't even t-think I s-should c-change my outfit...w-what should I do?" Mikan was starting to worry again. She was pacing back and forth while mumbling to herself. "Oh, yay!" He was clearly happy Sayaka had chosen to go with him. His watch though...he just grumbled in slight embarrassment. "...Good grief..." He holds the elevator for Sayaka while she steps inside. "Whoa! It's him! It's them? It's both of them!! Heeheehee!" Futaba was awestruck when Jak and Daxter arrived right in front of her. She knew who they were, but Kotone who had accompanied Futaba, had no idea. Jak and Daxter are here!? Orange Lightning is standing on my head! Hee hee hee hee." Though she was tempted to grab Daxter, she tried to resist if for now. "Kotone, you are looking at a pair of celebrities and I don't mean the lame kind on television. Gaming icons that represented the PlayStation 2 and spiritual successor to Crash Bandicoot. I must've been a new born when these guys first hit the masses. Legends never die, indeed. Hee hee hee." Her excited energy was starting to creep Kotone out a little. Jak and Daxter might think something entirely different though...
  6. The warm embrace made it seem like everything will be alright. Though it finally hits him what he's doing and he recoils back in embarrassment. "Ah! I-I-I-I'm sorry....I-I shouldn't have d-done that....I-I'll got out of your hair now..." His face was a bright red as he shuffles back to the elevator exit. He was about to press the button to go back up when a thought came across him. If he didn't say it, the Deus might... "A-Are you okay here on your own? I-I don't wish to interfere with any of your plans....it's just...if you are feeling lonely, maybe we should hang out with the others?" Was he concerned about leaving Sayaka alone after what she just shared or is he asking her out on a date? The Deus might make that clear later, although it seemed to be prioritising something else. "S-She yelled at me....that was rude..." Daniel didn't care enough to give him a response, instead choosing to ignore him.
  7. Necronomicon had picked up the signal from a notification and Futaba with Kotone went to check it out. "This is the place. Ew, it's just aa old mine with gaudy decorations. And what's that suppose to be up - *gasp!* Futaba was in the middle of looking unimpressed until she stopped and gasped while looking above the entrance. It was an impressively made statue of Daxter. "F-Futaba? What is it?" Kotone asks, looking at her in concern, but Futaba was smiling. "Could it really be...? We've got to investigate!" She seemed worried at first but now Futaba seems energetic. Dan rubs his eyes, trying to hide his tears. "I-I see...I'm so sorry you had to go through that.....and....thank you..." Without thinking, he was gently hugging Sayaka all of a sudden. The Deus remaining strangely quiet... Back by the pond, Maya, Cloud, Shantae and Storm were busy talking with Hero Prinny, while Marine was still deep in thought. Hsein-Ko was just about back on her feet and Tron had a vice like grip on Bomberman, he was wisely using the flowers he was holding for Mikan as a shield. @Jovahexeon Ghost Trick @NegaMetallix Mikan was the first to notice a notification from her DEUS. She rushes over to Tron. "T-Tron? Tron? They're hosting a V-V-Valentine's Day P-Party in the mine on the island. M-Maybe t-this c-could be our f-f-first r-real....d-d-d-d-d-d-date?" Mikan sheepishly suggests an alternative plan, despite being new to this sort of thing.
  8. "S-S-Sayaka?" Daniel turns his head to look at Sayaka, but only briefly. "I always wanted to spread a little happiness. Just for a moment, let those that suffer constantly, forgot everything they worry about. But how could I possibly achieve that when I'm so damaged myself? When I was younger, I would never face my emotions...I was bullied just for existing...yet keeping all those feelings bottled up took it's toll on my mind and body. I was becoming hostile, irritable....even suicidal...I looked around for anybody that could ease this weight, holding me down. Eventually finding an interesting group that claimed I could vent my issues without the need of years in therapy. They disappeared when the deed was done and I have no idea if they intended to curse me or not. Regardless, I wasn't under extreme stress anymore. But now I'm followed by a spirit that blurts out my hidden inner feelings whenever they happen." He stands up to face Sayaka, but keeps staring at the floor. "I somehow, accidentally summoned a warrior from some strange advanced celestial tech. She seems like a nice person, perhaps a handful to deal with though. Ever since she arrived, my curse had changed. The spirit has now possessed this special Skylander watch you gave me when I arrived. But he still talks too much and might have upset your friend, Homura...Meanwhile this Deus wont come off now that he has possessed it. That might actually be due to the curse. I can no longer hide my emotions, no matter how destructive they can be..." Having finished explaining what happened, the Deus speaks again. "Sheesh, that was a snore fest. Is she still awake?"
  9. Daniel had made it to the Everyday Phoning Facility. He was frantically searching through draws, shelves....everything. "C'mon! She seems to be stuck dwelling on something...a little bit of force could be just what she needs to push past it..." The Deus continues to speak calmly, despite the stress of the situation. "I-I understand that. But I want to support them my own way, I'm tired of being a slave to you!" "Puh-lease. She doesn't give a damn about anyone else. We've spoken to her on several occasions and she still looks at us as if we were dog turds she just stepped on." Dan goes to the Phone Booth and activates it, taking him into the EPF Command Room. His argument continues. "That's doesn't give you the right to speak to her like that. I'm tired of being controlled by my emotions, I thought things would be easier now that you lost your body, but no. It's worse! I need to find a saw or a laser or a bomb, anything...." His energy fades once he enters the Command Room. He's been in this place mentally, once before...cursing his emotions and how easily he loses control. He sighs heavily and takes a seat by the centre table. "....."
  10. Saber goes after Dan, not really sure what was going on. Dante stayed behind and observed Homura. The Devil Hunter had already spoken in depth with Madoka once before. Homura was her best friend but the two seemed like total opposites of each other. "Is that how far your dedication goes, kid? Your friend is always thinking about others, her every action is chosen with that in mind. I'm not saying that's the right way to do things. Just seems like you two are destined to go to blows when you finally have to make that one choice over the other..." He knew nothing of the trails that magical girls need to overcome, he didn't know the full extent of what Homura had been through either. Yet he could see the conflict in Madoka's actions and he can see it again in Homura. "In battle, hesitation could be the death of you..."
  11. "You idiot! Why would you confess to her?" With Daniel face down in the snow, his DEUS chooses to speak while it has the chance. "She's more robot than the actual robots. Let's face it, if you don't have pink hair styled in pig tails, a tendency to over think things and a pathological need to kill herself for the benefit of the rest of the scum in the world, then she doesn't gave a damn!" Shocked by it's outburst, Dan staggers to his feet and starts hitting the DEUS. "Shut up! Shut up! Show some respect to our peers!" Despite his protects, the DEUS didn't let up. "She seems to strut around as if she's little miss perfect, looking down on everyone. Yet what has she done? From what I understand, she wont out of her way to complete a certain mission....but failed, again and again and again..." Daniel was in a full blown panic now. He knew what was going on. Due to the stress of the situation, he's having an emotional outburst. The outburst was being done by Dave and because he was now a DEUS, Dan didn't know how to shut him up. "No....I-I'm sorry....he doesn't....I don't...mean it..." In total distress, he turns and runs once again. Saber was too busy talking to Dante to notice what had happened and when she turned around, he was gone....still leaving tracks though... Meanwhile, Hero Prinny was unnerved by Maya's extreme shift in tone. He wasn't really sure how to answer her question either. "....Fairway?....Friday?....dood? ...Master Etna is selfish and lazy and hot-headed and devious and....well...she's not totally unreasonable, if you find her memory thief, I'm sure she'd be happy to help with whatever you need, dood." He didn't know that for a fact, but if he can get them to help with his mission, than things are easier for him. Maybe they'd learn something more about this missing person while they search. The Skylanders had already started influencing Hero Prinny. Normally, he wouldn't think twice about using somebody for his own gain, but now he was actually thinking that he might be able to help them...
  12. Dante practically shuddered at the very mention of that fiasco. It wasn't his coolest moment, especially being taken out during a high speed toddler chase. "That was you, huh....guess I need to work on my first impressions. Although fighting allies happens more often than you'd think in my business..." Figuring everyone is friendly, he puts Rebellion onto his back holster again. Saber responds by putting away her sword which turns into rose petals that fly away. Saber was more than happy to trust Undyne's word. The two had formed a bond pretty quickly. The Heroic Spirit then adjusts her focus to Homura. "....Such a fascinating display. You carry yourself with pride and an air of mystery. For one so young to hold a quiet beauty such as yours is truly fascinating. The warriors here are really some special." Although she dislikes the environment, Saber continues to be impressed by the control and display the Skylanders have shown. While things had calmed down, Daniel thought he should come clean, he was going to take his DUES off his wrist to start with. But that was becoming a problem. Try as he might. The watch wouldn't unhook from his wrist. "Guh! Wah? What did you do? Did you glue this on?" He asks his DEUS, Dave answers with his typical display of ignorance. "...I dunno..." So to summarize, Dan has accidentally summoned a Heroic Spirit. The process burned a symbol on his arm, possibly destroyed his familiars body at the same time as absorbing it's consciousness. Lastly, his DEUS that you can wear like a watch, is locked in place by some unknown force. Feeling utterly defeated, he throws himself at the feet of Undyne and Homura. "AAAAAH! I beg for mercy! I fear I'm responsible for the sudden appearance of Ms Claudius. I don't understand how, but ever since she appeared, I've had this weird symbol on my arm and that annoying ghost that follows me around is now an annoying voice in a watch I can't get rid off!" *FUP!* After finally confessing everything, he drops to the snow covered floor. Getting a face full of snow, he wasn't unconscious. Just waiting for some kind of punishment.
  13. "Oh...crap! My head hurts and this situation is getting worse..." Daniel mutters quietly. If he could speak up, he could stop something from happening here. He's met and seen everybody in his confrontation... "S-Saber? That guy isn't - *CLINK!* Before he could finish, the sound of sword hitting sword echoes around them. Dante had knocked Saber's blade away swiftly by getting Rebellion in his hand in one smooth motion. Saber was surprised and impressed but was quick to recover, pointing her sword once again at him. "Okay! I see a couple of new faces here. This blonde woman seems to have some impressive power and have I met the one-eyed fish lady before?" Saber currently thought Dante was a threat, Dante knew she was deadly but suspected that Undyne was a threat too. "This is fun and all, but isn't anyone worried that I lost my body?" The DEUS calls out while the tension is high, I doubt anyone cared... "Ah, the scowling one speaks a name I have met in the field of battle, once before. Jeanne D'Arc...." She smiles as she recalls past battles, but her sword does not move from it's position. "So....silver haired man in red. What business do you have, approaching my Praetor so carelessly? If you mean him harm, I will be forced to cut you down!" Nero's focus returns to Dante. Although this seemed like a misunderstanding, Dante didn't seem to mind a good bracing battle. "Heh, I admire your resolve. I've been itching for a fight." Dante replies with enthusiasm.
  14. "I-I-I was just c-c-concerned about s-something....I'm not r-really sure if it's w-worth b-bothering anyone else w-with..." He was totally backed into a corner. "..........." It felt like the silence lasted hours. Undyne's stare was made worse with her only having one eye. It's piercing gaze could see past any lie, fill the heart with guilt, fill the brain with doubt. His excuse wasn't going to cut it, Daniel needed to have a calm mature talk and tell her exactly what happened... *gasp* "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!?" He suddenly seems to spot something in the room and yells out while pointing at whatever it was which was behind Undyne. When she turns in shock to look, there's.....nothing? Now outside, Daniel is running for his life. "Gah! I can't believe I did that. I should've just come clean...how bad could it be?" While he runs as fast as he could.....which wasn't very fast....he only had his possessed DEUS for company. "What if you got it wrong? Remember when we fell asleep while using that computer? What if we did something then, which caused this Moon computer to release it's historically exaggerated cast of odd balls? We can't know for sure..." The DEUS had a point...suddenly the pressure on the novice Skylander had increased significantly. Overcome by exhaustion, he collapses to his hands and knees, breathing heavily. He didn't know how far he fan, but considering that Saber casually walked over to his side, showing no sign of exhaustion, you'd think it wasn't very far... "Why do you flee, Praetor? You have nothing to fear for I shall protect you, that is my role as your servant." Nero stands over him in confusion, with a heavy sigh, he tries to properly speak to her for the first time. "...I-I'm sorry...I...I didn't mean to take you from your home, a-and I'm not r-really comfortable being anyone's master..." *BONK!* "Ow!" The Heroic Spirit responds by punching the back of his head. "Have you already forgotten, Praetor? I allowed you to summon me and I chose you as my Praetor. A high calibre Heroic Spirit such as I, will not partake in actions that are below my stature." Daniel had no response and although he had only spent a couple of hours with her, he knew this woman was unlikely to change her mind. Footsteps could then be heard and Saber materializes her sword, stands in front of Dan and is ready for a fight. "Hold there, Praetor. A mighty warrior approaches..." Her statement was true as Dante appears, running right at them, he eventually slows down and stops entirely. His focus seemed to be elsewhere. "Dammit! I lost it. I have no doubt that what I sensed was pure evil, but it split before I could split it..." While Dante was thinking out loud, he suddenly found his focus being drawn to what was in front of him. A striking woman in red, pointing a sword to his chest. "....Not again..." He mutters.
  15. "Hmm? Gee...it was hard to keep track of time at that weird base of there's...dood...She gave it to me when I was given the mission of spying on....err....p-people....but I don't know when she first found it, dood." Hero Prinny responds nervously to Maya's question while scratching the back of his head. Bomberman crosses his arms, thinking. "A date? My bombs have never interfered with time before...so it's no longer that strange festival you call Valentine's Day?" His reply suggests he misunderstood what Shantae had meant. Though it might become clearer in a moment. "GAH! M-M-M-Ms T-T-Tron...w-would the t-t-time my b-b-bombs interrupted....b-by any chance h-have been important t-t-t-to you.....?" That expression he saw was more frightening than the one he saw when he destroyed that wall of the Pizza Parlor. Mikan had caught up just in time for Tron to turn and hand her a vase of flowers. "Ah! T-Tron? W-When d-did you...? T-That's a-amazing, d-d-did you a-arrange a f-fireworks d-display too?" Mikan looks around and clearly something went off around here, but by total chance, the snow on top of the trees got shaken off by the shockwave and new snow was thrown from the snowball that exploded, resulting in snow landing in the branches, making a distinguishable heart shape. Mikan was speechless. She thought Tron arranged all of this. "O-Oh no! H-Here, l-let me h-help you...!" Mikan rushes over to Hsein-Ko, forcing her new flowers into the hands of Bomberman, who hadn't moved since Tron arrived. "M-Ms Ko? A-Are you okay? W-When did you l-last eat something?" In panic, she asks questions to find out why she would suddenly lose her strength like that. Having missed the shocked reaction that caused it.
  16. ...When I see stories like this, I feel stupid for wasting so much energy hating myself when these....abominations truly deserve the hate.
  17. "AAAIHEE!" Both CPUs jump back in shock, discovering that the AI can hear them. Noire tries to play it cool. "Y-You know...it's pretty rude to eavesdrop on a girls conversation..." The situation was pretty awkward. But Nicole is here too, maybe AE would feel more comfortable talking with somebody like himself? Uni tugs on Noire's sleeve. "M-Maybe we should leave. I'm sure he has lots of work to do..." "A-Alright....err...I guess we'll see you later?" Noire and Uni nervously shuffles to the elevator, not really sure what else to say.
  18. "Hmmmmmm..." Futaba listens intently to the conversation that Chi and Tails are having. Her expression doesn't make it obvious what she was thinking. "I see...yeah, Inari is obviously not up to the task. But don't worry, the Phantom Thieves are all about finding and taking stuff, it's part of the job. But still...Queen isn't too sure about you 'Skylanders' and I don't intend to do anything behind her back. So if she agrees, I'll help you find this ruby, no problem." And with that, she turns to leave the workshop without a care in the world.
  19. Before the day ends, Toko Fukawa storms back into her igloo with a mixture of anger and sadness. "Grrrrgh...I knew it! She doesn't care about me! She barely reacted when I gave her that framed photo...I can't compete with a penis..." She collapses to her knees on the brink for complete despair. "AAAAAAAAH! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!" Taking a moment to breath, a strange voice calls to her. She looks around in confusion, but can't see anything....eventually, a strange dark aura starts emanating from the parcel she left here. The one apparently sent by Byakuya. This strange voice of temptation was trying to get her to open the package as she sits still. She doesn't move, unable to come to a decision... ".....Err...."
  20. "Grr, get the hell away from her!!" Jack unloads scissors at the feet of both Yuta and Komaru. Though the choice of words was odd. "You touch her again and I will gut you like my first kill!" She said that to Yuta, even though he hadn't done anything. Jacks attention returns to Komaru. "You are too dense for your own good. If you weren't kidnapped, you would've been killed because of your stupidity, years ago! This abomination shouldn't exist! What's shocking is that his sister accepts this defect as her dead brother...which I guess shouldn't be too surprising as she has more tits than brains." But to make things clear...sure. Everyone is against you having a relationship with this freak! He's one of them, have you forgotten? He'll kill you and do unspeakable things with your corpse before ever even considering what love is!" She leaps back from the pair, distancing herself considerably. "Dammit! Looking at your stupid faces is pissing me off! Have your stupid shitty date. I don't give a damn anymore! I should've left when I had the chance!" Finishing her rant, Jack turns and walks away. Which was odd, she usually leaps or dashes, but this time she just slowly walks...
  21. "C'mon sister? Don't you remember? You asked Toko to stay behind so I figured it was up to me to keep you safe from this home wrecker." Komaru managed to wriggle free but Jack wasn't letting Yuta go. "Your brother wants me to keep you safe...so who am I to go against his wishes?" That stare she was giving Komaru was the very same one she used on her when they first met. Seemed like she was deadly serious. She waves the scissors next to Yuta's head, close to his neck. "Also, now that master is dead to me....and possibly the rest of the world if he ever comes back here. I can kill whoever I want." She playfully taps the top of Yuta's head with her other hand, before finally letting the boy go.
  22. "This is just so tragic. That little shit barely looked at her gift and she stupidly let him touch her tits. I didn't get a hug when I worked so damn hard to get that crappy happy family photo. I had to trick Makoto into helping, which was surprisingly easy." HEEHEEHEE!" Jack was watching, but where was she? Judging by the reaction of Komaru and Yuta, she might be right next to them. Which she was. She points her scissors at Komaru. "Don't just offer it on a plate, make the lame-o work for it. Also....y'know, you can get those books for free on the internet..." She struts back from them slightly. "KYEEHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Once a useless idiot, always a useless idiot!" She then runs up to them both with an arm around the shoulder of each of them, she happened to be holding scissors in the hand that was around Yuta's shoulder. "So? We going on this date or what?" @Ryannumber1gamer
  23. Futaba looks back at Tails. Does he not like being called "Inari"? He was mean to her earlier and based on her struggling relationship with the original "Inari", she holds grudges too. She just smiles with her single word reply. "Baka..." "Oh?" Noticing the gizoid is awake and talking to her. She runs up to him. "Ahhh, it's alive!" Distracted by the appeal of being around another robot, she takes longer than necessary to reply to Chi. Eventually, she does... "Right! I'm new and came with Queen, we are part of a group called Phantom Thieves, that steal the hearts of bad guys to make them confess there sins." She stands boastful while she gives Chi the details of her origin. "My code name is Oracle. Err, do you remember anything from when you going all "pow pow" on us? Because you mentioned looking for a Phantom....something and we are the Phantom Thieves on a mission in the Multiverse. I thought perhaps we were looking for us, we help people in need."
  24. Noire and Uni still stand motionless in the Command Room when AE enters. "Hey, Noire! That's the cross dresser that usually helps us contact Gamindustri, right? Why don't we try interacting with him?" Uni suggests in a hushed tone. "B-But what do we say? I-I-I don't know what to say..." ==== Now at the place Alter Ego came from, Kotone and Futaba arrive at the workshop. Kotone stops at the door to look at the building while Futaba just casually walks in. "Hey, Inari? You got Chi bot up and running yet? I've been meaning to ask him something..." @NegaMetallix
  25. While Futaba and Kotone were leaving the area, they got a nasty shock when the hidden girl suddenly leaps out in a rage. "That little punk hurt her! I knew he would. He's gonna get it, now!" Toko then turns around and see's Kotone and Futaba staring at her. "What are you looking at? Beat it!" Taking the hint, Kotone and Futaba choose to run rather than discuss her odd behaviour. With no hesitation, she gets out her taser and... *KZZT!!* "KYEEHAHAHA!!!" Leaps into the air and disappears out of sight.
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