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  1. Welcome one, welcome all. So many new posts, where should I begin?....hmm..."It Doesn't Matter" Hi there RedEchidna, you are "Unknown from ME" .....however I don't know the answer to your question, I'm sure there's a "deeper" reason why they didn't include Ray, maybe "We Can" hire "Team Chaotix" to find out why? or it could be a fault of "This Machine." ....but if there isn't a good reason, I'll show them "What I'm made of." Welcome Dark Kaiban & Boom, your posts where very short. You should "Open Your Heart" more, but it's fine, you "Live and Learn" after all, and sometimes you just have some "Lazy Days." Greetings Pikachu in a Sombrero, I have to admit, I've never heard that joke before. No worries about the attitude, mate. I'm sure we all have "Dreams of An Absolution." Plus I reckon there are several people here that prefer the 3D to 2D games, we all love differant aspects of "His World," they are "Endless Possibilities." Hello Amesuki, lolz, At least you didn't "Throw it All Away" and start a new account. It's good to meet a fellow like me who would "Dive into the Mellow" like me, and only care about fun. It's "My Sweet Passion." Good luck with your projects dude. JazyKuun. Aww, you sound like you have a creative mind like me, I'm learning to "Believe in Myself" and so should you.(believe in yourself, not believe in me... ) There's no need to be distant, your welcome here to talk anytime. *Gasp* Welcome back Flint, I think I remember you. I'm glad "It has Come to This," Now let's "Kick the Rock" That's it for now, this post was hard. I can think of only one last thing to say.... "All Hail Shadow" -Shot! (How many song titles did you spot in the following post?)
  2. oh...hmm...I've been playing Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies alot recently. It's freakin awesome, I reckon!! When I'm not on that, I would play on Transformers: War for Cybertron(XB360-v) ....and I'm quite addicted to it, and I only need 3 more acheivements to complete the list. Yay! XD I think I'll be going back on it soon, to kick some......posterior...on multiplayer. ^-^ ....or have my posterior handed to me on multiplayer.... 0_o
  3. Well, welcome back Peter. Hmm...short and sweet post, I like it. Welcome Vantoggle, I'm sorry for your loss...still.....always nice to meet a fellow animation appreciator and artist. I'm Dan, but you probably already know that from my other post...make yourselfs at home and "Remember, no cameras permitted and only food purchased at McJiggy's can be eaten within."
  4. Whats this?... No one has greeted our new recruits?! A crime that must be rectified I reck-on!!! Greetings Hazel, zer0M4ss, Shigeru Akari, Gemma and KKM. Welcome to the forum, my name is Daniel, but you can call me Dan, and I am your welcome...er. Please enjoy your stay. Hmm....seems like some of you have been here before....well, welcome back. You traitors! *ahem*...I mean...nice to see you again...*cough* lol
  5. Wow, for a moment there this looked like a Sonic CD discussion.... anyway....I'm interested in Sonic 4, and one of the main reasons is becouse the story is after the events of Sonic & Knuckles, I hope they have a way to show that in the game. Like wreckage of the deathegg or Egg-robos returning. Apart from that, there isn't really any problems I have with the game, I haven't been keeping track of the details so I might be slightly out of the loop.... Stuff like enviroment on levels, graphics and character designs just don't bother me.....
  6. Wow, it's like Disney for adults. lol I liked it, which is strange since I tend to hate most CGI animations, thanks for sharing Advent. ....blast....there was something else I wanted to say but now I forgot it....I'll come back later.... ^^;
  7. Gosh, I was just passing and noticed this topic, as a plasticine veteran it would be a crime if I didn't post something. lol (Plus I'm like Top Gear and have seen that amazing garden also.) Like Cipher, I would play with it when I was little too, and since then every couple of years I go back to it and start creating again.... One of my major inspirations was a series of short films you may or may not have heard of called 'Wallace & Gromit' Here's a picture: And if you want to know more about them, checkout this link: http://www.wallaceandgromit.com/ Wallace and Gromit is a stop-motion animation, and the characters are also made out of plasticine. Here's some I made sometime ago if you wanna see... and.... Unfortunately my camera skills are not as good as my plasticine skills.... ^^;
  8. Cool, yet creepy. XD I gotta say, you did a really good job on those eyes. The shape and positions on the face all look normal to me. But personally it's the shading and colouring job that adds alot of character to them, the darkness implies evilness, although I don't know the second guy at all, but I'm very familier with the other 2. Nice job, I give a thumbs up.
  9. I don't know if this will help, but there's a DVD on sale. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SPRING-AND-CHAOS-DVD...93%3A1|294%3A50 Ends in 15 hours of when this post was made. ....thats what it says, anyway.... I have a question about this whole fansubbing thing, since I came across this article(that I haven't fully read yet.) about how it can be damaging to the anime industry. Is it true?.....I can see the logic, since companies don't make money from fansubbing, and they can make extra money if it is dubbed over to the US. What do you guys think? I personally don't download anime becouse I don't feel right watching videos on my computer. I don't mind waiting for an anime to be realeased on to DVD. Plus I have the money to buy them,*shot* ......although I don't have the storage space. ^^;
  10. I don't know jack about current music stuff, but I always figured that companies are working out(or have worked out) a way for downloading music legally. Which is a smart idea anyway, since they should know that they can't stop it happening..... But Tornado added something interesting here, if she was sharing the music files on a wide scale. One of the first things that is said when you buy a new game/DVD/CD is to not create copies or redistribute them far and wide. It's a big judge and jury no-no. So it sounds like that this is the true crime on this case IMO Besides, it was pretty dumb to decline paying something like $5.000, only to have to pay $1.9mill.
  11. Initiating reinstallation of SSMBs Danfield software....bzzz..... reinstalling...5%........10%..........15%...............installation failed.....software contains multiple errors....suggest complete shutdown and erase all files then try again...... What!? Dammit!! XD oh well, greetings everybody, as it was my birthday some weeks ago I increased my Anime and Manga Collection, I will share with you all my newest purchases. hmm...must remember.......okay, here we go... Anime DVDs Galaxy Angel Z 1,2 & 3 Lucky Star 5 DNAngel 4 Get Backers 8 Piece Maker 1 Complete Series Set: Zero no Tsukaima series 1 & 2 Pani Poni Dash 5 R.O.D TV 7 Manga The Big Adventures of Majoko Figurines Aruruu from Utawerumono Asuka from Neon Genisis Evangelion Otome from D.C.II Dacapo II Michiru from To Heart 2 Another Days ....phew....
  12. Thank you for the Birthday comment. I figured nobody would have bothered. lol

    I'm not sure what the average age of members are here, but I guess I'm one of the older ones.... ^^;

  13. Thank you for the birthday comment. I've been gone for so long, I figured nobody would remember me. lol

    It's also nice to know that people like my art. :)

  14. Don't just stand there looking so down, of course we read Manga, or at least I do. :nod: Although I find it very rare to read a Manga that hasn't been adapted to an Anime, Yotsuba&! is the only one I can think of off the top of my head. There's probably more then that though. :shrug:
  15. This suddenly turned into the FMA topic or something? Not that it's a bad thing I suppose, but being in the UK I don't have to worry about it being aired on TV becouse it won't be. Even if it was, I probably still won't watch it, since the advertisements inbetween annoy me to extreme rage. So I don't mind waiting for a dub DVD to show up or just import a JAP one. Since I don't like watching shows on a computer, it just doesn't seem right to me. I'm trying to learn the language anyway, so a jap DVD isn't such a bad idea to me. Anybody seen any other Anime worth mentioning that isn't FMA?
  16. DanJ86

    Cartoon Deaths

    Hmph...I didn't realise how much animated death there is after reading all this. And now it's starting to annoy me. Maybe it could be an easy way to fill kids in on the whole death thing, but there is such a thing as going too far. At least with some movies you don't actually see them die, like falling from a great height, there will always be a chance they survived. Seems like a waste in my opinion, I watch animation to forget about the crappy facts of life, not to be reminded of them. I've felt the pain of losing someone important to me and it scarred me in such a way that I hate death and I hate love for making me feel like this.....
  17. What the?! A post!! Cool. Thanks. Your right on all accounts, my black knight pic is of Sonic Drift 2 and the Eggman relief was for red nose day. XD Thanks for your feedback, it does help motivate me to do more. I am planning to make models of both Sonic and Dr Eggman soon, just something to look out for I suppose....
  18. It's about time I did one of these too. Sorry about that..... This here be the place where all my stuff be stored http://danfield.deviantart.com/ But for here, why not highlight the best or most popular? Okay, shall I start? don't answer that, I'll just do it anyway..... I guess I should start with the most well known ones first. SatBK Contest Winner Eggman Relief Cosplay Parade Wi-Fi Gaming erm...okay, with limited space I'll show these 3 aswell. They aren't Sonic related. Feathers McGraw Plasticine Figure Garfield Plasticine Figure Bowser Plasticine Figure That will have to do for now, any or all opinions welcomed, and thank you for your time.
  19. DanJ86

    Yeah, those Chaotix rule! XD

  20. aww crumbs.....back when I knew people, they did assume I had a serious health problem. Becouse of how quiet I was and how I would suddenly start crying in class for no reason. So they were extra nice to me. My problem is that they were right. T_T Even before I knew and was officially diagnosed with anything. I still find it amazing to this day, although I did suspect something, when they asked me what was wrong, I really didn't know..... Right now I'm not sure what people think of me, you'd have to ask the few people I know......although based on the posts on the "Members Association" topic, they have me exactly right so far. So, am I a jolly wise cracking, joke telling chap that can be serious and supportive when needed, or am I an emotionally scarred individual full of anger and sorrow from past events and a strong hatred for all of mankind? You be the judge. Mwahahahaa!!
  21. ?_? what are you guys talking about? hmm....let me see..... Holy cow!! 0_0; Those eyes are.....huge!! It's looking right at me! O_O *a-ahem*....anyways....erm...there is this anime I haven't seen that some people I know like. I'm just wondering has anyone seen an anime or the Manga called "Ouran High School Host Club?" .....and is it any good?
  22. Heh, thanks. That was my plan from the start, but I can't believe it worked. XD I think I've seen you around dA actually. Your friends with a deviant called Rugalb95 too right? He told me about another friend he knows that won the contest called "Eyz" But I didn't know that you came here too. Thats cool. btw: about the game, was your name one of the ones mentioned in a post that AAUK made about replaying to an e-mail? If not and if it still hasn't shown up by Monday, I would suggest telling AAUK about it. It could be lost in the post or something....
  23. ah, so when they said copy official art, it meant an edited one. Thanks for telling me. Now I understand things abit better, although when I first saw that picture I couldn't even tell what it was. And everyone is sure it's a copy? Is there some kind of proof? oh well.....I'll defend hard working artists that do there own work, but not lazy jerks. ;
  24. aww Gabz, that picture is cool. It made me lol. *edit* Very awesome two Mahzes and Adamis. But now I'm gonna have to say something, it was bad enough with the youtube comments, but now it seems like people are just being mean. Although I don't know much about the artist of that Sonic Adventure 2 picture. The one I saw sometime ago had the name Mega777 on it, if I remember correctly. So I suppose it's wishfull thinking to think the same guy made some changes and sent it to the contest? As for the Sonic 06 picture, what do you mean by a simple edit of something official? When I was younger I would draw copies of pictures and poses,(not sketched) then try to colour them in. Is there a problem with that? But my main problem is just insulting some of the art. In my book there is no such thing as "bad" art, everybody has a differant style and method for drawing, and when I look at those pictures I can see the effort the artists made for there drawings, and I can appreciate that. And I would never insult a piece of art, whether the artist was around or not. What if they would stop by to see what people thought of there work and drowned in the insults, it would be very upsetting. I know what it's like to be insulted, it's been happening to me for over 20 years, and I vow not to put anyone through that kind of pain. Kinda ironic how I noticed that at the end credits where it was saying the special thanks, the last line said "....and the fans." Sega where kind enough to add some fan interaction, and when it's all done people still complain. *sigh* Sorry about the rant... Here's my winning entry if anyone give a crap.... http://danfield.deviantart.com/art/SatBK-C...inner-116441683
  25. Curses, I haven't got mine yet either.....T-Bird and Mahzes got theres before me. *cries* oh well, although I would have prefered to get it on launch day two, I can wait a couple of days...... But 4 weeks?! I'd go insane!! XD Well luckily I have Disgaea 3 to keep me busy for now.
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