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    DanJ86 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Right, having finished the adventure mode twice now, including a 100% run, and having put a good amount of hours into the game, I think I'm ready to give my thoughts on it.
    Now first things first, I want to comment on this because it was being brought up so many times before launch. Is CTR better than TSR? In my honest opinion, no. Not in it's current state. Right now, I want to say it is, because I am beginning to enjoy the gameplay a lot more than TSR, but good god there are so many things in this game holding it back that is frustrating to absolutely no end that it makes the game feel like a chore half the time. 
    Let's talk about the elephant in the room - this game is totally broken. Is it Sonic 06 broken? No, it isn't. But I cannot sit here and say that Crash Team Racing is a perfectly functional game with no issues, it is utterly fucked and frankly should not have been released in it's current state. I am legitimately shocked right now that it has released like this, because I'm on the verge of calling it worse than even Reignited Trilogy was at release. Let's run through the list of bugs right now. 
    -The online is still broken. The game was utterly broken at launch with online, with either A - lobbies constantly shutting down, or B. People getting into matches only for the game to literally lag like utter fuck and make everyone not only run at a powerpoint pace, but this makes all of the obstacles broken. You'll get hit by invisible rockets, you'll have invisible TNT crates on your head out of nowhere, despite being sure you avoided them. You'll see objects hanging around in mid air, it is broken beyond belief, and it's disgusting how broken it is even after a patch released designed to "solve" these issues. 
    -There's pieces of collision that just flat out aren't working correctly. There's times you'll be near a wall and be completely stopped as if you hit it. There's times where you will land on the ground and suddenly have Aku Aku appear to lift you back up, as if you've jumped into a pit. The best example of this is there's one specific spot on Oxide Station where if you land on the right side of one of the roads after one of the gravity jumps, the game will act as if you fell through the terrain, having Aku Aku appear to lift you back up. I've also heard reports of boxes, crystals and other items' collision being far too small.
    -The weight and physics are messed up. I can't explain it accurately enough because I don't have enough experience with the original, but someone on Reddit did a very good post showing the problem. Best example is the shortcut jump on Sewer Speedway, which is now incredibly inconsistent.
    -Some trophies are bugged, with reports of the shortcut trophies in particular being buggy - especially the trophy "I know the Way", which is unlocked for finding all shortcuts. I can also speak from experience that the trophy for Blizzard Peaks is also a bit buggy, and required running one of the shortcuts twice before it would pop.
    -The biggest one - a MAJOR game-breaking bug, that is utterly baffling that it got through QA testing - at any point in the game, but especially with online play, and time trials - as well as the purple gem cup - the game has a high tendency to crash. If the game crashes, there's about a 95% chance that it will completely corrupt your save and cause you to lose ALL progress and unlockables. Better yet - backing up your save does little to help as well, because while you will get your progress back, it will cause the game to begin glitching even more - with higher chances of freezing and corruption occurring. Better yet - if you download a save as well, it will glitch again - locking away all unlocked costumes earned via in-game progression (I,E - win 10 races with Crash), all kart parts, customisation options - and most important of all - characters and costumes unlocked through Adventure Mode will also be locked again, and will require a full story run again to unlock them (Unconfirmed if that even fixes it, they might be permanently locked again). There's been many topics on Reddit pointing this out - for example: 
    I'm in total disbelief that this game hasn't been fixed yet, despite having so many bugs like this, better yet - so many major bugs like this. I'd get the collision and the physics - I'd wish they would be fixed, but I would get them, but a literal save corrupter that not even back-ups can fully restore, plus  locks a ton of your characters and other prizes with likely no way to recover them, it's insane.
    But then there's just the general game issues that hold it back for me. I love the gameplay of CTR, a lot more than TSR in fact, but the gameplay just doesn't feel good a lot of the time, especially with Adventure Mode. There's constant and extreme rubber-banding at play, it's just blatantly unfair that the CPU gets to be ""difficult" via just literally having far higher stats than you at all times as opposed to actually being smartly designed CPU meant to give you a legit challenge. The bosses still absolutely suck and should've been redesigned from the ground up, remake or not. CNK doesn't get tons of representation, despite the effort that went into remaking it's cast and it's tracks, etc.
    But the coin shop is just utter shit as well. It reeks of microtransactions. It's a nightmare to try grind it offline, to the point where two full Adventure Runs with online sprinkled in only got me four CNK characters and a new paint job. The online is the only way to get it at a reasonable level, and the online is currently broken, and Activision has shoved in a forced limit for how many coins you can get at a boosted rate per day before dropping down to the normally awful rate. It all stinks of a game being designed to drain you of patience so it can wave those microtransactions between your eyes and tempt you with the idea of "why force yourself to waste all that time playing when you can just buy 10k coins for a small fee?".
    But then there's the fact that the pit stop also heavily resembles (from what people are saying at least) - Fortnite's store, where everything is randomised. Add into the fact that these Grand Prixes sound suspiciously a lot like your typical Fortnite, or even Black Ops 4 "content" season, and it begins to dawn on you how frightened you should be of Activision ruining this game. 
    Everything stinks of Activision trying to kill the game's enjoyment to give incentive for paying as a live service. A forced rate of coin grinding per day, a randomised shop that forces you to buy packs and characters one at a time before getting to the stuff you actually might want (Especially for the likes of N Trance, who's locked behind a 7k pack). Seasonal content that already sounds like it's going to have a bunch of tiers that will allow Activision to slip in with a "Well buy these coins and pay to skip a few tiers *wink wink, nudge nudge*. 
    I'm worried because I've been down this road before with Black Ops 4, and how that game was utterly murdered with rampant microtransaction bullshit. I frankly do not trust Activision enough not to pull this shit. It's very easy to see where they could not add the microtransactions at first to try win some good will, only to then later add them back in, much like was done with Black Ops 4, and Modern Warfare Remastered. 
    What sucks the most is that there is just so much to like about Nitro-Fuelled. The gameplay is as good as ever, the music is fantastic, the graphics are crisp, lush, and lovely. The worst thing about this game is it has the potential. It has the potential to stomp TSR into the fucking ground. It has the potential to rival Mario Kart 8 frankly. It has the potential to be this great love-letter to the fans of Crash, especially with so many references to Twinsanity, Crash of the Titans, Wrath of Cortex, and tons of other Crash games.
    It has potential to keep the game alive for many years via the Grand Prixes, and making the game constantly fun. But there's just so many cynical money-grubbing bullshit things in this game that makes it feel like it's ready to be blown apart by Activision for as much money as possible. There's already tons of hints that the game was rushed to launch, much like how Reignited was rushed to utter hell and released with Spyro 3 near broken at launch. There's already very evident and utterly frustrating grinding mechanics being used that scream of being a sneaky way for Activision to make the game into a live service. The online is still utterly broken so soon after launch, and the other aspect of the game - I.E the single player has the chance to completely wipe away all of your progress due to a game-breaking bug. 
    I legitimately do not know how this game released in the state it is in, but for the love of God, it needs to be fixed. Because frankly, I cannot say with a straight face that CTR is better than TSR in it's current state. On a fundamental gameplay and content standpoint, it's superior, but on a technical standpoint, it falls apart. The gameplay is ruined by so many aspects that it's kind of insane, just due to bad rubber-banding A.I, or even just because of the fact that you need to keep backing out to back-up saves on the off chance your progress will be totally wiped. 
    All I can say is - I really hope Beenox pull themselves together now. I want to love this game, hell - having played through Adventure Mode twice now and gotten used to the mechanics and tracks, I know for a fact I will love this game if the issues are cleaned up. Right now, I just can't because it feels like every aspect of the game is getting hit by some massive bug, or some huge flaw. Right now, I want Beenox to look at three major areas and improve it - online, single player bugs, and the coin system. If they fix all three, then I think this will stomp TSR into the ground, and have a high chance to even take on MK8. Otherwise, it's going to remain as an example of another game with such massive potential ruined by Activision's rushing and money-grubbing.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    Even as a joke it doesn't make sense.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Plasme in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    It's just Iizuka looking at CTR. He isn't breaking down and crying. It doesn't mean anything.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Eskana in Looney Tunes Cartoons (Warner Bros. Animation, 2019)   
    I hadn't even HEARD about this until I saw this thread, but I'm pretty psyched!
    I mean, we've all lived through several Looney Toons "revivals" now, and I'm glad that they're finally going back to the classic formula. I know it has its fans, but I never really liked the humor in "The Looney Toons Show," and it was missing the background music and the folk/broadway songs, which I think is really key to the feel of Looney Toons. This one already made me laugh, though.... just gotta get used to these voices.
    REALLY looking forward to new Daffy Duck
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    DanJ86 reacted to Kevin in Looney Tunes Cartoons (Warner Bros. Animation, 2019)   
    My gosh, does that look great! The original Looney Tunes shorts are my favorite cartoons of all time and to see this kind of style come back makes me happy!
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    DanJ86 reacted to Tara in Looney Tunes Cartoons (Warner Bros. Animation, 2019)   
    This does look genuinely impressive; like an actual update to the existing formula rather than an attempt to shoehorn the characters into outlandishly unfitting roles for merchandising reasons.  I look forward to seeing how these develop.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Milo in Looney Tunes Cartoons (Warner Bros. Animation, 2019)   
    Yeah, that one's real. Originally showed up in a trailer for the Annency Festival.
    On that note--one thing about this new project cannot be stated enough is that so far, there's a really cool retraux art direction going on. There's a very clear channeling of the 1940s/1950s era of shorts going on--the character designs (such as Bugs having yellow gloves in the shown poster, as well as the text font) and backgrounds (bright but muted color palette, more traditional shading). You can even see it in the animation--check out the smears with the dynamite being passed around and its explosion with the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd clip, even that is emulating how the animations smears looked during that time, with how they look like crayon-scribbled blurs!
    Besides the well-done visual throwback looks, I'm also really hopeful for this one due to the emphasis on the shorts being more creator-driven this time around. There have been panels by the writers and voice actors talking about the direction they've been planning for the characters and its really promising. Daffy has been said to be "completely nuts" in these shorts, much like the Daffy shorts directed by Bob Clampett shorts (as opposed more recent interpretations following more from Chuck Jones' interpretation). That clip SonicXtremeMania posted definitely feels like that type of Daffy to a T.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Sonic Fan J in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Maybe it's only because I've read through once right now, but I really enjoyed issue 17. Something about it just really stuck for me making it a pleasure to read. I hope next issue entertains me as much.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Just read Issue 17 and my heart is pumping. 
    I knew going into this that we were going to lose somebody but I didn't know who it would be. The last person I expected it to be was Charmy though. You've got the two older and mature guys and a small child. The one you pick to turn into the Zombot is the child though.
    I was a tad conflicted by the way he got it. On the one hand I do get that he's a kid and the point is that he's too kind-hearted and too ready to throw himself in harm's way to protect people but for my own personal position, I was kind of hoping to see him suffer through losing one of his dads. Also, I feel like most would probably look past his intentions and his age and just use it as a reason to call him stupid and other mean things. 
    However, considering what the Metal Virus turns you into, it's supremely dark having it go in on Charmy like that. I appreciate how it's not holding back. 
    I really enjoyed the scene where Vector put all the cars around that infected woman. I enjoyed Vector overall here. Dude's a leader and he takes charge by making the right calls. Whether or not they get along, it's clear, especially by the ending panel, that they care deeply about that kid and vice-versa. 
    Again, I also have to stress, how perfect Ian would be for the games. This would work even as a game where only Sonic was playable because of how this is structured. 
    I wanna gush more about it but I'm not sure what else I can say. They got my favorite bumble boy and it makes me sad. 
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    DanJ86 reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    One of the things I anticipated the most, and still do to a certain extent as far as the Chaotix are concerned, are indeed situations where their eccentric and light-hearted personalities are thrust into a heavy situation like this. I knew in my heart that it would hit me the absolute most seeing this happen to not only one of them, but Charmy in particular because of how the emotional build up and pay off is more likely to work with someone like him.
    Anyone can throw a serious character into a serious story with a serious setting. There's not a ton I find too interesting about that because I expect their reactions to be relatively the same. I tend not to get as excited about that as I do seeing characters like Sonic or the Chaotix thrust into those kinds of situations. When happy-go-lucky, wacky, and excitable characters are shown being happy and having a good time, it naturally hits harder for me when that's disrupted. Allowing the more sincere and genuine parts of their personality to shine through that doesn't fully rely on their quirks helps ensure how much more flexible as characters they can be as well. 
    I'm in a much more sorrowful and worried emotional state concerning the comic because of it. That's going to make the payoff of seeing him come back even more cathartic for me.
    That's just kind of how it's always been for me though. I do generally prefer my protagonists to be fun and wacky so that when serious and miserable stuff happens to them, I can feel more emotionally attached because I have a desire to see them return to that state. Plus, I find how the story-telling handles the juxtaposition to be more interesting. It might be why I find more interest in Halloween episodes of innocent kid shows going all out with the terror far more engaging than watching regular horror movies where serious adults face the same thing. It might also be why it's hard getting too excited about the appearance of characters like Shadow or Blaze as well. 
    Might just be a matter a preference.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Emperor Robrainiac in ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   
    2nd draft of the Oddpine cover, this time in glorious color!

    Yeah, I wasn't feeling the ink coloring last time. I got some constructive criticism from the last one, and took the advice to try and improve this version. 

    I'm still pretty crap at shading, and there's some things I'm not happy with on this one, but I like this one far better than the last one. Also, with this update, some slight revisions in character designs as well.
    In other news, I have my outline of these character's first adventure written down! I hope you guys look forward to seeing this group of freaks take on even nastier freaks of nature in the future!
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    DanJ86 got a reaction from Emperor Robrainiac in Primal (new Genndy Tartakovsky Adult Swim series) "Gotta get back, back to the past"   
    C-Cor...that's some intense and high quality animation.
    Too graphic for my tastes but I hope it gets the success it deserves if Genndy is at the helm. Their is practically no modern western animations that interest me these days and his name represents a time when they did.
    Also, maybe all cavemen look the same but I can see a resemblance to the man that discovery fire in a classic Dexter's Laboratory episode.

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    DanJ86 got a reaction from PublicEnemy1 in Primal (new Genndy Tartakovsky Adult Swim series) "Gotta get back, back to the past"   
    C-Cor...that's some intense and high quality animation.
    Too graphic for my tastes but I hope it gets the success it deserves if Genndy is at the helm. Their is practically no modern western animations that interest me these days and his name represents a time when they did.
    Also, maybe all cavemen look the same but I can see a resemblance to the man that discovery fire in a classic Dexter's Laboratory episode.

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    DanJ86 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in The ProJared Drama   
    He was (was being the operative term, given what he's done) a popular YouTube game reviewer, who got his popularity boost through Normal Boots, the same way JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, and The Completionist have had. Jared specifically handled a different variety of stuff, including retrospectives (A massive DB games retrospective), reviews of games, and bad game TV shows (Similar to PBG), and more. 
    The point really is that Projared was one of the more popular YouTubers in terms of games, hailing as one of the oldest, since coming from NormalBoots, and even had his share of big events, including being invited to star on a Nick television show at one point. This coming out about him after so many years of him being so popular is what makes this so shocking.
    Ironically, the Nick show he was invited to appear in was Game-Shakers - not only a show focused making games, but also created by the now infamous Dan Schneider, who has his own history of controversy and creepy shit.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Balding Spider in The ProJared Drama   
    He's a youtube gamer personality, and comes from the entertainment group Normal Boots, the same place the Completionist and formerly Jontron hailed from. He covered game reviews, Let's Play's, ect.
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    DanJ86 reacted to mayday2592 in The ProJared Drama   
    He's a popular gamer on Youtube.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Polkadi~♪ in What Causes "That" Indie Game to Become a Hit?   
    A lot of times, it can be the creator's already established reputation giving them attention (Undertale, Doki Doki Literature Club). Other times, it's just word of mouth until it reaches someone big (Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy's). Or maybe it'll just blow up completely out of nowhere (A Hat in Time).
    It'd be great to tap into that potential when making a game, but it's an impossible gamble sometimes, an unfair game that picks up one project from the millions out there. 
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    DanJ86 got a reaction from Ryannumber1gamer in Dreams (PS4) (Early Access Launched) - 2019 - Explore the Universe of Dreams   
    Oh? I have not heard of this strange beast but if it's customization is as accessible as it was in Little Big Planet, even an imbecilic like me could make something.
    I'll have to keep an eye out for this.
  20. My Emmerdoods
    DanJ86 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Dreams (PS4) (Early Access Launched) - 2019 - Explore the Universe of Dreams   
    I'm not sure if we had a topic or not for Dreams already, but doing a forum search yielded no results, so I'm assuming either it never was made, or the topic itself died. But with Dreams releasing an early access version of the game to a limited number of people - now seems like the best time to make/remake this topic.

    So you might be wondering, what exactly is Dreams? Well, you might've seen it during a few of Sony's conferences - Dreams is a highly anticipated game that's been in development for years by Media Molecule, the creators behind Little Big Planet and Tearaway. The reason why Dreams has taken so long in development? Bluntly - Dreams is basically like a full-scale game engine on PS4, capable of allowing creators to make movies, music, levels, and more encompassing many different genres.
    While the game still has not released as of yet, there is currently an early-access version of the game out which not only will give you the full version of the game upon release at a far cheaper price point (as a reward for buying it in early access), but gives you the full creator tools, and capability to explore the levels others have made online. While there will be single player stuff with the full release, including a story mode, the creator functionality will make up the main crux of the game, and it's insanely expansive. 
    The key thing with Dreams' release is again - easily - the creator tools. Not only because they're incredibly user friendly, but Dreams in essence is like a game engine for your PS4. Some of the things that people have created using this game's tools are ridiculously insane, and varied. From driving games, platformers, shooters, etc. People have remade Mario 1-1 to making a fully realistic lightning system and graphics that you would expect out of a high-end PS4 game. Dreams represents a capability to introduce a hell of a lot more people to game development due to how user-friendly it's tools are, while making them in-depth enough to program these levels. 
    So, as an example of this, here's a few insanely impressive things currently in development on Dreams by creators, including my own random highlights:
    P.T (V 1.08):
    One of the most insane examples of what Dreams is capable of - someone has literally remade P.T into Dreams. For those who do not remember, P.T is the 2014 demo to Konami's cancelled Silent Hills that was later totally purged from the PS Store. It involves walking to the end of the same room over and over again, as more things change, and creepier details emerge, revealing a darker, and more sinister story as you continue along. If you haven't had the chance to try out the original demo, Dreams provides a great chance to experience something like it.
    Sandwich Driving 101 (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Game) - (Named Bikini Bottom WIP in-game) - 
    Recently updated to expand the level with walking mechanics, and a remade control scheme from Battle from Bikini Bottom, this is an insanely impressive example of what's capable with Dreams - someone remade the Sandwich Driving 101 section of Spongebob's Movie Game, complete with the actual music from the level, and incredible details, like the patty wagon literally opening up as Spongebob drives up ramps, exactly how it was back in the movie game proper. I'm incredibly excited to see how this goes.
    Battle for Bikini Bottom - 
    Couldn't find a video for it, but if you search Battle for Bikini Bottom in the dreamsurfer section of the game, you'll find it. A full remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom with tons of potential - already incorporated into it is Spongebob's double jump and spin attack, as well as different kinds of tikis that match their game counterpart proper (Smashable, rock tikis, and explosive tikis), and ability to collect shiny objects. It shows tons of promise and goes hand in hand with the above.
    Metal Gear Solid - 
    A remake of Metal Gear Solid's opening sequence - complete with stealth sections, codec calls, item pickup, cutscenes and more. Following this, there is another level - although the name escapes me that's a demo for stealth sections too, that works a bit like this. Still, incredibly impressive.
    A Haunted Mansion - 
    A fully-explorable mansion with different effects going on such as floating objects in rooms, and monsters exploring the area, different rooms to explore, including the guest rooms and graveyard, and a ton more. It's really fun to explore the mansion and see everything that it has to offer. It's also still being updated with more rooms and details.
    So yeah, all of that - built on Dreams. I have to be honest, I am ridiculously impressed with this game, especially for one only in early access at the minute. As someone who's interested in game development, the very idea that we have something very close to what's basically a user-friendly game engine is insane to me, and I really can't wait to see what others manage to create with the software. 
    So if you're exploring the dreamverse, or making your own dreams, feel free to share what some of your favourite creations are, or if you've got your own creations you want to share, feel free to do so. As for anyone wondering if they can still get hands on with Dreams, last I checked - the early access is still buyable, but is also limited, so whenever they fill up the slots, the early access will be taken down.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Tracker_TD in Dreams (PS4) (Early Access Launched) - 2019 - Explore the Universe of Dreams   
    I've not messed around with this too much, but from what I've played the potential is... well, whatever you can dream. After a few months I think we're gonna see some really crazy stuff, even crazier than what's already been done.
    As for myself; well.
  22. Nice Smile
    DanJ86 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Dreams (PS4) (Early Access Launched) - 2019 - Explore the Universe of Dreams   
    Gotta say, I quite like the model of Sonic you made for it. Given how difficult it is to make models in Dreams, I think it was a smart idea to go for a styled chibi form for the model. 
  23. My Emmerdoods
    DanJ86 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Dreams (PS4) (Early Access Launched) - 2019 - Explore the Universe of Dreams   
    Funny you made this topic... I tweeted this today.
    Also this. A few awesome scenes I found.
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    DanJ86 reacted to Emperor Robrainiac in ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   
    I appreciate the feedback! It's something I don't get enough of, so any advice is appreciated.
    At some point in my life I was decent and slowly improving on my perspective skills. But after a while I grew very rusty and it's gotten to a point where I cannot wrap my mind around it, especially when I try to put characters in there... It's a big reason why I've been hesitant to make a comic or draw anything with a background, and practicing ends up boring me to the point where I'm drained.
     I'm not saying this as an excuse, or "Oh no, I'm not good enough so I can't be bothered to try it." It's a matter of me trying to learn how to be more patient with my work, and the advice you gave me is very helpful, and will probably make things less tedious. Hell, I didn't even know of that technique until you told it to me. It makes it a hell of a lot better than the one I drew. I might actually do a redraw when I officially get started on my comic. 
    Perfect timing too, because I just got started writing notes for the comic in question as well.
  25. Fist Bump
    DanJ86 got a reaction from Emperor Robrainiac in ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart   
    Hope you don't mind and perhaps it's not a big deal, I just noticed something in your comic cover concept that used to be an unconscious act I would do in my art. It's not a big deal in drawing a character on their own, but in a comic setting, it has the risk of looking rather flat so I thought I'd share what I learned to fix it.
    So it's like this. You know how you've drawn the four characters? They appear to be standing on the same plain. As in, the same distance from the viewer. That's a very unnatural way for people to stand as it turns out. So one bit of advice I got was to never draw more than one character on the same plain. You can also add extra depth and meaning behind a pose by changing the perspective it is seen from. I made a very rough draft as an example.
    This draft is basically the same layout you have already drawn, but with the perspective shifted slightly higher and having the characters spaced out slightly more. This is the idea I'm suggesting.
    Also, in a comic setting, you are more likely to have alternate environments so it helps to consider stuff like wind. A gentle breeze will move anything light, having it wave like a flag. A more intense gust can be portrayed with only a slight adjustment.
    I'm not an expert on this stuff. It just so happened to be tips that I came across in my never ending pursuit for perfecting my art. I'm not criticizing your art in any way. They're always clean, colourful, expressive and unique characters. I hope you'll keep at it, drawing can be a nice stress escapism and a way to express ourselves creatively.
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