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  1. Trying to catch up to Komaru and Makoto, Alisa yells ahead to try and tell them where Toko is. "At...at this islands...medical centre...!" *gasp* She only knew where to go earlier, thanks to Dave who had been there before. "You met everybody except me and Shinji? This is odd..." Kotone thinks for a second, trying to piece things together. She's from another dimension. Teddie is from that same dimension and has met the whole SEES gang...but no mention of herself or Shinji. What does it mean? A sudden chill breaks her concentration. "Brrr...m-maybe we could talk more at a m-much warmer place?" She asks Teddie. In the background, you could see Komaru, Makoto and Alisa run by. The pair didn't notice them though. ==== Back with Neptune and Noire, the two continue walking while carrying a large heavy bag. Noire was tiring but her pride refuses to give in. "A-Are we there yet??" Noire says, showing signs of frustration. "Y-You must have something....b-big planned with all of...all of this." She was still trying to workout what Neptune was up to but she suddenly notices Komaru, Makoto and Alisa running by in the opposite direction. Noire felt that Alisa looked familiar. "W-Was that...God Eater? It really...looked like her..." ==== Elsewhere, Hero Prinny walks around aimlessly. Seeing the Skylanders helping and caring about each other confused him. As a demon, he's used to thinking only about himself and doing whatever was necessary for his own personal gain. He couldn't understand and was so distracted that he'd forgotten about his mission and the fact that he was approaching somebody. "Hey there. So you ditched your escort huh?" "WHA! Dood." Looking up in surprise, the person that spoke to him was none other than Dante, holding Ivory around his finger playfully as if it was a subtle threat. "So...what is it that you're really after? It's pretty obvious you're up to something." Dante asked casually while leaning on a tree. Hero Prinny felt murderous intent coming from the Devil Hunter, if he doesn't like what Hero Prinny has to say, he might be forced to wear a bullet overcoat. Suddenly, Komaru, Makoto and Alisa rush by the two, surprising Hero Prinny. Dante doesn't take his eyes off Hero Prinny though. "Hm? Was that the kid? Looks like she's already making friends." Dante says as he instinctively knew that Alisa was a part of the group that just passed.
  2. Mikan and Bomberman look around for a mirror but couldn't see one. Then Bomberman appears to remember something and suddenly produces a pair of white sunglasses. "Maybe these will help with the light. An old acquaintance keeps sending me pairs in the mail back home." "I might be able to help with the mirror as well." Bomberman then grabs a paper towel and wipes his screen where his eyes are displayed, then he presses his belt buckle which seems to shut off his eyes. Now his face is like a television that was turned off. You could see your reflection clearly on his screen. Mikan meanwhile had gone over to what looked like a reception desk and was looking for something. "Wow, thank you. I'm....guessing this Mono-jerk has been a recurring problem before?" Dave says as he was concerned by Shantae's reaction to his name while Daniel takes a bite out of one orange. He felt a strange tingling sensation as soon as he had bitten into it. If he had a health bar, it would've increased. Kotone seemed surprised and a little hurt by this revelation. "Seriously? You save the world and don't even get mentioned? What's that about??" She paces back and forth, deep in though for a second, then stops and looks at Teddie once again. "W-What about Shinji? He must've mentioned me, right?" Alisa was a little surprised but also felt happy for Toko. She's blunt, pessimistic and withdrawn but she also has awesome friends that care about her, she thought to herself. But she couldn't remain in thought for long, they asked her to lead the way, but they rushed ahead and left her behind. She needed to catch up. So she runs after them, heading back to the Med Bay.
  3. Just then, somebody approaches the siblings from behind. "E-Excuse me?" It was Alisa and she must've been running around to find them as she was breathing heavily. "You are Komaru, correct?" She asks Komaru before continuing. "She asked me not to tell you but...I couldn't keep my promise. I woke up from a hospital bed once before and it really helped me to have somebody waiting to give me support." She's suddenly opening up to the siblings but stops herself from going further and gets to the point. "You're both friends of the girl named Toko, right? ...Well...she had to go in for surgery due to her injuries. The nurse said everything went smoothly but I thought...perhaps you'd want to be there when she wakes up in the medical centre?"
  4. Their is a long pause as the girl processes the information she was just told. She eventually reacts but not in a way anyone expected. "Okay. That doesn't sound as bad as a school that changes into a tower for an hour at the stroke of midnight, infested with shadows..." She looks around again. Christmas lights and penguins could be seen from where she stood. It seemed like a peaceful place. "So you say you've been to Gekkoukan? I must've been sick that day. My name is Kotone Shiomi and....this isn't the strangest thing I've seen in my life." "But if I'm here...what happened to my friends?" Remembering about her comrades, she looks around once again with slight concern.
  5. She stumbles to her feet and rubs her eyes, taking another look at Teddie. She didn't recognise the character, it couldn't have been a local mascot and she's never seen anything like it on TV. "Not Aigis? ...Junpei? Ken? Aki? Shinji?? Is this some kind of prank?" She walks around Teddie, trying to identify who it was. But then notices her surroundings and looks even more confused. "This...isn't the roof of Gekkoukan High...has stopping Nyx created a new type of Tartarus?"
  6. The girl opens her eyes slight as Teddie pokes her. "Hmm?....Aigis? ...why are you dressed like a bear? ...Is it, for the party we promised?" She sits up and looks around, noticing that there's snow everywhere. "Brr...it's cold...how long was I asleep? Have I missed class?" Bomberman moves in to assist, noticing possible anxiety from Tron. "It's okay Ms. Tron, this will all be over with quickly." Bomberman couldn't possibly know that for sure. Being a robot, he doesn't know anything about biological lifeforms. He was trying to keep her calm. Mikan smiles at Tron as she prepares the first drop. "You're such a strong woman. I-I really admire that. Don't worry, a nurse is obligated to keep whatever happens in this building with her patients, confidential." She holds Tron's eye open with the index and middle finger of her right hand while her left hand holds the eye dropper above her eye. A single minor squeeze was all it needed to release a drop of the special healing chemicals that would land on her eye. It would irritate her eye at first and Mikan had prepared a paper towel to wipe away any excess and help ease the discomfort and then moving to the other eye. "You're doing great. A-Almost done." She says to reassure Tron. After applying the second drop, Bomberman and Mikan help her back to sitting up and Mikan gives Tron the paper towel so she can clear her eyes herself. "It might take a couple of hours to clear up completely...if it doesn't, you might need a second dose." Dave was a little worried but her tried to recall. "We were riding a train in a twisted digital world at the time and I think -" Before he could continue, Daniel interrupts. "I....I think...his name was...Monokuma?" "That's right." Dave adds. "We were fighting drones that resembled that crazy bear while riding a train, I didn't see it happen but one of them must've got him good." "My...my head! ....I...needed to...protect a child? I can't remember...much..." He was recalling what happened before he lost consciousness but was still struggling. "Yeah...I think he was knocked out. That made sense after speaking with the nurse, things felt strange for me too when we were on that train. My presence here is directly connected to his consciousness. If he's out cold, I can't appear..."
  7. Lots of interdimensional activity had been occurring around Penguin Island and a new disturbance had started to take place. A distortion erupts around the town centre and begins to focus in one single area, a bench out in the open. A flash of blinding light follows it and afterwards, the distortion and light disappear leaving behind a school girl but she was fast asleep and showed no sign of noticing what had occurred. She wore a black uniform that had a visible badge. She had brown hair tied into a ponytail and hair pins that seemed to resemble the roman numeral 22 as well as a neck strap MP3 player. "...Zzzz....brr...zzzz..." She continues to sleep soundly on the bench despite the cold.
  8. Mikan takes a closer look at Tron Bonne's eyes as she fills her in about LOG. Shining a light into each one just like before, she had never seen anything like this. Fortunately, the Future Foundation supplied her with extra knowledge about the multiverse that could help her in this situation. Moving to the back of the room, Mikan picks up a large book from a high shelf. It was called "Multiverse Strategy Guide." "Th-Th-This book that the Future F-F-Foundation left me has a variety of information about ailments that can be c-c-contracted in other universes..." She places the book down on a desk and quickly looks through it. She was deep in concentration and said nothing as several minutes pass, eventually she speaks again. "L-L-Lord of...Games?" There appeared to be information about LOG in that book. It prompts Mikan to move to some other shelves and pick up a small container. She knew exactly where it was. "The F-Future Foundation must've been gathering information on this...L-LOG person. According to that information...h-his strange sense of humour suggests that the best way to cure an a-ailment he created is also the simplest. Eye Drops." She says as she holds the container. Bomberman looks on in confusion, all he could do was observe for now. Mikan moves back to Tron and hold her head back gently, preparing to place a drop in both of her eyes. "P-Please relax for a second, I promise it wont hurt." Dave was once again surprised by the kindness and support that the Skylanders she towards each other. "T-That would be great. Thank you." "You've met him before? Oh, it must've been when he fell down that cliff." Dave recalls. He wasn't around after that event took place. "Heeheehee...that tickles." Daniel just giggles as Shantae examines his head. Dave tells Shantae what he had learned from Mikan. "He suffered a blow to the head in our last mission and has been losing his balance and forgetting stuff. The kind Nurse was sure it was a concussion but she can't cure it. The effects could last from weeks to even months. She told us a skilled magician could speed up the healing process." He looks back at Undyne for a moment and then back at Daniel and Shantae. "Our warrior friend rates your skills highly in that field. C-Could you help him?" He asks sheepishly. ==== Back at the front of the Dojo, Hero Prinny watches Sonic and Sayaka leave. "I don't get it, dood...All this power and they don't use it to fulfil there wildest dreams...what's the point, dood?" ... "...Is that the secret to there success, dood?" ==== Continuing to trek through the snow, Noire couldn't get a straight answer out of Neptune. @Failinhearts She tries one last time... "Sooo....do you do this every year?" Noire asks, starting to show signs of fatigue.
  9. Hero Prinny was still standing around, but he easily heard what Sonic had said and suddenly burst out laughing. "Hahahahahahaa! That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard, dood." He was suddenly talking loudly without thinking. "Have you people got no imagination at all, dood?? You can have whatever your hearts desire with a set up like this, dood." He places his wings on his hips, proudly as he continues. "Access to every possible world? You could have your cake and eat it, dood. Don't you know about the alternate universes, dood? Ones that are just like your own but with a single minor change from stuff like choosing how to wear your hair or if you sleep in instead of conquering the universe, dood." "Ha, you could go to a world where you're family exists and kill that universes version of yourself and take their place, dood. Or just go there and kidnap them, then you can see them whenever you want, dood." Hero Prinny finally stops and realizes what he had just done. *gulp" "I-I mean...Merry Christmas...dood?"
  10. A sombre moment was taking place with Sayaka, Sonic and Jessica. @Spin Attaxx But it was about to take a strange turn as a Prinny wearing a red scarf is running towards them. *gasp* "Those...those weirdos had finally messed up, dood." It was Hero Prinny. He saw a chance to escape from Tron and Bomberman and he took it. "It...it shouldn't be this hard to spy on the people who are spying on these idiot Skylanders....dood..." He wasn't really watching where he was going and suddenly found himself standing only a couple of feet in front of Sayaka, Sonic and Jessica. "...err...I'm just a normal, humble Prinny doing normal, humble Prinny things, dood!" He said to them while in a slight panic.
  11. "Heehee, you certainly look much better. I think you'll be fine to go an missions now, just be careful, okay?" Mikan's mood lifted at seeing Undyne looking much better. She was feeling overwhelmed and worried for the Skylanders well being after seeing so many injured at the same time. But that feeling would be short lived. "Ah, here. Please allow me to help." Mikan rushes over and assists Bomberman with bringing Tron in and sitting her on a nearby bed. She could see instantly that something was wrong with her eyes and she felt she might have heard the name LOG before. Possibly a topic of discussion at the Future Foundation? But she couldn't quite remember. "Th-This LOG person did this to your eyes? H-He doesn't use magic does he? It might...c-c-complicate the healing process..." She had to ask. The Future Foundation do supply various items that come from other worlds which could help cure magical based ailments, but she'd need to know specifics to learn what will work and what wont. "T-Thank you. I owe you one." Dave replies with relief to Tron. They have a name, now they need to find this Shantae person and ask for help. "Let's go, Jughead." He says to Daniel as he pulls him away. But...where should they start...?
  12. "N-Neptune? This bag is pretty heavy...the other Neptune likes a reason to party around and be...unprofessional, but perhaps you've taken it to another level?" As the pair continue walking, the look and feel of the bag didn't make it obvious what was inside, but it wasn't light either. Did Neptune really gather all of these gifts herself? That didn't seem like the Neptune, Noire was used to. She'd probably get Nepgear to do it for her. "...So...what's gotten into you so suddenly?"
  13. Dante continues walking and witnesses a bizarre looking group hug. He scratches the back of his head and after thinking for a couple of seconds, he shrugs to himself and starts to walk up to them. "Yo...am I...interrupting something here?" He says in confusion looking at the variety of characters in the group.
  14. "Uugh..." It's not the most elegant of methods but as long as nobody has a camera phone or anything like it, Noire was willing to swallow her pride and help. "Alright, lead the way." Noire says as she grabs the back of the bag, ready to start lifting. She resisted the urge to shout, mush, as if she was riding a dog sleigh and Neptune was the dog. "Heehee..." She did giggle at the idea though. ==== At the Med Bay, Mikan goes back to checking on Undyne @JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne while Alisa sits by Toko's bedside holding her glasses that Dave handed to her earlier. She was thinking about Toko's request. She didn't want Komaru to know about her condition but Alisa felt bad not telling her. Was it right to keep a secret that if known could upset that person? Alisa couldn't work out what she should do. Surely Toko would be happy to see Komaru the moment she woke up? But this was something Toko specifically asked for... ==== Dante on the other hand seemed to not have a care in the world as he was now walking around, taking in the sights of the decorations that had been put up. It wasn't clear by his facial expression alone if he liked them or not.
  15. Noire thinks for a couple of seconds. "...You...seems to be having a hard time carrying that bag. I just happen to have some spare time and could help you out...it's not that I want to or anything. It just...y'know...the season of good will and stuff..." Noire was still curious and thought maybe should could get a festive outfit if she helped Neptune out. She does also enjoy helping people and bringing smiles to citizens faces, part of one of her roles as the Goddess of Lastation. She was still embarrassed to admit that though. ===== Back at the Med Bay, Dave has entered and is inquiring aid for Dan who he had forced to sit on the closest bed. "Hi, can I ask if somebody could fix this thing?" Dave asks the people inside for assistance and Mikan moves to his bed without reacting to the strange looking pair. While that's happening, some penguins emerge from the back, bringing Toko into the resting area once again on a gurney. Alisa joins them and assists in getting her back in a regular bed, she was currently fast asleep with the colour returned to her face. "W-What happened?" Mikan asks Daniel and Dave. "You smell lovely." Daniel was still saying random things so Dave sighed and tried to recall the events before he was acting strange. "It's hard to say, I didn't see what happened but it must've been during the train ride on that last mission. He's been wobbling on his feet and falling over, can't seem to remember things and has been talking nonsense since then...I remember he also said his head was hurting too..." "A possible head injury?" Mikan shines a light into his eyes one after the other, checking how his pupils react. "Hmm...has he vomited at all?" She asks as she begins to examine his head. "I...haven't seen for myself, but I'm pretty sure he said he was feeling sickly..." As Dave answers, Mikan finds a lump hidden by his scruffy hair at the top of his head. "Ah!" Mikan steps back, she seems to have identified the problem but also seems saddened by it. "It's looking a lot like a concussion. He's not bleeding anywhere and if it was a severe brain injury, he wouldn't be as alert as he is." "Can you fix him?" Dave asks, but Mikan shakes her head. "I-I-I'm terribly s-s-sorry. Medical science cannot cure a c-concussion...the symptoms will get better after some time...but it could last from 4 weeks to 3 months in some cases..." "Months?!?" Dave yells in surprise and it makes Mikan recoil in fear. Daniel promptly slaps Dave in the back of the head. "Ow...what the?" "D-Don't shout at the nice lady...she is doing the best she can..." Daniel says to Dave in an almost lucid moment. "Erm...y-y-you could m-maybe speed up the healing process if you asked a p-powerful magician to perform a healing spell..." Mikan replies sheepishly. "A magician? Okay, alright. Thanks and...sorry about shouting..." Dave grabs Daniel and pulls him back out of the Med Bay. Next objective? To locate a Skylander of the Spellcaster type.