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  1. Don't know if this is related to the strange quirk. I've gone back to Mania Plus to play though the game as Sonic just for fun. But had recently goofed up. I booted up Sonic Mania, forgetting that Sonic Mania Plus wasn't physically in the Switch. So to my confusion, the game loads up as Sonic Mania, though my Mania Plus save files were still their. (Completed playthroughs of Ray and Mighty.) I couldn't select the Plus exclusive characters. Of course, Encore mode wasn't their either and the option to purchase the DLC was. That was when it hit me that I forgot to put Mania Plus in the Switch. I quit the game and put MP in and loaded it like normal. It's strange because you use the same icon and the Mania Plus content was all their still so my mistake didn't cost me anything. I'm not sure if what I described could be considered strange but it certainly surprised me.
  2. Okay. As my avatar would suggest, I've been playing Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk. Another NISA game with one of my favourite character designers, Takehito Harada and favourite composers, Tenpei Sato. Perhaps because the same people are involved, I get the same vibe I got when I first played through The Witch and the Hundred Knight. They do share elements too, both being Roguelike JRPGs. But this one is first person view with turn based combat while tWatHK was real time hack and slash. Both also heavily story driven. We start by following a witch and her apprentice travelling to a mysterious town called Refrain. You as the player are "Tractie" or Tractatus De Monstrum, a book written by an unknown individual who was the only one to enter the Labyrinth of Refrain and come out alive. Strangely, you're technically not "Tractie" but the soul that possessed the book the very second the two characters arrived. The Labyrinth is rich in mana and Tractie has the power to animate puppets that will accompany it on it's journey through this mysterious place. All while learning of the town of Refrain and the characters you are working for. Dusk Witch Dronya Fun Fact: She has a prosthetic leg. Don't often see that in fictional characters. Your Master, (If you like it or not.) she comes across as harsh, uncaring and selfish very quickly. As you progress through the game, you'll grow to learn why. Something important is hidden within the Labyrinth and she's determined to get it. Luca (Holding Tractatus De Monstrum) Dronya's apprentice. She's a bright and cheerful little girl that Dronya does often treat rather harshly. The two are an odd pair and you have to wonder how they ended up working together. Though Luca is an orphan... I haven't fully completed the game yet, but it might be worth pointing out that their is at least one character that is openly a lesbian or bisexual. She doesn't come across as a negative stereotype though is rather eccentric but most of the characters have something unique going for them, it's also looking like she's a very important character to the story and not just being in the background. (Though I haven't reached any climatic scene yet, I have a strong suspicion of where the story will go with her.)
  3. Oh. Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure that happened to me, too. This is what the Sonic Mania icon looked like on the software screen after downloading the game. It didn't change when I started up the physical Sonic Mania Plus. It never even occurred to me to delete my old data. I didn't really pay it too minds at the time and then forgot about it eventually. Is it really unusual?
  4. "Stop blaming Iizuka?" I mentioned the guy once. Don't project your annoyance of Iizuka hate on a guy that doesn't even care about the topic. Beside, I only mentioned it as a hypothetical. In theory, Party games like this should be exempt from that rule. I only say that because of Sticks. The Mario series is a lot more creative in it's playable characters, it would be nice if Sega learned from that example. Like, I never would've imagined Chain Chomp being playable in a tennis game. I know we all have our own favourite Sonic character but wouldn't it be rather cool to perform the high jump as Motobug?
  5. Would Iizuka's annoying lock fetish prevent classic and modern characters appear in the same party game, y'know….except for Sonic himself? If they make Classic Sonic a separate playable character, I'll be super pissed. If he was an alternate skin like with Smash, that wouldn't bother me. But this does make it likely that Sticks will appear in another game, maybe. With TSR bringing Big back in the spotlight, maybe he'd join the cast, too. I would like to see Charmy be in the roster (As well as Espio.) but I'd imagine he wouldn't be aloud to fly or he'd win the long jump indefinitely... Captain Toad would be a nice touch, but considering they are wearing new outfits, he'd potentially lose the traits that make him a captain and just look like a regular Toad. Pauline too, she's already taken up tennis after all.
  6. Ah, my favourite is Snorlax at street level, blocking the road. It's like a nod to it's first appearance in the original Pokémon game.
  7. Can't believe it's almost been 6 years without you.

    You continue to influence me. I may falter sometimes, but you still give me strength. I owe you for that. Wish I could pay you back.

  8. Are you a believer in the multiverse theory? Worlds beyond our understanding, stretching into infinite possibilities. Normally, one could never hope to travel between the different worlds but those doors have been opened and with it, spills the spreading of despair. PROLOGUE - THE DEFENDERS HERO PROJECT Did you notice the bold lettered words? Those are key phrases that'll get explained in this section. We call it - NEPEDIA Thanks for visiting. It's a slight teaser for now. I'm hoping to create pictures and build character profiles to help fuel the imagination. Stay tuned for more....assuming your interested. Also, shout-out to the SSMB Heroes Academy staff @Failinhearts @Ryannumber1gamer @Spin Attaxx @Crow the BOOLET for allowing this project to be made. If this has caught your interest and you'd like to participate in the main roleplay itself, the PM-based RP is always open to join! Just contact any of the above staff members if you're interested. Special shout-out to @NegaMetallix who beat me in creating his Spinoff story thread. Hope you didn't mind me using your post as a reference for what should be said, detail wise. ^^;
  9. I'll admit, when I was that opening and recognised Link, I was expecting a game that looked like Breath of the Wild. In hindsight, going in that direction would mean it doesn't play like Link's Awakening. I guess if they had Link in a different art style, it wouldn't look like Link's Awakening, either. Guess I'm conflicted but I'll probably still end up getting it out of habit. ^^;
  10. ….What happened? I wasn't a fan of the visual style but it all looked pretty epic in some of those trailers, now it's looking like a bad joke. I was hoping for a new Jump fighting game to match the awesomeness that was Jump Ultimate Stars, J-Stars wasn't it and this? Ugh....my heart is heavy with disappointment.
  11. I hope you've been offline for so long so you can focus on feeling better.

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Actually,  I was kind of violently ill. Yeah,  that kinda kept me offline. 

  12. I wouldn't know the details. I looked up a profile of Marie Rose and it said she's a Swedish Maid, her interactions with Helena suggest that she may be working for the latter. There wasn't any information on Honoka, apart from being 18. So while I agree with some of your points, I'm still not keen on the idea of female characters all having the same figure. It's not realistic. All men don't have the same figure. Eliot is short and skinny while Bass is big and bulky, Gen Fu is old and flexible and Jan Lee is strong and fast. There's still Mila, at least. Now in Japan, they do tend to give cute characters a very cutesy voice. That's just something they do. Some articles I read said that Marie and Honoka are the face of DOAX3 due to popularity. The other details, I wouldn't really know about.
  13. Late to the party. I don't really follow the news of games I'll probably get. Anyway... You don't like Marie Rose or NiCO? Interesting. I though those two stood out due to not having such an exaggerated....personality, compared to the other DoA woman. I also really like NiCO's design. It's like she just stepped out of an anime. In fact, when I first saw her render, I though she was a Vocaloid. Now if Kai would draw her, how perfect would that be? She also wears glasses and as a glasses wearer in real life, I appreciate the representation. Although I was raised not to hit a person with glasses or a girl, so if I faced her in the game, it would mean instant defeat.
  14. Okay, I've got some free time. I'll try to go into detail about the Dreamcast era and beyond. The Rise and Fall of a Dream: Having grown attached to Fleetway Sonic, jumping to mainline Sonic games with a more complex story was not unwelcome. Though it would take some adjusting, I warmed to this more fleshed out world pretty quickly. Characters from the comic's were still around, just different. The exclusive comic characters were largely hit or miss with me, but in the following years, Fleetway Sonic would end and though it was disappointing, the games managed to fill the void that they left. Sonic Adventure 2 continued the trend that the first did, but took the story into a darker setting. It was all still good fun and the often never mentioned Sonic Shuffle was a charming outing and perhaps the last time Sonic would emulate that mascot rival of his during the consoles war. For as the Dreamcast falls into eternal slumber, for the first time, Sonic will appear on the same console as that of Mario. No big deal in this day and age, but back in my youth, such a thing was considered impossible. Because Sega wanted to bring the Dreamcast Adventures over to GameCube, it would be several more years before Sonic got a new outing. One that would be significant to me as I already mentioned that Fleetway made me a fan of the Chaotix and that is Sonic Heroes which would bring them back. The team itself practically represents why I love Sonic on there own. Brightly coloured with zero realism and so diverse in appearance and personality, they also have a toonish charm to them. While it's not perfect, I still have much love for Sonic Heroes. The handheld games also giving me that same joy, something I personally overlooked in the previous era of games was the awesome music. Once Sonic Adventure came along, the music became more prominent to me and are a staple of the franchise. When you examine the game, Shadow The Hedgehog and why I dislike it, it becomes even more clear why I like Sonic. Shadow The Hedgehog managed to have many things that Sonic is known for, completely absent. Makes sense since it was a spin off, I suppose. Though it's the only Sonic game I can remember in which I actually traded it in before the console expired. With the entire English voice cast changed, ugly aliens and a darker setting, it just didn't feel like Sonic. Even when Sonic was on the screen. The music was the only thing that made it still feel like a Sonic title, but even then, most tracks were forgettable. At this time, I was very close to giving up on Sonic as a fan and follower of the series. It might surprise some that Sonic 06 managed to fix that problem slightly. Being Real, Ain't Cool: So even though Sonic 06 was trying to add more realism, it was still able to bring the typical Sonic elements into the game. Even with the realistic environments, the world was still bright and colourful with very varied types of levels. Thankfully, they didn't keep one of the major changes they did for this specific game. They shifted the realism to a more appropriate level in Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Colours was like a return to form in some aspects. The boost formula has never been an issue for me. Though I feel like it does relay heavily on reaction time and memory, rather than any skill. When I play them, I tend to bump into everything. In recent years, they have been trying to expand on the world that Sonic and his friends are inhabiting, it's just that most attempts have been poorly executed. But I love the characters, the music, the personalities. I want to see them at there best and I'm hopeful in seeing it again at some point.
  15. Sounds like an easy question for me. The answer is pretty much the same reason I'm not looking forward to the Sonic Movie. For the purposes of your research, I'll try to be as detailed as possible. Bright Colours, Characters & Varied Environments: Maybe it was because of the limited technology, but many games back in the 90s were bright and colourful. You'd need to be able to identify your character in the environment they reside in. The earliest characters I can remember from that age is Sonic and Bomberman, I think I became a Mario fan a couple of short years later. The variety of environments was quickly apparent in every game. One second you are in an open field area with waterfalls in the background and islands visible in the distance, then your suddenly in a plant, with dangerous blue chemicals and bright pink water, progress more and your in a city modelled around a casino. No zone looked like a previous zone. With the characters and the bright levels, the games felt very stylised. I've never been interested in realism and would often actively avoid it. That sense of toonish fun was always present in Dr. Eggman. Comically exaggerated moustache, simple round body and stick legs, tiny glasses, a toothy grin and a shiny bald head. Every time you beat him, he is engulfed in explosions and is clearly frazzled by the experience. But insists on coming back to try again. Right then and there, you already know that this world is not about realism. Considering the original trilogy, Eggman must've fallen out of orbit and survived, several times. And I haven't even mentioned his crazy over the top gadgets and robots. None of which ever look truly menacing. Except for maybe one... Comic's Expanded His World: Back in the day, story telling was limited due to what developers could work with. When you wanted to learn more about the characters and world, you'd have to wait until the next game, but not when the series was expanded into comic form. Back then, there were two. (Though I didn't know that at the time.) The one that I grew up with will be referred to as Fleetway Sonic The Comic. During the Saturn era, when Sonic games were few and far between, with no real plot or adventure to them, the comic helped bridge the gap. They also helped to introduce me to characters from games I was never able to originally get at the time. So because of Fleetway, I became a fan of Chaotix, Mighty and Nack/Fang. Sadly, Bean, Bark and Ray never appeared (To my knowledge anyway.) ...Have to cut this post shorter than I wanted. If I can, I'll continue from my post with the Adventure era, next time.
  16. I had to go back to Futaba after discovering that one of my (Several) favourite character designer and artists had drawn her. I've not bothered with a Signature for some time now, but decided to change it and have a compilation of characters that have appeared at some stage of my membership here as my avatar. *Edited* Found a (Possibly?) better way to showcase past characters that have appeared as my avatar while being a member here. There's 20 in total and...I'm pretty sure that's not all of them. My memory ain't always so reliable. Still, I think it worked out okay. It your bored, you could try to identify them all. The answers are in the spoiler tag below. I made sure to use official material of all the characters.
  17. Oh, I think I understand now. What your saying is that by adding a potentially deeper meaning to such a badly written game, it feels insulting and gives the game praise (Even though it's very minor.) that it doesn't deserve. Added insult that, it's a topic that deeply effects you too. Does that sound right? I'm not criticising you for thinking that way. It makes sense if I'm getting all the facts right. Just had a need to understand what you meant and thought perhaps it pointed to a larger problem. Thankfully, that wasn't the case.
  18. Interesting. So you are also very familiar with depression, it seems a large number of us are, sadly. But your uncomfortable discussing it's potential use in a poorly executed game. I've had my problems with depression for years, but it doesn't bother me to talk about the topic in any form. If anything, it makes the topic easier deal with when it's properly discussed. This risks going way off topic but I think it's okay and actually really important to talk about depression. My friends here will know that this next statement is highly hypocritical for me, but I'm going to say it anyway. You should never keep your feelings hidden, even if it feels icky to talk about it. Things seem easier to deal with when you have support which can only be earned through speaking out. If that makes sense.
  19. Well that's conflicting. On the one hand, skipping over one localization task means the game can be released sooner...on the other hand....it's not going to feel like a Persona game without the familiar voices. If you choose to play the games with the Japanese audio, it wont make a difference, but....uh...I'm a little bummed about this.
  20. Remember, Infinite has a mind of his own and enjoys bringing upon his victims emotional turmoil. While I agree that Eggman probably didn't want Tails to escape too, it's certainly plausible that Infinite would let Tails escape to spread the word of Sonic's defeat and (More importantly to him, personally.) inform the masses of Infinite's strength. A scene like that could've easily been in the game but...alas... Doesn't change the fact that his depression was handled poorly. Even if it wasn't full blown Clinical Depression and just a general sadness over the events, he still shouldn't have recovered as quickly as he did. Yeah, a Sonic has shown up and you might be able to stop Eggman now, but he's still supposed to think that his Sonic is still dead….Right, Sonic Team?
  21. Oops, not sure if I made this clear at first, best to do so now since you quoted that specific part. It's pretty easy to forget that the Tails cowering at faceless orb bots is the same scene in which Infinite and the illusions beat up Sonic. When I said "I also share the opinion that he did the wise thing in not trying to engage Infinite and the illusions in combat." I'm only talking about when they showed up, I agree that his character was hurt considerably when he was cowering at only Eggman and a couple of crappy looking robots. He's never shown Eggman fear before so why would he do it now? Even in his Adventure final boss, he was clearly scared but didn't physically show it. If that makes sense.
  22. I figure Donkey Kong fixing Omega is not meant to be taken seriously. It's a spinoff title and non-canon anyway and was meant as nothing more than a gag. Picking the least likely character in the present cast to fix such a mechanical problem. Of he did what us old folk did when TVs and computers weren't working properly back in the day and simply whacked them. It was surprising how often that worked.
  23. As somebody else with unfortunate experience with depression, I'm a little baffled that I never came to the same conclusion. Though as it's clearly stated in the video, what made me think it wasn't depression was the initial cowering he does before the war started. I also share the opinion that he did the wise thing in not trying to engage Infinite and the illusions in combat. His entire character is based around his intelligence, it would be an act of major foolishness to throw yourself into that situation, even more so when you just witnessed your best friend and idol fall victim to those same enemies. Considering Infinite's joy in emotional torture, it's very plausible that he let Tails escape just as he did with the Avatar. It would've been more poetic if the game went in that direction as Tails and the Avatar would then play an essential role in his defeat, making a major point that Infinite was set up to fail by his own arrogance. One thing that I feel is overlooked by fans and was also missed in the video was about Sonic Adventure. When Tails fights Chaos 4, Sonic is there. When he faces the Egg Walker, Sonic wasn't presumed dead. While he does stand up to Eggman in Adventure 2 after witnessing Sonic's "death" you could consider the adrenaline of the situation and the need to protect Amy that pushed Tails to fight back. I have to wonder if Tails has the confidence to take up Sonic's position of saviour in future adventures if Sonic did indeed perish in that moment. Though I should also point out that I didn't have any major problems with his reaction to Chaos. But I do feel like it could've been done in a less embarrassing way for the character. I do find it very easy to believe that he would lose the confidence he gained with Sonic if he witnessed the hedgehogs defeat and was unable to prevent it. The time skip also prevents the players from seeing the extent of how hard Tails was hit by the whole thing. All we really get is one line. Literally one word, "SONIC!?" But yeah, I watched the whole video and it makes some interesting points. More examples of how Forces messed up. On a side note, I wish the localisation didn't state that Sonic was "being tortured" while in captivity. It was such a throw away line, but has major implications on Eggman as a character. Though I suppose forcing Sonic to watch his victory could be considered a type of torture, but I'm going off topic.
  24. As a magnet for bullying back in my youth, I agree totally. Though I am a purist through and through. I'm tired of remakes/reboots and it just suggests a lack of new and original ideas in the film industry or a desperate attempt to cash in on nostalgia in these modern times. Even so, I would never, ever use that as an excuse to be abusive to those working on one. It makes me sick to my stomach that people do this sort of thing over a topic that is ultimately unimportant in the grand scale of things. At first, I thought Leslie's Tweet was a little extreme but having time to think about it, what do I know? What do any of us know? Her experiences in life are totally different to ours, she'll likely have a very good reason to think the way she does. Hell, the Ghostbusters (2016) backlash alone is reason enough for anyone to think it's being swept under the rug due to the all female cast. I think the problem is that the hate for the movie has been so loud that it drowns out the "untainted critiques" or those that looked and reviewed the 2016 movie as it's own thing, instead of comparing it to the others. But there in lies the problem. Because the powers that be wanted to cash in on the Ghostbusters name, it was always going to be compared with the others. If it was a brand new franchise with a new title and everything, it might never have suffered the fate it did. I think the big decision makers deserve the hate that this film got. They get to sit back and relax while all the hard workers get abuse for doing there job and trying to make a living and (Heaven forbid.) entertain the ungrateful masses. At least...that's what I think. Not sure what Melissa McCarthy's statement proves. They were already getting abuse and she hits back. They basically said that such levels of anger is an act of immaturity and loneliness, which doesn't sound wrong to me. I have to admit, I also have to question how a reboot effects a persons childhood. A reboot doesn't erase the original from all existence, that persons childhood will always remain the same. It might sound unfair but I don't think it's right to measure Leslie Jones with the same standards that the masses should have. As @Dreadknux said, she's a black woman. That's two minorities in one person. It's not fair and I don't like it, but that's how the world is and she would've had experiences that some of us couldn't possibly understand. Hope I didn't offend with that statement, offence was not my intention. Plus I'm frequently ill informed so I might've used the wrong words, too. You also make it sound a little too easy to shrug off being bullied when life isn't like that. If the person in question was only interested in money, then they probably could do that, I just don't think actors/actresses are like that. (But I could be wrong.)
  25. Been meaning to update this. Got several new sketches that I did while my computer was out of action that I haven't shown yet. Though I want to add a couple of touches here and there before uploading them. So how about some content from my replacement computer that has worked perfectly since it's arrival? Sonic Adventure 20th Anniversary Celebration: Sports Contest Entry: Animation Test 1: Stretch and Bounce v2: Animation Test 2: 360 Degree Subject: (Lineart)
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