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  1. I think that's happening to me too. The game made it look like everybody left when I joined. ;_;
  2. Final Day - 30: Favourite Ending Portal 2 A lot of the games I play, tend to have emotional endings and I often find them draining, both physically and mentally. For that reason, I felt like choosing a good ending that did something a little different. The video I linked, doesn't actually show the ending, I've put the actual video link down here.
  3. I guess my Mario Kart ain't arriving today. ;_;

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      It got hit with a turtle shell.

  4. Mortal Kombats story has always been...confusing in terms of moving from one game to the next. The major difference with MK9 though, is that it had an actual story mode and as much as I'd love to see Shao Kahn gone forever, (He always beat me up!) I'm not sure if it's wise to have that ending be canon. For one thing, you still get the Arcade mode endings, which some, if not all, directly contradict the story mode. (I am intrigued by the role reversal that Liu Kang and Shang Tsungs endings showed. I'd love for that to happen.) I remember looking up the canon story in detail, to try and get my head around it. It sounds like the Deadly Alliance actually killed the majority of the cast that appeared on that game, and when Deception occurred, Onaga revived all the fallen characters and used them a pawns. Which was seen in some of the endings on that game. Reptiles body was the host of Onaga, and he somehow survived that too. Granted, that's when the series wasn't at it's best. But just like your average comic book character, death is meaningless in that world. Especially for Scorpion. But I'm still curious as to what they'll do next.
  5. I'm afraid I'm the same. Maybe it's because I'm not an American citizen that I haven't heard of her. But I still want to post in this topic and pay my respects in the only way I know how.
  6. Might want to change the title of the post again, dood. I wasn't sure if the next question was up, until I checked the topic. Day 29: Fav. Overall Cast - Persona Series Rather than narrow it down to a specific game, I'm going to include the entire series of characters, even though I'm not familiar with the first two, they've become rather elusive. I do have Persona 2 on PSP, which looks very different to what I'm used to, but moving on... I guess they know they've hit gold as they seem to be milking the characters as much as possible. Not that I'm complaining though, I'm enjoying seeing them all again in new and interesting light. A key word being new - It's certainly some freakin' awesomeness to look forward to. I'd share something about Persona 5, but that seems to be shrouded in mystery. How cool! But I'm getting sidetracked. I'm supposed to be talking about the cast. Full of life, complicated, moving...real. They feel real, is probably the best way to describe them. It might be hard to imagine that a game that is heavy in fantasy and some sci-fi, would have such real feeling characters. It can be hard to find that balance. The games themselves, put you in a key position in the story and your meeting the characters for the first time, just like the character your playing, they let you learn about these people in your own way and in your own time. Choosing who you want to get close to and when. You learn many things about them, and even become to care about them. The game can trick you into assuming the wrong thing, when you are blinded by rage, due to what happened to a particular, younger character. Or, for me at least, makes you angry and bitter due to a decision you never made and how it effected those left behind. If I didn't care, it wouldn't have effected me. The choices are many and no doubt, each and every person you ask, will give you a different name for who there favourite character from the series is. For the record, my P3 fav. is Aigis and my P4 fav. is Naoto. Something else worth knowing is how the characters help keep things lighthearted and entertaining in various moments, even Persona 3 still did this, despite the story being much darker and being full of much more tragedy. You Are a Slave. Want Emancipation?
  7. This has been the slowest month ever. And it's been so long since I've truly anticipated a new game. So it give me great pleasure to present - Day 28: Most Anticipated Game Mario Kart 8 So, I felt a little disappointed with Mario Kart 7. I'm hoping Mario Kart 8 will be better this time around, and although I kept away from potential spoilers at first, I happened to come across the news that the koopalings would be playable for the first time. Suddenly, the Mario Kart series has 7 more characters in the playable roster. It's probably going to be the largest in the entire series, and that makes me happy, I like having large numbers of playable characters in games. While I'm talking about the Koopa Minions, I have to admit that I can never tell them apart of remember each of there names. But according to Mariowiki, my favourite of the seven is Lemmy. He's just so small of goofy looking. It also looks like my personal choice of character to play as, is also in the roster. Shy Guy. If he's not in the game, then I'd usually pick Boo. I have to say, I only recently noticed that they are both well known for there shyness. Just a fun fact I figured I'd share, seeing as how it is one of my dominate personality traits. Back to the game, I don't want to share too much, just in case there are others that are avoiding the news about it. But I can also say I don't usually gush over the graphics, but there is something about seeing your favourite characters in stunning environments that make you go all weak in the knees. Rainbow Road looks pretty freakin' cool! I hope to take advantage of online play and challenge the SSMB to all kinds of races. Mario Kart 7 suffered due to a glitch in a level where people could cheat to get a ridiculous lead. It better not be the case in this game. I'll meet you on the track, doods. Um...but if Lakitu is racing now, who's gonna start the races?
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    Hope you enjoy your birthday, boss! :D

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    Hope your having a freakin' awesome birthday, fellow Persona fan. :)

  10. Gosh, I have some serious runners up, like the glorious Platinum Games, HAL Laboratory, Sega and Nintendo, to name a few. But I also see no reason to change it from what I said in the last 30 Days. ... What's that? Capcom??? Hahah...but seriously folks. Day 27: Fav. Dev. Favourite Developer, dood. Nippon Ichi Software Well, for one thing, my favourite character designer and artist, as well as my favourite composer, both work for the company. I'm talking about Takehito Harada and Tenpei Sato. It's also responsible for bring to the world, a character I quote the most. Who do you think that is, dood? Okay, so those might not be worthy reasons to entice an outsider to the work of the company. So let me go into greater detail. A ham... While the majority of there games have wacky humour and bizarre characters, they're still able to tell a deep and compelling story. A good story wont give you the whole thing straight away, they gotta draw you in, make you work for it. They're also not shy in taking a well established trope or cliche and turning it upside down face. For example, I'm sure we are all familiar with a group of heroes wearing colourful costumes, jumping about and making a lot of noise. Striking various poses. Your looking at the Prism Rangers, a Disgaea running gag. Yes, there is seven, (Sometimes.) and yes, they are all male. Don't let the badass looking screenshot from the Disgaea 3 intro, mislead you. They are quite hopeless. It's usually the red guy that makes it to each game, while the others...tend to have minor roles. He just wants friends. Friends that will dress up and look silly or in one case, force a random guy to join in return for payment and insurance. While the jokes are always good fun, nothings perfect. As Disgaea 2 kinda suffered due to a tedious main character. Shoot him! Shoot him!! Shoot him quick before he says one of those godawful catchphrases!!! Don't look at the gif for too long. I'm...starting to get...dizzy... Okay, this ain't the Disgaea post. NISA, the American branch, was also responcible for bringing a much desired series to the west. (Or so I'm led to believe, I never heard of it until recently.) Dangan Ronpa. I can't say much else about it because, although I do own it. I haven't had the chance to play it yet. But don't those characters look pretty darn cool? I can't deny that my personal genre of choice is the JRPG and that fact alone is one of the major reasons I freakin' love the company. NISA are also branching out and releasing various anime on DVDs, some that have been dubbed and many that have not been dubbed. On top of my head, I can instantly name CardCaptor Sakura as one that recently joined it's pre-order list. You can buy them at there own shop, and I do. http://store.nisamerica.com/ Let's see, the company tends to favour the PlayStation consoles, which annoyed me at first, but now I know better as Sony don't feel the need to handicap there machines with a region lock, so games that NISA can't be arsed with, can still be played by me, you, or that guy behind you, from NIS directly. Nippon Ichi have no problem releasing there games in Europe, as some companies sometimes do. Which is a big plus for me. Although they don't like to give us bonus stuff though, which saddens me, so I import the NISA games that give exclusive bonus stuff, directly from them. So, I guess my time is up. Can't think of a special way to end the post, so... Buh-Bye, for now. Um...doods.
  11. Finally getting back at drawing SSMB members. My next targets are Four Cartridge, Spin Attaxx & Brad.

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  12. I'm torn between Fourth Generation because of the SNES and Mega Drive, the Fifth Generation because of the N64, PlayStation and Saturn and Sixth Generation because of the Dreamcast, GameCube and PlayStation 2. I think I know which one to pick, but it was a tough one. Day 26: Fav. Console Generation Sixth Generation I've already gone into detail as to why I like the DreamCast. But my choice is also influence by the GameCube and the PlayStation 2. It was probably the last generation were I actively got excited over the releases and would get them on launch day. That magic has long gone and shows no sign of returning in these current generations. Even though the DreamCast was my favourite, I had the GameCube and PlayStation 2 to fall back on, when the sad news of the DreamCasts demise was public knowledge. The GameCube kinda became the surrogate DreamCast as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Crazy Taxi was some of the launch titles for it. Add to that, Luigi's Mansion and two new franchises called Burnout and Super Monkey Ball and I'd say it's a pretty strong launch line up. This generation brought some new franchises that I would stick close to, for the following years. Burnout and Super Monkey Ball as I already mentioned as well as SoulCalibur that first came to the DreamCast. Then I'd enjoy SoulCalibur 2 on GameCube and finally Soul Calibur 3 (My personal favourite out of the entire franchise.) on the PlayStation 2. But something else that stood out in these years was a sequel to an amazing title with impressive graphics and a cast that became twise as big as the original game. I could only be talking about this - Suddenly Mario fans could beat up Peach for continuously being captured all the bloody time. You could recreate a Legend of Zelda final battle, with Zelda, Link and Ganondorf, you get to kick butt as the legendary and totally badass Pokemon Mewtwo, and the west gets the first proper taste of a franchise called Fire Emblem. The GameCube also brought a sequel to a sadly overlooked N64 game, as it originally came out near the end of the consoles life time. That being the awesome Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. It brought everything the original had if you were like me and had unfortunately missed the opportunity to get your hands on it. A mistake that could be rectified in the next generation, but that's not what I should be talking about it. The GameCube also let me play a "Tales of" game for the first time. This one was Tales of Symphonia. I loved it so much, I'd eventually learn about the franchise and be able to track down some more of them, that mostly called the PlayStation 2 it's home. Burnout Revenge would become my favourite in that franchise and be another game to my PlayStation 2 collection, along side some other PS2 greats like Devil May Cry 3, GTA 3, (The only game in the franchise I enjoyed.) Shadow of the Colossus, Ico and a large number of awesome JRPGs. As the years go by, more DreamCast titles would show up. Chu Chu Rocket would come to handhelds, Shenmue would show up on X-Box and Skies of Arcadia would be remade for GameCube. All in all, there was much to love and perhaps a magic that was present at this time, is no longer around. It is unfortunate though, that this generation lacked something great that the previous 2 I mentioned had. It lacked the greatness that would usually come from Rare. So out of all the good that this generation had, it was probably the first to see the slow demise of something that was once great...
  13. Phew, I just wrote a really long post. *passes out*

  14. Oh, thank goodness. I thought for a second you were talking about Kirby. I already fell off my chair once thanks to Jin. I almost did it again. The people in the library are looking at me weird. Day 25: Least Fav. Character - The following contains heavy spoilers for The Witch and the Hundred Knight, you've been warned. As well as Adell, I could've also picked DmC Dante, but I don't think I could add anything new to what's already been said. Persona 3s Makoto was a possibility, but I don't think it's the character that annoys me, more than the story that forced him to pointlessly sacrifice his life.
  15. Hmm, I'm not really sure what my favourite is. The N64 controller looked weird, but was still comfortable to play with. The Magadrive controller was okay, but perhaps a tad slippery. The SNES controller was kinda blocky, but still okay to use. The Dreamcast controller was okay, but perhaps too big. The X-Box controller was both, too big and uncomfortable. The Saturn controller was similar to the Megadrive one, while being easier to grip. The Classic controller felt strange to use, with the wire going out from the bottom, instead of the typical top. The Wiimote did take some getting used to, but it was a nice idea to have you use it in alternate ways. The GameCube controller was okay...I can't think of much else to say. The Wii U Game Pad also took some getting used to. The PlayStation controller was okay too, but I can't remember how it felt when I first used it as it hasn't change much at all over the 4 generations it's been used. The Pro controller was okay as well, but unremarkable. Day 24: Fav Controller?? I guess I'll pick the GameCube controller. I don't know why though...because everybody else had? ...I know...I'm deeply ashamed...I just can't think straight at the moment.
  16. EEP! It's a tough one. Oh, curses!! ...hmm... Day 23: Fav. Song It's kinda cruel making Sonic fans pick a favourite considering Sonic is well known for it's rockin' tunes. Plus I've played a lot of games with music composed by Tenpei Sato, and he does some freakin' awesome work, dood. To pick a single song is just too much of an impossible task so I can only narrow it down to my personal best of the bests. But were do I start? Persona 4 - Reach Out for the Truth I'm going to hafta be reserved and only narrow it down from one track from each of my top games/franchises. Burn the Dread is wildly loved from the Persona series and we all have different tastes. I also like that tune, but I dig this one better. You could argue that perhaps it doesn't really fit with what happens when it plays. Your basically breaking out the violence and it does sound very cheery. But I reckon it works, plus I do enjoy the cheerful music more than most. The Witch and the Hundred Knight - Majo Magie Macht I've always felt this has a slightly rebellious sound to it, while being upbeat and a little badass all at the same time. I can't help but associate this tune to Metallia, even though it may technically not be her actual theme song. It also wants to make me move. Considering I'm a lazy bum, that's quite an achievement. Sonic Generations - Chemical Plant Act 2 I could've mentioned so many other Sonic tunes, but I felt like picking this one because it seems to be under appreciated. Maybe because it's a remix, I dunno. But it does good in increasing the tempo for modern Sonic and fits really well as your bouncing, flying and grinding your way through the industrial plant. Watch out for the blue liquid! The Other Greats - Devil May Cry 3 - Makai Kingom - Mugen Souls - Zettai Hero Project - Super Smash Brothers Brawl - Disgaea 2 - Metal Gear Rising - Portal 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao7GG8FXWqQ I'll have to restrict my answer and leave things like this, otherwise I'd be here forever. So with all that said and done, I feel there is only one thing left to say. Dance for no reason!!
  17. SQUEEE! Lia-Chan, I didn't know you could draw! XD And they're all so freakin' amazing!! 0_0 Nice to meet a fellow fan of The Witch and the Hundred Knight.
  18. Well...Ike is okay as a character, but I would've preferred a more recently relevant character to the series. I mean, Marth is always relevant, but Ike? They could've changed his skin to his Awakening descendent, Priam. At least he's been in the new game. But, whatever...I won't be using him. My primary collection will still be Kirby and Sonic. But I'd like to see some more damn new characters!
  19. Day 22: Fav. Art Style Takehito Harada or Disgaea/Phantom Series Gotta make this quick before the power goes out again. No doubt this is to be expected as I'm heavily attracted to the art style and character designs of Takehito Harada, who is probably most known for his work in the Disgaea franchise. He inspires me so much and is capable of creating a large range of unique worlds and characters. Take a look at Laharls Castle. It's totally bizarre, yet works. The lights in the windows also give some rooms an evil face like look. He also has his own mascot character that frequently appears in various games, her name is Pleinair. You must've seen her around. His art style has often been described as "crazy and bizarre" because it features everything from cute pre-teen demons, to freaky pigs in royal clothing. And the unique way he colours them is really appealing. They kinda look like they've been painted, not that I'm an expert of traditional art styles or anything... The new HD sprites even share his art style. I don't think they'd had him draw every sprite, that would be a ridiculous task for a single person. But I can't be sure or anything. He naturally has his own website. Link Anyway, I should go before I lose connection and everything I just typed... Again with the promise?!
  20. Day 21: Most Memorable Unlockable - Rosalina - Super Mario 3D World I've always been partial to secret characters in games, but it's getting harder to remember any memorable ones as it seems they're getting rarer nowadays. B*st*rds make you buy them instead, which means your not earning them and your suddenly poorer than you were before. My most memorable would also be the most surprising, as I kept well away from any potential spoilers of the game and started playing it with no idea what to expect. I was also expecting Rosalina to disappear, kinda like Petey Piranha did years earlier. Think about it, when was the last time you remember seeing the guy? He'd been playable on many sport games and Double Dash, but did anyone really care? He's not much of a character compared to Rosalina, who actually has a back story and is able to show emotions. Petey would be better as the occasional boss and he did refill that role quite recently, in the disappointing Paper Mario: Sticker Star game. It could also have been Sonic in Smash Brawl, but having known about him months in advance, he didn't really have the same shock volume that Rosalina did. Any other secret characters I could've mention would probably be on a beat-em-up as secret characters are much more likely to be in that genre than the others, but I just couldn't think of any good ones. (apart from the already mentioned blue hedgehog.) I should say it wasn't just her sudden appearance and the fact I expected her to disappear that made her memorable. It was also because she wasn't just an alternate skin, she had her own unique traits. You could even say using her with a power-up was a hindrance as on some of the more abusive levels of the game, your needing to be pretty agile and quick on some platforms and her spin move could save you from a potentially fatal mistake. The spin gives you extra height like it did in the Galaxy games but you can't use it while having a power-up. Her speed seemed to match Peach which is understandable as there dress ain't exactly ideal platforming attire. Not sure about her jump power though, but nobody can match Luigi on that caliber. I could probably take things further as when I originally played Super Mario Galaxy 2, after making it so far, I was beginning to think she wasn't going to appear, I also wasn't expecting her to be back for Mario Kart 8 and I certainly never anticipated her to make the leap (Pun intended?) to the Smash Bros series. So all in all, she's full of surprises. Always reach for the stars.
  21. Huh y'know, I totally forgot about GLaDOS when I made my antagonist post. It wouldn't have changed who I picked though. *shrug* Day 20: Fav. Side Character - Etna - Disgaea Series + a couple of others I don't usually use my own art for this, but seeing as how it was the most recently finished piece, I figured "Why not?" If you don't happen to know, Etna is on the right. Laharl is in the center, he was one of my picks for favourite protagonist. Some of the things I said about Eggman can also be said about Etna. Shes the Overlords Vassal, but also has ambitions of her own, and has no problem using anyone or any method to get what she wants, that includes Overlord Laharl. She's also cunning, devious and mischievous, as well as being pretty and sexy. Wait, did I say that about Eggman?? I think I should have! Damn!! A-Anyway... She also seems to have a complex about her chest, or lack there of. (By know you must've noticed that the similarity between Eggman and her are over.) Which I find both adorable and a shame. She's perfect the way she is in my opinion, and although she does often display self-confidence, the second a chest of any kind is mentioned, she'll lose her cool. Not that it takes much doing, she can be very quick to anger. But it's usually the Prinnys at the brunt of that. Prinnys are human criminals, reincarnated to the Netherworld (And various other places.) to work off there original sins until they can be reborn again. So when you think about it, the Prinnys kinda have it coming, dood. Even though she has ambitions of her own, it has to be said that the times she'd had a leadership role...have not really been that successful. The secret Etna mode on the port of the original Disgaea, what happened to her in Disgaea 2 and how she failed in both Cross Edge and Trinity Universe are all evidence of a lack of leadership ability. In the end she ends up joining a team and sorta becoming a vassal once again. It certainly adds a sense of realism to her character as the road in life is not always paved with success. And she just gets on with it, rather then letting it bother her. She was also technically in charge during the Prinny games, as Laharl was a Prinny at the time. But she didn't really do much but give orders to the Prinnys briefly, then going off to do random things like playing her Slaystation 3 or watching TV. It's true that she is lazy and her main vassals, the Prinnys, are also lazy, so things are bound to kick off. She has a major sweet tooth and likes to keep a hidden stash of candy goodness, even though they have been stolen on many occasions. She's had to deal with a lot of thefts actually. Usually, it tends to be Laharl that's the sweet thieving criminal and will often suffer greatly for it. But he didn't steal her panties, that was somebody else. For all her rough extremities, she does care deep down but is unlikely to show it. Or just shows it in her own way. For example, she was being tough on Laharl when he was a Prinny to help speed alone the process so he could get his body back. Even after a major debacle like at the end of Prinny 2, she treated the squad to a trip to the hot springs. And showing deep regret at her actions at the end of the Etna mode story. All bow before Beauty Queen Etna!
  22. Every so often I like to try and think of an answer for my own, that hasn't been mentioned yet. But it's just not going to happen today. He's already been mentioned a couple of times and I'd bet my Prinny hat that he'd be the character to appear the most in todays question. So lets get on with talking about Eggman. Day 19: Fav. Antagonist Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik - The very embodiment of the do or die, never give up, determination that is Dr Eggman. Sonic might be better off giving up as he's only delaying the inevitable. Heh, but we know that's not going to happen, so lets just fasten our seat belts and enjoy the ride of our life. Let me tell you a story of a man. An Eggman. Once upon a time, at a hill...possibly green. Was a Hedgehog with an irrational urge to move constantly to the right. This baffled our hero, and so he set up traps, robots and lots of sharp pointy things to stop this mindless creature from going right. But alas...it did not work. The blue thing was somehow given the impression that our hero wanted to enslave all animals and conquer the world. But in truth, our good doctor simply wanted to encourage the large headed one to move left for a change. And the moral of the story is, don't do drugs. Okay, so maybe I'm paraphrasing. In truth it's hard to have solid facts about the franchise when in the earlier days, there was little or no communication between the west branch and the east branch of Sega. The details as to why or how are things I still cannot grasp, but basically we ended up with 2 versions of the same character. This was attempted to be fixed by Sonic Adventure and naturally this created a rip in the community of those that prefer Robotnik and those that like Eggman. Personally I'd always found the western portrayal of Robotnik to be way too creepy. I mean, I liked how he looking in AoSth, but then they changed him again and again and I was just "ew..." A triangle shaped head? Just too weird. In the games he is often portrayed at two very extremes. He's either very wacky or very badass, although in my opinion they did a good job balancing the two in Sonic: Lost World. Like in this well known scene - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBBqjUo5gsw&t=16m4s He was at his most badass in Sonic Adventure 2 and if you was to quit the dark side story during the second Tails boss fight, then start it up again, you'll hear how overjoyed he is at the idea of finally eliminating Sonic. He even says in an earlier recap segment how "Killing you will be a pleasure, fox boy." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c0NQ3xyfT0&t=9m0s The two sidekicks have been done to death, so I wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of the games doing the same thing. But they do bring some much needed time for good Eggman scenes when he's not playable. The Unleashed scenes wouldn't be as good if it was just Eggman on his own. He had some great scenes with Shadow and Rouge, so Orbot and Cubot are a valuable commodity to the cast in my opinion. Not only does Eggman have a 300 IQ to brag over, but he's also cunning and devious. He has no problem tricking people into doing his bidding and was even able to fool Sonic, although briefly. His biggest target tends to be Knuckles, but he'll use everyone and there uncle if it was to benefit his goals. And even though he's been double crossed a lot over recent years, he's always up for a good double cross of his own if the opportunity presented itself. And despite having made Eggman Land once. We are still no closer to learning what type of politics he would enforce. But it couldn't possibly be as bad as some of the current people in power in our real lives. Long live the Eggman Empire!
  23. Day 18: Fav. Protagonist Laharl & Lia Choosing a single character is beyond impossible at this point. I've narrowed it down to 4 and 2 of them have similar things in common with each other, while the other 2 have similar things in common with each other. First up is Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness protagonist, Laharl and The Witch and the Hundred Knight protagonist, Metallia. (Or Lia to certain people.) It might be debatable that Metallia is a protagonist, as you don't play as her, but rather the Hundred Knight. But seeing as how the story revolves around her, I'd say she is the protagonist equal to, if not more important than the Hundred Knight. One thing though. I own Disgaea D2, but I have yet to play it, so I don't know how Laharl acts in it. So one thing about Laharl and Metallia is that I can highly relate to them both. Laharl lost someone he loved and began to isolate himself and grow angry towards everybody. While Metallia had isolation forced upon her, becoming angry toward everyone. I have that same loneliness and anger towards the world. Metallia and Laharl have other things in common, like they were both being used for a greater purpose. But only one of them learned the truth. They're both strong leaders, can act childish, are arrogant and have unique laughter. (They both were also designed by Takehito Harada.) It's also worth knowing that I often find some of there child like traits, adorable. Laharl stealing snacks, (Usually Etna's) crippling at the mature female form and hating to share. While Metallia gets excited over candy and new books, referred to visiting Visco as "Coming over to play." and also disliking to share. Now for the other half of my favourite protagonists - Kirby & Sonic The Hedgehog Now earlier I mentioned that these characters have some things in common, and I stand by that. But what does Sonic and Kirby have in common? Well, for a start, they both express no worries. They don't dwell on the past or worry about the future, or shun the responsibilities they hold. Heh, they can both be motivated by food as Sonics love for chili dogs has become canon and I'm sure you know about the time Kirby went on an entire adventure because a mouse stole his cake. They both also have enemies that have large egos. So while Laharl and Metallia are my favourites because I can relate to them. Sonic and Kirby are my favourites because they represent what I aspire to be. To be able to live a life with no worries and take on whatever challenge life has to offer with no hesitation. I admire them so much and I gotta admit, they're both kinda cute. (But clearly Kirby is way more than Sonic.) And with that, my job is done. See you guys later, it's nap time for me!
  24. Day 17: Best Combat I'll hit you, then you hit me. Deal? Turn Based Combat - I do enjoy a fast action packed combat game and some of my personal favourites have already been mentioned, but it has to be said. I go to pieces under pressure and I'm totally terrible at beat-em-ups, even though I love 'em. Having time to plan makes me at ease, but that doesn't mean I play any better. I couldn't possibly count the full number of soldiers I've lost in playing the Fire Emblem series. *sniff* So rather than generalize, how about giving some examples of my personal favourite turn based fighting. Super Mario RPG This started the trend if I recall correctly. Before this, RPGs had you roaming around an area, then POW! Your whisked into battle and you'd never be able to predict it, or get the drop on them. But Mario? He don't play by them rules. Suddenly you can see the enemies in the wild areas and you can attack them before they see you coming. That's right, screw the Marquess of Queensberry Rules! Mario fights dirty!! The battles themselves are kept simple too. RPGs had a tendency to bombard you with menus and stats and all kinds of info and what that thing you might select will do if you did it. Each button is assigned a specific task, from attack, defend, item and run. While over the years, Mario RPGs have more or less remained the same. It doesn't risk alienating the casual RPGer, or the total newbies. Fun can be had for all. Worms Series Different to my previous turn based combat selection, this time you gotta work for the hit points. Your team of worms has a wide range of weapons and items to use at there disposal, each being utilized in a slightly different manner. No menus of selecting an attack and watching the enemy in pain on these games. You have to deliver the final blow personally and to do that the best way will require skill, luck and maybe an airstrike. But nothing beats the satisfaction of hoping for the best in a simple grenade throw, only for it to find the mark perfectly. However this also means your likely to make a mistake, and I often find them the most memorable. You injure yourself on the terrain, you lose your turn. You shoot your bazooka and if the wind is against you, it might send your attack right back at you, and you wont be able to do a thing to stop it. Disgaea Series For my final pick, how about a grid based combat system? You have an army of wacky characters at your disposal, but you can only let out a set number on the current map. Your choices will determine weather you win or lose. Rather like a game of chess, your turn doesn't end until your ready. Your free to explore many options, but once you've had a character finalize a specific action, they are now limited in what else they can do. So once a character has attacked, if they haven't moved yet, then they still can. It's a pretty simple system and it works, although once the geo stuff is included, things start to get a little complicated. While the combat works well, it's the freakin' visuals that stand out the most. It's typically way over the top, sometimes brutal, wacky, mind melting craziness that I've come to expect from the series. No doubt a simple youtube search could have you treated to the entire catalog of off the wall craziness from each of the five main games. With all that said, my work here is done. Enjoy the rest of the day, doods.
  25. Day 16: Most Tragic/Saddest Moment If I was going to be brutally honest, it would be the fact that this exists. But no, that'll be my joke entry. I've got a real one. Just give me a sec... The Witch and the Hundred Knight - Metallia's "Destiny" & Visco's suffering. I recall quite recently how in the anime/manga thread, that fiction tends to keep it's distance towards certain subject matter. In the case of what we were talking about, it was bullying. I wasn't sure what to think about it, but months later, I'd get my hands on The Witch and the Hundred Knight and the two main heroines suffer greatly at the hands of bullying. Visco mostly. It's the type of bullying we are most familiar with, the spineless two-faced jackass, friendly to your face, hate you with a passion, behind your back, type of bullying. Even though the story is pretty dark, I easily identified with both Metallia and Visco and when I completed the whole game and saw the whole story, I was saddened. Simply because there was no more story of these character to enjoy. It'd finished. I shall go into details in a spoiler tag, but first let me show you who Metallia and Visco are. Visco on the left, Metallia on the right. The little guy is you, the Hundred Knight.
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