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  1. Just some inhabitant of Lost Hex like the Zeti, they are clearly just doing their thing not much to think about. What's the big deal? I kinda like how they are like furry Pac-Man / Chain Chomp parodies similar to how the Zeti are a riff on Yeti and other magical creatures.
  2. I said I do not consider either Aaron or Kirk to be a good source for canon but I consider them a better source than Ian. Also who is Ian's contact in Sonic Team? The special thanks in the comics are to Anoulay Tsai (director of licensing @ Sega Of America), Mai Kiyotaki (licensing product manager @ SOA), Aaron Webber (you know, who you've been saying does not have the same weight as Ian), Michael Cisneros (manager of licensing @ SOA), Sandra Jo (senior manager of licensing product development @ SOA), and "everyone at Sega" So does this mean if I somehow miraculously line up a chance to ask one of the writers of Sonic X this question, would he, in your eyes, hold the same weight or more as Ian? After all, he may be in a different company (like Ian) but Sonic Team was directly involved in Sonic X (way more so than the comics) to make sure it remained comparatively truer to the game canon so the writers literally worked with Sonic Team more frequently (and probably without language barrier). And they had to make everything BZ just said (coherent world within the mythos and all - even considering the fact that this bullshit fan argument about Shadow not needing Emeralds started during Sonic X's run despite the fact that Shadow's need for an Emerald is unquestionable in Sonic X). So really it would be hypocritical to say he does not hold the same weight. I can't believe you got me arguing about whether or not a guy not even employed by Sega and makes a non-canon separate universe with clear differences from the main canon can be a good source for the main canon.
  3. Someone else who talks to everybody that matters is Shadow's own voice actor, Kirk Thornton. Hey, here is Kirk describing how Chaos Control works in a Sonic Twitter Takeover Kirk, as Shadow, says he essentially needs a Chaos Emerald (in a comically oversimplified way) Hit Kirk up the next time he is on a Twitter Takeover, he will also offer some insight into how Sonic Team views things I still consider Kirk to be on par with Aaron Webber as not being a good source, but still better than Ian Or better yet, wait for the next time Iizuka does Q&A like in that video I posted earlier.
  4. I agree with the original poster Rowl, but I feel some things about the Deadly Six should be changed. For one thing, I think their powers should be the power to control not just magnetic fields but also all electromagnetic fields - which is essentially true already as I once posted before: Other changes per character: Zavok - not much to change about Zavok, but he needs a motivation for his desire to destroy the world below, perhaps a feeling of superiority and desire to put the lowlifes in their place. His control over electromagnetic fields is among the best and he excels at concentrating infrared light to heat up air and create plasma (fire). Master Zik - again I like his mentorship role to Zavok and his founding of the Deadly Six, but he should share Zavok's motivation. His control over electromagnetic fields is also among the best and he excels at manipulating magnetic fields to essentially act like telekinesis on objects that are diamagnetic and also manipulating electric fields to create "Ball Lightning" attacks. Zazz - his crazy personality and love of reeking havoc should stay, but he should be regarded as the weakest of the Six. He is the dumbest, his control over electromagnetic fields barely gets out of magnetic fields and that is already weak, he is physically strong but is easily bested by Zomom and Zavok in strength, but the Six keep him because of his intensity in battle and his willingness to stoop to any level to win. He is very loyal to Zavok, a loyalty that started before either joined the Deadly Six, but Zavok only sees Zazz as a pawn. Zomom - downplay the fat stuff, he should be more like Yellow Zelkova from Sonic X, he is physically the strongest (even more so than Zavok), but is about as dumb as Zazz, with his electromagnetic abilities about the same as Zazz too. He is easily manipulated by his love of comforts including, but not limited to, food. In future fights, he prefers to fight Knuckles. Zeena - kill the chick stuff, she is the smartest of the group (even more so than Zavok) but is also the laziest. She secretly has Starscream like dreams of replacing Zavok as leader of the Deadly Six but never has the motivation to actually carry through with her desire. Her control over electromagnetic fields is on par with Zavok as she can drain infrared light out of the air, depriving it of thermal radiation and making it cold enough to create ice, her ability to control magnetic fields gives her some control over water which is diamagnetic but it is only useful for moving and throwing ice. She can be motivated with praise of her abilities making her feel she must prove herself. Zor - not much to change about Zor, he should continue being nihilistic but lay off the annoying sayings, he should become angry at happiness, though he should be more mysterious especially in why he wants to be a part of the Six. His control over the electromagnetic spectrum should be the best and also considered a "dark art" none of the others would dare try as he can control visible light, but no one understands how he can turn one of his shadows into a weapon.
  5. Blame the animators, blame the writers, the story boarders, whoever. Bottom line, everybody who matters says Shadow canonically needs a Chaos Emerald to perform Chaos Control - this includes Sonic Team (who make the games), Iizuka (who is the head of Sonic Team and personally created Shadow), and even in-universe Shadow himself. Taking that, we must first consider only possibilities that hold true to what those official sources have said. There exist indisputable possibilities that Shadow could have a Chaos Emerald in Forces, and that any other "inconsistency" can be explained with fake Emeralds or Chaos Drives or even simple super speed "flash step" style. Without the ability to completely disprove these possibilities, or without one of those three official sources coming out and blatantly saying Shadow no longer needs an Emerald, we must consider that the status quo remains unchanged and Shadow still requires that Emerald. And no, Ian Flynn is not a source to go to in this, he is twice removed from the sources that matter. He does not even work for Sega. Hell even Sega employee Aaron Weber is not the greatest source since he is not in Sonic Team. OK then cats it is, keep Shadow away from that Broadway show Agreed, but I don't like to let this bullshit spread.
  6. Or what Sonic Team and Iizuka himself has always said is still true and Shadow still requires a Chaos Emerald... - Shadow had a Chaos Emerald on him in Forces but animators overlooked and never showed it (all Chaos Emeralds' locations are unknown in the canon of Forces story) - or fulfilling the requirement of a Chaos Emerald can be achieved with a fake Emerald (for example, if the player performs Team Dark's Team Blast in Sonic Heroes before collecting any Emeralds, Shadow literally pulls an Emerald out of nowhere - he may still have it) or maybe even with Chaos Drives (according to Rouge's Report of 50 years ago, Prof Gerald created Chaos Drives after researching Chaos Emeralds) Iizuka and Sonic Team have continually said Shadow requires a Chaos Emerald. They have created possibilities that would fulfill that requirement. They are the gods of Sonic's universe, not us. Until one of them specifically says otherwise, we MUST assume NO change to the canon was made. Iizuka says Shadow cannot use Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald
  7. What Pengi said here is a link to the translated SA guide http://sonicjam.wikidot.com/sisghzs:dc-sonicadventure-osg-t1 Also of note, Chaos was not at first called ‘Chaos’ but was unnamed until it reached some transformation; and the Chaos Emeralds were not given their name until Chaos destroyed the Knuckles Tribe - they were named after Chaos
  8. Why do we need a view from Sonic's privates? Is that supposed to be how long his ____ is?
  9. Well... Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations are both sequels to Sonic Unleashed. Anyway, I'd drop Adventure Fields, Town Stages, whatever-they're-called and drop Werehog. However a few elements from Werehog can be introduced to Knuckles gameplay (the combo system really) - but make it faster paced: really do not have to stop to beat all enemies with emphasis on getting to the goal as fast as possible (like Sonic) and hoards of enemies are one-hit only And take the mapping of Sonic's Homing Attack to a second press of the jump button from Colors, Generations, etc and apply it to Unleashed (using Boost button to Homing Attack was a bad idea) Overall though I'd prefer if Sonic Team did a new type of game that has a momentum based gameplay more along the lines of Green Hill Paradise Act 2 (not the open world part of that though, that's ridiculously in need of resources Sonic Team would not be able to realistically do)
  10. Power can be drawn from the Chaos Emeralds without physical contact - only some poorly defined proximity is needed to draw power from them. This is proven by numerous Super transformations and how Black Doom uses all 7 Emeralds to warp the Black Comet yet never touches an Emerald. Therefore Shadow does not use Chaos Control during his game without an Emerald - because Doom did not get them far enough away. And in the end, Shadow needs an Emerald because Sonic Team, Shadow's own character, and Takashi Iizuka said so (Iizuka created Shadow IRL and is the current head of Sonic Team)
  11. Shadow was out for 6 months with a bad case of bad writing. Or, Shadow had one on him but bad story telling left it out. The Emerald locations are all unknown in the Forces story (barring non-canon DLC). Shadow is not confirmed to not have an Emerald. Which means Shadow COULD HAVE HAD an Emerald on him. Furthermore, Sonic Team CONTINUES to insist Chaos Control requires an Emerald. Therefore Shadow MUST HAVE HAD an Emerald on him to use Chaos Control (or an equivalent to an Emerald like a fake Emerald - which he must have had in Sonic Heroes since he was pulling Emeralds out of his ass when his team had yet to collect one). Also, if the real Shadow did not need an Emerald to bust out Chaos Control, neither did the fake Shadows - yet they never even used Chaos Control despite how "their powers are as formidable as the originals". A better explanation: they never had a chance to because there was almost never an Emerald close enough to them to use Chaos Control (and the one time there was, the real Shadow used to beat the fake before the fake even knew what was going on). After that, a smart tactic on Shadow's part would be to leave the Emerald at home for any other fights with his fakes - and coincidentally Chaos Control was never seen again in-game.
  12. Unless they want to permanently trap Silver in Sonic's time, it's time to retire or semi-retire (with only a few time-travel related appearances). His entire purpose in Forces was to "job" to Infinite and make Infinite look more powerful and also to knock the extra prototype Ruby out of his grasp. They could have used Knuckles to do that. At least with Knuckles it makes more sense, even with the complaint about how he should be guarding the Master Emerald - he would still be involved in a world-wide war.
  13. Just because Null Space was a complete void does not mean it could not suck things from Sonic's world into it to provide more level - think Big Hero 6 with all that debris in the portal at the end. With respect to what Diogenes said - the Phantom Ruby should not have been the sole reason that Sonic & Avatar escaped but it should have played some role with greater emphasis on teamwork. Maybe Avatar builds the willpower needed for the prototype to open an exit because of Sonic's inspiration but the exit is small and closing so it is up to Sonic & Avatar's Double Boost to escape?
  14. I doubt Infinite's bond to his Jackal Squad was anything more than "they exist to make me stronger" - seems more in-character for someone so obsessed with strength as he was depicted - his anger over the loss of his squad was probably more about how it either weakened him or made him look weak
  15. I don't dislike them, they worked well in Sonic Colors (and their only reasonable return in Sonic Generations). But Sonic Team does not let characters, whose stories have ended, leave. Like I said, their only purpose, which is in gameplay, can be moved into Sonic's existing power ups, Shoes and Shields.
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