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  1. I really hate to bump this topic, but can someone tell me the name of the person (I think she was a woman) who did these Sonic level concept sketches? I've been trying to find out who it was. http://soniczone0.com/games/sonic3/downloads/s3-cnz-concept.jpg
  2. Leave it to /v/ to make so much light out of a situation 'cool' things down a bit
  3. Okay the SEGA, let get this straight, you refuse to release DLC for Generations, one of the best received and selling games in the series, you ditch a formula that has been working well from Sonic Unleashed all the way up to Generations and continue to play genre roulette with a style that was previously seeing the best acclaim and sales the series had in a decade, yet you decide to drop a direct sequel that absolutely fucking none of us ever ask for to a game that sold horribly, had mediocre reception, and is associated with one of the most panned games of this generation that was one of the biggest blows to your brand's reputation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5kLqztDbw8 It's official, SEGA doesn't even care about profits anymore. They're actively trying to kill Sonic. They couldn't handle Sonic being appreciated by average gamers for too long
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBqM2ytqHY4 The fact this was uploaded a short time before Halloween makes it hard to tell if is was accidentally intended or pure coincidence.
  5. Don't know if this has been posted but... http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUu-Z9AJHvd7C7D0Ce4rEWPQ&v=dMByC5O5h1M&feature=player_detailpage Now before you guys jump on me for posting this video keep in mind he aknowledges Sonic Colors and Generations being great games and that his only point in the video is to not care what other reviewers think of the game and calm down. He even states near the end that Lost World looks good and he'd try it. It's gonna be fine. In the end reviewers don't mean shit because it's Sonic and it'll sell. No doubt. I don't think SEGA's gonna go back to 'bewst2wen' gameplay either seen as how they've already gotten so far with the engine and all of the good points of the engine are pointed out. We're gonna be fine. Just because a game got average reviews doesn't mean we're gonna go back to 'The Dark Ages' of Sonic, it doesn't mean Sonic is going to go back to being gaming's biggest punching bag, trolls are gonna troll no matter what. Lets all just calm down and not get worked up over what reviewers say. Hell, it might be seen as a underrated gem in the coming years. Fellow Sonic fans... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q19QGIth5w
  6. I made the awful mistake of going to 4chan's /pol/ section to see what they think about the verdict... I came back feeling physically fatigued...
  7. So a woman gets 20 years in jail for firing fucking WARNING SHOTS at a violent, abusive husband in self defense, yet some guy follows an unarmed, innocent, 17 year old kid walking down the street when he was told not to, gets into a fight, shoots him DEAD when his life wasn't in danger, and walks away free?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R5A0pg4oN8 This sickens me to no end...
  8. This whole limitation is pissing me off Why in the holy mother of FUCK would you want to limit the size of a big scale title like Super fucking Smash Bros. just to ensure connectivity with the 3DS version that doesn't even have that great of a connectivity. Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS would be great, as a lesser version, but why is it the main focus of Super Smash Bros. I know Nintendo has been accused of playing it safe with there games, but there's a different between risk, being fucking stupid, and there's fucking around with a big name title like Super fucking Smash Bros. which DOESN'T FUCKING HAVE TO HAVE ANY BIG RISK TAKEN WITH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE IT'S SIMPLY SMASH BROs. which is beyond fucking comprehension of fuckery! Sakurai, I hate to say it... but
  9. I'm just loving the kick animation for Sonic when he homing attacks. Looks so anime-ish...
  10. Love it how IGN says it's learning from Mario Galaxy when it's more like Sonic Extreme
  11. What's the most memorable glitch you've gotten
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