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  1. Still waiting on that XBL update...

    1. Burnt Ash

      Burnt Ash

      Same. *Two hours later* Microsoft: "Sorry guys, but you'll have to wait next week! *trollfaec*"

  2. I wouldn't mind having changeable costumes in games if they had an RPG element where they would boost your stats. And if you don't like how they look, you could just simply hide them and retain the stats.
  3. I got this package in the mail which was a brand new razor Gillette had sent out for my 18th birthday (which is still 25 days away...). My favorite thing about it were the quotes on a pamphlet of coupons, saying: "Now that you're a man, you need great gear," and "Manhood beckons. Are you equipped?"

  4. Let's not forget the 20-year-old MotoBug, first enemy to appear ever.
  5. I wouldn't mind Sonic in an open world game. An action-adventure game would do nicely. And it can play like Zelda, with RPG elements.
  6. All I have to say is thumbs up for the Unbreakable Bond.
  7. There's an anime that I've come to enjoy fervently, called Casshern Sins. It's actually a reboot of the 1970s anime, titled, "Neo-Human Casshern." I watched through all of the reboot last week. I strongly recommend that everyone check it out.
  8. The controls seem to feel a bit too tight.
  9. Let us rest easy now as we got to experience a smidgen of what Generations has to offer.

  10. Well, that was fun. It's weird how you can do the spindash with just a simple press of a button now...

    1. KrazyBean


      I find it awesome! At least it isn't spamable =)

    2. Sonowske


      lol Yeah, he goes really fast from the very start. :)

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