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  1. It also needed to be more whimsical. Example : Everything about Sombrero Raiden
  2. And Professor Oak + the Narrator in the Pokemon Anime
  3. Whisper went from Mouse rumor to confirmed wolf

  4. Oh man...that new trailer is definitely looking better than what appears to be early footage in the reveal trailer.

  6. I missed the first new episode, but I caught the 2nd new episode...well let me just say everyone's mind will be collectively blown.
  7. So, being that we're showing officially revealed screenshots as well, here's one for an alternate time of day for Stardust Speedway (Act 2) that we've been seeing for other zones for encore mode. via - http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicMania/#dlc
  8. First one is hilarious and that 2nd one is giving me some Sonic 3D blast vibes.
  9. Can anyone recommend me any good links/spots/etc that sell good scart cables for the sega saturn and genesis model 1 and 2? I have many things I must try via video capture.

  10. happy birthday!


    1. Jetronic


      thank you so much ^_^

      (sorry for the later reply, was a bit preoccupied)

  11. Looks like I'll be needing to grab Sin and Punishment REALLY soon. But I must ask...if the shop channel isn't closing until next year, why is it that this week is the last time to add points?
  12. So this is slipping under the radar, sort of. Game's been confirmed for an english release during yesterday's direct, no word on retail but Japanese version (and aparently Europe) are getting the physical treatment. Here's 2 videos, one split by gamexplain, and another being a 5 minute introduction video for the game's new features, enemies, and more. Also, Russ punching in the back of the game's logo I played the Japanese demo for a bit, and not sure if it applies to the main game, but you can keep trying for different animals for your mii to turn into. It's slightly random...slightly.
  13. Heads up! Anyone with a NIS america account be sure to change your passwords - 

    Breach occured between January 23rd to February 26.

  14. Is $20 a fair price for the Wii version (complete with manual/case)? I can get it by tomorrow. I actually didn't know/forgot whether or not it was rare (haven't really looked into it in awhile), and I missed out in the first run/special editions awhile back. Edit : Or just for the heck of it, I can get it here - https://store.nisamerica.com/rodea-the-sky-soldier-standard-edition-wii-u-wii And have both the Wii U and original Wii versions.
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