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  1. Today I broke Press Garden's music, then I broke metal sonic -https://twitter.com/TerminalRuby/status/921178899140063233


    1. Jetronic


      This was a good play session


  2. Eggman transforming into a walrus at the end of Unleashed was one rumor/"leak" I definitely remember.
  3. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    Switch Version (morbid curiosity on final product performance) and PC. I paid off the Switch version awhile ago and just need to buy the PC version either tomorrow or 2 weeks from now. I usually play and complete each Sonic game I get (didn't 100% boom) and usually drop my thoughts later and this will be no different.
  4. sonic: beyond the speed

    You should probably link the trailer too
  5. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    Don't forget about the Japanese trailer too! Few extra tidbits here and there.
  6. Just push A, you don't need to move while wall jumping. Despite the wall jumping being how it was in fusion, I find it to be a lots faster here than it was there and makes platforming through vertical shafts really quick. In other news Finished the game in under 7 hours with 64%. Went back and got all the other items to unlock the chozo memory gallery. Scanned the 2 smash amiibo after for the other gallery and sound test. Just waiting on a shipment for my 2 Samus returns amiibo. I want the squishy. I countered a good amount of them, but I usually Ice beam + missile combo them so I could just keep running. I find the counter to be just fine, it's nearly half a second to go from whacking them to shooting them, even faster since Samus' first shoot from a counter is a charged shot. You can also just hold R and use the missile after a counter as well.
  7. Dillon's Rolling Western : The Dead Heat Breakers

    I do like the first one, but the whole overworld runs at 20fps while the battles run at 30fps. Everything in the sequel (aka the last ranger) feels much smoother. EVERYTHING is a smooth 30fps and you get partner characters for several select chapters. You control Dillon with the Circle pad and attack/roll with the touch screen. The last ranger included/includes an option for both left and right handed players.
  8. Because this is a trend, this and another game were not in the Europe or US Direct Logo Trailer I AM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS...and the end of the trailer says "Box/download version". Russ finally has a mouth that isn't catching flies anymore. Edit: Topic/Nintendo site article with artwork and more info https://topics.nintendo.co.jp/c/article/6b3e1225-9361-11e7-8cda-063b7ac45a6d.html
  9. Power Up introduction video New details on the gravity suit = wonderful
  10. The end of Miiverse (November 8th, 2017)

    I personally feel like this is the WRONG thing to do.
  11. Tee Lopes is streaming some music making fun times - 



  12. I will find the best and dumbest hair style to use on whatever absolutely hilariously stupid creation I can make. I await more news.
  13. My best friend just calls all of them "aliens" for the hell of it.
  14. I actually asked during a stream on Tails channel (he had Brad, Stealth, and a few others), and the answer I got was something along the lines of "Just focus on the time of day, use your imagination". Indigo was there during the stream, he could probably clarify on what was said a bit further. Honestly, if I really had to use my imagination, they're chasing the good doctor wherever he is along with that ruby. Going from Hydro City to Mirage Saloon makes some sense, if only because the Tornado was left on Angel Island during the intro. CleverSonicUsername's theory on how transitions might have been sounds really good too.