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  1. Examinations certainly are a bother...welp, eleven down, with but four to go.

  2. Sorry for the belatedness of my comment, but concerning Sonic 225...
  3. It's between Adventure and Unleashed, for me. Going all SPINDASH SPINDASH SPINDASH in Adventure was great fun, as was BOOST BOOST BOOST QUICK TIME EVENT JUMP SIDESTEP in Unleashed. Yeah, there was less platforming, but Unleashed's stages were still thrilling. I kinda find it hard to compare Unleashed and Adventure. I find the styles used too different to compare properly. Adventure 2's stages were good too, but I found them a bit too short and a little...generic. Blah. Something like that.
  4. I'm quite fond of Eggman's blue. They seem to contrast every single aspect of his character, which I like. Brings out the human side of him.
  5. I'm likin' your sig. 'Invasion' is an awesome tune~

  6. I have a preference for Eggman, but I refer to Robotniks as Robotniks and Eggmans as Eggmans. I have to admit I rage a little when I see people harshly criticising the name 'Eggman' because it suddenly means he can't be taken seriously. Robotnik is totally sinister, right? Robot+nik. Do you know what that makes me think of? The name Nick, which in turn leads me to think of Phoenix Wright, causing my mind to settle onto Detective Gumshoe who isn't intimidating at all. So there, case and point, 'Robotnik' is no more goofy and unintimidating than 'Eggman'. See? I can argue that one name is lesser based on a completely arbitrary set of rules, too. ¬¬ ...Not saying anyone here does that. It just burns my poffins grinds my gears in general.
  7. Hm. I didn't think speed would sound quite so mediocre.
  8. Most popular? Well, that would be Eggman, of course. I mean, I don't keep up with the details of these comics and vidya games(I scarcely remember who the player character was, hohoho!), but there's no-one off the top of my head who could compete with Eggman's unprecedented popularity. Right after the good old 'botnik would come some combination of them fuzzy creatures that sometimes show up, yappin' their little voices, I don't know what order. They're all pretty samey to me.
  9. I loved Project Chaos, personally. I also don't get all the complaints of some of the songs sounding nothing like the original. Event the Death Egg remix is full of elements from the actual song, if you listen to it properly. Same goes for Icecap and Lava Reef(the piano mixes, anyway), the latter of which I thought to be really obvious anyway. I feel some people may be confusing the word 'remix' with 'remake', even if a few in the album do deviate a little much.
  10. Even as an avid supporter of evil, I can't help but say that Robotnik was too lazy for my tastes, as well. It just...got to me in certain episodes, where he's standing beside the control panel, barking at Snively to push buttons for him. At least we know how this Robotnik got fat.
  11. I dunno, I saw some pretty personal attacks dotted around The-Master-Board's long post(or maybe that was just me). Man, why do all internet arguments always degrade into that sort of thing? ¬¬
  12. Hm. There's no telling what fandom I'll mainly be stalking at that point. I might've even left in a massive sulk due to all the HD console-exclusive games.
  13. Ah, good to know, good to know. I'm never sure what to think of the crazy-ass shit I type up when I really should be sleeping. On that note, I've just come up with some more...¬¬
  14. Oh, I don't do linking stuff, but as a comprimise I do have my rambling thoughts based on the train-set ready to share(Warning: they, too, derail half-way through). I'll size this down so as not to take up too much valuable room with my madness. "On the subject of N’s unnerving playroom, notice how the tracks 'appear to have been played with recently'. N becoming more clear on his father's status as a delusional maniac and setting his mind on the pursuit of truth, regardless of whether this derails Ghetsis' meticulously set up plans or not. The train continuing back and forth the sealed off part of the track symbolises Ghetsis' determination and desperate desire to see his plan to completion. Even though he realises it's a dead end, he keeps on fruitlessly attempting to overcome the impassable obstacles set by his son. Actually, coming back to N's name, it seems his variable nature and potential to change was the true downfall to Ghetsis' plan(if one attributes Ghetsis’ frequent verbal slip-ups to the writer’s clear desire to shove his evil nature in your face). Had N’s heart truly been set on the separation of Pokemon and people from start to finish(essentially, had he been the perfect pawn Ghetsis had attempted to fashion for himself), Ghetsis could have easily succeeded. The masses likely would have been willingly ruled over and oppressed by Ghetsis, completely brainwashed by his pretty words and mannerisms." Back on topic, I also noticed how Metal Robotnik bore no resemblance to his creator. I dismissed it as Robotnik getting lazy with his designs. Or perhaps viewing himself as some imposing figure, complete with typical evil wings and spikes. Either way, I liked Metal Robotnik too. He should like, have a cameo appearance in some game. Yeah.
  15. It is all a show of my thread-derailment skills, mwah. Plus, I fucking love Pokemon. Been a playar since the days of Red. Anyway, from what little I can recall, I did like Cyrus. Plus, Giovanni the fashion nightmare gets nostalgia points from me(Pokemon show? Pokemon show), as well as being so damn cool in his own right. I simply prefer Ghetsis for all the reasons mentioned and more(such as being so blatantly evil, but being so well-spoken that no-one notices/cares). I've also just written a mini little essay about some of the symbolism in N's playroom in Team Plasma's castle, but I won't post that here. Too much derailment already, I am so sorry. *leaves* ...*peeks back in* Dohoho, oh you, Eggy. *leaves for real*
  16. Oh, it is indeed why I'm a total Ghetsis faggot. He's just so goddamn evil and deluded, and egotistical, and unf I love him. I'd like Cyrus more if I could remember anything from Gen IV(lol totally forgettable plot), and N lost me quite soon due to his LET'S BE FRIIIEEEENDSSS outlook on life. I liked his interest in maths, however. But GHETSIS, man. Dude. I happen to be learning to appreciate symbolism more, and Ghetsis has enough of that in his design to totally win me over. The eye patterns on his robes, the robes in general, the bejewelled battlements...hell, I even like his overtly evil features. You know, the three hair-horns growing out of his scalp, the red eye and the perpetual smug grin. And you KNOW that grin is perpetual. You can HEAR the grin in his speeches, purely from the way he speaks. Giovanni's awesome too. Gotta love the Pokemafia don. .../blatant fangirlism. As for the rest of your post, YES. 'I am totally doing what is right. It's just that achieving this utopia-like world of general right-ness involves killing a lot of people. Dearly hope that doesn't put you off, however.' I just love these villains. There aren't words strong enough to convey my feelings for them. <3
  17. This. I love it when villains earnestly believe what they are doing is perfectly acceptable(normally due to them being blinded by their egoism/superiority complexes/wahetever), and cannot comprehend why anyone would stand against them. That's why I tend to prefer Archie Eggman type villains over the card-carrying types.
  18. Well, well, well. I return to this site after a long stroll down Pokemon lane only to find an Eggmen thread, my favourite type of thread. And I thought this day couldn't get any better~ Whelp, I might as well start off by saying I prefer Eggman. It'll save you a lot of time if you don't care about my reasoning but are simply dying to know my verdict. Anyhow, I prefer Eggman because he generally has more reason to be evil than the Robotniks, what with his implied family problems and egotistical delusions of grandeur. I find SatAM Robotnik to be very intimidating and dark, but blander than a bread sandwich personality-wise, and really lazy to boot. I still love him and everything he stands for, and appreciate how much more interesting he is to draw than Eggman, but at the end of the day I prefer Archie Eggman over all Eggbotniks due to his great mix of unspeakable evil and childish giddyness. Bouncing around, merrily ordering the deaths of whoever stands in his way, committing genocide partially for the amusement, partially for the power his war-crimes generated for his city. He's simply my kind of villain, and my favourite overall(barring Ghetsis of Pokemon B/W, who I love just that little bit more due to personal preferences). SEGA Eggman is right behind him, followed by SatAM Robotnik. SEGA Eggman is a little too reformable for my tastes(but a brilliant Eggman nonetheless) and SatAM Robotnik, while dark, domineering and sinister, is too lazy and flat for me to love completely. Oh, and sorry. I can't seem to talk about Eggman without splitting him into the SEGA and Archie versions...^^'
  19. Bee Eggman? Whelp, now I know where they got the design and colour scheme of Eggman Nega's outfit from.
  20. I'll ask this once and only once: WHY NO EGGMAN?!?!
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