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  1. And then it turns out to be a very awesome show except for Knuckles since he only wants to lift weights all the time and ends all his sentences with the word "bro."
  2. Edward_Elric

    PS Vita

    I hereby commanded anybody and everybody with a Vita.... actually just everybody, to go and buy Atelier Meruru Plus from the PlayStation store. It is a true example of how a port should be handled (sans the poor as hell advertising), seeing as it actually surpasses the original PS3 version in every conceivable way. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!
  3. @Yong: But what if the gameplay is really awesome? Would that help to dispel your ire remarks?
  4. So who else has this beast on pre-order. You just talking about the 360 version right? Because the PS3 version runs decently enough compared to the 360 version with its way muddier graphics and ps1 level lighting effects, not to mention all the bullshit people are able to pull off in the 360 version.
  5. Not really. In Graces you were limited to whatever you could do in your A Artes Tree in a linear form and none of the B Artes really meshed together nicely unless you leveled titles that upgraded your artes so that some of them could automatically chain into each other by holding down the button. Granted the CC system was a nice change of pace along with the style change (Asbel's iron stance and self healing came in handy), it doesn't really match up to Xillia's Partner Link system and dual artes in my opinion. Though I still think Abyss' F.O.F Change is still the most Rad system.
  6. Hmm, I am enjoying SMT IV quite a bit, but when it comes down to being a "true" Numbered game, I honestly feel like it takes a serious step backward with demon conversation, and a little with battle itself. The way they're trying to "streamline" it for more casual players is kind of a turn off to me, but it still incorporates the same'ol SMT level of hard that makes me wanna quit playing for a few days (but never do). Though, the skill learning is unique, why couldn't it have been something more along the lines of DDS?
  7. When I got there, I just sighed and tried me best. Ended up killing all of them....
  8. So, did anyone else reach the maximum amount of bullets they can carry for a specific gun yet? I know I did, it caps out at 20 rounds for the 9mm. I'm not sure about the revolver or the bigger guns, but I'm pretty sure its about the same. I had like 19 revolver rounds at one point.
  9. Edward_Elric

    PS Vita

    Seems to work just fine with BF3 Vita:
  10. Not yet, but if I was to ever buy a game just for the sound track alone it probably would have been Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of the Ground of Dusk: This song is pretty epic in that it plays during a boss fight right when your about to win. It sent shivers down my spine multiple times when I felt like I would lose and then this comes and its like "We can DO THIS!" Okage: Shadow King would also be a pretty darn great example too:
  11. We could try to take down Cerberus, but for reference my soul Lvs are only 5 and 9 respectively. I actually just tried to take him down earlier with a random group of people but we were no match together, but I do take pride in knowing that I was the last survivor.
  12. Played the demo, had some fun with it. Played the demo some more, unlocked co-op, had some more fun with it. Played co-op, had even more fun by sacrificing my comrades. Sacrificed all my comrades once, they raged quit, it was pretty funny, they should learn to dodge. There's some sort of twisted sense of satisfaction when you sacrifice your battle comrade for a little bit more power, but their sacrifice isn't in total vanity since they unleash a powerful magic attack upon expiring.
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