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  1. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Comic-book Legend Stan Lee Dies at 95

    Legends never die. Rip Stan.
  2. "Ah Yeah! This is happening!"
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  4. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Favorite underwater zones?

    Hydrocity Zone and Aquatic Ruin Zone from the 2D games. Aquarium Park from the 3D games.
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  7. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?

    I'm more egearly awaiting the announcement of the next 2D Sonic game instead. I mean I want another 3D game and it would be pretty neat if it ended up being good. I feel if a new one was announced soon then that would mean it's release wouldn't be to far into the future. Which means the game would be rushed. Which means it would be bad again. I would say they need to take their time with it but Forces took like 4 years and turned out to be garbage. I don't know anymore.
  8. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    So im way behind on this anime. I've been getting caught up and I'm almost done with season 8. Just wondering why it looks like Ash has a mustache in the current art style?
  9. Shaun Shikeishuu

    OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    I need to get caught up on this online sometime. I enjoyed the earlier episodes but I never see it on anymore.
  10. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Sky Chasing Zones: Air Levels in Sonic Games

    1. Flying Battery Zone from Sonic and Knuckles and the remixes version from Sonic Mania would be my all time favorite. I like the design and the gimmick. I especially love the storm sections in the Mania version. The music track is also one of my favorite tracks from the 2D games. I also really enjoyed all versions of Sky Sanctuary Zone. 2. Least favorite? Maybe the ones from Shadow the Hedgehog. I can't really recall being a big fan of anything from that game. 3. As mentioned on the first question, Flying Battery. Sky Deck and Sky Sanctuary as well. 4. I mentioned I enjoyed the storm sections during the Mania version of Flying Battery. So maybe something like that, have the rain and high wins. 5. Not sure, maybe snow and ice? I mentioned I like storms a few times so perhaps an airship level that's flying through a blizzard. 6. N/A S1. Knuckles who is also my overall favorite character. S2. Oh yeah. Also I noticed Rail Canyon from Sonic Heroes missing from the list. Wouldn't that count?
  11. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Memorable Sonic Childhood Memories

    I must be getting old as I can't completely remember how it all happen. I originally had a NES as my first system and was a big fan of the Mario games. Then for some reason in 1991 I wanted a Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog. Can't remember how I found out about it back then at the age of 6. Must of been from TV commercials. But anyway I got the Genesis and Sonic 1 by the end of that year and was instantly hooked. I also remember when Sonic 2 came out my dad just randomly bought it for me. It's the only time I can recall having been given a video game when it wasn't my birthday or Christmas. I can recall one childhood friend who also had a Genesis and can remember playing games with him and I remember watching AoStH as a kid.
  12. Shaun Shikeishuu

    How has Sonic Forces affected your opinion of Sonic Team?

    My opinion hasn't really changed. Sometime they put out good games and then they put out games that disappoint. Guess I'll just keep hoping the next ones a winner.
  13. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Defending The Treasure Hunting...

    I had no problem with the game-play personally though I preferred the radar from Sonic Adventure. I actually replayed Sonic Adventure 2 over the summer and Meteor Herd was getting kind of annoying. I actually had to restart the level a few times. Once because I was having no luck and twice I knew kind of where it was but I couldn't figure out how to get it and it was a hard to reach spot. Didn't play through the Dark Side though so maybe I should give the Rouge levels a try again sometime soon.
  14. Shaun Shikeishuu

    The Archie Sonic STH #252 Purge: 5 Years Later

    It sucks but what's done is done.
  15. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    Just picked up the game today (for free!) and I'm enjoying it so far. Got up to Flying Battery on Encore. Prefer Mighty currently and haven't mastered Rays ability yet. Also glad my data from the previous version automatically carried over.

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