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  1. Anyone else remember in the early days of the internet that sonicteam.com wasn't owned by Sega but a fan? I remember it just had random Sonic art posted on it before Sega bought it.
  2. No but I bought a comic off of him years ago. In the early 2000s I got into the Archie comics and I started buying older comics. Some through the comic itself and some on eBay. So I bought the Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles Super Special off of eBay and the return address on the package was Ken Penders. I thought it was weird that he was selling the comics on eBay.
  3. I remember this one from my early days on the internet. I use to love checking out the Sonic hoaxes. Never joined the forums but the place inspired me to do some hoaxes of my own years ago.
  4. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Sonic Adventure 2D: could it work?

    I'd prefer modern Sonic to stay 3D. And actually become completely 3D by removing the 2D sections which as already mentioned make up like half the level in the modern games. I love the classics though so I'd love to see a Sonic Mania 2 with all original levels in the old 2D style. That's what I would actually like to see released next. Then follow that with a fully 3D modern game that by some sort of miracle is amazingly done. Edit: My bad, I didn't realize this was an old thread. I guess I clicked into this subform by mistake instead of the Green Hill forum and just went into the first topic. Again, my bad.
  5. I remember posting on those forums for a bit in the mid 2000s. Didn't remember the temp boards so I must have been there before or after that. Thought I joined in like 2005 but I could be wrong.
  6. Shadow of a Hedgehog (SoaH) is still around after opening on Dec 31st 1999. Original owner sold it in 2014 though and while it's still going the community has died. That place was crazy active during the early to mid 2000s.
  7. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    I wan't to see all new levels and no more re-imagined ones. Level themes we've never seen before and ones we rarely see would be great as well. Maybe more playable characters. I kind of want to see Espio playable in a 2D game again.
  8. Shaun Shikeishuu

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    No problem, hope you find it.
  9. Shaun Shikeishuu

    What’s your favorite 2018 E3 game?

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Only current system I own is a Switch so I can't really be exited about anything else.
  10. Shaun Shikeishuu

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I checked that store today and sorry they didn't have the one you were looking. They just had the RI-B variant of issue 4 for 20 bucks and an issue 3 variant for 20.
  11. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Well this is a must own for me, especially since I didn't own the last one. Cool to see Knuckles is an assist trophy.
  12. May pick this up, I haven't owned a Mario Party game since I think 5 on the Game Cube.
  13. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Why do Sonic characters always have the same body type?

    Well I mean Bark the Polar Bear didn't have the normal Sonic body type. He was bigger and bear like. But as others mentioned they all have the same body type in Forces so they didn't have to do a bunch of different animations for each type, having clothing for each type, ect.
  14. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Which Sonic Game deserves a sequel the most?

    I'd be down with another Sonic fighting game but I think I'd rather see Sonic Battle 2. Partially because I loved the art style of that game.
  15. Shaun Shikeishuu

    Thank You, Sonic Boom!

    I loved Knuckles in the Boom cartoon too, his scenes were always my favorite. And I'm a guy who hates the way he's been portrayed in the main games over the last decade or so. I never played any of the Boom games but I watched and liked this cartoon. Shame it had to come to an end.

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