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  1. I thought this place was permanently closed?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      This is TSS and SSMB. Nothing to do with TSSZ.

    2. Shaun Shikeishuu

      Shaun Shikeishuu

      My bad. I saw posts on Facebook and thought it was this place.

    3. Ferno


      I always did think that TSSZ was too similar an acronym to TSS but I never said it out loud before now

  2. I'd like to see the scrapped level themes make it in or at least have Sand Hill become a full stage. Maybe give characters more overall action stage, I mean Amy only had 3.
  3. I remember as a kid I was playing though Sonic 3's Launch Base Zone and some how got pushed under the stage and got stuck in a wall. I struggled for awhile to try and free myself but it was no use. I eventually gave up and waited for the timer to run out to kill me and free me from that prison. I remember Shadow the Hedgehog having lots of glitches back when I played but one still stands out to me today. I don't recall which level it happened in but it was at the very end of that stage. I come running though a door and see the goal ring in front of me but before I could get to it Shadow just falls though the floor to his death. I also recall glitches in Sonic Heroes where the characters would fall through the rails to their deaths.
  4. 1. Sonic 3 & Knuckles They're already great games on their own and then they combine together to create one long and epic game. Great diversity with the different types of zones, three playable characters plus Knuckles has some exclusive routes. Has my favorite soundtrack out of the classic games and Knuckles. 2. Sonic Mania Though I would have preferred more new stages instead of old stages there's plenty changed about the old ones to make them interesting. Plus they made plenty of good choices when it came to the old stages and some of my favorites like Chemical Plant, Hydrocity, and Oil Ocean made it in. And though we only got four new stages I enjoyed all of them, especially Studioplis. It was also great to see Mighty and Ray make a return after like 50 years. 3. Sonic 2 Great sequel to the orginal Sonic title that had way more zones, better graphics, introduced the spin dash, added a second playable character and even a multiplayer mode. I also enjoyed the the soundtrack better then Sonic 1. 4. Sonic 1 My first Sonic game that turned me into a fan of the series at the age of 6. Game was obviously good enough to turn me into a fan and made me want more games but its lower on my list as the sequels were all better in my opinion. 5. Sonic CD Well all of them but Sonic CD. And I still like the game, it had some great zones I really enjoyed like Stardust Speedway, and Quartz Quadrant. The soundtrack was amazing as well but I hate the level design in this game. Especially when it has the gimmick of time traveling by gaining and maintaining speed in levels that make it a pain in the ass to do. Also the boss fights in Sonic CD were pretty forgettable. Game Gear games I'd say Triple Trouble is my favorite followed by Sonic Chaos and Sonic 1. Sonic 2 and Sonic Blast would be my least favorite of the Game Gears. Not going to go into further details as it's been years since I played the the Game Gear games.
  5. I notmally wouldn't be interested in something like this due to already owning the majority of the games included. I may get it as a collectable item though as the Genesis was my main system growing up.
  6. The games I still go back to play are the Genesis games (mainly S3&K) and the Adventures (normally Dreamcast but sometimes GameCube). More recent games would be Generations and Mania Plus. Though there are other games I like but haven't been back to in years like the Advance/Rush games and Sonic Colors. I actually went back and played Heroes not to long ago and did not have a good time with it. I had forgotten how slippery the controls were in that game.
  7. Only game I have on that list is Super Bomberman R which I honestly hardly ever played. Could be good if you're looking for a multiplayer game but there isn't much for single player. Mario Tennis and Mario Rabbids would probably also be best if you looking for multiplayer games. If you're looking for single player then go for Rayman Legends.
  8. I don't think I'd buy any compilations or rereleases since I pretty much own everything already. Remakes or remasters l would depending on the game.
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  13. Looks awesome. Glad to see plenty of games coming to the Switch soon that I want.
  14. Slopes, desert, ice and forest levels? They added in all the things I hoped for! Plus more characters! I never owned a Wii U so I got stuck playing the 3DS version of the original. Can't wait till June for this!
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