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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from Jack-al in What game are you currently playing?   
    Only game I have on that list is Super Bomberman R which I honestly hardly ever played. Could be good if you're looking for a multiplayer game but there isn't much for single player. Mario Tennis and Mario Rabbids would probably also be best if you looking for multiplayer games. If you're looking for single player then go for Rayman Legends.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from tailsBOOM! in There is a giant Sonic statue lurking in the woods in Japan. "Location published on Page 4"   
    That's really cool. Hopefully this statue can somehow be restored and maintained. It be a shame to see it be destroyed by the elements. 
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to PublicEnemy1 in Super Mario Maker 2 - Electric Slopealoo (June 2019)   
    They also have space levels as well(near the end where Mario's in the fire Clown Car facing a giant Bowser). That's pretty neat.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from Supah Berry in Super Mario Maker 2 - Electric Slopealoo (June 2019)   
    Slopes, desert, ice and forest levels? They added in all the things I hoped for! Plus more characters! I never owned a Wii U so I got stuck playing the 3DS version of the original. Can't wait till June for this!
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from Celestia in Super Mario Maker 2 - Electric Slopealoo (June 2019)   
    Slopes, desert, ice and forest levels? They added in all the things I hoped for! Plus more characters! I never owned a Wii U so I got stuck playing the 3DS version of the original. Can't wait till June for this!
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Snowragnarok in There is a giant Sonic statue lurking in the woods in Japan. "Location published on Page 4"   
    And that the ones in Australia can also be saved, along with this one.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from tailsBOOM! in Comic-book Legend Stan Lee Dies at 95   
    Legends never die. 
    Rip Stan.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?   
    I'll never understand why whenever the conversation turns to wanting more out of the Sonic stories, the subject immediately jumps to assuming it needs to be "deep". What does that word even mean nowadays? It gets thrown around so much, seeing it pop up so much is really irritating.
    I want a narrative that has a lot going on in it. I like seeing the characters interact with one another. I like seeing different things happen. I like seeing different objectives come their way and different reactions to said objectives mix things up. The premise of what's going on doesn't need to be "deep" in order for them to achieve that. I use this example all the time but what was going on at Prison Island wasn't "deep". It was a fairly simple thing. The bad guys wanted to steal some chaos emeralds and blow up the island. The heroes wanted to break out Sonic.
    But because of the different objectives in mind as well as the individual personalities of each character, the two sides clashing led to everything going crazy and haywire. Eggman's plan was almost immediately thrown off when he met Amy and then got delayed by Tails. All Rouge had to do was steal some emeralds. She asked for a shorter time and got it but then the Flying Dog showed up because the outside threat of the island was there acting as a third party. Shadow had to stop what he was doing to go save her but then ran into Sonic who was just set free by Amy. Sonic and Shadow fight. The timer is ticking down. Eggman warns Shadow that the bomb is about to go off. Sonic is there so he hears it. They both rush off to gather their collective parties together and barely escape.
    That shit is exciting and fulfilling. There were THINGS happening. The twists and turns that happened there, happened literally just because they had a bunch of chess pieces and decided to utilize them. Both sides had a plan but weren't aware of the prescese of the other party. They took their pieces and moved them all over the board, asking what would happen if this character was stopped by this character. How does this character find this important detail out? Well, what if they fought with this character.
    That's all I want. When I read the comics and watch something like Sonic X, that's what I get. I'm not opposed to them going full One Piece and throwing some sort of really well-written and beautiful deep message among all the adventure, humor, and action but I'm well aware the writing talent to pull THAT off isn't over at Sonic Team.
    "Simple" plots are fine but "Simple" storytelling is boring. The plot of Forces was simple. Eggman took over the world and you have to get the world back. However, the storytelling of Forces was also simple and it shouldn't have been. Way more should have been going on in that game. Forces suffered because they didn't do much with it's plot (among a ton of other things). You can write something interesting around a game with a simple structure too. They just don't. 
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?   
    I'm more egearly awaiting the announcement of the next 2D Sonic game instead. 
    I mean I want another 3D game and it would be pretty neat if it ended up being good. I feel if a new one was announced soon then that would mean it's release wouldn't be to far into the future. Which means the game would be rushed. Which means it would be bad again.
    I would say they need to take their time with it but Forces took like 4 years and turned out to be garbage. I don't know anymore.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from Sonictrainer in Sky Chasing Zones: Air Levels in Sonic Games   
    1. Flying Battery Zone from Sonic and Knuckles and the remixes version from Sonic Mania would be my all time favorite. I like the design and the gimmick. I especially love the storm sections in the Mania version. The music track is also one of my favorite tracks from the 2D games. I also really enjoyed all versions of Sky Sanctuary Zone. 
    2. Least favorite? Maybe the ones from Shadow the Hedgehog. I can't really recall being a big fan of anything from that game.
    3. As mentioned on the first question, Flying Battery. Sky Deck and Sky Sanctuary as well.
    4. I mentioned I enjoyed the storm sections during the Mania version of Flying Battery. So maybe something like that, have the rain and high wins.
    5. Not sure, maybe snow and ice? I mentioned I like storms a few times so perhaps an airship level that's flying through a blizzard.
    6. N/A
    S1. Knuckles who is also my overall favorite character.
    S2. Oh yeah.
    Also I noticed Rail Canyon from Sonic Heroes missing from the list. Wouldn't that count?
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from Myst in Memorable Sonic Childhood Memories   
    I must be getting old as I can't completely remember how it all happen. I originally had a NES as my first system and was a big fan of the Mario games. Then for some reason in 1991 I wanted a Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog. Can't remember how I found out about it back then at the age of 6. Must of been from TV commercials. But anyway I got the Genesis and Sonic 1 by the end of that year and was instantly hooked.
    I also remember when Sonic 2 came out my dad just randomly bought it for me. It's the only time I can recall having been given a video game when it wasn't my birthday or Christmas. 
    I can recall one childhood friend who also had a Genesis and can remember playing games with him and I remember watching AoStH as a kid. 
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from Legendary Emerald in Should Sega create a 2d minor serise like Sonic advance ?   
    I'd rather they stick to a classic style for 2D and keep giving us games like Mania featuring classic characters. 
    Advance games were fine but prefer classic 2D over modern 2D.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from Popponic in Zone Idea Station - Share your Sonic Level Ideas Here!   
    Sunset Boardwalk Zone
    Basically you'll be running along a beach/boardwalk area during sunset. There wouldn't really be any water sections though as the various paths will either be on the beach or the boardwalk. The two acts would also feature two different sub tropes. Act 1 would be casino elements and Act 2 would feature amusement park elements. Badniks would include Crabmeat, seagul badniks, crab badniks with bumpers for shells in the casino and amusement park areas.
    Boss: Eggcoaster 
    Eggman would be riding on a rollercoaster just out of reach of Sonic who chases after him. He will have two attacks, tossing bombs at Sonic and having the coaster launch missiles at him. You can attack him by quickly jumping from missile to missile to reach enough height to hit him. 
    Egg Graveyard Zone
    A vast wasteland off Eggmans past creations littered along the land. Basically a dumping ground for everything Sonic destroyed in the past. The zone would feature an ominous fog as Sonic travels through the mechanical debris and he face off against old badniks that are malfunctioning and falling apart. 
    The boss would be a combination of various elements from pass classic bosses thrown together.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from BlueSky in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    No but I bought a comic off of him years ago. In the early 2000s I got into the Archie comics and I started buying older comics. Some through the comic itself and some on eBay. So I bought the Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles Super Special off of eBay and the return address on the package was Ken Penders. I thought it was weird that he was selling the comics on eBay.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Nestor in Sonic Headcanons   
    My headcanon regarding Professor Gerald Robotnik was that he was a kind and genuinely benevolent man wanting to do his utmost to benefit humanity with his research.... who also happened to have an almost catastrophic level of cheerfully absent-minded carelessness and lack of caution or basic health and safety.
    If you actually look at his record of what went on in the ARK, it’s slightly disconcerting how many of his experiments to benefit humanity went horribly awry in some way, and I can’t help but imagine him being this well meaning crazy scientist enthusiastically sticking his fingers into the electrical socket of knowledge for science.
    I can totally see him having the same approach to safety as Stanford “I'll keep this artifact that could wreck the universe on me in this cheap plastic case" Pines of Gravity Falls fame - I'm pretty sure that's why he's on the ARK in the first place, that GUN wanted him to do his world-changing research... but wanted him to do it as far away as possible so that the inevitable misfires caused as little property damage as possible. And so put him in low orbit.
    I mean, can you imagine how his funding meetings must have gone?
    GUN administrator: "So Gerald.... I hear there've been a few... issues on the ARK?"
    Gerald Robotnik: "Oh, you mean that robot that wrecked most of the colony? He was an ancient automaton from the Fourth Great Civilisation, so advanced and potent that I theorised he may have actually been the cause of that civilisation’s destruction!"
    GUN admin: "And so you...?"
    Gerald: "I switched it on, plugged in a Chaos Emerald, showed it my weapons collection and gave it sentience."
    GUN admin: "Uh... okay... I hear that Project Shadow is doing well though?"
    Gerald: "Oh yes! I've managed to overcome the final research hurdles and have almost fully completed the ultimate lifeform!  We, uh, may want to think about collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds in the next fifty years or so though?"
    GUN admin: "Oh....?"
    Gerald: "I finished the project by extracting the DNA from an immortal alien in exchange for providing him with the Chaos Emeralds and allowing his people to harvest the human race in fifty years time."
    GUN admin: "I - you what?!"
    Gerald: "Oh don't worry, it's fine! I converted the ARK into a huge planet destroying laser we can use to stop them."
    GUN admin: *eye twitch*
    Gerald: "Just plug in the Chaos Emeralds and it's good to go, we’ll be perfectly safe! Er, speaking of safety... is there any chance we could have a few more GUN troopers on the ARK, please? I created some artificial lifeforms using the DNA of an entity known as the God of Destruction and a few might have got.... loose, possibly? Just an FYI."
    GUN admin: *stares*
    Gerald: "Do you think I'll be able to keep my current funding level?"
    .....at which point GUN went “Nope" and came up with the plan to shutdown the ARK and frame Gerald for causing an accident, as that was apparently completely believable with his track record.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Sega DogTagz in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Why? The Joker didn't need to appear in Batman Begins for people to be hyped about his inclusion in the sequel. Thanos barley needed 30 seconds of screen-time across 20 movies and people were still frothing at the mouth to see what he was going to do in Infinity War. Shadow doesn't need the early limelight any more than either of these characters, and they both had plenty of impact on the viewing audience at large.
    Just throwing him in front and center in the first movie makes no sense for a character like Shadow.
    I find it really hard to take a statement like that seriously when you look at how the last game was marketed.
    Not only was Episode Shadow a key selling point (complete with playable Shadow and its own cutscenes), not only was Shadow used as schmuck bait in the villain reveal teaser, but guess which Sonic character was the only character in this franchise to get a themed Pre-Order Bonus Bodysuit. Yep Shadow.
    Come to think of it - all the other bodysuits you can get in the game (either unlock-able or other pre-order bonuses) None of the other Sonic cast are represented. The only Sonic Character specific bodysuit you can own in Forces is Shadow. That hardly sounds like a fast track to b list character. He's leveraged as hard as anyone outside Sonic and Classic Sonic.
    Shoot, even the recent reveal trailer for Sonic Racing has Shadow plastered front and center alongside Sonic. For a character that isn't the franchise lead, Shadow sure does get quite a bit of usage. I don't see where you can say Sega isn't utilizing him as a selling point, when his face is on so much stuff.
    and all that's still with Shadow being a no-show in 99% of the story in the previous 6 or 7 main games. That doesn't seem to be hurting his marketability. Like at all. He's still everywhere else.
    People already give a crap about Shadow on a main 4 level. He's the second most popular character in the canon for crying out loud. People couldn't care anymore without supplanting the guy the series is named after.
    First off, fan media really needs to be pushed into its own corner. Rouge's popularity there can be attributed to a host of other factors... with one factor in particular being an obvious catalyst. You can't compare that to anything else. It is its own can of worms.
    Secondly, any burden Shadow has to make a great first impression is supported by the writers/developers/move execs taking the time to build up to a proper reveal, rather than just dumping him in out lap and waiting for results. There is a difference in setting up a character for success than just throwing out a product and hoping for the best. If you want something to succeed than you should invest in it. Time is an investment and if you give Shadow time to be an over-soul in the background - then he'll weigh that much more on you when the time comes for him to step in.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Snowragnarok in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    Details on the very first attempt at the Sonic film have been released. 
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Nestor in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    Sky Sanctuary seems to float alongside Angel Island rather than above it (in Knuckles's story in S&K we see the island in the background) so it probably fell into the sea rather than onto Angel Island itself. 
    It hadn't completely disintegrated when Sonic and Tails boarded the Death Egg however - there was still at least a small section left afterwards in Knuckles's S&K story where he fights Mecha Sonic and recovers the Master Emerald.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Red in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Something neat: On the control panel, the buttons on the left side resemble those of a Dreamcast controller and the ones on the right resemble a MegaDrive/Genesis!
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Nestor in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    I thought that that was why it was falling to pieces - that the Master Emerald did keep it afloat, and without it, it was slowly falling to pieces.
    The Sanctury also seems to have some sort of more advanced ancient tech underpinning it, if Generations is anything to go by, so it may have been able to stay afloat for a short period without the Master Emerald, essentially 'running on empty' a little longer before collapsing.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Bowbowis in Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??   
    Conclusion: Iizuka is full of shit.
  22. Chuckle
    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to CaptainRobo in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    He predicted it. LOL.
    The source from this video.:
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    Shaun Shikeishuu got a reaction from simtek34 in If You Could Pick One Unused Sonic Content   
    That's interesting, I never even knew about that. Would have been cool if Sand Hill was a full level and we had more levels on Angel Island.
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    Shaun Shikeishuu reacted to Kuzu in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Knuckles isn't used more because "he's the third genesis character", maybe people just like Knuckles and glad when he's around. Same with Shadow, same with Silver, etc etc etc. Characters that are popular with the audience tend to get more focus from everyone, that's kind of how popularity works. Would you be complaining about Rouge if she ended up being the breakout character and not Shadow?
    You make it sound like characters are only able to serve one role and just that role alone and that they are not allowed to be used for other things as well, which is especially hypocritical since you claim Rouge should be allowed to be used in more varied roles, but apparently Knuckles is not allowed to, otherwise you're "betraying the original purpose of the character". If we went by your logic and used characters only according to their assigned roles, every character would be one-dimensional since they're not allowed to go outside of their specified role right? Tails can never do anything besides tagalong Sonic and be useless, Knuckles can never do anything besides look at the Master Emerald all day.
    That's not how characterization works, characters that are fleshed out and three dimensional can be used in all sorts of role and be adapted well if the writers are truly good enough to take advantage of that. So once again, stop blaming the characters for something that's all on Sonic Team's plate. Is it really Knuckles` fault that he's horrifically misused in a lot of games and not the staff who are writing him?
    If you like the more underappreciated characters, fine. I won't knock you for that, but stop treating the other popular characters like they somehow don't deserve their popularity simply because you'd prefer someone else in the spotlight. Who becomes popular and who isn't is completely arbitrary; its not Shadow or Rouge's fault that fans latched more onto the former than the latter, shit happens. Depending on the circumstances, Rouge could have been the breakout and not Shadow like I mentioned before.  And when you're selling an official product, you use what's guaranteed to turn a profit. And I don't care how you feel about this, I'd be much more inclined to buy a game with Knuckles` face on it than Rouge's, sorry. 
    And the hilarious thing about all of this? None of the characters have been used well  in recent years at all. Knuckles hasn't done shit, or Shadow, or Rouge, or anyone that's not Sonic, Tails, or Eggman. Yea, Knuckles was "the commander" but he didn't do a goddamn thing of consequence in the entire game and was more or less treated like a bit player the whole game. 
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