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  1. Hey man, it's been a while, thought i'd swing by and say hi :D

    also wanted to say im sorry to have not turned up to the last ever Turbo drive: Live, such a shame to see it go, ya know? it was what kept me feeling a little less alone back when i was more active, and despite not joining chat as much in the later years i always listened to the show.

    should it ever make a comeback; probably wishful thinking i know, i'll be sure to be there for it every time.

    anyways, see ya round man

  2. Happy Birthday! c:

  3. Well from me this highlight is from the final race in the 150cc Flower Cup and it was going all over the place but I made a great come back from 5th to 1st on the last turn with only a green shell left for one last shot.
  4. Neither did I but there was something Biohazard related I did try when I was in Japan that was a week long event called Biohazard: The Shooting. It was a airsoft gun shooting range. I did take a few pictures as well as some video footage of it as well as get some footage of me using on of the gun model you could try out.
  5. Iggy

    Happy birthday!

  6. A new power was shown in Sonic Lost World what was it J.D?

    1. Kareemadeem


      All thanks to the Assassins.

  7. Wait Konami owns a anime group? *cough* Um Konami you remember this advert for one of your games that you did for Japan? Could you make a mini series of RKA instead of Yu-Gi-Oh? Am I the only person thinking that? Course Konami won't be that smart they don't have much love for Sparkster now a days it all Metal Gear and Silent Hill and Yu-Gi-Oh and Pro Evo *sigh* I'm going to go play some Rocket Knight Adventures again just think how awesome a RKA Anime series would have been.

  9. I GOT LEFT 4 DEAD 2. Yes. I should be working. But I don't care. PILLS HERE!

  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. Playing No More Heroes on PS3 come along and watch http://t.co/UCFvuEhm

  12. Oh I have a very awesome plan cooking up for TDL soon *manic laughter*

  13. Right TDL Listeners be sure to listen to the show tonight cause I WILL be giving away that PAL 360 copy of SG tonight on the show

    1. Turbo


      Btw if you want to know the show will be on SSR in one hour

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