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  1. Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS Confirmed (September)

    Okay, so I got this game essentially for half price thanks to a bunch of vouchers I never knew I had. Score! The game itself turned up today. I won't be able to complete it before next week though as I'm away for a long weekend. I've been playing for about an hour so far, so here are my first impressions (please let me know mods if anything here is too spoilery because I don't want to go into the spoiler thread and spoil everything): - oh wow the game just boots you into the title screen and save files, that's fast - the artwork is so good in the intro scenes! - movement feels natural, even off the circle pad - the counter attack is actually pretty easy to pull off so far but you'll be doing it on the blue bat things all the time. You'll take hits sometimes, but the enemy health drops are pretty generous so far - you can aim while moving just like the old games, but you won't get much precision unless you stop. The main flaw so far is that you have to be dead stopped before using the L button's aim, or you'll start moving forward again - it has that true metroidvania feel, even moreso than the original game - the aeon ability to uncover the map is ungodly useful as this game is HUGE and I don't feel like it casualises the game much if at all, though I still uncovered a few things the old style way. The Castlevania style warp points are welcome as well due to the game's slower pace than other 2D Metroids - Metroids are brutal - I died to the second one three times due to the arena shape and high damage output. Getting reckless is the worst idea you could possibly imagine compared to most 2D Metroids. Getting a counter attack off and spamming missiles seems to be the best way to defeat Alphas, though I've only encountered three so far - the wall jump is pretty gimped, I don't think you can jump off one wall like in Super and Zero Mission and it's quite hard to pull off - however, the infinite bomb jumping shown in the trailer, while a little tricky to get the timing down for, is super cool - I got an early energy tank and fought a Metroid early this way, you're probably required the Spider Ball or Space Jump or something, and I fucking love it Overall, some minor niggles, but it's pretty damn good so far. I'm not sure I'll put it above the likes of Super, Prime, or Zero Mission yet, but this is a really fun game.
  2. >let's play 3&K with Sonic and Tails as opposed to Sonic alone because I have two controllers and can take Sonic to some of Tails's routes
    >Tails hits a boss before I do, causing me to lose 200+ rings before the end of a stage about 5 times

    >Tails activates one of those platforms in Flying Battery offscreen, which falls on top of Sonic and kills him

    This is why you stick to Sonic alone, people.

    1. TheOcelot


      or just play Sonic 3 Complete which has the Tails assist move like in Mania and the mobile remasters.

    2. Ristar


      I played Sonic 2 with Sonic+Tails and Tails was more a nuisance than helpful xD

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Maybe you're just unskilled

    4. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Because all game flaws are solved when you git gud. Not that it matters anyway, Sonic was never good.

  3. I wish Stardust Speedway Bad Future wasn't the only US track to get remixed whenever CD gets referenced. I want a fucking remix of the US Good Future theme. Or any Good Future representation at all whenever something from CD returns.

    1. A Hyper KING heavy engine

      A Hyper KING heavy engine

      I wanted a remix of the us present theme but what we got was good though.

    2. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      It's also nice to see the US Bad Future theme in Forces, too bad the remix is shit.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Where's my US Wacky Workbench remixes?!

    4. JezMM


      There was a banging remix by Cash Cash and Jun Senoue of Stardust Speedway Present US on the 2011 Sonic CD soundtrack for anyone unaware

      Meanwhile as just a random suggestion Sean introduced me to, this guy remixed a good half of the Sonic CD soundtrack (and even sneaks in nods to the JP soundtrack within them):

      I guess their original plan was to do the whole OST but seems long abandoned now, a shame.  They have a real neat energy to them.  Palmtree Panic Present is a bit of a weak start but stick with it or just check them out at random.  I'm a particular fan of what they did with Palmtree Panic Bad Future, Boss and Metallic Madness Present.

    5. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Oh yeah I forgot about the 2011 Stardust Speedway mix.

      Some of these tracks are really good - the Special Stage and Metallic Madness mixes really capture the spirit of the original, while some like Quartz Quadrant Good Future are somewhat off the mark.

  4. Samus Returns seems to be doing well. I wasn't going to get the game until the start of October due to an exam I have at the end of September, but I caved and then found out I had loads of online vouchers and am getting the game for essentially half price, and said vouchers were about to expire. Clutch!

  5. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    500 money is not that much outside of the early game, and it's worth having Gyarados early.
  6. I am legitimately and flatly worse at Sonic CD's special stages when the Japanese music is playing. I've noticed this across multiple runs as well. I've never liked the JP special stage music anyway, it's one of the worst in that soundtrack. On the other hand, the American one is awesome.

    1. TheOcelot


      I love the JP special stage music.

      The NA version is good as well.

      To each their own.


  7. How many Sonic games are actually challenging?

    I mean Nintendo Hard as in like brutally difficult. It's true that Castlevania and such are still much harder and I would never consider any game even close to the first and third Castlevanias, but I'd consider the likes of Sonic 2 on the Game Gear to be difficult. Not like other games where it depends on how many Sonic games you've played. Sonic 2 on Game Gear is hard no matter what.
  8. How many Sonic games are actually challenging?

    I think most Sonic games are either easy (like Generations or Colours) or fairly challenging like the classic games. Some are easier than others really. I'd say there are only a few "Nintendo Hard" Sonic games, like Sonic 2 Game Gear or Unleashed. Both due to poor design. Any Sonic game that is hard is either due to glitches or poor design.
  9. The Werehog stages in Unleashed didn't have the drop shadow either. People complained about it with the pipes in Eggmanland as it's pretty difficult to show where you're going to land, especially as you have very little space to stand without simply slipping off.
  10. Sonic Forces: New Tag Team level confirmed

    All the levels I've seen so far look so basic and bland. Like, even Unleashed got more open than this. The excellent post about Green Hill zone above also echoes my thoughts, and Green Hill is the most linear level in Generations. They had all this stuff with actually trying to have some open ended areas or at least multiple ways of getting through a section that isn't just another light speed dash path or whatever. This just looks like the very stuff people complained that Colours' 3D sections were: boring, basic, linear. And even then, Colours had a few nice 3D sections such as some of the stuff in Aquarium Park's last act or Asteroid Coaster. The level design shown so far across the game is as if it's the bare minimum to call it a level. And I love Colours and Generations. It's as if they took everything they learnt in Generations and threw it out. God damn. Also the inside reminds me of a Castlevania clock tower level, only nowhere near as good.
  11. Sonic Forces: Theme of Metal Sonic (US Stardust Speedway)

    I honestly wish the US CD soundtrack got more rep across the games. At the same time, this track was done way better in Generations. So eh. What's with all the poor attempts at dubstep in this game? The soundtrack so far is nowhere near as good as most of the other games. It's like they decided that dubstep was down with the kids so they did that rather than out of any sort of artistic direction, and music is usually unaffcted by something like that.
  12. The 2011 Sonic CD release should have let you pick each level soundtrack individually. Warping from Collision Chaos Present JP to Good Future American would have been the shit. Especially because I prefer most of the JP Present tracks but all the US Good Future and several of the Bad Future tracks.

  13. Sonic Crushes <3

    Crushing scares me because it's one of those jump scares and I always get really tense around areas with smashing crushers. It's the reason Marble Garden isn't one of my favourite 3&K zones. There's often two of those fucking spike crushers in a row, and I die to the second one by clipping the side and it makes me jump every time. It's really bad with collision in most games as well, super biased towards killing you. Advance 3 is the worst for this. Fucking Toy Kingdom and it's tiny corners killing you, or Ocean Base having them in speedy sections where you can't possibly predict them. It's actually not as bad when they're not smashing traps outside of Advance 3, but god damn. Then again, I don't really like instant kill in Sonic period unless it's drowning or a necessary evil bottomless pit.
  14. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    The event Rockruff being the only one to be able to evolve into Dusk Lycanroc, as opposed to Dusk Lycanroc being naturally in the game in order to make USUM different to the originals, is a really stupid idea. They don't need to show everything like with previous games, but they need to show us something that will prove that they're more than the same game. I would like to see Johto Alola forms, but I doubt it. I doubt we'll get any new ones, and even so, it's likely to be more Kanto mons. Please let me be wrong.
  15. New Sonic Mania Music Revealed - Stardust Speedway.

    It's really nice, albeit a little slow. Can we have some of the US soundtrack representation though? Please? Or at least the Good Future, because it's miles better than the JP Good Future?