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  1. So there we have it. All the starters aren't that good. It's not even like the past 3 gens where I mostly like them except for one or I have one very definite favourite. They're all kind of mediocre or shit. I'd probably pick Grookey, Grass hasn't really had many good mons yet but Fire has some good ones that aren't the starter, which is really rare. And Water is stupidly common and Intelleon is fucking horrible, lol. Also Rolycoly's evos are growing on me despite the initial disappointment, which is weird.
  2. >market the stupid shitty meme designs >hide the things that actually look fucking awesome Gamefreak makes no sense. Rolycoly's evolutions aren't terrible, but they and the starters disappointed me the most. Frosmoth and all the other Bugs are awesome, and I really like the barracudas, fox line, and both dynamax Garbodor and Galarian Stunfisk. It's amazing how besides gen 1 which gets sucked off all the time, gen 5 is getting the most love. It's really weird.
  3. Hey self quote! I should add Chaos and Triple Trouble with all emeralds, albeit I only did Triple Trouble with all emeralds as Tails and won't ever do it again since getting the emeralds in these games isn't as fun as it is in 1 and 2 where you just have to explore the levels. I still haven't played Mania but I did get Heroes and Shadow back up to full completion. With Generations I should add I got all the achievements too, while I forgot to add Sonic 4's two episodes. I got all the stuff but don't think I got all the achievements. There isn't a lot to do in Sonic 4 anyway.
  4. They can't delay Sword and Shield now, but hopefully the backlash will influence future games. But I doubt it. I very much doubt it. I think the only reason I bought Ultra Moon (besides not getting it for full price) was so I'd have another game to nuzlocke with harder bosses and a bigger dex. Which sucks because gen 7 was flawed but I thought it had good ideas and charm, but Sword and Shield were completely killed by the stupid decisions finally catching up to them. They might not even be that bad as games (I thought they seemed like they were gonna be awesome until the dynamax and dex shit), but the direction the series has taken with the corner cutting and constant Kanto pandering has put me off more and more over the years. To top it all off I don't even care for any of the new Pokemon so far.
  5. All I see are lame excuses. Maybe if the models and animations were actually significantly different rather than almost identical, or if the game's visuals were higher quality I could almost get the idea. But no. It's pure time crunch.
  6. Like they give a fuck about balance. It's just laziness and pandering. Especially that line of evaluating what would "appeal to the widest audience". So Kanto pandering basically, and then about half the rest of them. This was looking pretty alright until they dropped that bomb. If your bro misses this game, pray it's in the next one. If past regional dexes are any indication, we're getting Eeveelutions, Lucario, Gardevoir, Charizard, Pelipper, and Kanto mons like Psyduck and fucking Goldeen (seriously why is this in every region besides Unova, this is one of the worst ones from gen 1 and barely anyone even uses it) over and over again, while things like Cacturne or Purugly will likely sit in Home for a decade. Such a terrible decision.
  7. The stage imaginatively called "The Ark" in Shadow is basically Final Rush but with most of the area destroyed. Some of the few platforms remaining are exactly from the SA2 level and the music is a slight remix of it as well. During Shadow's Expert Mode, the cast all say stuff to you at the start of each level. This includes the President twice, where he barely gets to say anything before he has to go to a dance party and something else I can't remember now. The GUN Commander also apologises to Shadow and says he's going to be a grandfather. Cosmic Fall also has Cheese go "CHAOCHAOCHAOCHAOO" for about 20 seconds, because that level on Expert mode isn't already horrendous enough as it is. Speed Highway Modern in Generations is already known for some of the ridiculous shit you can do like grab the helicopter at the start, but you can also do this:
  8. I don't revisit Shadow often, but when I do I always play Lethal Highway. I love that level.

    1. Ferno


      I always play Lava Shelter.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I always play Westopolis.

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Death Ruins is a good one for me.

  9. Pretty much all the main games and some of the handheld ones. However I can't say I enjoy all parts of all the games - like I can replay Shadow and enjoy some levels, but not things like Lost Impact or Central City. I've actually been revisiting a bunch of the early 3D games lately and enjoying them more than I expected to. Even bothered to unlock the Super Hard mode in Heroes again and play that twice. I don't own anything past Generations - I did play a bit of Lost World and found it mediocre, while I haven't got the consoles and need a new PC anyway for anything past that. I do really want to play Mania. Forces looks pretty bland too. However, I haven't revisited the 2D games or Generations for a while since I played the ever living hell out of them so don't feel the need to, whereas I've spent a bit less time with some of the others. I'd consider a lot of these games mediocre but not as bad as people say. Maybe I've just gotten used to their weird quirks.
  10. That homing attack chain towards the end of Super Hard mode Hang Castle (by the Metal Sonic statue) makes me tense every fucking time. Anyone who's ever played Super Hard mode knows the bit.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Super Hard had a lot of those moments. Even in the first stage

    2. Tarnish


      I haven't hated myself that much to put myself through Super Hard Mode in ages.

    3. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Most of Super Hard isn't that bad, it's just harder versions of Team Dark's levels with some tricky bits. Mystic Mansion is one of the only ones to have elements from all of the teams including Chaotix, and is probably my favourite Super Hard level as it's still mostly based on Team Sonic's original version of the stage. Rail Canyon is interesting too since the speed boosters make you go fast as shit, and Grand Metropolis takes you through a route that isn't ever taken normally since Team Dark goes the other way.

  11. I'm doing all the extra missions in Sonic Heroes since I had a memory card wipe ages ago. One thing I've noticed is that I miss Vector's Heroes voice. The Chaotix are great in Heroes as well in terms of their interactions.

    Also whoever gave a 6 minute time limit to Team Sonic's extra mission in Bingo Highway is an asshole. I made it in 5:55 because I got trolled by a pinball board and it's shitty controls.

    1. Tarnish


      People love crapping all over Heroes, but if there's one thing it got right was the character voices (for the most part) and character interactions. I never felt they were cringy, whereas in something like Forces, I wish everyone would just shut up.

    2. Diogenes


      @Tarnish really? tails and charmy were the worst acted that they've ever been (and i wouldn't say anyone was particularly good), the characters never shut up, and they get into fights for no reason. heroes was probably the biggest contributor to the whole "shitty friends" idea.

    3. Tarnish


      @Diogenes For each their own, but I'd taher have the Heroes Tails back any day of the week instead of what we have nowadays.

      I never felt they were badly written. Tails' voice actor wasn't the best I agree, some of his lines were definitely delievered poorly, but the character and his dialogue was fine.

      The fact we had 3 characters onscreen at once, all three of them present and partaking in the events made their interactions feel a lot more natural and make more sense than Sonic monologing to himself or supposedly talking to other characters through a radio. The way they commented on things going on onscreen, starting a short dialogue was a neat addition, bringing out their separate characters without the need of a cutscene.

      It definitely felt a more fluid and natural thing than: cutscene with Sonic + other characters talking, Sonic fucks off to a stage alone, next cutscene with Sonic + other character talking, Sonic fucks off to next stage alone, rinse and repeat.

  12. I'm also biased due to being from the UK, but I'm more interested in the region itself than any of the starters right now. Also I feel like the industrial city is supposed to be Manchester due to the clock tower building, which is fucking shit because it should have blatantly been Birmingham, which is going to be completely ignored. How can you have an England region without Birmingham? Makes no sense.
  13. It's almost unfair to have this thread since Sonic is full of missed opportunities. Then again, it's kind of unfair to bash something because of what it isn't rather than what it is. Anyone can imagine something awesome in their head (that is usually subjective anyway) so nothing would ever live up to your own internal hype. But there are some things that I feel were missed opportunities. The whole point of the series is that it's Sonic vs Eggman. The fact Sonic never has a boss fight against Eggman in Adventure 2 is really jarring. From Eggman's side, it would have been a more interesting boss than any of his existing ones, especially his version of the Egg Golem fight. Mephiles was also completely wasted. He was nearly cool but his plan made no sense. Also Sonic never engages with Mephiles directly, and since Mephiles is the main villain of the story while Sonic is supposed to be the main character, it's extremely stupid. Sonic already does extremely little in 06 as it is. Mephiles was also created a game too late - an evil Shadow type character trying to tempt Shadow back to darkness would have been a way better plot point for Shadow's actual game than Black Doom ever was. 2D in 3D games should have stopped after Generations, or even Colours. Colours had mostly 2D due to the wisps and Generations was mostly paying homage to the Unleashed formula (though having 2D while Classic Sonic is in the game is kind of pushing it but eh), but there's no reason why Lost World had to have 2D sections. None whatsoever. It really is time we had fully 3D games. Games like Adventure 1 and even a fair amount of Generations show that it's clearly possible to have intricate 3D level design. The real issue however is that Sonic Team never sticks with anything for more than a couple of games so they don't develop anything. Right down to plot and settings unless they're rehashing old stuff since they don't seem to do anything original anymore.
  14. It's the mentality people have on the internet. Everything is about power levels and how strong things are and nothing else matters. Hence why people want everything to be "epic" and fight over who is stronger than who - for instance, all those internet threads about "who would beat who in a fight". Who cares? It's also the trap Pokemon fell into where everything had to have a bigger scale because "it's better", but they reversed it a little bit after Gen 4.
  15. Unskippable cutscenes. I otherwise really like the Alola Pokemon games for their variety and challenge when nuzlocking but god damn those dialogue boxes go on for fucking ever. Metroid: Other M also had this problem, but was also a worse game. At least Other M let you skip the cutscenes on replays though, no such luck in Pokemon. I didn't really mind it during Gen 5 because you can mash the fuck out of the button to skip dialogue but since they added all those padding animations, it's become really tedious.
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