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  1. >take a hit against big Metal Sonic in Mania
    >fall backwards into pit and die

    Who thought this was a good idea? It's like the pit sucks you in.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, it's a fairly wonky, unfair set up. I understand not wanting to let you get behind him and cheese hits, but it's even worse that the Final Boss in S3 for causing you to fall into the put. The Death Egg Robo in GHZ is hard-coded to make you bounce to the right of the screen after every hit, so it's strange that Metal Sonic Kai doesn't work the same way. 

      You best way to avoid unavoid deaths there to to charge spindashes from the right hand side of the screen to hit him. If you jump, there's every chance that you'll end up behind him and getting killed.

    2. Milo


      The boss design mentality as a whole has a habit of punishing players who don't want to wait for very narrow windows of being able to safely hit your target. If you try to bumrush bosses like in the earlier games (which can allow multiple hits in one go, if not outright cheesing them like in some cases), you'll be very lucky if you avoid getting hit in the best-case scenario in 2/3rd of the cases.

      If the same designers do get to work on another Genesis game, they really need to take a different approach to the boss design or get someone else to design them. The bosses are the weakest element of the game, moreso than the ratio of original to returning content (which I excuse given the circumstances of the game's scope/development and for the amount of work went into making them fresh or reworked into a different context).

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I still don't get why they had to throw out the old final phase of the MS fight altogether. Yeah, it had the exact opposite problem of being a cakewalk; you could scoop back up your loose rings on the spike wall by exploiting your invinciblity frames, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. 

    4. TheOcelot


      Yeah, I can see why it can come across as unfair.

      As BB said, the best technique to beating MS (unless playing with Sonic-in which case just use the drop-dash which makes the fight pathetically easy), is to spin-dash:

      This is how I do it:


    5. Milo


      @Supah Berry I really was expecting the spike wall boss to kept for Mania Mode, and the Kai boss to be used for Encore, rather than it outright replacing it for both modes. I'm also surprised they didn't keep it as an accessible cheat code bonus either, it's just dummied out/cut entirely to my knowledge.

  2. I swear Knuckles's low jump really screws you over in Mania much more than in S3&K. Part of it is having fewer Knuckles centric paths. The rest is just bullshit like the Studiopolis Act 2 boss, Flying Battery Act 1 boss, Titanic Monarch Act 1 boss where you're just screwed over and at the mercy or RNG or waiting Sonic Rush style.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Maybe Knuckles could jump higher... if he didn't skip leg day! ; )

    2. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      I got the wrong attack against the second form of the Death Egg eye thing in Titanic Monarch 4 times in a row. If the arrow goes up, you have a split second to get a single hit as Knuckles, and can't do a fucking thing otherwise. I had to wait almost a minute longer to beat him than if I had any other character.

      I also got the rain attack in Studiopolis twice in a row, and just had to wait it out. Really badly designed for Knuckles.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I think the SPZ2 boss is fine; yopu just wait for the windy or sunny weather forecasts, which will show up two thirds of the time. The way that you can hit him at ay time as the other characters feels cheap and not intentional. Flying Battery is fine too. You just bounce off the Orbinauts. Nothing screws you over on these two.

      I'll agree with you on TMZ1 though, where it feels like the elevator is more like to work against you and avoiding the iron balls when trying to land a hit in the first phase is really rough. IIRC, if you cheated Knuckles in DEZ1 in S3K you couldn't actually jump high enough to hit the boss.

      Mania sadly doesn't differentiate the playthroughs very much. In S3K, you've got the Sonic playthrough and the Knuckles playthrough. Due to them having to take different routes, bosses typically being harder for Knuckles and some more subtle differences in story (different backgrounds in a number of zones for Knuckles and there's no water in his version CNZ), you get two rather distinct playthroughs depending on your character. They similar, but different enough to feel warranted. Mania is more along the lines of the Advance games. MSZ1 and the smallest number of optional different route aside, the only difference btween characters is the moveset. It's a step back from S3K.

      I was always hoping that Mania would build on S3K by giving Tails more unique routes and events. It's a real shame that in actuality the game ended up going in the opposite direction. 

    4. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Studiopolis's boss is only easy as the others because it attacks too slowly. If it attacked a bit quicker, it would be like Knuckles's version but faster paced. The Death Egg Act 1 boss should have just not been brought back to begin with, it sucked then and it sucks now.

      I like playing Mania as Sonic the most by far anyway. The elemental shields are as good as ever\, and the drop dash is fantastic for fast movement. The fact there's fewer character specific routes also works in Sonic's favour - sometimes in 3&K I found Sonic got gimped while the other two could take more shortcuts, but it's less of an issue here.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't like bosses that force you to wait around, which is a bit of a trend in Mania and goes back to Hidden Palace in S2 mobile. Look at this video; the player takes 2 and a half minutes to reach the boss and then two full minutes fighting the bloody thing. There's nothing quite so bad in Mania (and you'll probably just choose to damage boost things like CPZ1 where possible), but it's still really unfun when you're just sat there waiting for a chance to do anything. I just dont see this as an issue in SPZ2 though because the times when he opens up for attack are so frequent. A short wait is fine, but the longer and more repetitives ones are not.

    6. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      At least it's not as bad as Rush 1.

    7. Lord-Dreamerz


      I didn't find the boss fights in Mania un-fun. And don't relate to the idea that having to wait to hit a boss sometimes is bad design. I think the opposite and feel boss fights that you can endlessly hit such as the bosses on Sonic 2 to be lame and un-epic because how easy it is to cheese them quickly after you know how they work. As a big fan of boss battles in games I don't want them to be weak & super quickly beaten.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You're right about that. Take the Hill Top boss from S2 as an exampe. You just bounce on him as soon as he appears and boom it's over. No thought, no effort, no impact. When the bosses are a regular thing after every act or two, there needs to be a balance in difficulty and tedium.

    9. Wraith


      Allowing the player to cheese the boss is one way to make the pacing more dynamic in the same way you're allowed to use tricks to speedrun the levels you're playing. A lot of the cheesy tactics in Sonic 2 are easy for you to do now but you probably didn't know how to do them when you were in this game's target demographic. 

      It beats the hell out of the bosses in a classic Sonic game being 60% cutscene. A lot of Sonic Mania's bosses are lame.

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      A lot of them, but not all of them. Like with Hill Top as I mentioned, you only have to to jump on him to starting cheesing it. Others like Aquatic Ruin, Chemical Plant and Casino Night can't be cheesed but can be dealt with very quickly with a little bit of skill. 

    11. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      My favourite boss in the game is probably the water tunnel in Hydrocity. It's a really crazy idea, it's got the good boss music, and it's not entirely a waiting game. You constantly have to react to stuff. The washer afterwards was tacked on, but I liked having a sequential boss where both battles are engaging. It's not too easy or too difficult or cheap.

      As for some of the older bosses, they often only have one pattern or attack, so being quick is better.

    12. Wraith


      I think having a few dud bosses that you can figure out how to crush in a couple of seconds is genuinely better than some of the stuff Sonic Mania pulled. Remember the oil ocean miniboss with the offscreen spike attack that might kill you once but you'll never get hit by once you know they're there?

    13. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Also the Metallic Madness Act 2 boss is really solid. I like how you can pace it yourself. Have one mini-mech at a time to make it easier, or go balls deep and trigger as many as possible to save time.

    14. Lord-Dreamerz


      None of the boss battles in Mania are super hard. Most of them are pretty fun & creative boss fights. Folk who say they prefer bosses that can be gotten rid of within couple secs... I have my doubts they even really enjoy boss fights in Sonic often.

    15. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Mania has some legit bad boss design at times.

      GHZ2: It's not obvious you can just on his arms to reach him, nor is it clear what causes him to stick his arms out instead of throwing bombs. There's a time limit on defeating him.

      CPZ1: Boring as fuck. Damage boost to win.

      CPZ2: I genuinely love this as a throwback, and the AI is so simple that he'll always kill himself eventually. But I've seen people legit confused by the boss and die repeatedly, so I'm not sure about it.

      SPZ1: So much waiting... if you're super, set the controller down and go get yourself a cup of tea whilst the game plays itself. You can't make it go by any faster.

      FBZ2: The boss is totally fine in concept, but not knowing when you're going to hit the bumper and when you're going to phase through it is a crapshoot unless you memorised its behaviour. It also sucks when you get crushed by spikes at the sides of the screen. They should have been parts of the wall instead of sticking out from it.

      SSZ2: The Silver Sonic part of the fight is really obtuse, especially pre-update. The Metal Sonic Kai section is likely to throw you into a pit because you get get automatically bounced back when you attack him for some reason (which is unlike GHZ2).

      MSZ1 (Sonic version): What is depth perception? You're likely to spend ages waiting for him to attack from the side so you don't have to guess.

      MSZ2: So many i-frames where she can hit you but you can't hit her.

      OOZ1: Never played the boss before? You'll get unfairly 1-hit KO'd. Played it at least once before? No effort required.

      OOZ2: Instant death if you're just a pixel underneath of the platforms he pulls down into the oil, especially likely if you're Knuckles with his reduced jump height. Also had to be patched because of his original i-frames and strange collision at launch.

      MMZ1: Pre-patch you could get crushed by the scenery as the battle started. Not technically anythign wrong with the boss itself, it was just naff level design at the boss.

      TMZ1: Almost impossible not to get hit as Knuckles. Boring wait-fest regardless of character. 

    16. Lord-Dreamerz


      Am not saying i don't see lot o room in improvement for the bosses. But i just can't see most of them as bad or waiting for short moments as bad. Boss Fights are the main parts I look forward to in games like Sonic, to me they are the reward for finishing the obstacle courses that would be boring if alone. The boss fights are the only meaningful character interaction you get out of simple style Sonic games. So I tend to not be super nitpicky about them even when I often notice their flaws, I enjoy they exist at all normally.

  3. Both versions of Sonic 1 have a unique mood compared to the rest of the series. They feel lonelier, if that makes any sense. This is mostly in the 16 bit version, but even the 8 bit version has it in the second half of the game.

    1. JezMM


      I've never thought about this so particularly to describe it in such a way but now that it's presented in front of me I 100% get you, agreed entirely.

    2. JosepHenry


      it does feel lonely, specially Starlight Zone which Sonic is just running alone in this silent night. But without the calming music it would feel downright eerie. 

    3. Perkilator


      I feel the same about KH1. It feels the most Disney in the series because it’s the first of its kind.

  4. >canon in Sonic

    That's cute.

  5. My least favourite levels in Mania are the 2 S&K ones. Huh. Flying Battery in particular annoys the shit out of me, act 1 is almost identical to the original while act 2 goes on forever unless you take the awkward bottom route. Also the spider boss is horrendous.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Many of the revisited Act 1's are similar to the original and only the Act 2s feel fully remixed (although the case is oddly reversed for Hydrocity). It's a problem in some levels, like Flying Battery and Chemical Plant, but in others they did enough remixing in Act 1 that is feels familiar but also unique, like Lava Reef, Stardust Speedway and Oil Ocean.

      I honestly really love Oil Ocean in Mania. From one of the worst stages in the Megadrive games to one of the best in Mania; they really did a great job with it. The gimmick in Act 2 is a far less intrusive version of SK's Sandopolis Act 2. The level design is far less labyrinthine and the punishment for not pulling the switches is less severe, plus the Switches are more readily available. 

    2. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Oil Ocean combined with Sandopolis sounds like the worst thing ever, but works out pretty well. I'd put it somewhere in the middle in Mania, but it's solid. I'm fond of Metallic Madness act 2 as well, it's so varied in level design and pathways.

      I still like Hydrocity a lot in this game, for both acts.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Hydrocity Act 2 in Mania is like, 99% the original Act 2 from S3 with a few small chunks of level design swapped around. It's a bit of a testament to just how solid the level design is when it's one of the best levels in Mania despite the strengths of the Mania's original level designs. It's a really strange case. Like... sure I'd rather it was brand new but it's still HCZ2 as I've always known it and it's still really awesome. Unlike say, CPZ1 an FBZ1 where the level design of the original acts wasn't especially special. 

    4. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Hydrocity is so good it's my favourite level in both 3&K and in Mania. The new stuff in Mania is mostly really good though. Mirage Saloon (besides the bosses and the Sky Chase bit) is one of the only desert levels in a Sonic game to not be by far the worst part of the game.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Desert levels are not unlike water levels; no matter the genre or series, they're typically slow and cumbersome and often come with drab visuals. They end up being the worst part of many games. Mirage Saloon and Hydrocity really avert that.

  6. My favourite version of Stardust Speedway is the Good Future visual, with the American soundtrack. Neither ever gets referenced.

    1. Osmium


      Stardust Speedway good future is one of the few US tracks that's better than the JP/PAL 

  7. It's amazing how Oil Ocean plus Sandopolis Act 2's gimmick sounds like the worst idea ever, yet works pretty damn well.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      That's 'cuz Oil Ocean doesn't have friggin' scary ghosts.

  8. I don't really understand how you're supposed to avoid big boy Metal Sonic's laser attack in Mania Plus. It just sweeps across the whole screen and I get hit by it every time.

    1. StaticMania


      It's like Death Egg Robot's laser from Sonic 3...(maybe not)

      Just stay at the edge of the screen and jump the moment he fires...

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      The Great Eggman Robo in Sonic & Knuckles fires the lazer horizontally without any movement for a split second, and the Phantom Metal Sonic Kai arcs downward, making it a bit more difficult to avoid. 

      I haven't quite worked out the timing, but it's possible to avoid taking damage if you jump at the far right of the screen. I think there's a way to bait it to shoot the bombs instead, but I haven't worked it out. 

    3. Wraith


      Sonic needs to stop making boss battles that are faster to complete if you just take the hits compared to dodging.

    4. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      The jump strat works. It's the same as in 3&K's Death Egg boss. Just it starts off higher so it's tigher.

    5. TheOcelot


      Just time your jump. Once you work out the timing it's actually easy to avoid. If you're really finding it difficult don't forgot you can fly with Tails, use Tails to air-lift Sonic to get out of danger or slow your descent by gliding with Ray & Knuckles to avoid getting hit.

  9. You know, Metallic Madness might actually be my favourite zone in Mania. Weirdly, I don't like the Sonic 1 final boss and didn't like the idea of it being in this game, yet enjoyed it a lot here.

    Press Garden Act 2 is also really good, but most levels are good in this game. I just don't have a clear favourite.

    1. Diogenes


      yeah metallic madness definitely wins the "most improved" reward in my eyes; it went from CD's usual awkward, stuttering level design to something surprisingly fluid and fast-paced, while still feeling challenging enough for an endgame level, and with some pretty great gimmicks to boot.

    2. FReaK


      Agreed. Mania is an amazing game in general. Still wondering why there isn't a sequel announcement yet.

  10. I finally played Sonic Mania. Just beat it as Sonic with a mere 4 chaos emeralds because the special stages are nearly unplayable. It's a decent game, but S3&K is so much better it isn't even funny.

    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      I think S3 and Mania are on around the same level

      I hate & Knuckles though, and the &K stages in Mania are about as un fun as they are in the original game

    2. TheOcelot


      Image result for you took your time gif

      Special stages are actually quite easy once you master the controls. 

      Image result for git gud gif

    3. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      The controls with the special stages are the biggest problem, the UFO flies really far away as well. And those special rings are hidden good, way more hidden than Sonic 3. Some of the bosses were annoying as well, the Flying Battery spider comes to mind immediately, though I didn't really enjoy any of the heavy fights. I swear the missiles in the Studiopolis one have broken hit detection. It also includes a lot of crap from the classics that has no business returning, like including Sonic 1's final boss and Death Egg's sub boss from £&K because... nostalgia?

      I think I'll like it more when I revisit it.

    4. Strickerx5


      Honestly, Mania's special stages are one of the only two instances of them that I would ever actually call "fun" in the entire series (the other being Rush's). I was all for them being left in the dust before Mania if I'm speaking candidly.

      Other than that yeah, I was never the highest backer of the game to begin with so eh. In its later levels, it definitely falls into the same trappings that have always made me question the classics more often than not and it's clear that the game's main drive is to emulate rather than innovate. Though with that being said, I can see why it is loved so much.

      Outside of the many things it does do right, there's also clearly a lot of love put into it.

    5. Zaysho


      It took a bit, but I came to like the base game's special zones. They're pretty fun to run through.


      The DLC ones are torture and I do not recommend them if you don't want to tear your hair out.

    6. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Yeah, Mania's special stages are bar none my favorite in the entire series. Once you nail the flow and learn how to use the jump as a drift for tight corners, they're seriously addictive.

    7. PaulyBFromDa303


      They are pretty difficult. I must confess that I still only have one emerald from encore mode. That gets tough XD

    8. Kuzu


      The special stages take getting used to, but they're not bad at all. 

      In other words.


      Git. Gud. 

  11. I don't revisit Shadow often, but when I do I always play Lethal Highway. I love that level.

    1. Ferno


      I always play Lava Shelter.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I always play Westopolis.

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Death Ruins is a good one for me.

  12. That homing attack chain towards the end of Super Hard mode Hang Castle (by the Metal Sonic statue) makes me tense every fucking time. Anyone who's ever played Super Hard mode knows the bit.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Super Hard had a lot of those moments. Even in the first stage

    2. Tarnish


      I haven't hated myself that much to put myself through Super Hard Mode in ages.

    3. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Most of Super Hard isn't that bad, it's just harder versions of Team Dark's levels with some tricky bits. Mystic Mansion is one of the only ones to have elements from all of the teams including Chaotix, and is probably my favourite Super Hard level as it's still mostly based on Team Sonic's original version of the stage. Rail Canyon is interesting too since the speed boosters make you go fast as shit, and Grand Metropolis takes you through a route that isn't ever taken normally since Team Dark goes the other way.

  13. I'm doing all the extra missions in Sonic Heroes since I had a memory card wipe ages ago. One thing I've noticed is that I miss Vector's Heroes voice. The Chaotix are great in Heroes as well in terms of their interactions.

    Also whoever gave a 6 minute time limit to Team Sonic's extra mission in Bingo Highway is an asshole. I made it in 5:55 because I got trolled by a pinball board and it's shitty controls.

    1. Tarnish


      People love crapping all over Heroes, but if there's one thing it got right was the character voices (for the most part) and character interactions. I never felt they were cringy, whereas in something like Forces, I wish everyone would just shut up.

    2. Diogenes


      @Tarnish really? tails and charmy were the worst acted that they've ever been (and i wouldn't say anyone was particularly good), the characters never shut up, and they get into fights for no reason. heroes was probably the biggest contributor to the whole "shitty friends" idea.

    3. Tarnish


      @Diogenes For each their own, but I'd taher have the Heroes Tails back any day of the week instead of what we have nowadays.

      I never felt they were badly written. Tails' voice actor wasn't the best I agree, some of his lines were definitely delievered poorly, but the character and his dialogue was fine.

      The fact we had 3 characters onscreen at once, all three of them present and partaking in the events made their interactions feel a lot more natural and make more sense than Sonic monologing to himself or supposedly talking to other characters through a radio. The way they commented on things going on onscreen, starting a short dialogue was a neat addition, bringing out their separate characters without the need of a cutscene.

      It definitely felt a more fluid and natural thing than: cutscene with Sonic + other characters talking, Sonic fucks off to a stage alone, next cutscene with Sonic + other character talking, Sonic fucks off to next stage alone, rinse and repeat.

  14. I got all 5 Emeralds in Sonic Chaos and beat the game. Not worth it. For a game with an easy reputation, there's a lot of fucking awful bottomless pit placement, plus getting the final hit on the final boss is a crapshoot because it instakills you, even with rings.

    Even then, there isn't really an ending. It just goes straight to the credits with Sonic running around trapped inside an emerald. Lame. Sonic 1 is probably the only MS/GG game I really actually like.

    1. JezMM


      Sonic Chaos' ending is absolute garbage in no small part to the hype that was built up for it in a review I read in an official Sonic annual I had as a kid.  It mentioned how getting all emeralds treats you to "a real gem of an ending" but I could only imagine because I didn't actually have the game.  I finally played it as an adult and discovered that they were just making a pun in that review.

      The most insulting part is that Chaos' soundtrack is MOSTLY on par with the quality of Sonic 2 8-bit's, then that ending theme is just utter garbage to match the utter garbage visuals, lol.  Curious to see what the fan-remake does with that song.


      But yeah, the 100-ring thing is pretty sloppy and intrusive.  The levels are a bit too easy if you don't go for the emeralds, but going for them has way too much trial-and-error death in the latter half of the game and turns Sonic into a slow methodical platformer because a single mistake means starting the level over if it happens after you've collected most of the rings on the stage.

  15. >play mean bean machine on hardest

    >get to Sir Ffuzzy-Logik

    >nearly lose, have the danger music going for about a minute

    >still win


    C L U T C H

  16. I like Sonic Advance 3 way more than the average person, and find levels like Roure 99, Chaos Angel, and especially Twinkle Snow really fun, and have even got used to Sunset Hill which I despised for years, but Toy Kingdom is fucking terrible, as is it's boss. The only good thing about Toy Kingdom is that the best level in the game is after it.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't dislike Advance 3, but it's the weakest of the three in the series. The first was a competent, if basic, true-to-form Sonic game before any of this Modern-Classic division bollocks came about. The second was totally fresh and exciting. Cheap and easy at times, but thoroughly original and it knew exactly what it wanted to be. It's still a blast to play that game because you aren't virtually invincible at top speed and have to work to maintain it with a well designed physics system. The third attempted  to strike a middle ground whilst also being grander in scale with huge levels, three acts per zone, a hub world and a partner mechanic. None of it really came together, and the result was a messy game  that felt bloated, underdeveloped and unpolished. I can still enjoy it, but it was just too much.

    2. Tracker_TD


      I prefer it to Advance 2, at least. It's not great, and goddamn if Chaos Angel ain't some shit, but Advance 2 is painful to play towards the end. 

    3. TCB


      You aren't the only one who likes Adv 3 more than the average person around here. It is arguably the weakest of the three far as what it strived to do and the gameplay and level design not being as consistent as the first two games. I'll admit that. With that said though, and I harp on what BB said in the sense of it's presentation compared to the first two I enjoyed far more. It's Zones felt more whimsical compared to Adv1's grounded, I'd say 'realistic' approach to it's tropes. Route 99, Cyber Track and Sunset Hill are among my favorite levels in the whole trilogy. I also like how Adv3 going out of it's way to explain it's plot pretty early on, and it's quasi tie in to Battle which I also liked. I guess I'm saying that I appreciate the bigger scope of the what Adv 3 attempted to do which the hubworlds, act system and whatnot to be invested in it more.

      plus it's music is by far my favorite out of the Advance series bar none. So many good themes that resonates with me more. From the bombastic beginning to Route 99 to Twinkle Snow's more laid-back tracks. Sunset Hill is my absolute favorite and is my favorite rendition of Green Hill Zone to this day. This technically isn't fair since 3 has three acts compared to the former two' 2 act system, but the former makes each variation stand out a lot more and makes each act's level more distinct to me. Adv 1 and 2's music are good don't get me wrong, but a lot of the tracks don't hook me with their melodies nearly as often or well.

      td;lr I appreciate Sonic Advance 3 for what it tried to accomplish and overall I felt more engaged in the overall product despite in making it so grand it lost a coherent focus the first two games had. So I enjoyed it more than Adv 1 and far more than Adv 2.

  17. I died as I lived. Dead.

  18. Surprisingly, doing a 0% run of Metroid: Samus Returns isn't really that hard. Especially as major upgrades don't count towards the percentage, only expansions, and Lightning Armour basically makes you immune to actual damage so long as you have the Aeion to use it. The only part I died on was the Metroid Queen, and multiple times.

  19. Sonic Forces's level design is everything people make hyperbolic statements about with Unleashed/Colours/Generations. Shadow and 06 both have better level design than this.

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Boost to win is a legit criticism this time around, lol.

    2. JezMM


      I'm so pissed off at SEGA that as a staunch defender of said games to those rhetorics, there's nothing to disagree with this time.

      I hate it.

    3. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      I have not played the demo as I have no means to. Don't really want to either.

    4. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      It ain't worth it. The 1 minute timeline is far too restrictive.

      time limit*

    5. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      A few of the levels in previous boost games may be almost oppressively linear, but they don't look this bad. These levels are like the motobug level in Asteroid Coaster where you go round and round, but at least that was one gimmicky act with a nice change of pace and not how the whole game is.

      I was still discovering shit in Colours and Generations like 2 years after playing the games!

  20. Finally beat Samus Returns in under 4 hours (barely, was 3:57) and 100% items. On Hard mode as well, so I got the Justin Bailey ending.

    1. Yoko/葉子


      100% under 4 hours, at the same time? Holy smokes! 

      Hope the queen-sized trouble wasn't too ugly. :P

    2. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      The Queen was fine apart from running out of Super Missiles quickly because I left most of my backtracking for clean up. Leaving cleanup until after getting the baby Metroid seems to be the best option for a fast 100%.

  21. I've beaten Samus Returns twice now. I'll say it's not my favourite Metroid game because of the really fucking stiff competition, like Prime and Super, but god damn it's such a fun game.

  22. >let's play 3&K with Sonic and Tails as opposed to Sonic alone because I have two controllers and can take Sonic to some of Tails's routes
    >Tails hits a boss before I do, causing me to lose 200+ rings before the end of a stage about 5 times

    >Tails activates one of those platforms in Flying Battery offscreen, which falls on top of Sonic and kills him

    This is why you stick to Sonic alone, people.

    1. TheOcelot


      or just play Sonic 3 Complete which has the Tails assist move like in Mania and the mobile remasters.

    2. Ristar


      I played Sonic 2 with Sonic+Tails and Tails was more a nuisance than helpful xD

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Maybe you're just unskilled

    4. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Because all game flaws are solved when you git gud. Not that it matters anyway, Sonic was never good.

  23. I wish Stardust Speedway Bad Future wasn't the only US track to get remixed whenever CD gets referenced. I want a fucking remix of the US Good Future theme. Or any Good Future representation at all whenever something from CD returns.

    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      I wanted a remix of the us present theme but what we got was good though.

    2. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      It's also nice to see the US Bad Future theme in Forces, too bad the remix is shit.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      Where's my US Wacky Workbench remixes?!

    4. JezMM


      There was a banging remix by Cash Cash and Jun Senoue of Stardust Speedway Present US on the 2011 Sonic CD soundtrack for anyone unaware

      Meanwhile as just a random suggestion Sean introduced me to, this guy remixed a good half of the Sonic CD soundtrack (and even sneaks in nods to the JP soundtrack within them):

      I guess their original plan was to do the whole OST but seems long abandoned now, a shame.  They have a real neat energy to them.  Palmtree Panic Present is a bit of a weak start but stick with it or just check them out at random.  I'm a particular fan of what they did with Palmtree Panic Bad Future, Boss and Metallic Madness Present.

    5. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Oh yeah I forgot about the 2011 Stardust Speedway mix.

      Some of these tracks are really good - the Special Stage and Metallic Madness mixes really capture the spirit of the original, while some like Quartz Quadrant Good Future are somewhat off the mark.

  24. Samus Returns seems to be doing well. I wasn't going to get the game until the start of October due to an exam I have at the end of September, but I caved and then found out I had loads of online vouchers and am getting the game for essentially half price, and said vouchers were about to expire. Clutch!

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