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  1. I think it's kind of hard to judge the two since the marketing campaigns were clearly going for 2 different things. Of course Heroes was (at the time) huge because it was the first Sonic game to appear on non-Sega platforms. Shadow had its own hype in the way that if you were looking for a darker Sonic game this was the game for you. If you were in the right age demographic at the time, I'm sure that was certainly exciting. Though, as I said there was no doubt tons of excitement for Heroes. While I personally prefer Shadow's marketing campaign, we all know Heroes is going to wipe the floor with it in every category. That's practically a fact.
  2. Those E3 trailers really were something. Regardless of how the game turned out, the trailers look - and feel - epic. Though, I think a lot of that is due to the glorious rendition of "His World" they used in the trailer(s).
  3. Oh, um, because... Elise is a desendant of like... The Ancient Solarian Guard, who... Protected the sun god Solaris until modern day... And thus, they are endowed with innate special blood that allows them to take Iblis into themselves. Or, something like that anyway. Or mayb Elise actually does have control over fire like Blaze does? I mean, during the brief section where you (Sonic) have to carry Elise, she seems to have the ability to create some sort of fire-like barrier around herself. I always just assumed she had that ability from Iblis, but I guess it's not impossible to think that maybe that's just an ability she naturally has. Hell, the two theories can be reconciled. Long ago, the original Dukes and Princesses of Soleana were given control over fire by the sun god Solaris, and that ability is passed down every generation. On the other hand, there's no reason to think any of that is true. Make of it what you will. Edit: Actually, come to think of it, you could even say that Solaris didn't give them the power to control flame. They were merely "changed" by exposure to the Flame of Hope. I like that theory much better, since it doesn't rely on the idea that Solaris was sapient the entire time, or that he would reward his followers which - given his personality based on what we saw in-game - doesn't seem like something he'd do.
  4. You know, to an extent I agree with you. There are a lot of people out there who have never touched the game, and only hate on it because that's what they think people want to hear, but there are also a ton of people - a ton - who truly hate the game. Also, in general, if I were you, I'd try to avoid defending Sonic '06 in the future. Even if you love the hell out of the game (I rather like it myself); it's just not worth it. You're not going to change anyone's opinion at this point, and you'll just end up starting conflits. Honestly, all the fighting over the game gets very tiring, very quickly. I wouldn't mind posts defending it, if they didn't stir up so much trouble. (Though, to be fair, at least at the moment things seem to be pretty friendly. So, props to all of you out there who are keeping things civil.) I don't want to sound negative or anything... But yeah, actually, this is pretty negative of me. I don't know, I guess in the end my advice - or therefore lack of - is just to let it go. People are always gonna hate the game. Debates can be fun, natch, but don't think you'll change anyone's mind; you probably won't. Sorry to be such a bummer.
  5. Haha, too late for that, buddy. Nah, I kid, I kid, you're fine. Um, let's see... The Good: Um, I don't know. It's fun, and I rather like it. I probably put more time into that game than any other Sonic game. There were just so many doors to unlock. The CGI cutscenes were gorgeous (though, even those were outdone by '06). The Bad: I actually really don't have any major problems with the story, or gameplay, or voice acting or whatever else. The graphics certainly could be better, though, the look of the game (the gritty, everything is destroyed sort of aesthetic) I kind of enjoyed. Some of the weapons don't work that great. In general I don't really dislike any Sonic games, even the "bad" ones. I just enjoy them for what they are, I suppose. Well, now that I've made a single comment, I think it's time to disappear for another year or two. Toodles.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Back to the topic at hand then. I've always considered Sonic and Shadow to be more or less equal when regards to speed. In some games Sonic is faster, in some games Shadow is faster. The point is they're more or less on even terms regardless of who is actually faster. Now, going back to the topic of how fast Shadow would move without his rocket-jet-shoe-thingies... I would assume that he would be fairly fast, considering that all the characters within the Sonic-verse seem to be fast - at least somewhat. Amy, Espio, Blaze, Tails, the whole lot of them. They may not be up to Sonic's speed, but they aren't slow. Humans of course seem to be the exception to the rule within the Sonic universe. Except for Eggman, and his brief moments of speed. The only non-fast characters I can think of are Big, and Silver. And even Silver seems to go at a decent speed in the Rivals series. Big probably could too if only he could get his awful obesity under control. What I'm saying is I figure without skates Shadow would probably more or less as fast as some of those characters. Maybe not Sonic fast, but not as slow as a rock either. Not that we'll ever get to see him run without his skates of course, because let's be serious here... That'd just be silly.
  7. As a constant reader of said magazine since February '06, I can say I've never noticed anything like that. Only during April do they run their little Game Informer parody called Game Infarcer with fakes games, and fake game reviews. GamePro did the same exact thing back in the '90s. Every April they would have a mini-parody titled LamePro, and it was more or less the same kind of thing. They might still do it in fact, I don't know.
  8. Yoyo

    The moon

    Blur is the company that you're referring to.
  9. I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said. Eggman's a great villain, but a better character. Which is why I like him. Metal Sonic is nice in that his main goal is to defeat Sonic, (he's got a major inferiority complex going there, huh?), but there's obviously more to him than just that. Even if it's hidden below the surface. Black Doom is fun. He's pretty evil, even if there's not too much to him. I do like how he went about invading/destroying everything with his armies, which is different from most villains. (Except maybe Eggman to some extent, but even then he never really does much in the "invasion" category.) I like Mephiles a lot. Probably because he's the devil. I mean, really, he is the devil for the Sonic universe more or less. Even if he only appeared in one game and had his interactions (mostly) limited towards Shadow. Plus, he's pretty theatrical. He makes for a fun villain. Iblis is kind of nice too. He's a lot like Chaos, but without any emotions. He just destroys, and can not be stopped. And of course they're both part of Solaris, who is a literal god, which I like because fighting a god is pretty freakin' awesome. Speaking of Chaos, I wouldn't say he's that great of a villain, because he spends most of his time working for Eggman, and he's kind of like Shadow in the way that he was motivated by revenge (which of course, Shadow did much better), but I don't know... He's kind of unique in that he keeps building up his power throughout the game, literally gaining power every time he gets a Chaos Emerald. Sure other villains gain Chaos Emeralds and grow more powerful as they do in other games, but none of done it like Chaos did. How he changed form each time, and you got to fight nearly EVERY form. Plus, he was the first really big, epic, 3D Sonic villain, so he kind of set the tone for everyone other villain to follow. Ix is alright. He's nothing special to me, but I do appreciate how his story tied in with the backstory to Sonic Adventure, and Sonic Battle.
  10. You know. I think he'd actually probably be conflicted about that. I don't think he'd actually go THROUGH with it obviously, but he might at least take it into consideration. And at least wonder if Tails was thinking clearly at the moment, or if it was even really him that said it. Hell, he could've been under some form of mind control or something at that moment. Heck, maybe if Sonic is angry enough about Tails' death, he might actually go through with it... at least, partway until he has that "My God, what have I done?!" moment of realization. But enough of that. That seems more like something that'd happen in a fanfiction (mostly like a bad one) anyway. Though, it still is interesting to wonder...
  11. One of the most annoying complaints I hear is, "Sonic is too slow", which is made worse by the fact that another common complain it is, "Sonic is too fast!". Well, which is it? He is he too slow now days, or is he too fast? The other complaint I'm super tired of is that there's too many characters. "We need less characters!", "We need to get rid of ALL characters with the exception of Sonic!". Very, annoying. And yeah, I like Mephiles too. I think eh's is a pretty cool guy. eh kills sonic and doesn’t afraid of anything…
  12. I played the older games on the Genesis originally. 2, 1, then 3. Though, I could never really get very far in them. Now days, I can easily zoom through, SA, SA2, Heroes, Shadow, '06, or any of them really, without problem. But going back and trying to play the old games is difficult. The only one I've ever completed was Sonic CD, and even then I never got the good ending. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one with this problem.
  13. That sounds very familiar. Were you by any chance talking about Ghosts of the Future? That's actually a really good fan comic. That's beside the point though. I see Robotnik and Eggman as separate people (wait, wait... Let me explain). Or rather, I see Eggman as an alias that Robotnik uses when trying to conquer the world. While Robotnik is the reclusive owner of Robotnik Enterprises, who barely anyone has seen. He probably talks to shareholders and stuff through some sort of voice-distortion thing when he needs to run his business. But I imagine he's pretty good at keeping the two - running a Mega Corporation, and taking over the world - very distant from each other. Sure he uses the money from his corporation to finance his schemes, but that's all the two have in common besides being run by the same person. And lets say G.U.N. did manage to find something that proves Eggman is Robotnik, or they bring him on those "blowing up the moon" charges... I'm sure he's got a team of high priced lawyers that can get him off the hook every time. Though, onto the subject of if he had followers... Well, I can at least see some sort of Eggman Cult or something out there somewhere. There are probably people in the Sonic Universe who want Eggman to take over. I have no idea how they'd get in contact with him (assuming he is so secretive), or if he'd even want their help. Now if they were very powerful, or influential people, I can see why he might want them on his side, otherwise, if it's just average people... He probably wouldn't use them for anything other than bringing public support to his side. Yeah, I can't see Eggman just going down so easily. I don't mind him being killed in a fanfiction, as long as it's good. Like, if they could deal with the effects of his death, maybe not just on the main characters, but the entire world. Plus, they'd have to make him go out really well too. Give him the most kick-ass death scene ever. Plus, if you're trying to make a villain more threatening - like say, Mephiles or Nega - that's probably not the worst way to do it ever. As for Nega, I kinda like him in the way that he's like Eggman... but a complete monster (though, he hides it under as mask of politeness). That way you can have a villain that shows what Eggman would be like without any of his redeeming features, but not have to destroy Eggman's character development in the process. That's kinda why I like other villains besides Eggman. I like to have a really evil destroy-the-universe type guy, but I don't want to loose Eggman's character development by making him pure evil and what not. He's too fun the way he is. Sure he can be a dangerous bastard, but he's not completely heartless.
  14. I couldn't agree more. On that subject... I can't see Sonic being a lady-killer... Mostly, 'cause he'd be arrested. Also, there's that whole business about "where to hide the bodies", and all. Although, he is super fast, so he could just run to some remote location in the world and dump them there...
  15. Very nice. Very nice. Tails looks really cool in those pics.
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