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  1. I have always felt like Lost World was a truly overlooked title and here is some of my reasoning behind it. Just my opinion. I might have posted this in the wrong place but can't figure out how to delete this post. If a moderator sees this and thanks the sonic showcase thread is more appropriate I will move it.
  2. Yeah I always thought the generations model looked a bit too...cute? Classic sonic had a good mix of badass and cute back in the day and this model provides that.
  3. I dont know...I guess I kind of just disagree, I sort of think the controls being bad is partially subjective. They are a bit wonky at times, but once you get good at the game they feel allot better, and once you figure out you can make sharper turns. Also, someone mentioned sonic riders controls bad. I disagree completely, sonic riders feels great once you learn how to play it.
  4. Interesting... Its gonna take allot of getting used to Sonics blue arms.... I dont understand the point of making his arms blue. Just seems like one of those changes thats just gonna bother people.
  5. What it means is that just because the Wii was so inferior graphically to the other consoles people think the Wii U is just as far behind. While in many ways the Wii U is technically inferior, I really believe that the fact that it can run games at 1080 HD alone is enough for it to be FAR less obvious than it was with the wii. The wii u can produce graphics like this... Does the next Sonic game really need to be any better looking for any console?
  6. Yeah, people are totally underestimating the power of the WII U I do not believe the experience will be that different.
  7. Yeah, if they made a movie it would probably be in the style of colors or lost world *hopefully with a better plot line though* If I had my choice though I would want them to make one with as epic as a story as the adventure games. In fact I think they should make Sonic adventure 2 into a movie. Lol
  8. I really think one of the main reasons I have more fun playing this game is because I think Im better at platformers than most people. Im not trying to sound conceded its not my intention. Im one of those people that VERY FREQUENTLY boots up the old genesis games and plays them allot still. Im used to bottomless pits and hard platforming. I got through most of the levels in lost world fairly easily (still hard enough to be a fun but not frusterating challenge), hence why I think I had more fun with the game. This game felt so much like a sega genesis game. Speaking of which, did anyone get a major oldschool throwback vibe when playing skyroad? Back in the day I remember a number of games towards the end throwing in a level similar to the first level just more challenging. Even the music choice reminded me of something that would have been picked back then for a level of this type.
  9. Im getting kind of sad because I feel like im in the minority that would give this game like 8 or even 9 out of 10. I just feel like its so much fun to play to me. Colors felt WAYYY too linear and got boring pretty fast. Generations helped a bit but I still felt like I was being pushed forward way too often. Im gonna be making a video review later but on another subject... If your frustrated about lives, you can rack up 99 lives pretty easily if you just go to the honeycomb level (desert ruins act 2) and right before the boss when your running there is a section where you go through a honeycomb hole and there is like 5 lives. Just keep collecting these lives then purposely dying over and over and you will have 99 lives in a matter of minutes.
  10. Finally picked up the game for wii u last night at the midnight release. I just got past the frozen factory zones. I am REALLY enjoying this game so far... Here are my thoughts so far... I really feel like this might be the best sonic has ever felt in 3d, There are times where the 2d sections feel like you are not playing a sonic game, but they do feel like some other good side scroller from like the genesis days so Im not complaining much, there are moments in the 2d sections that feel very sonicy though. The way the new homing attack feels and being able to spindash and the run trigger make them funner than colors 2d sections to me. I thought most of colors 2d sections were kind of boring to be honest. Here are some nitpicks with the game... You cant turn off subtitles or switch the language to japanese to the best of my knowledge. (I do love the current cast though so not a huge deal) Story seems a bit rushed but still good (was probably done so you can get to the gameplay faster) Something does feel a bit off with sonics run as far as turning goes. Super Peel out feels gimped (am I using it wrong?) It does have moments where it feels like main levels should be side quests or missions. (rolling snowball) Also a note for the snowball level on wii u one of the button lets you BREAK which helps allot. I got through the level in a few minutes. Things I love about the game Might be the best sonic has felt in 3d at times...when the game shines it really shines...(I got emotional with the epicness of frozen factory zone 1) Love the way the homing attack feels Good music Good voice acting (Even if some of the dialogue is a bit cheezey, but not in a bad way) Love all the different things u can do with the buttons and how the game makes you utilize them Feels like the game would have been released sometime after sonic 3d blast Love the spindash Love the parkour Love jumping up and twirling while your skating on the ice. Love emphasis on platforming So far I would give the game at its best a 9.5 out of 10 and at its worst a 6 out of 10 (The game is so varied that its hard to just give it a set score) I really do love that sonic team realized they were in a rut with how sonic controls so they completely changed it up.
  11. Picked the game up at midnight and so far I have gotten to tropical coast. For some reason the controls feel very natural to me. The only thing that bothers me is how sonic loses momentum when he turns and the super peel out feels gimped. I also wish when the game switched to 2d there was more momentum based physics But so far im having great fun, there really are moments that feel like your finally playing what a 3d sonic game should feel like.
  12. Does the Wii U version have the option to switch camera angles? This is something that has bothered me about allot of the newer sonic games, I enjoy the freedom of being able to look around.
  13. Alright guys please keep in mind that Im half joking when I say this but... didnt sonic sort of do the galaxy thing first? (This comes from someone who has barely played galaxy and just seen a few gameplay videos.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXMDTwuYniI also...how in the hell do you embed a video? Either the way you do it changed or I simply forgot.
  14. I thought this was an interesting post because I was just thinking the same thing the other day about the run button. Could you imagine how fun it would be to hold it down and gradually build speed, it would be an addicting feature i think. Just imagine holding it down and gaining speeds similar to generations but only after you hold it down for a long time but its optional. Would be great for speed runners. Who knows though, there might be consequences of this im not thinking of though.
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