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  1. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    Is anyone else glad they actually remembered Knuckles has a responsibility in taking care of the Master Emerald?
  2. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    Yeah just saw it. Oopsss
  3. Sonic Force- 100 ring cap in "Easy Mode"

    Because they're essentially removing an essential part of the game that has been there since the series started and there was no need to change it in the first place. Don't fix something that isn't broken. I just don't understand why the Sonic Team has to make things so complicated. It just doesn't make any sense. Edit: There's easy mode soooo.....
  4. Where are you getting these ideas from? And if it was even the slightest bit possible, what does that have to do with him having a sword?
  5. Sonic Forces Impressions

    What I meant short, sorry if I didn't bring the message across properly is story wise. I felt that Pre Sonic Colors most of the games story were fleshed out more and made more sense. I honestly feel that the story for both Sonic Colors and Generations was just an excuse to just play the levels. I feel the levels should revolve around the story, not the story revolve around the levels. Then again I don't know anything about making a Sonic game so what do I know?..
  6. Sonic Forces Impressions

    Ahh okay thanks for correcting me, I was worried about how long the game would be. Although I'm still worried about the game anyways.
  7. Sonic Forces Impressions

    Has anyone else read that a normal Sonic Forces play through will be the in the same length similar to Colors and Generations? Also explains why they decided with the 40 dollar price point. Here's the video with the person reading the interview: I'm actually disappointed with the fact that is as long as those two since, story wise those games were pretty shallow and really had no depth. I just don't wanna buy a game that I can finish the main story in about a 2-4 hours. Pretty disappointing.
  8. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    I honestly thought I was the only one who noticed that. I guess all those "Stay Tuned" made sense.
  9. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    I mean yeah of course. If I have so much amount of time on this forum talking, debating about this game for long hours, I might as well see how the game turns out. It would be kinda unproductive to complain about something I'm not entirely sure about and not see how it would work out.
  10. Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I think it was more of him being desperate than anything and besides he made the cannon to kill him afterwards sooo.
  11. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    When you literally feel like there is no sense of progression in story. The amount of plot holes in its stories, not knowing where Classic Sonic comes. Is he from the past or another dimension? The moon being almost completely destroyed and then in the next game having the moon being perfectly fine. Blazes back story? No explanation as to why Knuckles doesn't guard the Master Emerald. People shouldn't be having to ask so many questions that could be answered so simply within the game. The Sonic games, since probably around Sonic '06, has had no structure. I should think the events and consequences of a previous game should be reflected upon on the next. Like it just doesn't make sense. Honestly. Oh and then you ask why are the wisps back? Because they liked it in Sonic's world so they stayed, and how you do find out the answer? In a mobile game that was discontinued almost 3 years ago. It things like these that just irks me to no end.
  12. Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread

    I doubt its related to the actual Mystic Ruin in SA, I the Sonic Team could care less of any type of continuity at this point. Its becoming very hard defending them and this game. Ugh, I'm gradually losing my patience, the should team should just take break for a couple of years and bring some new people, cause this shit gotta stop.
  13. Since this is a prequel to the main events of the game, would we see a version of Park Avenue that's not destroyed? Or we're just gonna get small changes from the main level. I would hope not, I would wish to bring variations to each characters level like from Sonic Adventure 2, but boy knowing the Sonic Team at this point they would never put that much of an effort. That would at least justify playing the other two characters but.... Although I am glad Shadow is playable, I'm just happy that there's more of a focus to the story in this game. But yeesh those box placement in that video, I feel like they made they're own version of Super Mario Maker and just put whatever they wanted without a cohesive design to the actual level.
  14. You sure? Cause the way Eggman explained it as a plan to pretend to be dead was pretty smart. I don't understand your logic.
  15. That would be really interesting, but we all know the Sonic Team wouldn't pull it off.