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  1. You sure? Cause the way Eggman explained it as a plan to pretend to be dead was pretty smart. I don't understand your logic.
  2. That would be really interesting, but we all know the Sonic Team wouldn't pull it off.
  3. Cause in all those cases they all turn against him. I wouldn't think Eggman would turn against himself.
  4. Even though all those times, he had outside help. Dark Gaia, Chaos, Shadow to a degree, The Zeti, etc. So why not do something different and have him do all this by himself. Although IMO I would've just let him use the Chaos Emeralds and that's the only thing I would let him have. Other than that goodbye.
  5. There shouldn't be a new bad guy period. I thought this was supposed to be Eggman finally wining WITHOUT outside help.
  6. Infinite should not be there either.
  7. So It turns out that Sonic Forces will have three story modes, each character having their own take on story similar to the Adventure games. This is coming from GameCrate. If you want the full interview: https://www.gamecrate.com/interview-takashi-iizuka-and-shun-nakamura-state-sonic-2017/16493 What do you guys think about that?
  8. That's very true. Complaining all the time is not being productive, especially when it's about the smallest and pettiest things about the game.
  9. And I bet you Eggman is captured too or something as well, and its not him controlling the robots. Smh...
  10. I bet you that Shadow is just some mole and helps the gang from the inside, and of course Eggman can't do anything anymore without someone or something helping him. Like Jesus get the Emeralds and call it a day. Just when I thought Eggman did something all by himself.
  11. I'm just surprised that Chaos is back. And if he's back my girl Tikal better be in this game as well, and maybe some significance to the Master Emerald once again.
  12. Did anyone notice the fact that Modern Sonic's mission in Park Avenue is to get Shadow? So is he like captured or something?
  13. Well I don't think the rare deaths that happened in Sonic games were all that bad.I think they did their job, they moved the story forward and that's it. Although surpisignley they executed it pretty well, besides Sonic 06, I'm more talking about pre-Sonic 06; with Maria and the like. Don't really know why is there such a debate about the topic in the first place.
  14. Really I wouldn't had mind if SHTH had those types of guns anyways, especially if they had more omochao type guns, that was really fun to use.
  15. Then why have the options to even have the different characters have these "special advantages" over the other. Just have a generic looking anthropomorphic animal and call it a day. Really no point into putting whatever they have on character creators anyways. Also we need something besides cosmetics to differentiate all the options because I bet you that even thought you can pick a bear or cat they will all have the same type of clothes AND that's the reasons why MMORPGS have different classes (using Destiny as an example) and species to choose from, so we, as in the player, can have some form of fun in the game and carious options to choose from. And by the way I think A LOT of character creators have to some impactful gameplay mechanics to even justify having a character creator in the first place. Not just giving us some big goofy looking glasses and chao coat for looks.