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  1. Didn't Lizuka also mention that Classic Sonic wasn't be back?
  2. I would honestly want a game created with the dedication, creativeness, and the passion that was similarly put into Sonic Mania, regardless of it be a Modern or Classic style. That is what I hope the next Sonic game would be, not mattering who necessarily is developing said game.
  3. I used to think that Chili dogs were myth for the longest of times and only thought it war real within the Sonic games, until I visited the Dairy Queen and that's when I went into a state of shock and persuaded my mom to buy me one, however that was probably the last time I ate on because I always made a mess. Since Sonic Adventure DX was my first Sonic game I used to think that Sonic Adventure DX was a game based of off the X show and completely disregarded the D part.
  4. No one saying to retell the events of SA2, I think what was trying to be said is to use space as way to tell new stories. So not everything has to be contained on Earth, SA2 was just used as an example of what could be if they went that route.
  5. Soo Angel Island and basically the events of the classic games were all in the human world? It just doesn't add up to whats been said with this two world crap. I mean you can't say Angel Island is NOT in the human due it falling near Station Square & since Angel Island was in Sonic 3 that means most of the classic games were going on in the human world.
  6. I mean I don't think is that difficult, they did it with Sonic Adventure, Shadow the Hedgehog & to a lesser extent Sonic Heroes.
  7. I think what hes trying to explain is that in Sonic Battle (i think) is mentioned that in one of Gerald Robotnik's diaries, its enplaned that he found Emerl and brought him to the Ark. However he gave it GUN so he can more time with Project Shadow. So Shadow and Emerl have a LOOSE connection to each other through Gerald.
  8. They really threw any character development into the a dumpster of acid. Yikess.
  9. Jesus, that's probably the most complicated thing I've ever to heard to such a simple question.
  10. I mean Team Dark was clearly sent by them to investigate Green Hill so it would only make sense for them to help out.
  11. I feel like this game reeked of pure laziness. Like I would loved if they used past levels, for example Station Square, and show how that place was affected and that would've been a great opportunity in having a Chaos 0 boss fight. And where the hell was G.U.N. at? Like we know Team Dark was sent by them to Green Hill, and then what? They just stop fighting? They could've definitely had been a great impact on the story, they could've even help this "Resistance", but the Sonic Team didn't even try. Even come to think of it with Metropolis they could've brought THE Grand Metropolis stage as a place where HexaEco was pushing back Eggmans attack or something, but the Team didn't even try and make something out of this game and that's what disappointing me the most and it just sucks.
  12. I don't think I can agree it's a cliche, when most stories end up alright, depending on what game is being talked about. And I hate when I have to compare Sonic to Mario, but isn't also cliche when Mario always have to rescue Peach? Nintendo keeps doing it because it just works, awhile having different reasons for Bowers has to capture Princess Peach. It should be the same with the Emeralds. Find new and compelling reasons as to why to use the Emeralds than completely shoving them towards the side, but that just how I see it.
  13. I just want to know, why the hell didn't anyone decide to use the Chaos Emeralds! Like did everyone forget they existed.
  14. Yes. Honestly Sega should give other developer the right to make a Sonic game. Just imagine a game developed by Platinum Games, I think that would be great.
  15. Just finished watching the cutscenes and watched whatever gameplay was on Youtube and wow, what a mess. Sonic Forces look so incomplete. Its like Final Fantasy XV all over again. At least the the team over there are doing some story patches, but I just don't think the Sonic Team are competent enough to even try and patch whatever mess they made. And another thing, it sucks that it just had to be this game that Infinite had to be introduced, because he looked like an interesting character from all the promotion, but he just fell so flat. Honestly Sega gotta fire the whole Sonic Team, is to the point where they need new people to work on the Sonic Franchise, like go give the Sonic Franchise a long deserved rest and the team can work on something else. They gotta get their shit together and level of consistency if they ever wanna make a GOOD Sonic game, this isn't gonna cut it anymore. It's embarrassing.
  16. Is anyone else glad they actually remembered Knuckles has a responsibility in taking care of the Master Emerald?
  17. Because they're essentially removing an essential part of the game that has been there since the series started and there was no need to change it in the first place. Don't fix something that isn't broken. I just don't understand why the Sonic Team has to make things so complicated. It just doesn't make any sense. Edit: There's easy mode soooo.....
  18. Where are you getting these ideas from? And if it was even the slightest bit possible, what does that have to do with him having a sword?
  19. What I meant short, sorry if I didn't bring the message across properly is story wise. I felt that Pre Sonic Colors most of the games story were fleshed out more and made more sense. I honestly feel that the story for both Sonic Colors and Generations was just an excuse to just play the levels. I feel the levels should revolve around the story, not the story revolve around the levels. Then again I don't know anything about making a Sonic game so what do I know?..
  20. Ahh okay thanks for correcting me, I was worried about how long the game would be. Although I'm still worried about the game anyways.
  21. Has anyone else read that a normal Sonic Forces play through will be the in the same length similar to Colors and Generations? Also explains why they decided with the 40 dollar price point. Here's the video with the person reading the interview: I'm actually disappointed with the fact that is as long as those two since, story wise those games were pretty shallow and really had no depth. I just don't wanna buy a game that I can finish the main story in about a 2-4 hours. Pretty disappointing.
  22. I honestly thought I was the only one who noticed that. I guess all those "Stay Tuned" made sense.
  23. I mean yeah of course. If I have so much amount of time on this forum talking, debating about this game for long hours, I might as well see how the game turns out. It would be kinda unproductive to complain about something I'm not entirely sure about and not see how it would work out.
  24. I think it was more of him being desperate than anything and besides he made the cannon to kill him afterwards sooo.
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