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  1. sorry mods I just saw the rules lol.. forgot they changed a little over the years anyways would you guys be okay with this topic for gamertags being pinned?--just this one my view on it is if there is only one topic and its pinned then you just have to post your gamertag and forget about it lol [note: I'll make sure to read the rules before I make any new topics ]
  2. I will. Thanks again! :D

  3. Hahah, I'm so not, there are members here way nicer than me. I am glad you feel welcomed again. If you feel like you need assistance or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me or any other staff. ^.^

  4. Dude your like the nicest guy ever.. thanks for making me feel welcome to TSS/SSMB once again :)

  5. Thank you for the help in the topic, sorry if i acted like a crazie

  6. Sorry everyone for being immature. I shall change for the better now..for the children, chili dogs and FOR SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! :D

    1. Rabid-Noodles
    2. BlueSonikku


      w00t. He has converted another XD

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy


  7. I'm sorry everyone if I seemed to be immature. I realize now everyone is right and I have problems, i'll work on them hopefully one day I can come back and love all the members here on this wonderful site. If a mod could please delete this topic I would be grateful. Thank you everyone for posting your thoughts.
  8. No offense, by why isn't this site ran by children and 14 year olds? Was it by chance a adults idea? Fun for 'everyone'? I don't remember breaking any rules unless expressing my ideas did that, sorry if my ideas are childish to the adult mods on SSMB..the mods of a Sonic Fan Site. No Offense. Sorry that I hate young people. Well I'm done posting so if anyone else wants to tell me something PM. Goodbye EDIT: Before I go I wanted I wished to say to everyone I wished they could of helped me through my trouble of disliking of young people instead of disliking them more. I had some of my best memories here..when i myself use to be a young immature teen, I was blessed to have such wonderful mods and staff like Hogfather, Roareye Black, T-Bird and Dreadknux to make a kid feel welcome. And I still love all the mods and most of the people here. It was fun people.
  9. I'm glad we had a smart kid posting who was under 18..anyways whatever. Like or dislike my idea. It seems I'm not welcome here anymore so people know how to PM me if they care to. So feel free to lock this topic .
  10. Sorry for my sense of humor. Ah well, i wish I was different. By Adult I don't mean explicit, heck I dont even mean that it'd go anything past teen rated for anything sexual--I just want a place to chat with the nice people of SSMB. This I'm glad about. Age don't make a difference to me but maturity does. I 100 percent agree. By why not make one 'just for adults' anyways? I know I'm not the only adult on TSS who would like a place to just hang out with people closer to their age. I have nothing against teens or preteens but some people dont like talking about pokemon or sonic all the time with younger people--no offense intended to anyone. Cause of course this is a sonic fan site, but theres a reason there is a chit chat forum am I right? Of course, but without worrying what younger viewers/members would think reading the topics there would be a lot more freedom of speech. And yes I could do that--if you want to turn me and others away from SSMB I could make a adult sonic forum. But why not think about it before people start leaving cause the only things in the chit chat forum is why is it so cold and how cold does it have to be to snow? [once again no offense, but I wouldn't post this topic unless I think the SSMB needed it lol] And why was this? Well isnt that what a ban hammer is? Unmature people in my belief have no business on SSMB period, so what difference does it make if they post in a adult topic? Quicker ban? I hope so. How is it impractical if many people have asked for it? Too hard to look after for the mods? I'll keep that in mind even though I have logged nearly +1000 posts on this site before the server got wiped a few years ago. I thought you remembered me lol.. alot of people remember me I suggest we Adults--maybe even younger members if they are upset by their young age can post things that are within the rules of SSMB but might seem not suited for young members. Pretty much a forum being 'Come in and read at your own risk' kind of thing. People should have the choice, and if people want SSMB to stay family friendly I think they should make a forum for these things to keep the older members happy..unless everyone doesn't mind facebook too much.
  11. NOTE TO MODS: THIS ISN'T A ATTEMPT FOR FREE PORN SO DON'T LOCK THIS TOPIC FOR THINKING THIS IS A DISTASTEFUL TOPIC THAT'D BE A FAST EASY WAY FOR PORN CAUSE THAT'S NOT WHAT ITS ABOUT, KKTHXBAI. That's my idea. I don't think I'm racist or hateful.. but I don't know, I love like all the SSMB members.. but some reason I greatly dislike 80 percent of every person between the ages of 7-18. [this might be from 12 year olds thinking their hot stuff on xbox live then their moms beating up on them or them getting handed a frag nade in CoD.] [note: I'm not pedo.. but i like some kids that aren't whinny brats lol] So thats my idea.. why not? Adults ONLY topic, age locked and no/few censors. [NO PORN..srsly] I love how TSS has topics to make people of all ages to be happy, but a good bit of us are adults, so why not make us a forum? It would pretty much be a Adult version of chit-chat forum--but with a a little flair. If the idea is accepted adults can decide what to add to make it special and make it more adult friendly lolol. What do you 'Adults' think? [i don't want any comments from people under 18 cause this don't concern you <3] and as I said since most adults are pretty mature by nature I'm sure the topic wouldn't have to be looked after too much by mods--cause the 'cool kids' aka adults would hang there ;D [ heck maybe if this idea works out we could make a kids form for people under 18 just for the hell of it LOL..it'd be a first ]
  12. Crysis 2 Demo is coming to Xbox Live on January 25th (THIS TUESDAY) Its gonna be for Gold Subcribers only.. BE READY!!

  13. Talking bout dem bad girls, talking about the sad girls~! bad bad girls!! :D

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