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  1. happy birthday if you ever come back ! :D

  2. Feliz Navidad, mi bien amigo.

  3. PONY

    1. ChaosRay


      I'm sorry, sir, but you have the wrong member. I am an elf, not a pony.

  4. *steals your wallet for no reason whatsoever* I'm sorry, did you need this?

  5. Not sure if birthday or just trolling...but, just in case: Happy birthday Raxz!

  6. Happy Birthday, What's-yer-name ;)

    1. Terios


      Thank you, Ray :3

    2. ChaosRay


      Was it better than you imagined? (*that's what she said*)

  7. Terios, I bring news that could be either good or bad depending on how you take it: you have now been enlisted in your country's army. Have fun! ^D^

  8. A walk down the trail.

    1. ChaosRay


      *loads up sniper rifle*

  9. This here spot on this here profile now belongs to me! >:P dealwithit.jpg

    1. Terios



    2. ChaosRay


      First off I shall put a makeup department, boxes, and plane tickets to dangerous parts of the world on this spot to mark it as my own.

  10. I shall solve this maths problem...WITH MY FIST!!

    1. frokenok3


      I have a better solution. Solve your maths problem with a flamethrower in your class. :3

    2. Blacklightning


      Maths problem standing in my way?

      Omoe wa mo shinderu.

    3. Axl.EXE


      Math problems? STAAARLIIIIIIIGHT


  11. Hey Ray, everything got sorted out. I am much better now. Although the answer I got was not the one I expected, at least I was told the truth. If I'm not on today you may ask Kit about what happened. She knows. Thank you so much. See ya.

    1. ChaosRay


      No problem, anytime! ^^

  12. Terraniux Underground.

  13. Hey hey Terios, I just wanted to leave ya a comment. 8)

  14. The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness

    1. Ferno


      wut abowt yer hopes n dreems?

    2. Terios


      Hope fades into the world of night.

    3. Raxz


      Most of the good things in life are either immoral or unhealthy. You really have to either just deal with it, or not have as much fun as you could have.

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