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  1. Sonic Colors probably has the best and most original music from any recent Sonic game I've played. It felt like they actually tried instead of making generic and forgettable level themes. What's your favorite song from Sonic Colors? Here's mine: I could seriously listen to this ALL DAY LONG.
  2. For what they were, SA and SA2 were incredible. I'd still play them. Compared to Sonic games now, I think SA2 would still be at the top of most Sonic games lists. SA was WAY glitchy at some points (especially the Dreamcast one I had) but despite that it stands to the test of time.
  3. So since the time of Sonic 1, there has been South Island, and then West Island in Sonic 2, and then Angel Island in Sonic 3. Also, there is a Christmas Island Sonic was supposedly born on and there is also Flicky Island from Sonic 3D Blast. And then after that things go a little crazy. There is Coconut Island in Tails Adventure and then we have to figure out how everything fits in from Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Has anyone ever mapped the Sonic world with all it's Zones? Some games probably don't need to be mapped because they A) Are part of a outside field that is eventually removed (Sonic Colors, Sonic CD, etc.) B ) Some games may not be canonical enough to be considered, being developed by a 3rd party, such as Sonic Battle's inconsistencies with Tails' Workshop location and Knuckles' location not being on Angel Island. I'm also inclined to not include Sonic Chronicles because of some problems with positioning things, but maybe it could work out. And if you don't give a crap about the Sonic world map, please don't complain about it on here; this is just for fun.
  4. Hahaha... Sonic 2 had some really cheap deaths... Chemical Plant Zone flooding portion is tough for everyone... That freakin' part in Casino Night Zone where you get stuck between the bumpers... Hill Top Zone lava rising portions... Oil Ocean in general can be a tough level... Mystic Cave Zone instant death spike pit(s)... Metropolis Act 3! Classic cheap death central! Wing Fortress Zone and it's pit hopping shenanigans! Death Egg Zone's Final Boss (Metal Sonic is easy as pie). I miss that difficulty though. It may have seen cheap, but you own them after a few plays. THIS. I still kind of miss insta-shield.
  5. The hub worlds in the Wii Version were complete garbage. "You can switch between night and day now! Jump for joy you cheapscape that can't afford a Xbox 360!" D: But the ones on the PS3 and Xbox 360 look beautiful. Looked like fun.
  6. I 100% agree with you; the game needs strategy and depth. I think we're talking about the same thing in different ways. I don't see Sonic characters working in a Magic the Gathering/Yugioh game set up. It doesn't really feel like Sonic with those sorts of rules. Plus, it probably would benefit a lot from having it's own unique gameplay so it wouldn't be lost in the grand array of generic card games that are actually "Magic with Mario characters" or "Pokemon with Megaman characters." Having a battle system for a Sonic game probably wouldn't work. Making it a race game to collect rings and Chaos Emeralds probably would be an awesome set up. Having it set up like Uno with ring cards, power up cards, shields, etc would probably work. Not to copy Uno but to collect the Chaos Emerald cards in someway that is fast paced feels like a Sonic game to me. A battle style game probably would work, but I'm afraid it would get lost in the sea of obscurity along with all the other card game copies. I'll post more stuff later. I think I have a system for this.
  7. The problem with making a simple CCG is depth. I've found most people that own Pokemon and even Yugioh cards don't know how to play the game, but just collect the cards. That's one reason they've sold well. The other reason they've done so well is that the game was made so you have to buy a buttload of cards so you get the really good ones (especially Yugioh). Pokemon and Yugioh's rules were just too complicated for some people, let's face it. Most people didn't want to sit down and learn how to play it, so just pulled out Charizard and just "LOL F1AR SP1N LAWLS, U R DEAD <3" So that would be great, and if the rules are too complicated for most people than they'll just think like that and just collect them (assuming it even goes anywhere). If you make it too simple, there will be little depth/variety in gameplay and what occurs. You, my friend, are in an interesting predicament.
  8. So we want Sega making another crappy backstory game? Let's see which ones have worked out so far... hmm... Shadow the Hedgehog, failure. Sonic Chronicles attempting to explain the echinda thing, near failure. Sonic Adventure explain some echinda stuff, not perfect. Sonic 0 explaining what happened to Sonic's parents, family, why he runs around alone with a boy fox in the woods and runs the speed of sound... unnecessary. If they made this game, it would ruin Sonic.
  9. LAZOR... SPIKES! Yup. Laser or spikes is my favorite. I can't decide. Spikes is awesome for exploration. Love it!
  10. This. Simpler is better, I think. It could be made as a general card game but have expansion packs and things to trade in for other cards later. I think that the direction that you're heading is a good card game set up, but as a Sonic card game I'm not sure if I'm feeling it. All trading card games are falling into a bottomless pit of generic Magic rip offs, it being the parent of all trading card games. I just think it would be nice to see something different. I've worked on several trading card games in the past, and I think I have a layout for this method as far as strategy and set up, I'm just too lazy to spend time making the actual cards (although I don't think this set up would take too much work). Let me know if you want to do it this way.
  11. The Sonic X card game seemed to have a good basis, but was so bland and so much not like Sonic it could've been called anything else. I'll just throw in my two cents here that a good Sonic card game should be played like "speed" the card game if you've ever played that. Having it based on collecting rings and having a casino feel to it probably could make it a good game (Sonic 4 Casino Street Act 2 comes to mind), but somewhat takes away from the Sonic characters and strategy of the game being involved. Maybe playing the game as certain characters would give the player "special abilities" that are unique to them playing the game. Or Zone cards apply different rules as you draw through the deck. I don't know, I'm just spitting out ideas here. If that sounds too much like Uno or something for you, I'm not sure if Sonic is really good for a structured format like Yugioh or Magic. I know that most Trading Card Games follow that model but generally speaking it doesn't seem to fit. (Sonic Chronicles, anyone?)
  12. Sonic Battle is one of the coolest games ever except for the fact that certain characters are ridiculously broken (e.g. Tails, Cream, Amy, SHADOW, and Emerl once he's at full power). The only thing I didn't like is how much Sonic sucked as a character while others are crazy good (like Cream and Shadow). Still, fun game. It would've been better if they made the characters more even. And even including the point system for Emerl he can be pretty freakin' cheap.
  13. I know this is to modern fans, but as a classic fan I have a few words to add here. I think generally speaking, all modern games are just easier for people to play. Quick example, I played through Zelda: Twilight Princess without dying once. Then I remembered how much fun Link's Awakening is. That game is pretty freakin' hard in some spots. And this is coming from a modern Zelda fan. As for Sonic games, the old ones were hard as a kid but got easier as I got older. My little brother, as a kid, got through all of the newer Sonic games without any trouble but still struggles on the old ones. Video games are just made to easier to get through then they once were. Just sayin.
  14. It appears they're doing a rehash of the original series in modern form rather than expanding on the originals. So I think we can expect this: Sonic 4 Ep 1 = Sonic 1 Features: Special Stages, Gay crap. Sonic 4 Ep 2 = Sonic 2/CD Features: Simultaneous 2 Player, Cool Special Stages, Flying Tails, Amy, Competitive 2 Player Sonic 4 Ep 3 = Sonic 3 & Knuckles Features: Knuckles, Hyper Sonic, Doomsday-ish Zone, more multiplayer. The one thing I would love is an online racing mode but I have no clue what SEGA has been smokin' lately. Anyhow, I wish they would work on improve the series instead of using "Sonic the Hedgehog" as "Sonic the Cashhog."
  15. The Special Stages aren't that bad, and for what frustration one has with them have Super Sonic run through a level so fast you end up with 100,000 + points at the end is good enough enough compensation for me.
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