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  1. Yeah because there wasn’t much going on. No new characters showed up, but Aaron Webber voices one of the cops.
  2. It means they’re part of the reason why many people criticize and dump on the main series, due to Sega constantly shoving those in our faces when not a lot of people asked for them (and repeat: Classic Sonic in the 3D titles after Generations.). Like SatAM, the main series is not exempt from criticism just because it’s the main series. Well if no one is telling you why, I’ll give my two cents. Whats in it for the main continuity? How about world development, especially after Sega claims there’s two separate worlds, which just seems to be used as an excuse to not use the human worlds again, where most of the lore takes place. And the echidna lore seems to not be touch upon again due to a certain former writer of the Archie Sonic series who thinks he own the monopoly of echidnas (well, technological echidnas but Sega did it first, but try telling him that.) Because of this, we’re left with one empty world many didn’t care for in Forces. What I mean by empty is that there’s no established culture other than generic animal people. Hell, Sega is too afraid to put a name in the world. They’re so afraid to establish this world or any of these characters. Sally and the FF have an established society, and was reworked in the reboot to make it fit into the games. Bringing them to the games could give a little depth to the animal world. And before you say that the games could do so without Sally...I don’t see that happening. Sega right now don’t seem to care. They’re too busy cash cowing Classic Sonic and stuffing Zavok into every game to appease the Mario fans (since he seems to be made to be Sonic’s Bowser.) But maybe you disagree with this, which I doubt you agree. But that’s fine. You have your doubts. Psi has his concerns. You have the right to express them as long as it’s a respective manner. But you, and everyone here, have to understand neither side are gonna back down. So we all just agree to disagree. What I don’t condone is gameboy acting like an asshole who talks like he’s above us just because we like SatAM. Clearly you only joined to troll us so if that’s the only reason... ...you know how to sign out.
  3. Stuff like Zavok, Wisps, Classic Sonic in the 3D games mean anything? But no one is saying SatAM should replace the main series. Just have a compromise to fit the SatAM chars into the game canon. NOT replace the main series.
  4. Unless you consider the old Sonic manga, which was first printed on April of 1992, as her debut, then no...
  5. In a way, they probably would...just not maybe positively (depends on who you ask)? But no doubt, he thinks they be a impactful deal...written by him.
  6. Or she could still be a princess. We don't have to dwell so much into that, but maybe her kingdom forms a GUN-like military to take down Eggman after forcing them to defend against his robots in Forces, and the whole Zombot thing plaguing their kingdom. They don't have to be main characters. But this isn't the thread to talk about that. This is about Penders and his many recycled excuses. 😋
  7. Look if this is about fearing that Eggman robotizing Bunnie is a step too far for him, then maybe take a page out of Fleetway, where Robotnik had this indestructible alloy that make it nearly impossible to take the robotic armor off, like the character: Shortfuse. It was pretty much like the games, upped a level.
  8. Since when was Kim royalty? I never seen that. Well replace that with Antoine being the Ron XD, Rotor the Wade, and Bunnie the Monique if she had her future self’s skills XD
  9. So make her Kim Possible. I'm down for it XD
  10. He didn't find any of the Sonic character interesting, mostly because they're teenagers, and mostly because he didn't have much control over them as he did with Knuckles. And not only he tried to kill off Sally because he thought she served her purpose, but it's because of how her mini-series didn't do so well, which, again, was mostly staring his definitely-not-a-pedo-skunk than Sally (And I guess cuz it was marketed toward boys who were afraid to buy a "girly" comic. It was the nineties). Penders isn't the best example when talking about Sally, to be honest.
  11. No they don’t own characters exclusive to Fleetway. I remember Archie trying to sneak a Tekno cameo in in older comics. I believe Fleetway weren’t too happy about that.
  12. I dunno, I think that version is just being trapped in the robot parts, just like in the old games. Fleetway did something like this many times. Hell, one character, named Shortfuse, used to be stuck in a robot body made of nearly indestructible alloy (I believe called Megatal). Bunnie could be one of the unfortunate test subjects Eggman used for such a new alloy.
  13. Probably because they go against everything they know about the Sonic franchise. The common reasons is “They never grown up with them” or “because they’re not game characters”. Seriously, I always wondered how they’ll react if Sally and the FF ever appeared in a legit Sonic Team game. Yes, not that it’ll ever happen, but just curious. Wow that might be weird cuz the guy who made this hates Flynn.
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