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  1. Yeah he’s just grasping straws to try be relevant to the Sonic fandom at this point...and before this...and before this... So... *puts on cop hat* there’s nothing to see here. Move along move along.
  2. So here’s another TV spot. Nothing much but a small amount of new footage.
  3. But he seems perfectly fine when he's in the hideout, almost like he's not bothering keeping away from everyone. The virus seems like it could cover him less than a minute if he's not running around. So what the heck?
  4. Kinda. That was the creator’s web comic; RPG World. You can find it if you look. There’s also a fan continuation of it as well since the original never finished.
  5. If Eggman shows up with Boxman, that’s TWO Robotnik voices together!! That’s the only thing I’m looking forward to!!
  6. God I wish Fini was in the new comic. That pic is so cover worthy
  7. In the words of this Sonic OVA abridge I seen... Metal: “I’m daddy’s special boy!!”
  8. Okay THAT I didn’t know. 😟 Moving on.
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