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  1. Those poor souls. Clearly, it's not coming out in this decade...or timeline.
  2. That's what I'm saying. Perhaps in the aftermath of the Zombot thing, hearing that Sonic was mostly the cause of all that, Sally's kingdom decides to take matters into their own hands and apprehend Eggman, telling Sonic's group to back off. Amy, being one who seems to care about the resistance, or whatever they're called now, would feel effected by this and demand order in the group, especially Sonic, forgetting the things she figured back in issue 2. Sonic...just won't care, and would butt-heads with Sally, teasing her, too and probably the very few to get under her skin. I'm not saying they'll be enemies, no way. But I think Sally and her crew would be a good foil for the usual four. But of course in the end, they'll learn to respect each other and become friends. Or if there's a Classic Sonic series coming, just put the Freedom Fighters there. They are technically classic characters.
  3. I don’t know why but now I gotta draw Zavok as Thanos XD
  4. Sonic Chronicles. Yeah it had bad sounds and music, and the gameplay isn’t all that...desirable, and it kinda was part of that whole Archie thing, but I loved it for its story, especially actually developing the echidnas, and the Gizoids, something you know Sega won’t bother doing. Also I liked that you can chose what Sonic says because many fans have their own interpretation on what Sonic is supposed to be. Also they brought in the SWATbots as Eggman’s early creations. That was cool
  5. Simply put... Sally - Blossom Amy - Buttercup Mina - Bubbles
  6. I feel like the racing car bed is a reference to the Sonic Archie comics.
  7. But he seems perfectly fine when he's in the hideout, almost like he's not bothering keeping away from everyone. The virus seems like it could cover him less than a minute if he's not running around. So what the heck?
  8. If Eggman shows up with Boxman, that’s TWO Robotnik voices together!! That’s the only thing I’m looking forward to!!
  9. God I wish Fini was in the new comic. That pic is so cover worthy
  10. In the words of this Sonic OVA abridge I seen... Metal: “I’m daddy’s special boy!!”
  11. I remember. That was during SA2 when fans wondered if Eggman would turn good after those events.
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