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  1. Kinda. That was the creator’s web comic; RPG World. You can find it if you look. There’s also a fan continuation of it as well since the original never finished.
  2. Ugh I hope Penders or his followers didn’t either
  3. If Eggman shows up with Boxman, that’s TWO Robotnik voices together!! That’s the only thing I’m looking forward to!!
  4. God I wish Fini was in the new comic. That pic is so cover worthy
  5. In the words of this Sonic OVA abridge I seen... Metal: “I’m daddy’s special boy!!”
  6. Okay THAT I didn’t know. 😟 Moving on.
  7. I remember. That was during SA2 when fans wondered if Eggman would turn good after those events.
  8. I dunno, I kinda like Chris Patton to voice Sonic (though I don't know if he still voices anymore). Like this old video here... Brianne Siddall sounds pretty good as Tails, and Bob Buchholz as Knuckles, but Mike McFarland sounds like a good fit. But I do like Shannon Chan-Kent as Amy
  9. I think someone in this thread asked where were the mandates that totally leashed both comics. But I'll ask again; where the hell were they for this movie?!?
  10. I'm talking design wise; okay I don't know if the creators wanted to change the design, but still. Because lets face it; the SatAM characters like Sally, Lupe, and such do not look like they're from a Sonic game.
  11. You know, if SatAM had it their way, this is what he probably would've looked like. Still, I just don't get it. They must've known this would piss the fans off. SEGA would've known, and they should known the fans by now, that this would piss them off. Yet they did it anyways. I'm really skeptical of this move. I really do think this is a Crystal Pepsi strategy; to make all their mediocre games look good in comparison.
  12. I know this is just a joke but this could only explain Sega’s involvement and decision for the film. https://youtu.be/n4E3biZepU4
  13. Man this design might make the one from that fan movie look good by comparison XD Edit: Ninja’d XD;;
  14. I'm hoping that's the case. It does seem like it cuz they don't give enough detail that the two world thing is literally.
  15. Well we can agree to disagree about the FFs. I’m pretty sure they’ll make a Classic Sonic series and if they do bring in the FFs, they’ll be Classic-locked.
  16. I always thought that since Station Square had palm trees and is near a tropical location that it was LA.
  17. They rarely give their attention to their other IPs. What makes you think they’ll give the FFs separate IPs?
  18. And Hot Topic sales goes up by 50% after this trailer XD
  19. I have a feeling IF the Freedom Fighters do return, they’ll be limited to ‘Classic characters’ only.
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