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  1. I believe Sally had some affinity for archeology, as seen in a couple of episodes in SatAM, and one, maybe two, issues in the early comics. And even though its fan-work (but might as well be official at this point), Sally's mother in Sea3on was an archeologist. I wished the comics shown more of this aspect.
  2. And apparently, so did SEGA, as Cream haven’t been in a game recently. Look, the comics got canceled before they could do anything more with Cream. Since the Metal Virus arc was originally for the reboot Archie, for all we know, Sally would’ve acknowledged Cream during it. But we’ll never know. (And please don’t bring up the plot with Sally not knowing how to cook. Trust me: We know!)
  3. And correct me if I'm wrong, you kinda wanted Sally to be more like Gallagher's Sally, which that Sally is as bad as the Amy from Sonic X. I said that example of Sally is BAD example.
  4. Unless her name is Amy. Yeah that's the episode I'm talking about, which explains my point. She got her comeuppance ONCE, and it's kinda a slap on the wrist, and you're not complaining? Also having Sally getting called out is one thing, but making her more unlikable than she already is to some just so she can be called out is not the way to go.
  5. So basically, you like for Sally's negative traits to be magnified so characters can finally call them out? This kind of thing is something I see in Sonamy fics where they pretty much magnify her negative traits to eleven just to make her look bad. I don't think examples like Rebecca Cunningham is a good example, as if I recall, she doesn't get her comeuppance that much. Most of the time, her schemes end bad and Baloo takes the fall while she gets off scott free. Sure she gets called out and get some punishment, but they're mostly slap on the wrists. And having Sally be like how she was in the early comics isn't a good idea, as she seems like the Sally many anti-Sally fans complain about; a total nag who tends to stay at home or get kidnapped, and she shows off her royalty and bosses people around.
  6. Wouldn't matter, cuz he'll be like 'Oh I have lawyers protecting me, so no copyright law in the universe can stop me'!
  7. Well there you go. Are we really gonna worry about them? They pretty much hate Flynn for everything he does, especially with the FFs like with Sally being bi for example. I'm not fond of that, but... Penders did worse to her and the FFs. Frankly, since Sega got rid of humans (sans Eggman), maybe Sally has her own version of GUN or something, those who owned that prison that kept the villains. I do like the idea of her and her team having a rivalry with Sonic and his friends; the whole careful planning vs winging it thing. Also, Rotor can still be an inventor, but Sally and her organization's. Who says he has to be Sonic's? That's Tails' role, anyways. Antoine...yeah, I agree with Domino. Why the hell they designed so generic-looking when Starline had a coat of his own? It seems to hypocritical. And as for Bunnie, as Ryan said, they had robotization in Lost World, though it seems based on Badnik-processing (trapping animals in robots/robotic armor), but hell, Fleetway did that. In fact, the character, Shortfuse, was trapped in one that was made of a nearly indestructible alloy, Megatal. So Bunnie can be in the same bolt; her legs and arm stuck in indestructible robot armor. And I don't see what the problem is with a advanced AI in the franchise, like Nicole. Yeah, there maybe people who'll complain that the FFs are not like how they originally were, but...pfft, same can be said about most of the cast here, like Amy, Tails, and Shadow. You can't please everyone.
  8. I mean it does seem like the likely way to go with them.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard that SEGA didn't like that Ian snuck that in.
  10. They still haven’t thought up a mythos for the franchise as they keep on changing it.
  11. As said before, continue the Rush games. I like to see more of Blaze's world.
  12. Well she was a stoic serious character who's socially awkward. This was very forgotten since Rush, and I wish they kept that, along with her friendship with Cream.
  13. I feel like fans these days in general don’t even know much about Rush. She seems like the character known to always be with Silver and be his love interest. I don’t think most people knows she’s a princess as that hasn’t been used at all (other than IDW where they just gave her a castle.)
  14. Okay I got it. Sonic - Max Mittelman or Grant George Tails - Cassandra Lee Morris or Erika Harlacher Amy - Erika Harlacher or Kira Buckland Knuckles - Ian Sinclair Shadow - Xander Mobus, Ben Pronsky, or David Matraga Rouge - Elizabeth Maxwell or Erika Lindback Blaze - Tara Platt Silver - Yuri Lowenthal or Micheal Johnston Cream - Christine Marie Cabanos or Xanthe Huynh Mighty - Robbie Daymond Ray - Casey Mongillo *Sally - Erika Lindback or Collen Clinkenbeard *(Yeah, I know, unlikely, but just for the heck of it.)
  15. I'll raise you a Mega Man Legends 3 and Half-Life 3. Seriously, those two games will be out by the time Penders puts up his book. Oh, and I'll throw in a FF7 complete Remake
  16. I don’t know what VAs I have in mind for the cast, but for Sonic, maybe Max Mittelman.
  17. It’s quite a surprise to hear Jason Griffith voice Shadow when they had his original voice actor voice Knuckles.
  18. Cyberdark huh? Wonder if someone will tell Konami about that IF the comic....I’m sorry, “graphic novel” ever comes out.
  19. He considers that arc a “hissy fit” to undermine his work. He really hated it because it ruined HIS status quo.
  20. No the guy just loves phrases. He has enough fans to fill his huge ego.
  21. Yeah because there wasn’t much going on. No new characters showed up, but Aaron Webber voices one of the cops.
  22. Yeah uh...that's debatable. What I mean is because that Classic Sonic is now a "Sonic from another dimension" as opposed to a past Sonic, it's unclear wither the classic games is now cut from the Modern continuity or not. From my headcannon, the classic games exists in the Modern timeline, but events from Generations turned the Classic Sonic into a alternate timeline (just like with Trunks in DBZ, as the franchise likes to copy from.). But of course, we don't get that in the games. They just say he's a Sonic from another dimension. Yeah, I think having Sally be in a mobile game is just to comfort her fans that she's not forgotten and is..."somewhat" part of the game world. But having her just be slapped onto canon and not be used is still a disservice. She and her fellow FFs deserve more than that. If it were up to me, she and the SatAM chars be part of a new mainline Sonic game.
  23. It means they’re part of the reason why many people criticize and dump on the main series, due to Sega constantly shoving those in our faces when not a lot of people asked for them (and repeat: Classic Sonic in the 3D titles after Generations.). Like SatAM, the main series is not exempt from criticism just because it’s the main series. Well if no one is telling you why, I’ll give my two cents. Whats in it for the main continuity? How about world development, especially after Sega claims there’s two separate worlds, which just seems to be used as an excuse to not use the human worlds again, where most of the lore takes place. And the echidna lore seems to not be touch upon again due to a certain former writer of the Archie Sonic series who thinks he own the monopoly of echidnas (well, technological echidnas but Sega did it first, but try telling him that.) Because of this, we’re left with one empty world many didn’t care for in Forces. What I mean by empty is that there’s no established culture other than generic animal people. Hell, Sega is too afraid to put a name in the world. They’re so afraid to establish this world or any of these characters. Sally and the FF have an established society, and was reworked in the reboot to make it fit into the games. Bringing them to the games could give a little depth to the animal world. And before you say that the games could do so without Sally...I don’t see that happening. Sega right now don’t seem to care. They’re too busy cash cowing Classic Sonic and stuffing Zavok into every game to appease the Mario fans (since he seems to be made to be Sonic’s Bowser.) But maybe you disagree with this, which I doubt you agree. But that’s fine. You have your doubts. Psi has his concerns. You have the right to express them as long as it’s a respective manner. But you, and everyone here, have to understand neither side are gonna back down. So we all just agree to disagree. What I don’t condone is gameboy acting like an asshole who talks like he’s above us just because we like SatAM. Clearly you only joined to troll us so if that’s the only reason... ...you know how to sign out.
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