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  1. I've seen much more deadly enemies in the series than the D6. There's nothing that really makes them live up to their name. I think they're the worst enemies both in terms of personalitites and design. I don't like them at all. No matter how hard I try I can't take them seriously and their threatenings don't help either. Incredibly cliched and badly designed enemies that were likely intended to appeal to little children. I can imagine I'd like them if I was 7. Their respective boss fights are awful as well. They don't do much in the game's story either. They appear out of nowhere, do some illogical stuff and disappear without any resolve. Good riddance. Hope I'll never see them again (as cool as it may be to have bosses in Sonic Dash, I'd rather have somebody, anybody else but them, though I understand it's a marketing thing).
  2. Those look so disappointing. Volcanion is passable. Diancie is meh and Hoopa is just plain awful.
  3. There is no "bullshit going on in Russia" and I will ask you to stop this crap. I'm just your average Russian citizen as for me reading stuff like that is offensive to say the least. Oh and it's really awkward people not buying games not because of something they don't like about the games themselves (no CGI intros, no vocal tracks, no new playable characters, stories, art style, music or gameplay itself in Sonic games etc.) but because some insignificant stuff in the coutry this game is connected with. Wow indeed.
  4. I honestly don't see how there's no difference between CGI and in-game models. (this one's upscaled and compressed) (this one's compressed and downscaled) There's still a huge difference. Oh wow. Just... WOW! Are you even serious?! facepalm.jpg
  5. B-b-but they have no money to create any more characters or dream events!(((((((((((((( Oh , please! Are we talking about some unknown struggling indie developers??? The game is being supported not even by one, but by TWO gaming industrie LEGENDS! How poor do you think they are to make ONE CGI intro for a game that will sell like hot cakes? Yes, it kinda does. You see, they used to think that way, like "Oh hey guys, just imagine how awesome it would be if we made a beautiful CGI intro! What if we added a vocal track?" They did everything to improve their games and fill them with as much as they could to provide better experience. Now they're omitting everything. Gameplay is important but without everything else the game will not be as as great as it could be. Thinking otherwise may as well bring us back to playing Tetris. I will just say that I was talking about SLoW which had a lot of "meh" score. Yeah, like those games except they had a lot more to them but SLoW didn't get much better even by omitting so many things and supposedly spending that money on improving the gameplay experience™. You still got a mess of a game. I believe I make a point but I can clearly see you will keep defending the company and up-voting those who have better reputation no matter if they actually make a point or not. Anyway, I do think them not making a CGI intro is stupidly lazy and I see no decent excuse for them for doing that. Your point of view I already know just by looking at up-votes. No need to keeping this debate any longer.
  6. Yup, they can't afford anything in their games lately when they could do that easily all those years before. We're talking about the spin-off series that sells like hot cakes and they still can't afford it? xD And people STILL think they're spending the money on improving the gameplay experience™. ............then you get a game worthy of 6/10, lol. Truly doing their best, right.
  7. I love CGI. What is it with you having problems with that? Seriously, SEGA's been cutting all possible corners and spending as little money on games as possible. They got rid of vocal themes, now there's almost no CGI - something that was always amazing to look at in Sonic games. It wouldn't be a problem if there were no CGI intros in previous installments of M&S olympics. Thing is, there were outstanding CGI intros in every single one but this.
  8. What the fuck did I just watch? 30 seconds of some lame-ass in-game lazy cutscene with Sonic and Mario?! Is that for real?! Is it THE intro movie for the game? Like, COME ON! I hope it's just some other stuff. Having this bullshit after 3 amazing long CGI intros in previous games is devastating.
  9. Remake =/= remaster. Sa2 was just ported with a few slightly updated textures. Same with Taxman's widescreen ports even though it was a new engine. It was still more of a remaster than a remake. Remakes should have modern graphics and everything new but based on the original games like pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold - those were actually remakes.
  10. Now the most interesting question is where will they crack the models so we can find out how the event legendaries look like and if there are any more mega evolutions hidden:).
  11. Let's make this clear: the physics should be absolutely top-notch!!! And sure, S3&K is THE best game to remake!!! I'd love to see that! Generations graphics+ Classic physics and I'm sold! Oh, looks like non MD2 games are also allowed. In this case, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. I'd love to have remakes of those games! Wouldn't mind Heroes as well. Wait, just imagine Sonic advance series remade with HD graphics!!!
  12. Third title? Well, I really hope it's better than SLoW. What I'd love to see and hear: - Much bigger budget. It looks like they reeeeeally didn't want to go big with SLoW. - Better graphics with art direction like in previous Sonic games. - Better music that doesn't sound like Mario. More energetic music with more genres and more fitting instruments - MUCH better story. It's like they don't even try nowadays. Unleashed was kinda weak but at least I could take it seriously when needed and characters were showing their different sides. Since Colors all stories are such a huge shame. - Playable SOMEBODY who's not Sonic or some plastic toy-helicopter. Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, Blaze, Metal Sonic, Eggman, ANYBODY! - Fast gameplay. I still can't help but see Lost World as a slow Sonic game. - Less Mario influences, please, for the love of God! - Improve the design of enemies. Make the bosses better and bring back the S4/SC/SG style of badniks. - More content that actually belongs in a Sonic game. SLoW bonus levels were mostly so out of place, it was just awful. - Vocal theme again, please. - A better, much better ending. All three previous games disappointed me a lot in that department. - Parkour can stay, just improve it but please get rid of the stupid wisps! It can be a main game but I'm OK with another spin-off if it's a qualitative game. My dream main game would be Sonic Adventure 3 with another Riders game being my dream spin-off game (if it has a good story like in two first riders games, that is).
  13. Typical))). Time is passing, more criticism appears. People now see just how similar to Mario the game looks and sounds and how unfair the level design is and that the story isn't much better than Colors. Makes me a bit warm inside. But it's only typical. The hype is disappearing and people can think straight whether they like this game or not. Good review, Blue Blood.
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