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  1. I don't own a Wii U and have no intentions of buying one. The console came out with little fanfare and has been suffering a huge drought of games. Even EA who usually publish games for everything have given the Wii U a wide berth. Now I hear SEGA have locked down three Sonic games on a console with the smallest install base of any on the market? I just hope Nintendo are paying them a lot for this favour or else things won't end well. Sales will have to pick up significantly between now and Christmas for this to work out for them. With two "Next Gen" consoles on the horizon though that may be difficult. As for the chorus of people saying "save up for a Wii U for one game" that's an impossibility for some people. I live with my girlfriend and 6 month old daughter. The money we make goes on food, bills and things that needs fixing. Anything we have left over goes on the baby. I'm at a time in my life where games aren't the number one thing anymore. I'm not willing or able to throw money away for a console I don't have just because there's a game on it I want. A lot of people are in a similar financial situation I'm sure. We've been in a recession for the better part of five years and cash is hard to come by. Putting £20 a month away sounds easy but when you're counting if you can afford the £3.30 train fare to work every day putting £20 a month away is a luxury I can't afford.
  2. I've been lurking on this thread for a few days now waiting for my copy to arrive. It finally did at 11.30am. For those still waiting, it showed mine was put on a van for delivery at 9.07am according to Amazon. On the HDNL website it showed as being loaded into the drivers van at the same time. There was no other information given before the van arrived at my house in Leeds. It was a big white van with a small green HDNL logo on the side, as seen on the website. I really hope those who are waiting get theirs today. If not, raise some hell!
  3. Well thats made my day, this game looks better than I thought it would and I've gone from being apathtic to excited in the space of a short gameplay trailer. Why SEGA even bothered with the fancy pants CGI trailer I don't know as all it seemed to do was cause me to be confused.
  4. I only dare listen to the boss music because that is the only music I care about finding out early, the rest I'll wait until the game comes out. It sounds really good though in my opinion and has just the right amount of whimsical menace to fit the good Doctor Eggman. The second part is when I assume the boss goes into overdrive after a few hits and does a good job of sounding manic. Overall I'm really impressed.
  5. I thought that the new section of "Multimedia" could be something to do with music. I just hope we get something more than the title theme if that turns out to be the case.
  6. Thank you! 25 today and I don't even feel it, even if 'ar lass likes to point out I'd be in the 25 and over catagory on X Factor now
  7. Thanks a lot dude. Got my new PC up and running and am just installing lots of things on it now ^_^

  8. I used to be a fan on Jim and downloaded the Destructoid Podcast (or Podtoid as they call it) for around six months. Recently though I get the feeling he delights too much in creating controversy for page hits. Now I'm one of the more positive fans about Sonic 4, but I have to take a dim view of Jim’s post. He’s already had one that I thought put his viewpoint about the game and its detractors across adequately enough. What is the point of this most recent update? To upset people who don’t share his viewpoint. The fact is people are cautious about Sonic 4 for a varying degree of genuine reasons. To just mock these people wholesale is immature at best and downright stupid at worst.
  9. I want to see a scan of the story but the snippets I've hard about it are very exciting. I had a feeling Tails and Knuckles might show up in future episodes but the screenshots make me want this game even more. Everything I hear or see about Sonic 4 just gets me more excited.
  10. If anyone wants to make an "Eggman in Recession" themed graphic I'll be more than happy to post it on the front page
  11. While I appreciate the list up front I have to correct the fact that I'm actually from the UK and not the US . As for characters I'm partial to Sonic or Shadow at the moment but I'm still working my way through them so expect that to change.
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