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  1. Happy belated birthday, dude who keeps liking all my posts.


  2. Heppy (L8) Burfday Dood! x3

  3. Happy Birthday to the person who randomly likes my post, lmao.


    (seriously though, have a great birthday!)

  4. I went to this thing back in January, and seeing that you guys are probably SEGA fans, I wanted to mention that they had the old-school Outrun and Hang-On arcade cabinets that you could sit in/on.
  5. is anyone online in mario and sonic at the moment?

  6. So, I'm getting a Wii U in October, and I was just wondering if most games work with a wii-mote and classic controller, or will I need to buy some pro controllers to play multiplayer games?
  7. I can't wait to go! My father and I went in 2012 and it was probably my highlight of the year, this time I've convinced a bunch of friends to come as well.
  8. I'm not sure if this has been said already, but I can't flip forwards or backwards while drifting in the PC version.
  9. I'm afraid I will have to pull out as well, I have school at that time.
  10. I went back to check, you can slide, but only if you let go of down before letting go of jump, simply pressing jump while holding down and fire does nothing.
  11. I accidentally closed the game, and it doesn't save. I'll try again tomorrow, but here are some things I learnt while playing: Chun-li seems to be weak against the hadouken. The shields in Rose's stage are most easily destroyed using a fully charged shot. You can destroy the sniper joes with lazer beams in Rose's stage before they fire if you can time your shots well. If you mash the fire button while using Blanka's weapon, you will just waste a lot of ammo. You need to fire to spawn a watermelon, and then press up or down and fire to launch it. a fully charged shot will destroy the shielded enemies that are everywhere at the start of Ryu's stage without having to wait for them to fire. I'm not sure if this was in other megaman games, but if you are charging a shot the slide only works if you let go of down before you let go of jump, and the jump controls also mess up a bit while charging. I might post some more tips later if I discover anything new. EDIT: The elevators in C.Viper's stage can crush you if you stand under them.
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