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  1. Penders doesn't own the floating island right? so why on that knuckles ripoff character, is the symbol on the left clearly the floating island? does that play a part in the story?
  2. With regards to whats being said about Knuckles, I doubt he will be too bad, as they already have Sticks as the silly/crazy/wacky character, that says stupid things because her logic is flawed/in her own imagination. (kind of reminds me of Buck from Ice age 3) Knuckles will probably be the butt of Sonic's jokes, but I dont think he will be outright stupid. That scene in Sonic riders comes to mind, when he reads the ancient language and helps the characters progress. Dumb? no way. He has experience and skills the rest of the team will need. I'm expecting jokes made in Sonic Boom, but he will be serious and taken seriously when he is needed most likely. Can't wait to hear him and Sonic bicker in the levels.
  3. Now that you mention it, I wonder if you will be able to explore underwater in this game. The 3DS version had some underwater sections as tails with a sub, and Knuckles was (I think) the only character that could swim accross water in Sonic advance 3 (not that any current game would make reference to that... ha) it would give an opportunity to play as someone other than Sonic for a while. (FINALLY)
  4. looking back to that snake villain Lyric. I love me some reptile characters, and I am loking forward to seeing him in action, but I can't help shake the feeling that his head is absolutely tiny. For a sonic game that Sticks calls home, and she looks like she fits in with the cast, Lyric seems like he doesn't quite fit in (not that he has a bad design, i love his design) I guess I just expected him to resemble Sticks more along the lines of this: (took me about 15 seconds, excuse the lack of effort) compared to this: Of course I know he will look way better animated, as the main cast look way better than their concept art
  5. Same here, as a Knuckles fan it really bugs me what he said in the interview that pretty much translated to 'we have to strip the characters down to charicatures to show their powers rather than showing it through their actions. Knuckles was extra cool because his giant fists could smash through boulders, despite his small size. Say what you want about Sonic X but it did one thing right, showcase Knuckles's power, and that he is as strong as Sonic is fast. There was a whole episode dedicated to tough guys making jokes about his stature, which made him kicking ass 1000% more satisfying to watch. and to be honest if you really wanted to show Knuckles as "dur the strong one" WHY just WHY would you make his fists SMALLER and also take away his boxing gloves? yeah, you know, the iconic thing that made him 'the tough guy that punches things' and since that's out of the way, the only other excuse he made for the design changes was to look different. and that's just not good enough for me. Honestly it looks weaker when knuckles KO's a robot thats the same size or smaller than him in build, than it would have been seeing smaller knux knock a robot twice his size through the air. again, it's something that can't be changed now, I can accept it now (forced to anyway) but hearing these lame excuses for the change in the video really bug me and I had to get this off my chest.
  6. To most people pointing out Knux's head, I think the in game model is even worse. Perhaps if they lengthened the snout rather than flat faced he'd have more attitude to go with the baloon chest? I dunno. they aren't going to change his proportions now, but they may be able to change his nose a little, why not? (especially in game)
  7. okay, after all the talk on crash bandicoot this came to mind --> http://i3.minus.com/ibxqzgDc2XM8sA.jpg that caused a lot of talk but wasn't used for anything. same idea of inflating random areas of a character though. xD
  8. After fuming to myself about Knuckles' redesign, I'm digging the animation quality of the cartoon trailer! even the enemy robot looked awesome! (the times sonic is running towards the camera seemed a little off though) as for the game, YEY playable characters, as a knuckles fan Im glad to see him playable in some form, and i know i will eventually get used to the new design (lets face it, this far in develpment they are not changing it) BUT Amy Rose looked and played beautifuly, the way her spines moved when she attacked was flawless. really looking forward to play as her!! and Tails' sonic speed whooshy run was really nicely animated too overall, looking forward to it! and biggest thing on my mind now is how their personalities will be portrayed, especially knuckles, (fingers crossed for very naive but not too dumb)
  9. Shamefully, sonic colours. every time it pops to 2D my mind takes too long to switch and i use up the boost against a wall or something.
  10. I wondered if I could share my YT vid here as it's related to Sonic and I'd hope you guys would appreciate it the most
  11. My new Sonic parody :)

  12. My take on the party games from sonic and the secret rings and FINALLY a new sonic vid from me, (it's been a while) please let me know if you like it!
  13. Pawn

    Happy birthday Naysu!

  14. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

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