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  1. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  2. happy birthday nathan c:

  3. Happy Birthday bro. come back whenever you feel like, no pressure, i'll just be here waiting in the corner, furevur- no pressure tho


  5. Saint Nathan


    Gcat. o hussmaster u so good at this
  6. oh my god seriously ALttP says flat out that Ganon got The Triforce inside The Sacred Realm. That's why it becomes The Dark World, because his wish for power corrupts it. If he got it outside The Sacred Realm then that fucks up not just the story of OoT and ALttP, but also flat-out contradicts everything ALttP says happened.
  7. "ohooo yeeess, goku you are going to kick vagita's ass this ti-WAHT Y U DEAD" "Orders, Supreme Leader?" "NUKE THEM NUKE THEM ALL"
  8. Except it DOES involve the sages. They were the ones who sealed Ganon and The Dark World. Not to mention, ALttP's backstory says that everyone was fighting over the power because a portal suddenly appeared. This is impossible from OoT's story, where Link was the only one who could open the portal, and the second he did Gannondorf followed him in and took the Triforce of Power. There was no fight to be had, because not only was The Triforce split into Link, Zelda, and Gannondorf, but Gannondorf immediately conquered Hyrule with it. It dosen't fit. At all. ALttP cannot come directly after OoT.
  9. other than the bits where there was a third timeline they never mentioned, and it makes no sense at all due to gannondorf having WON so then how would ALttP even have happened, and everything following by extension? Well for one, there's Minish Cap coming before OoT, even though OoT has always been said to have been the first game until Skyward. There's also the point where, Four Swords Adventures was where Ganon got his trident, yet it's in a completely separate timeline than every other game he uses it in. The really main bit though is that there's a separate timeline where apparently Link not only failed, but apparently after his failure the seven sages sealed Ganon anyways. You know, despite not being awakened as sages, and very heavily hinted at being dead until they were awoken, and even then they're spirits. Also, the part where the very second Zelda revealed herself, Gannondorf was able to capture her. Kinda makes it hard to have all seven sages do the sealing bit, if they're all dead or captured. If they'd taken out the third timeline, and placed it after Four Swords Adventures, that would have made a lot more sense than it does currently. Even the sages part would fit decently (even though they're called maidens, there's still seven and they do the same job.) I honestly flat out refuse to believe that this was their timeline all along, because it's such a logical mess. Nintendo dosen't give legitimate effort into things and have them come out this shitty. They either didn't have a timeline ever, or they had one that was horribly barebones that they quickly slapped the games onto.
  10. nintendo seriously you didn't even have a timeline did you, you just threw shit together based off fan timelines and did some other weird bullshit this is like someone from ancient egypt or some shit coming to the future and going "yeah you know all this shit that points to 1+1=2 that we left everywhere? that's all fake 1+1 actually = 8." it makes no goddamned sense, and we've been doing it better without you so why would you bother
  11. And lo, the moment an official position on this damn thing shows up, everything gets even more confusing. Except Link hadn't failed. His quest was still there, still needed to be done. Zelda may subscribe to "every action" but it also subscribes to fate and destiny and the like. Link would have ALWAYS been suspended for seven years, Gannondorf would have ALWAYS taken Hyrule Castle, it all would have happened in that way. The games are pretty fuckin' clear on that point. So if Link fails by going about the exact steps he has to take, then how much sense does that actually make? Besides, for Link to be altering the past (in the future timeline), he'd have needed more time travel. He's altering the present. He didn't travel through time, he just waited a very long time. He travels back to the past, but the seven-years part is no sort of time travel at all. He wouldn't age otherwise.
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