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  1. Happy Birthday bro. I'm still here.

  2. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  3. Happy birthday, I miss you :C

  4. happy birthday nathan c:

  5. Happy Birthday bro. come back whenever you feel like, no pressure, i'll just be here waiting in the corner, furevur- no pressure tho


  7. Homestuck

    Gcat. o hussmaster u so good at this
  8. Added ya on me 3DS.

  9. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    oh my god seriously ALttP says flat out that Ganon got The Triforce inside The Sacred Realm. That's why it becomes The Dark World, because his wish for power corrupts it. If he got it outside The Sacred Realm then that fucks up not just the story of OoT and ALttP, but also flat-out contradicts everything ALttP says happened.
  10. Kim Jong-il is dead...

    "ohooo yeeess, goku you are going to kick vagita's ass this ti-WAHT Y U DEAD" "Orders, Supreme Leader?" "NUKE THEM NUKE THEM ALL"