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  1. Happy 20th anniversary, SSMB!! I was really into the games' soundtrack, and TSS was where I managed to google myself to find those resources at one point. It allowed me to download tracks from the various older console games, and the next time I stumbled upon the site, I felt so grateful for all the provided tracks, so I wanted to honor the site by creating a user account, which I believe was sometime in 2003 or 2004. This was the time when one had to post a secret word from the rules list or so, just to ensure that one had read through everything if I recall correctly. This was at a time when I was unable to communicate in English, but I understood enough basics to locate the secret word. Memory is faint from those first few moments, but one only had access to the introductionary section, and each new member had to be manually approved by the higher ups. Roarey Raccoon, above me in this topic at the time of this typing, was the one to grant me access. With that, I was allowed to browse the boards. For a long time which felt like an eternity, I was just a lurker. I did not know enough English to post according to the basic grammar rules, and I was too shy to try even if I could. I read through a lot of user content, thankfully it was relatively easy to understand most users. I got to know a few people, it would feel as if I had known them for a long time along with their friendly relationship with other users, but at the same time, it was weird to feel like that, because I had never said a word to any of them before, nor posted. There was a Fluff & Party Forum section where I basically lived for a while, even if it was never intended as a main feature. Certain topics were approved for games and short replies, which built up my confidence a little, and I had the chance to overcome shyness and interact with others. Back then, I had a yellow Sonic avatar. One of the games in that one forum section was captioning the above user's avatar picture, and multiple users would respond to my animated Sonic GIF with "I wear no pants!" which I never saw coming, but thinking back at it makes me laugh. I was asked if I wanted to be an SSR radio DJ at one point, something which was a huge leap for me. I decided to push on and give it a shot. I would play Sonic soundtrack and other random songs alike, with some commentary in-between the songs. I made it into a show called the Super Secret Zone, featuring a logo with a large ring, as I was a big fan of special zone levels in Sonic games and the Chaos Emerald challenges. In 2007 (?) there was a Summer of Sonic event, and I was scheduled as one of the DJs. My show was to play the entire Sonic 3 (& Knuckles?) soundtrack, and after each track, I would talk about the various secrets hidden in those levels. Being live felt amazing, and while scary and terrifying at the start of a session, I felt increasingly fluent and controlled as I went on. I still have some of the recordings from when I was an SSR DJ. At one point, SoniClans were introduced. These were three subsections, or houses if you will, and a user could apply for one of them. If memory serves correctly, the three clans were based on Sonic, Tails (or Knuckles) and Shadow. There was a common section for all the clan users to interact together, along with an isolated section where members of the same clan could enjoy their company and take part in light-hearted topics and games, with minor arrangements being made from time to time. I cannot remember exactly what happened, but the clans needed new leaders, and I was among those given that responsibility. This was exciting, as I always liked the idea of having "powers" in order to organize things, set examples etc, and I now had limited moderator abilities within the SoniClan forum section. Amazing! One Christmas not long after, the staff had reason to suspect a large attack on the site, including new users with malicious intent (at this point in time, users could sign up and start posting freely). I was asked if I would like to be an extra layer of protection the site for the holidays, to extend my SoniClan moderation abilities to count for the SSMB as a whole. I certainly did! JJ and myself became "undercover" staff for a limited time, with white usernames. There was no access to staff forums, and I believe reports were not directed to us at the time (reports were sent as automated private messages at the time, compared to today's report center and administrative tools), but we were otherwise very active in scanning topics at the time regardless, and any malicious user causing havoc would be spotted relatively quick. Thankfully, the anticipated threat did not become reality. Not-so-fortunately, the SoniClans system was announced to be removed. I remember I was chatting with forum administrator Roarey Raccoon, and I felt it was a shame that SoniClans were to be no more. I had poured a lot of love and work into it, and without it, I was ready to revert back to regular membership. He said, not necessarily, and asked if I was interested in being converted to a permanent member of staff. I was one of few, if not the only one entering the team this way. Usually, a member would have to be voted for and elected by the members of forum staff, and I was an unpopular option amongst them, so the administrators promoting me seemed to be a shock to most of them, but I think it worked out quite well, and I was euphoric being able to help out my online home. In 2009, the SSMB was wiped off the Internet. I am not sure entirely what happened, but I heard it was related to a misunderstanding somewhere, and the site hosting services pulled the plug, with little to no recoverability. The SSMB was shortly rebuilt from scratch, using a different provider if I recall correctly, and it quickly grew its userbase over again, and the site you are browsing this very moment is evolved from the one that was rebuilt at that point in time. Many years have passed since then. Users come, users go. New forum sections arise, some are moved around, merged with each other, and new topics and discussions arise. I am far from as active as I used to be, lurking through the boards as I once did, maybe some cleaning and organizing in the background. Most users that are here today may not know me or might not have seen my name around here much while I lurk around. There was once an SSMB Christmas calendar that the staff made for the community, and one of the calendar entries, as mentioned by Dreadknux in the opening post, was a Christmas sing-a-long, sung by members of the staff. The song was The Chipmunks' Christmas Don't Be Late, edited and put together by Flint. I sang two portions, one as myself and one as a silly mystery chipmunk. I have a warm and happy history with SSMB. I am glad that I was allowed access to the site all those years ago. Thanks to the SSMB and all the content here, I am able to communicate using English today and can enjoy content and contributions by other members. Thanks to the SSR, I can now record and/or livestream immersive gaming content without fear, but feeling fluent and proud. Thanks to the admins and staff, I am feeling confident and believe in myself. A big thanks to all users, and basically everyone in the community, including past, present and future, for being here, and for participating in a friendly and constructive environment we may enjoy call home. Happy 20th anniversary!
  2. I've seen it happen around other sites from time to time. I think it will be resolved soon. If anyone has friends unable to log on to the site in the meantime, you can let them know to proceed/ignore/add an exception to the certificate. The procedure can be different depending on the browser, and in some cases, it will be hidden until one clicks on something like Advanced or Read More.
  3. This is a store I never before had seen anywhere in my country (only knew about it due to foreign movies and TV series), and they literally just opened up a big Toys R Us store in my city. Someone did tell me that they wonder how long they will actually stay there, considering they seemed to be doing bad elsewhere. Interesting.
  4. As others have said, I am, too, amazed. After reading of the passing, I read up on the disease and estimated life span after diagnosis. What a fight. He carried such an intelligence - I wonder how it would have felt to have a look into his mind? Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.
  5. I don't view different pronunciations of names in different languages as incorrect. I find it more natural, if anything, as opposed to introducing one language's pronunciation of a name into an entirely different language, which at times can sound like you try to switch back and forth between languages mid-sentence. Here is a weird example. In some foreign TV shows here, standard procedure can be to translate not only the language itself, but also the name of characters, either altering them slightly or changing them fully in order to adapt and flow better with the new language. In modern foreign TV shows that end up dubbed however, it is now more common not only to use the original name, but also imitate its native pronunciation, as well. To me, it has a tendency of feeling unnatural more than anything. Each language has their own set of rules for how it is to be written or spoken for good harmony, and I would say "borrowing" pronunciation can interfere with said harmony. If I refer to an English name to someone else in my country through daily speech, I may have to focus when using English pronunciation mid-sentence, as opposed to the more seamless option. On the subject of Sonic the Hedgehog, me and others have always said something like "Swoonic", while one of my friends adapted the British pronunciation of Sonic (something which greatly confused me the first time I heard it).
  6. Do not worry, you are not a failure. The games can be really hard, and while players are going to have differing opinions on that matter, I think it comes down to each player and their place in the world of games, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog. You can be the ultra-swift cannonball speeding through the level with no trouble, you can be the casual hedgehog barely avoiding death traps and more carefully explores the level, or you can be the one currently not enjoying a game in particular for any reason and move onto other games in the series. We are all fans of the same hero and games, even if we personally did not play or finish certain games in the series. You played a variety of Sonic games, finished some even. If you still like Sonic after that, then you can never be a failure.
  7. Sometimes I wonder why I think playing League of Legends is a good idea. xD

  8. Diz

    Happy birthday!!

  9. This brings me to the reason I joined. Music was always a major part of any video game experience for me, and Sonic the Hedgehog provided a musical heaven. As someone collecting music tracks dear to oneself, I just had to grab my favourites. I found The Sonic Stadium, which hosted a large selection of soundtracks, and it made me happy. At a later date, I revisited this site to download the soundtrack of another game, This time, I wanted to show my gratitude by creating a user account and try to interact with the community. Through the SSMB, I have learned most of my English, and although currently I am more behind-the-scenes, I am proud to call this my long time comfortable online home.
  10. Hello, Bright Eyes! How are you doing? Sadly, we neither allow multiple accounts nor ban-dodging, something which is grounds for immediate account termination. If you wait out the initial ban period, you might be able to appeal at a later time (although repetitive violations will lessen the chance of this being granted). I hope you understand - Have a nice day!

  11. (WARNING: Horror content, gore etc.)

    I made a short trailer for my Resident Evil 7 series. Do you like it? 


  12. Age: 28 Gender: Male Home Country: Norway 1. Have you ever been to the United States? Yes, once so far. 1a. If so why (business, vacation, study abroad program, visiting relatives, etc.)? Visiting one of you awesome members! 1b. How long were you there (If you have been to the US more than once please list the longest period you were there)? Roughly three months, the maximum time allowed for general travelling. 1c. Which state(s) did you visit? Minnesota. 1d. How would you describe your experience? Was it positive or negative? Did anything stick out as being good, bad, unusual, or unexpected? It was a great experience, one which will be hard to forget. As for anything sticking out as unexpected, there happens to be a lot of Norwegian blood down there. 2. Do you have any relatives living in the United States? None that I am aware of. 3. What is the general attitude towards the United States where you live? For the most part, people who have travelled to the United States have spoken warmly of it from a tourist's perspective, from what I have gathered. 3a. What are your personal feelings towards the United States? Personally, there are some things which I will never understand, along with things that scare me. One of the things being the controvery regarding weapons. I do not think I would feel safe living in a country where weapons are so readily available, to the public and police both. The other thing being capital punishment, an act which is long abolished in this and every remotely nearby country. Those conflicting feelings aside, USA feels like an exciting country, and I would love to travel there again someday. 4. What stereotypes of Americans are commonly found in your home country? Lawsuits. 5. It’s commonly said in the United States that America has no culture of its own but is instead a mish-mash of various other cultures. What is your opinion of this statement? Is there anything that you would consider unique to American culture? While I have no deep knowledge regarding how America works, I do feel that there are a lot of cultures that have come together, not least groups of people from various nations, the same way I feel how the English language absorbs many words and expressions from most other languages. I would say America is rich in culture, even if many of them theoretically could have originated elsewhere. 6. How familiar are you with the American political system? Are you aware of concepts such as the branches of government, the Bill of Rights, and the federal system? As a person with very little interest in his own country's political affairs, I am even less familiar with how the American political system works. 7. As you have probably already heard the United States is currently in the middle of a presidential election. Have you been following the election at all? I have been paying attention to certain basics of the election. 7a. If so what is your opinion of Donald Trump? After hearing some of the things he has said to the public recently, I was very shocked to hear about his victory, but as Clinton said not long ago, it is important that we give him a chance. 7b. What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton? I have not been paying all that much attention to Hillary Clinton. 7c. If you could vote in the election do you have any idea which one you would cast your vote for? Would you vote for a third party? Abstain from the election altogether? I would have needed to research both parties a bit more. Either that or abstain. 8. America has two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, how familiar are you with these parties and their ideologies? I am not at all familiar with the two major political parties in America. 9. The United States has earned itself the nickname of “the world’s policeman” due to its habit of getting involved in other countries’ affairs. Do you think America should continue to intervene in foreign conflicts, or should it let other nations solve their problems themselves? USA is a powerful nation, and with power comes great responsibility. I do not know enough politics at this point to say whether they should be involved in other countries' affairs or not, as I know there can be dire consequences either way. 10. Do you think that there is anything America could learn from your country’s culture or political system? Is there anything that you think your country could learn from America’s culture or political system? America is diverse, big and powerful. I used to think that America could benefit from adapting to far less weapons and less capital punishment, but over time I realized that it is a completely different country in many ways. What works for the country I live in is not necessarily going to work well for America. As for political systems, Norway is technically a kingdom, but the royal family has absolutely no power other than veto rights. Instead, the government is the one in control. What's up with that? USA's president is at least not just for show, they do things, as far as I am aware anyway.
  13. Wow, Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location sure was something different. And tense ... So tense ... I hope my microphone still works after that little incident.

    That said, YouTube Live seems to work quite alright, I'll need to use that more!

    1. FriendBot


      oh, you were livestreaming it earlier?

      didn't know.

    2. Diz


      Yeah, I gave it a shot, had no idea what to expect so I was terrified all along haha. It's on my channel uncut if you ever fancy some fresh reactions haha.

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