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  1. As others have said, I am, too, amazed. After reading of the passing, I read up on the disease and estimated life span after diagnosis. What a fight. He carried such an intelligence - I wonder how it would have felt to have a look into his mind? Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.
  2. I don't view different pronunciations of names in different languages as incorrect. I find it more natural, if anything, as opposed to introducing one language's pronunciation of a name into an entirely different language, which at times can sound like you try to switch back and forth between languages mid-sentence. Here is a weird example. In some foreign TV shows here, standard procedure can be to translate not only the language itself, but also the name of characters, either altering them slightly or changing them fully in order to adapt and flow better with the new language. In modern foreign TV shows that end up dubbed however, it is now more common not only to use the original name, but also imitate its native pronunciation, as well. To me, it has a tendency of feeling unnatural more than anything. Each language has their own set of rules for how it is to be written or spoken for good harmony, and I would say "borrowing" pronunciation can interfere with said harmony. If I refer to an English name to someone else in my country through daily speech, I may have to focus when using English pronunciation mid-sentence, as opposed to the more seamless option. On the subject of Sonic the Hedgehog, me and others have always said something like "Swoonic", while one of my friends adapted the British pronunciation of Sonic (something which greatly confused me the first time I heard it).
  3. Do not worry, you are not a failure. The games can be really hard, and while players are going to have differing opinions on that matter, I think it comes down to each player and their place in the world of games, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog. You can be the ultra-swift cannonball speeding through the level with no trouble, you can be the casual hedgehog barely avoiding death traps and more carefully explores the level, or you can be the one currently not enjoying a game in particular for any reason and move onto other games in the series. We are all fans of the same hero and games, even if we personally did not play or finish certain games in the series. You played a variety of Sonic games, finished some even. If you still like Sonic after that, then you can never be a failure.
  4. Sometimes I wonder why I think playing League of Legends is a good idea. xD

  5. Diz

    Happy birthday!!

  6. This brings me to the reason I joined. Music was always a major part of any video game experience for me, and Sonic the Hedgehog provided a musical heaven. As someone collecting music tracks dear to oneself, I just had to grab my favourites. I found The Sonic Stadium, which hosted a large selection of soundtracks, and it made me happy. At a later date, I revisited this site to download the soundtrack of another game, This time, I wanted to show my gratitude by creating a user account and try to interact with the community. Through the SSMB, I have learned most of my English, and although currently I am more behind-the-scenes, I am proud to call this my long time comfortable online home.
  7. Hello, Bright Eyes! How are you doing? Sadly, we neither allow multiple accounts nor ban-dodging, something which is grounds for immediate account termination. If you wait out the initial ban period, you might be able to appeal at a later time (although repetitive violations will lessen the chance of this being granted). I hope you understand - Have a nice day!

  8. Welcome aboard - Mania will be amazing, and it is great not to wait for it alone, but with fellow fans!
  9. Locally looking for a router by original definition. It is funny how a modern router in fact is everything but a router. (Modern "routers" instead use NAT for Internet access, and the actual router, RIPv2 functionality etc. is no longer a feature in most routers, ironically).

  10. I cannot recall experiencing sleep paralysis. I most commonly sleep on the side, and coincidentally, research says it reduces the chance of having a sleep paralysis. Whether or not this would be true, I do think it is easier breathing while lying on the sides, which may help against a sleep paralysis making you feel like you are being asphyxiated. In those cases, it is apparently not uncommon to hallucinate that a horrifying creature from your deepest nightmares be sitting on your chest impairing your breathing. Another reason for why I have not experienced this yet might be due to me almost always sleeping with my head under the covers. This does not give me vision of my room and its closet or dark corners, rather nothing at all, so I feel that might help. That said, parts of my childhood has been haunted by nightmares almost every night, waking up around 1 am all sweaty and broken, and many of the dreams were about me sleeping in my room, so there are some weird similarities, hehe. While on the subject, on my YouTube channel, I used the Oculus Rift to virtualize a sleep paralysis. The Oculus Rift, along with a good headset, makes the experience feel extremely genuine, but the worst part is that it felt just like some of my past, more cruel nightmares. Technology ...
  11. I dreamt that I visited the Moon as part of someone's expedition, but the distance we travelled was more like Mars. There was established a certain area on the surface with an invisible shield that allowed for breathing. It sounded scary at first, but when we arrived, it looked more like a city on Earth with slightly lower gravity.

    I am certain I dreamt of this because I played an immersive horror game yesterday where I was placed out in the middle of nowhere, and I was admiring the beautiful starlit sky ...

    1. CF3635


      Sounds interesting...

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Sounds like you came from the moon...


  12. Happy birthday!

  13. At the airport and soon departing for Heathrow. I have never been there before, and people say it can be scary, but I'll manage! UK, here I come!

    1. CF3635


      Hope that it goes well.

    2. Speederino


      I'm in the UK for the first time too, and I'll be headed for London in just a couple days. My flight leaves from Heathrow :P

      Traveling alone can be daunting, but thankfully everything went smoothly for me at the airports. I'm sure you'll be fine too!

    3. Hyp3hat


      Welcome to our stupid country! Heathrow's easy, my #1 travel tip for London would be to grab a physical tube map as soon as possible. Or download City Mapper when u hit the next free wifi, so you don't hop on the wrong train or bus. 

      But London's great! If you need any recommendations for food, pubs or cool stuff to do, hit me up.

    4. Boomer


      Save yourself!

    5. Blacklightning


      Do us all a favour and punch Dave Cameron in the mouth while you're there.

    6. Kiah


      Have a safe flight! And have a safe and fun trip! :) 

  14. Vacation time, woooh!!

    1. ThatOddLiam
    2. Kiah


      Have a fun and safe one! 

  15. Considering how Windows 10 seemingly "approved itself" recently, automatically deplying itself on a large number of computers, I think it is great how their new GWX/upgrade assistant will be much more clear on the matter. The subtle way computers have been upgraded has ruined the software and setup of many businesses. It is insane. What makes me wonder is this: Having someone reinstall the original system on the computer is going to cost much less than a new computer, assuming it was not the cheapest of the cheapest, which would be a bad idea for a work computer anyway. Most modern computers even have a hotkey to access the in-built recovery partition, allowing a reset to factory default. I do not see how in court one could claim a new computer when repairing the broken one would be a much cheaper option.
  16. Hello there! This topic is outdated, but since you brought it up for us ... I just skimmed through the topic. I must have missed this news back then. It is apparent that many here view it as a suspicious case, which is fine, after all it is a discussion topic. I would have hoped for it to be a little less negative, though. Suspicion aside, we also ought to appreciate the good news. Somebody was scammed (I think we can all agree on this part), the money was refunded, and in the end, a console was gifted. Did he deserve it? Debatable. Was it a PR stunt? Obviously. But all in all, it is a situation where everyone should ends up happy. The store was originally not part of any of this, and still they decided to gift a console. Even the scammed one who was returned the money was very shocked by this, and would you honestly say no thanks once such an offer is made? So, welcome aboard, Anticulture. Your recent post has not been deleted, rather hidden for evaluation, as I do not think anything good will come out from targetting an entire fandom like that. I am sorry if you feel offended by this outdated topic. I will say that such a response can stir up drama and flaming, so while I understand that feelings can make strong posts and calling out others, in the future we prefer if you report offending posts (or in the case of the entire topic, report the first post of the first page). Since this topic is outdated, and since I feel there is nothing more to be said, I will lock this down.
  17. Oh yes, the hybrid graphics technology provided in certain modern laptops, like NVIDIA Optimus? This used to be a big problem for certain games. In particular, Sonic Generations would refuse to detect my GeForce 540M, so the game's configuration utility kept defaulting to Intel HD Graphics, even if I tried specifically to launch the game with the 540M. On these laptops, there is no way of deactivating the Intel GPU and run solely on the 540M. The only fix at the time, which did not work on all laptops affected, was to tinker with virtual monitor ports while plugging a HDMI cable to an external monitor. Only then would the game be able to run on the more powerful GPU and display the game in the smoothness it deserved. These days, Sonic Generations has finally received a patch that fixes this problem, but it took a very long time, I am sure it took almost a year to arrive. Since cjmoore25's computer is a stationary computer, then thankfully this will not be an issue in any games, While certain laptops can alternate between an integrated and dedicated GPU depending on each task, the vast majority of stationary computers are physically unable to use a motherboard/CPU-integrated GPU while a dedicated graphics card is inserted. When a graphics card (most commonly dedicated AMD or NVIDIA) is inserted, the integrated, if any, becomes deactivated. That said, it will be interesting to know what graphics is included with this computer, and if it is integrated or dedicated, so if cjmoore25 could list a bit more detailed specifications, then we will have an even better idea of the situation.
  18. Diz

    Gratla me dagen kjære nabo!

  19. Diz

    Happy birthday!!

  20. Oh, sweet topic activity! I wonder why I was never notified of new replies. In this day and age, then yeah, definitely. Back in the early Vista era (after all, this is merely a refurbished computer), this is debatable. It was not at all uncommon to have computers shipped with a 32-bit OS running on a 64-bit capable CPU. I cannot say why for sure, but what we do know is that a lot of Windows Vista certified computers were simultaneously certified for Windows XP to add backward compatibility, and a very big part of the market wanted Windows XP on their brand new computers. While the computers had the processing power to run Windows Vista 64-bit, the sole stable architecture version of Windows XP was 32-bit. This may have led manufacturers to feel more at ease regarding 32-bit Windows Vista at the time, since driver support etc. have to be rewritten for 64-bit, and at the time they may not have felt it was stable enough. Another thing which might be worthy of a mention was how RAM was even more delicate and pricey back then, and it was a lot more common to really push the theoretical minimum system requirements. The "real" Windows Vista's minimum requirements for RAM were 2 GB (4 GB recommended). However, for the 32-bit version, the minimum requirements were 1 GB (2 GB recommended). This might be one reason why computers were shipped with a 32-bit OS despite having a 64-bit capable CPU. According to Intel® ARK, the CPU and motherboard are of the PLGA775 standard, and I have yet to see any of those running on soldered RAM, but it would be interesting to know the exact desktop computer model to research this further. I definitely agree on the part about RAM not always being compatible. Certain motherboards have a whitelist of manufacturers when it comes to RAM replacement, also not uncommon for refurbished desktop computers from that era. In theory, Windows 10 (along with 7/8/8.1) carry exactly the same minimum and recommended system requirements as Windows Vista. In truth, as long as driver support is not messing things up badly, the computer is likely to run smoother on Windows 10 compared to Windows Vista, seeing as the latter came first and has terrible resource management, while in more recent versions of Windows, certain issues and unneeded parameters are omitted. Programs and games are a different story though, and need to be tested on each individual computer.
  21. According to his specs, he has an x64-based processor. That said, refurbished computers I've dealt with were all carrying Windows 7. A computer shipped with a 32-bit OS and 2 GB RAM sounds very Windows Vista era, if not Windows XP, something which suggests that the computer is very dated (most software do not support Vista/XP anymore, and thus you might also experience problems with many games). If this is the case, then I would have wanted Windows 7 at minimum for a refurbished computer, as many computers certified for Vista/XP usually have older hardware in order to meet absolute minimum requirements for those systems, and investing in upgrades for outdated hardware in a refurbished computer is not something I would personally do with gaming in mind.
  22. Nice avatar!

    1. Darinian


      Thanks, I kinda like it myself

  23. During my early teen years, I was so tired of picking a name which ended up already being in use, and after being banned from a chat room for unintentionally "impersonating" a moderator, I was fed up and picked something silly. I ended up with ^DiZnEy^. More and more people started calling me Diz for short, and so I found that to be a more suitable nickname.
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