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    Makes me wonder why I help out newbies... *grumble*

  2. I wonder why their is so much biased against me. Now whenevr inferno or Voyant they will keep bullying me. what a Nice people :). I won't appologies for any thing because i did no thing wrong. I only judged a game i never played. but if we are going to turn a new page instead of Creating status bashing me. that would be great

    1. Ferno


      I'm not bullying you, I just don't like your attitude towards a game you haven't even played. :>

    2. Velotix von Skruviktorrius

      Velotix von Skruviktorrius

      Judging a game you have never played is generally considered "doing something wrong".

      Your opinion on anything cannot hold much weight nor influence without firsthand experience of the subject.

      People seem to be making this mistake a lot lately.

    3. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      I read your post and I agree with Inferno. If you've played a game then judging it is completely your right. Too bad you haven't played it. And you aren't being "bullied". This is the internet. Man up or get out.

    4. Tornado


      "I did no thing wrong. I only judged a game I never played"

      I don't even know what you are talking about and I can tell you what you did wrong.

    5. Pelly <3's U

      Pelly <3's U

      If you really feel like people are bullying you, you need to report it. These status updates calling out members are just getting ridiculous

    6. Esperance


      You've been reported to the cyber police Inferno... YOU DUN GOOFED!

    7. #EndyGate


      The grammar nazi within me is disappointed with you son

    8. Voyant


      @ Pelly...I didn't even bully the guy on status updates... nor did infenro...I'm ignoring the dude and now he making up shit. This is exactly what I'm talking about.

    9. Tornado


      @ Voyant: That kind of goes against the spirit of NOT calling out members in status updates.

    10. gallantventurer


      OKAY. Willing to make friends with all my haters (._.) add me to your friend list and add some reps and i will change.

    11. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      Wow. This is like Kindergarden all over again.

    12. Sami


      The grammar Nazi within me has been begging for mercy since the SEGA Forums went down.

    13. Pelly <3's U

      Pelly <3's U

      @Voyant, if you did nothing wrong then you don't really have to worry about it, even if he reports you. The point I'm trying to make the status updates are getting ridiculous with all of the accusations against the members. If someone feels like they're being bullied, it'd be better for them to either report it or try to work it out with the member 1-on-1, not have every other members on the forums get dragged into/involved in it.

    14. Voyant


      @ Tornado

      ...I know...I know....

    15. Saint Nathan

      Saint Nathan

      gallant there is not a trade system. we should have to give you rep (in fact nobody will now) in order to be your friend.

      If anything, you're the one who needs to start kissing ass. Or hey, realize you're judging something you never played so your arguments are just dumb.

    16. Saint Nathan

      Saint Nathan

      *should NOT

      goddamn typos

    17. Cola


      "I won't appologies for any thing because i did no thing wrong. I only judged a game i never played."

      The Grammar Nazi within me wants to scream. Anyway, no one hates you. They just are hating how you are hating on Unleashed, even though you have NEVER EVER played the game. Ever. That's it, they're mad because you're accusing a perfectly half-good game of being "Press X to win" and total crap, regardless of never having played it. Like say I said Son...

  3. I wonder why their is so much biased against me. Now whenevr inferno or Voyant they will keep bullying me. what a Nice people :)

    1. #EndyGate


      Have you ever heard of the word grammer?

    2. Ferno


      I'm not bullying you, I just don't like your attitude towards a game you haven't played. :>

  4. *Sign here if you want the SEGA Forums to come back*

    1. Gaming Misfit
    2. gallantventurer


      Hackers ruin every thing.

      What is SEGA Even doing now?

    3. Ferno


      Yes, so all the dumb people can leave and go back there. Granted, we have a ton of smart Sega Forumers onboard here, but erm, yeah, mainly talking about the dumb ones.

    4. Voyant
  5. *wonders how old is dreadknux*

    1. Vertekins


      I believe he turned 26 on the same day SoS '11 was held.

    2. Badnik Mechanic
    3. Esperance


      *wonders how old spe..gallantventuer is*

  6. I only said i am against Unleashed engine. for fact you could archived speed only by boosting rather than mommentum and the platforming is surely lacking. Sure I said Some thing wrong about Unleashed which is about the Jumping. but i was Wrong about that, How ever being Called a Troll for being Wrong. Then you are also a Troll because you are a human. and humans mistake. Trolling is doing some thing on purpose to attract flamers, And I never intended to do that. so i am not a Troll. Any ways, Next game. Get Red of Unleashed Engine and the boosting completely. Bring back adventure game play, I think the new engine is being Over used and Over thrilled now. I Surely hope that this is the last game with that engine.
  7. I am not black. but thanks for showing your racism against black skin humans. Being Wrong = / Trolling = / Your post just reveals how insane you are.
  8. I Read Reviews and I listen to opinions and I watch videos. and by the way i said skills, i said speed gaining skills. i prefer momentum and its clear as the sun fact that Modern Green Hill Zone is 4 On Rails Path ways and you could archive speed by a tap of the boost button. I don't need to play to realize that now would I. I could be wrong about Unleashed QTE Events. I don't like what is happening in Green Hill but I do like City escape. I Prefer of Momentum based game play rather than the boost based game play. that all just an opinion. Classic would be too slow and would get crushed in a second by gun lol
  9. Lets get this subject aside. Lets assume I am Wrong. I Said once that the classic While you are spin dashing , enemies could hurt you. i was wrong, then i was called a Troll. This isn't about the subject. its about Being calm while arguing with me. Maybe I Could Apologies because I haven't really played unleashed but judging from The videos and the Reviewers said, and from my playing of Sonic 3&k and sonic 1, But Surely I demand people who Called me a Troll because i don't like Unleashed game play style to apologies.
  10. Hello, newbie! I can see that your Rep isn't very highly looked upon atm. If I were you, I'd hang back and lurk around for a bit, see how everyone else is, then post. Oh, and hold back on thread making. Good luck!

  11. Its finally that you Get what i mean. you Ranted enough 'WOW i disagree with you, that means you are a Troll, TROLL O MY BLOOD IS BOILING'. I have and never had a problem with your opinion liking QTE Challenge Fast paced game play, Yet you Bashed me enough in this thread. and Several times i ignored you. Just because I hate Unleashed game play style and think the classics are much more Challenging and controllable, doesn't mean you have to call me a Troll, Now that i think about it, I feel sorry for any New Member like me visiting SSMB and Discussing with you, Now that i think about that too : I think I might put you in my ignore list, because any time I disagree with you, I know you and your friends will call me a Troll.
  12. Well I hope sonic generations has that Kind of things. I do not want any more Required Quick Time events. I Actually Like City escape it was Epic. Hopefully more stages are Like City Escape, and that sonic generations takes full advantage of Modern sonic skills. I can't wait for Sky Sanctuary, it would look really beautiful with the hedgehog engine.
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