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  1. Priscilla is such a good addition to the roster. I hope she does some interiors someday. Well they're dead so I'd say they're pretty former friends.
  2. Is it though? In all the mainline games it's been in like 3 since the original. I know this is an old comparison but Mario always has more or less the same level structure of starting in Grass and ending in Lava but nobody complains about that.
  3. Holy Shit! Does that make him like the oldest Anthro Sonic character?
  4. Which is a shame because IMHO the Boom book was hilarious.
  5. Yeah people will tell you the book is failing but honestly it's doing about as good as any other title. The Good thing is that this means we'll definitely see more Mini-Series in the future. As for if the reboot started at #1 it'd still be going. I seriously doubt that. Archie's incompetence is what lost them the rights and even if they hadn't Archie seems to want to be making their flagship books their main priority so they're not really interested in paying to use characters anymore.
  6. First of all Comics in general have been focused on Decompressedstorytelling for a long long time now. Personally I blame Brian Michael Bendis and Ultimate Spider-Man. I'm just saying Spider-Man's origin story shouldn't be 7 Goddamn Issues long! Second look I get it Forces is the current worst game ever of all time but it kinda makes sense that the comic uses it as a template. It's the most recent game most people will have played it before the comic started and potential new fans would be most familiar with it so keeping to that world is honestly the most logical decision they could have made.
  7. Honestly on the topic of a Mario Comic I'd prefer one that's sorta just set around the games. Set it after Odyssey or something and do like a Tie-Into new games but largely just do their own thing. Honestly something like the Plants vs Zombies comics where they just release OGN's on occasion would probably be a better way to do a Mario comic.
  8. RIP Mr. Dobbyn thankyou for drawing the raddest panel ever of Knuckles flying in the back of a Pteradactyl.
  9. I'm not saying it'll be in the next few days. I just wouldn't be surprised if it's next month or October.
  10. Which is BTW one of the pinnaclesof human achievement. Something nobody has ever come close to surpassing. And funnily enough he wasn't even supposed to write it. On Bumblekast Ian revealed the story was originally going to be done by a WWE writer (probably for the same novelty as having the Dreamwave Transformers writers do an issue) but they ducked out so Ian wrote it and had an absolute blast doing it.
  11. Yes because Ian has never written anything lighthearted or silly before. Honestly I still say he'd be a good fit for Power Rangers. Both the comic and the show.
  12. It should be soonish. We're now in the five month period before release so it should be on its way.
  13. Personally I don't think so but I'll admit I'm the minority there. It made sense to follow from the most recent game regardless of if it was the worst thing ever or whatever.
  14. I feel like people forget the real Fiona was introduced as a criminal and just sorta became a Freedom Fighter because reasons. Honestly I feel like her being evil and into Scourge felt more like she was a character than her previous "personality" of existing.
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