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  1. SBR2

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean...this is basically a Zombie story.
  2. SBR2

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Honestly I think it looks fine but Jamal really needs to stop coloring his own work. He's great at lineart (somesay he's stiff but I like his art) but the coloring is really bland.
  3. SBR2

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    IDW does things like this from time to time. Directors Cut's and stuff like that. It might be cool for the commentary and the Screen shot's but the story itself is what you already got. But at least this time it's actually close to the release of the game. As for the main issue I'm so glad the Metal Virus story isn't ending in #16. The days of arcs being only 4 issues appears to be over.
  4. So here's a thought that's been in my head. Maybe the reason we only hear about Sonic being in the movie is its a loose adaptation of the first game and they're banking on a sequel.
  5. Yeah I don't get this either. If you're constantly holding the Boost button of course you won't have fun. The Boost is absolutely not required unless there's a section that needs it. I can't think of too many times I ever really use the boost unless it's necessary.
  6. SBR2

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    Ok I want to preface this by saying I have not played 06 but I recently watched the Great Clement's review of the game. So what did it do better than Adventure from what I can tell...um...the CG Cutscenes are nicer? I also really have to say no to the "It's about Sonic" thing. He barely had any real role in the story. I guess he made a connection with Elise so she'd cry when he died but he contributes so much less than anyone else.
  7. SBR2

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    I mean...there's been better lava effects but I'm not seeing how this looks all that bad honestly.
  8. Well people demanded a different gameplay style and they did that with Lost World. Everyone hated it and demanded a return to Boost so they did. And everyone hated it. Fans wanted a darker story and Forces gave them one. Everyone hated it despite it not being any different than the other comically edgy stories they attempted with Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic 06 which everyone hated.
  9. SBR2

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ok I like Silver but seeing him tossed by Metal made me laugh I gotta admit. Also love the art and especially the coloring. The new guy I'd really good and gives me a bit of a Steve Downer vibe and I always dug his colors.
  10. This So Freaking Much! I'm so tired of every other thread lately being "Hey what if we drastically changed everything that makes Sonic Sonic." And also this is maybe a super unpopular opinion but I really don't give a shit if something I like is popular or not. Who cares? I'm enjoying myself for the most part why do my interests need to be validated?
  11. Speaking of the rumor I saw someone claiming it's a Modern based cartoon from the Mania Adventures crew? Anyone know how true that is?
  12. SBR2

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    ...What? No it means he isn't as involved in the production as he was in Archie.
  13. AoSTH: Best Sonic Cartoon IMHO. The wacky tone really fits the series and while I wish the original plan to include Game based Backgrounds had happened I still think it's the closest to the games. SatAM: It's a perfectly fine if kinda generic 90's Saturday Morning Cartoon. I just don't think it's a particularly good Sonic cartoon. It decided to get rid of all the visual flare of the franchise for some generic Nature setting, reduced Tails to just a "I want to come." "You're too young." cliché and the one thing I really can't stand made Robotnik dull. Like in all the games of the time Eggman clearly had a flare. He loved Amusement Parks and Casinos. He laughed at how he was totally going to crush Sonic. He plastered hios face on everything. This guy? He sits and talks in a scary voice. There's no flare no substance he's just a generic growly villain you could rename "Dr. Baron Killeverthin" and it wouldn't make a difference because he has next to no personality to speak of. Underground: ...Meh. I don't think it's as bad as people make it out to be. The songs are bad but some are kinda catchy. I feel it did some of the idea's of SatAM better. Like I prefer that instead of just stealing everything he uses against Sonic Eggman actually has a source of funding for his empire so he isn't just pulling stuff out of thin air. I think the Resistance concept is handled better than the Knothole Freedom Fighters. A larger group with various cells to fight the war makes way more sense than the FF thinking they were the only group fighting. Archie did that too and it makes so much more sense to me. The animation is really rough I'll admit though. OVA: Third Best Sonic Cartoon. I wish this had gotten a full series because this movie is a joy to watch. I rented it so much as a kid because I love every set piece in the movie. Sonic and Tails running through the Land of Darkness like a Zone from the games fills me with so much glee, Sonic and Tails & Knuckles vs Metal Robotnik is fun, Sonic getting his ass kicked by Metal Sonic helps set the stakes and the final fight is just legendary. It's only Third best because for some stupid reason Sega and Toei didn't make it a full series or at least a one season Anime. X: ...It's alright. I don't think it's really worth the trashing it occasionally gets. It's got a pretty fun premise and, I know this is sacrilege but, I like most of the human characters. They're all quirky to some degree that makes them interesting to watch. I like the Adventure adaptations and sometimes the Animation could be so fluid and just a joy to watch. Yeah the 4Kids dub isn't the best (I still hold out hope for a redub with the current cast at some point) but I think people exaggerate just how terrible the voice acting is. Some aren't great (Rouge, Cream) but other's are some of my personal favorite voice's fro the characters (Tails, Amy, Eggman). Boom: Fourth Best Sonic Cartoon. It has such a fun sense of Meta Humor. I love how everyone is an exaggeration of their canon traits (Sonic is so vain he probably thinks this post is about him, Knuckles is actually rock stupid instead of just gullible, Eggman actually is an absolute failure nobody takes seriously) I love the rapid fire delivery of the jokes it was just a joy and I'll miss it. It's Fourth Best because while I loved it I will admit there wasn't a lot to talk about with it. Just "I liked this joke" or "That joke didn't land for me". Mania Adventure: Second Best Sonic Cartoon. You can feel the love in these short 3 minute adventures. It's impossible to not feel just how much everyone working on this show loves Sonic and are making the absolute best product they can. The animation is fluid, the facial expressions convey the story so well, the pepperings of classic music throughout are just a joy to hear. I love Sonic Mania Adventures and I've not even played Mania it's that good. only put it second because it's too short and I want more. The Papercraft shorts are fun too. As for what I want from the rumored new cartoon. I want a Ducktales style reboot of SatAM. Yeah I know ironic considering what I said about it but I'd want to see it mix elements of other continuities like Ducktales is doing. Designs and settings based more on the Post-Reboot Archie Comics, Elements from the other shows thrown in (like Breezie was in the Archie Comic), Maybe even include elements of the IDW Comics like Tangle and Whisper.
  14. SBR2

    Sonic Mania Adventures

    Do we even know if it's Classic based? I mean sure they mention it while showing these figures but they also mention the movie.
  15. Sonic is a good natured super powered hobo. Seriously. He has no home and just travel's from place to place doing good deeds.

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