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  1. He's in for a very rude awakening when it doesn't even break even. Hell I don't even think the people who were going to read it ironically are even going to. I wanted to to see how bad it'll be but it's close to a freaking decade now and there's still nothing. Even the ironic hate read aspect is gone. Literally the only people who will buy this are his hardcore fans and that is sincerely not enough people to justify anything. Also there's the fact that if it's anything like Mobius 25 Years Later it'll drag it's heels for all 7 volumes promising that something will eventually happen but it never does. Only this will be worse at least M25YL was 6-8 pages with one 13 pager this will again be at least 80+ pages and honestly I question how long even his most passionate fans will put up with it. It'd honestly a little sad. This is absolutely destined to fail but he thinks it'll be the next big epic franchise.
  2. Ok even putting aside my personal feelings on him this is a ridiculous amount of work for one man. I know he has people doing the translation work for him but it doesn't stop the fact he's writing, drawing, editing, publishing and designing an app all on his own. Most of these things are handled by teams even in the indie circuit. Hell even TMNT a cultural power house these days was 2 guys working on issues in a basement and even then it took like 4 months for each issue to come out. Indie comic work is tough and the fact he's going it completely alone is an exceedingly bad idea. Oh and lets not forget this isn't going to be an issue by issue series but a set of OGN's. OGN's can be anywhere from 80-over a 100 pages. And he wants to do 7 of these?
  3. It sounds like his Sonic voice to me. Also it's just something cute he did for a kid who cares if he didn't go exactly the same with his voice?
  4. https://www.twitter.com/VOColleen/status/1365489745132802053 Oh, snap. I was right. Prime is going to have a Canadian voice cast.
  5. Jesus Christ he is absolutely the kind of person who learned Klingon as a second language isn't he?
  6. Yeah I'm saying with certainty that Prime will have it's own Canadian voice cast and the games will have an American one now.
  7. I arrange all my collections not just Sonic by chronological order. So I'd go best chronology for me. Classic (Should also point out I only own the Mega and Gems collection so this is speculative). Tails Adventures>Sonic 1(Genesis and Game Gear)>CD>2 Game Gear>2 Genesis>Chaos>Spinball (Though I consider it a separate canon from the games)>Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine(See Spinball)>3&K>Triple Trouble>Tails Skypatrol>Knuckles Chaotix>3D Blast>Blast>Fighters>R>Mania Adventure (Note this is counting the Advance games) 4>Pocket Adventure>Advance 1>Advanced 2>Adventure DX>Adventure 2 Battle>Heroes>Shadow The Hedgehog>Battle>Advance 3>Riders>06 Boost (Unpopular opinion I ascribe to the Blaze was rewritten into the alternate universe she was locked into theory. I also consider Rush the start of the Boost series) Rush>Rivals>Secret Rings>Riders Zero Gravity>Rush Adventure>Rivals 2>Unleashed>Black Knight>Colors>Generations>Lost World>Forces Archie Comics (Because why not?) Super Special 9>Super Special 5>Super Special 3>Original Miniseries>1>FCBD 2008>2-18>In Your Face>19-23>Princess Sally Miniseries>24>Sonic & Knuckles>25-26>Triple Trouble>27-29>Tails Miniseries>Super Sonic vs Hyper Knuckles>30>Knuckles Chaotix>31-36>Knuckles Miniseries>37-39>Mecha Madness>40-41>Death Egg Saga>42-43>Live>113>44-46>Super Special 1>47>50>Super Special 6>51>Knuckles 1-3>52>Knuckles 4-6>Super Special 2>53-55>Knuckles 7-9>56>Super Special 4>Super Special 7>57>Knuckles 10-11>58>Knuckles 12>59-60>Knuckles 13-15>61>Knuckles 16>62-63>Knuckles 17-18> 64-66>Knuckles 19-21>67-68>Super Special 8>69-71>Knuckles 22-25>Sabrina The Teenage Witch 28>Super Special 10>Knuckles 26-28>Super Special 12>Super Special 15>72-77>Knuckles 29>Super Special 11>Knuckles 30-32>78-82>Super Special 13>83-87>Super Special 14>88-173>FCBD 2007>Secret Rings Digital comic>174-196>Sonic X 40>197>Universe 1>198>Universe 2-3>199-200>Universe 4-8>FCBD 2009>201-206>Universe 9-12>207-209>Universe 13-16>210-211>FCBD 2010>212>Universe 17-20>213-218>Universe 21-24>219-220>Universe 25-28>221-224>FCBD 2011>225-230>FCBD 2012>231-232>Universe 29-36>233-234>Universe 37-40>235-240>Universe 41-44>241>Universe 45>242>Universe 46-49>243-246>Universe 50>FCBD 2013>247>Worlds Unite (You crazy? I'm not typing all that!) 288-290>Mega Drive>Mega Drive Overdrive>252-255>Universe 55-58>256-259>Universe 59-62>FCBD 2014>Super Digest 8-9 and 11>260-263>Universe 63-66>264-265>Universe 67-70>266-271>Universe 71-74>Universe 79-82>FCBD 2015>272>Universe 75>Worlds Unite>276-279>Super Digest 12>Super Digest 15>Universe 83-86>280-283>Universe 87-90>284-287>Universe 91-94 IDW 1-12>Annual 2019>13-16>Tangle & Whisper>17-24>Annual 2020>25-32>Bad Guys>33- Cartoons/Movies Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog>SatAM>OVA>Christmas Blast>Underground>X>Rise of Lyric>Shattered Crystal>Boom Season 1>Boom Season 2>Fire & Ice>2020 Movie
  8. Yeah he probably wouldn't know. He's almost certainly not going to be doing anything until ADR begins.
  9. I believe him. He's under no obligation to stick up for Sega now why would he lie?
  10. I'm planning on getting the Blu-Ray. I'm currently in the process of buying a Blu-Ray player so I figured I might as well. Plus I never Emailed NCircle about the replacement disk for Season 1 Vol 2 so hopefully Fire in a Crowded Workshop isn't in Spanish on this one.
  11. I mean you're kinda preaching to a brick wall on the Shadow point. I sincerely don't see how he's any different now than he's ever been. People keep saying he is but I really truly don't see it.
  12. Ok so we're all adults so our views are skewed (though personally I don't hate the Deadly Six and think the extreme hate they get is kinda weird) but I often wonder what do kids think of the Zeti? Like Sega wouldn't be pushing them so hard if there wasn't some call for them right?
  13. Honestly we might not get one. IDW is weird about Annuals. TMNT has had like 3 one in 2012 one in 2014 and the most recent one in 2020.
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