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  1. It'll never happen but I would love it if Panini the people who do Doctor Who Magazine got the fights to do a revival of STC and released trade collections thst release internationally like their Doctor Who comics.
  2. I feel like the hyperbole people tend to get into shit like "Sonic was never goid" and "all 3D games suck" really does do a lot more damage than people like to believe. Obviously criticism is good but being overly critical can be a very bad thing. Not just in how Sega can't get a good grasp of what works in a largely considered bad game because any good things are drowned out by a sea of "This is literally the worst Sonic game ever! Why can't Sega make good games anymore?" but also because it makes the fandom look completely impossible to please and especially like they just want to focus exclusively on the negatives and never focus on anything that works. I'm not saying that you have to like a game like Forces but just some balanced opinion instead of just going on and on about how bad it is especially before the game even comes out just kinda makes us look like petulant children.
  3. I mean I'll certainly agree on the last 2 but IDK I kinda think this fandom gets up to Star Wars fandom levels of Drama and Nitpicking. The only thing that keeps it from surpassing is the sheer amount of sexism, racism and homophobia in Star Wars fandom.
  4. I mean we have one of the largest r34 scenes of any fandom...or at least that's what people say. I honestly kinda doubt that and think people mostly get on it to talk about how weird and gross Sonic fans are when other franchises have just as much porn.
  5. Zero Gravity shows that he owns companies. I'd assume he purchases stock under an assumed name and creates consumer robotics while using all the funds for world domination.
  6. I would argue the exact opposite of this statement is true.
  7. I don't know where she got the info but ThanksKenPenders pins a lot of the love triangle stuff on editor Justin Gabrie. It'd certainly make sense considering how not into it Bollers felt and how Romy Chacon (who might have been Gabrie) really pushed in a few of their stories.
  8. *Squeals in Sonouge shipper*
  9. I'd have to say he means don't worry about it.
  10. That's pretty much the point behindmy Dragon Ball comment. This guy only cares about how powerful the characters are and none of their actually canon accomplishments matter because they can't go super and be more powerful.
  11. You totally care about power levels in Dragon Ball don't you.
  12. I mean OP based character popularity off how much porn they have so kinda not a surprise.
  13. Not really. There's a few stereotypes like Amy being boy crazy and Rouge being obsessed with jewels but outside of that they're shown to be pretty competent and as good as the guys.
  14. Eh, reversing the name of the Planet just makes me think of Bizarro. Honestly I've never really minded the name or the changing of the characters names. It helped it actually feel like a different world IMHO. Though I will admit I don't know why everyone went along with it.
  15. No I meant that since it's the movie universe it'd count as a completely separate thing from the comics. Besides having more than one miniseries running at once, outside of event comics, for one title isn't really a thing that happens.
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