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  1. Oh, he's a preexisting character? I thought that was the new male lead who I guess is going to be Lara's love interest or whatever.
  2. I looked through the thread and he's replying to someone who asked about this rando new character but for some reason he replied to his own tweet instead of the guy asking the question.
  3. Wow...who dat? Also I'm assuming he mean "The Land of a Thousand Lights" not Nights. Either way gotta live the promotional power of "all my lore is in the series don't worry!"
  4. Plus an important thing that most fans never take into account is kids still play these games. It doesn't matter how much the fans talk about how bad things are kids are still playing the games and still loving them. Plus the movie has introduced Sonic to more kids. I know the movie is the first version of Sonic that my cousins kids havery seen and they liked it a lot (though apparently not enough to take me up on my offer to let them borrow the cartoons off me. And her daughter didn't really like Jim Carrey Robotnik but whatever) so there's new fans made everyday and no matter how bad we may think a game is it's someone's favorite.
  5. Then I'd play something else. Anyway it's not very likely because as much as fans want to believe the worst Sonic is not doing that badly. Didn't Forces perform surprisingly well? Anyway it's Sega's flagship franchise and honestly they have several others to fall back on.
  6. I honestly hope that these facts make it clear this rumor is most likely BS. Same with the Movie skin or the idea the movie is affecting the franchise completely. This all reeks of bullshit to me.
  7. I sincerely don't know what is wrong with Lost World or TSR. I'll admit I haven't played them but every let's play or gameplay video I see they don't look that bad.
  8. So wait is he...not releasing a physical version? That sounds like it's going to completely screw him over. Why does he keep making the worst possible decisions? Hell even Webcomic creators know there's a market for physical releases.
  9. I might have overreacted a little. I jump to the worst conclusions a lot of the time. You may have noticed over the years. But honestly my point was more just it'd be cool if like they paid those royalties to let the characters from these different various continuities be in just a kinda Worlds Collide style special event. 12 issues 2 book ends 3 issues of the comic and 2 concurrent 3 issue miniseries for Archie and STC running alongside with an Annual to even it out to 12. I will admit it is a pipe dream but man it would be so fucking cool to see them celebrate the 30th Anniversary by celebrating all 3 big western Sonic comics.
  10. Fair enough but even in the games it's weird to complain about to me like do you guys want Sonic to lose the final fight and Eggman to conquer the world? I mean look it's not like Sonic is some big sweeping epic it's an episodic scheme of the week type thing so it's not like there's going to be any major lasting Consequences from one game to the next unless it's a new major character or some small reference to a past game. It's not Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank.
  11. He can't lose in the end. I really don't understandwhy this is such a hard one for people. It's basic storytelling that the good guy is probably going to win at the end. It'd kinda suck if you're playing Sonic Adventure 2 beat the Finalhazard and then the cutscene after has the Ark hit Earth anyway. I hope I'm not coming off like s jerk it'sjust super weird to me how people read this as "Sonic cam never have any hardships in a story ever" when like Lost World he's dealing with how things escalated because of his brash actions and on Forces he gets his ass kicked and was imprisoned for 6 months and Metal Virus he's struggling the whole time.
  12. Oh, my God I get it I'm dumb for having hoped for something fun can we move on now please?
  13. Ah. Rats. I was kinda hoping despite all the insistence that we weren't going to see any Archie stuff that maybe they were teasing some kind of fun crossover of the IDW and Archie versions for the 30th Anniversary. Maybe also Fleetway to round out the package as all 3 major western comic versions of Sonic. I mean I know it was a long shot but still it's a nice dream.
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