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  1. Here's a fun fact I only know because of my brother being a huge fan of Tales From The Crypt this artist, Tim Smith III, contributed art to Papercutz revival of the comic. It was...not great. Just a bit of trivia about Mr. Edkin he's had an extensive career in kids comics. He's done Looney Tunes and some Scooby-Doo comics for DC just off the top of my head. Not too surprising Archie hired him for this tie-in comic. What I especially love is how this became a running gag for the comic. I'm assuming it's because this same cop always showed up with a different accent (or sometimes voice) and 4Kids probably didn't realize he was the same guy. Y'know what I always found weird? That was Knuckles entire motivation in the Anime and then after the SA2 Adaptation he's constantly away from Angel Island making banter with Rouge. Special guest Director Koichi Sakamoto. I love Bobby from ThanksKenPenders read of this scene. That this reunion only happened because Locke didn't run away fast enough. Honestly nothing about this makes sense. Locke was literally looking for Knuckles in the last arc because he thought it was time they reconnected and now he's running away from him for a dramatic reveal? Wait...That's not true Ken! Steppenwolf was brought to Haven completely finished in like issue 2. Jesus Christ man revisit your work if you're going to try and tell a continuing plot. Y'know I always assumed those were just implants Eggman gave himself but I guess they're genetic? Yeah ok. Hee Hee! Shamon! It might be a tad unnecessary to say at this point but this is really fucking stupid. I mean just all of this and especially what this issue is leading to. Hoo boy. You see it's a happy ending because Knuckles has his terrible father who did terrible things "for a reason" to finally be a terrible father to him! I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! Knuckles should have punched him and told him to fuck on out of his life forever for all the shit he pulled. But nope Emotional abuse is ok as long as it's for "a reason". Really? He's like a huge deal at Marvel. He had an infamous run on Spider-Man that included stuff like Peter Parker and Otto Octavious swapping brains and Spider-Verse. As someone who has watched Sailor Moon I can tell you right now Tuxedo Knux hitting Robotina with a rose is 100% more useful than Tuxedo Mask ever was. I'm not a big fan of the comics being the "Prime" dimension. In other media that uses the multiverse concept with maybe the exception of Pre-Crisis DC the primary dimension is almost always the first generation. In TMNT Mirage is Turtle Prime (or possibly Earth-1) in Transformers all G1 material is a dimensional cluster called Primax so the actual Primary Sonic Universe should be the Games. Personally I headcanon what Zonic means is the Archie universe is a melting pot of all the other continuities and that's why this Sonic's so super important. Continuing my stand of fun facts Mr. Ribeiro is a huge Gewunner and sticks Aurtobot logos and the Matrix of leadership in several stories. He also once threw a jab at Beast Wars into the background of a Sonic comic he drew. Welp I'm never going to not see him doing that strut now. Y'know I can't prove this obviously but when I was doing my Archie Sonic reread earlier this year and I got this story a thought occurred to me. This story has no Sonic connections at all outside of the loose one of Monkey Kahn himself it's completely stand alone and it made me think was Frank Strom trying to sell Monkey Kahn as a solo character who could hold his own book? I mean this story gives him his own supporting cast and enemies so I think he might have been. It should be pointed out this is not the same character from the later Journey to the East Universe arc. It was retconned that there's several different Yagyu Lords. This dialogue is completely from the cartoon. Honestly I don't think Antoine ever got nearly as bad about fumbling words in the comics as he did in the cartoon.
  2. Man I might be the only person who actually liked Genesis since even Ian hated it. I mean yeah it was annoying that it interrupted the main plot but I still thought it was a fun read.
  3. Personally I found Amy just plain insufferable until they started toning her down Even putting aside her crush, which resulted in crap like cornering Sonic and trying to force him to marry her, her other main character trait was that she was extremely violent and volatile and I gotta say it didn't make her endearing seeing her just fly off the handle. The point you mentioned about her arc in SA1 would be a good example of character growth if like Tails story to be more confident it actually amounted to anything or ever mattered past the game it happened in. I feel like Amy now is at least trying to follow that "I gotta be more independent" plotline and is making her every waking thought about how much she wants to get with Sonic and I think she's a way more fun character now than she ever used to be.
  4. No I mean I hate we have to specify why we don't see Sonic's bits when he's running around like it's not obvious that it's because this is a cartoon franchise for children.
  5. I for one welcome Sega's insistence on giving Amy characteristics beyond "Likes Sonic" and "Is incredibly violent". I hate how we apparently have to specify that.
  6. Not surprised it'll be in this volume since it'll collect all the post-Metal Virus stuff and the 2020 Annual is all short stories about other characters during that time.
  7. I kinda feel like this probes my earlier point that the characters ages don't really matter all that much. It's like wondering how old Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse are. It's not really that big a factor in who they are. Hell even Bill Freiberger and Alan Denton have said so on Twitter recently that they never really thought too hard about the characters ages while doing Sonic Boom.
  8. It sounds like that because that's why it's named that. I really don't even think the pun works. You just put Shazam into the word Amazon. It doesn't even have anything to do with Captain Marvel. I got be honest while I'm not a fan of his lingo I'm kinda numb to it now. I've just accepted Archie Sonic is an offshoot of SatAM Sonic so he's gonna say shit like "Jucin' Way Past Cool". 1: Honestly since this is just the opening of Raiders I'd say go all out and call it "Raider of the lost Ring" or something. 2: I can guarantee you there's fan art of that somewhere. I think you're overthinking it a little. It's just supposed to be that "The End" is written in old time movie font since y'know Indiana Jones was inspired by old timey Adventure movies. Honestly Sonic's lucky this shit doesn't work on Genie rules because saying he wished it was "The End" could very easily gone bad. You know what I don't get? Sally and Lupe talk like they're old friends and that this leaving is super hard on Sally. Except...have they really had any page time together at all? I mean they went sky diving once but I never got the impression they were particularly close. People always say that but I have my doubts. I'll admit I suck at math but after #125 Sonic is in space for a year he's 16 when that happens and they always talk like he was gone for a literal year a full 365 days. the time between 130 and 160 can't be that long so if #130 is like the day of Sonic's disappearance (especially since Sally visits the memorial in that issue) then that means Sonic missed a birthday meaning he's physically 17 but legally 18 in the comics. I'll admit I could be way off there math has always been a major weakness of mine. We have reached peak Steven Butler anatomy! This is not a drill! Repeat this is not a drill! It really is nice to see Star Trek References aren't just Penders forte. I mean I like Star Trek but they do it a lot. Actually it's been different Satellites every time. They all spell Robotnik. #73 is going to make it clear exactly what they've been doing when they pop up but for now they're just supposed to be mysterious interludes. Naugus was defeated is my guess. They were tied to him and now he's in the Zone of Silence so his Crystallization wore off. Granted it's been a few days so I don't know why it's just now wearing off but still. Like I joked we have reached Peak Butler. I don't totally mind his style that much. I just wish he found a middle ground between Sonic Character design and Mary Jane Watson. Like I don't think Bunnie in particular being on par with Rouge is a particularly bad thing (She is the Sax Cymbal of the team Suga) but her proportions should be more in line with like Rouge or Carrotia than Wonder Woman. So...a normal Tuesday in the Sonic Universe? I just love how Max considers Sonic STOPPING HIS USUPER to be a trivial thing. Personally I want to like the Wolf Pack. They all look really cool and I dig their one with nature angle but outside of Lupe (and maybe Leeta and Lyco at least later on) they're just so...nothing. Then they throw these creepy looking kids in the mix and they never contribute anything. I feel like there's a cool concept in there but they never really get to do anything. Doesn't help the most they contributed was #47 where they were written as generic war hero characters saying things like "Sing out you heroes".
  9. I do wish there were more unique designs but it looks like a lot of fun to me. I don't know the tone feels right the environments are great and the gameplay looks fun. I'm seeing very little to hate.
  10. Honestly it goes even further back than that. If Mike Kanterovich didn't need a writing partner to draw the script layouts since they all followed Gallagher's scripting style Ken would never have even been a part of the Archie Comic in the first place.
  11. I really don't think it matters. None of the characters with the exception of Charmy and Cream really act their given ages. You could say they're all in their early-mid 20's and it'd make as much of a difference. Really they're only Teens and Tweens because they want kids to connect to them so they made them older than the target audience but still close enough in age that they can look at them like cool older siblings.
  12. Penders just really loves to think about it. Then says it's weird people look at Sonic porn as if he's not talking about Sally getting railed by his OC on a terrifyingly frequent basis.
  13. Can't say I'm too surprised. I think the only major changes would be English puns that don't translate to Japanese very well same as what happens here with translations.
  14. Something I forgot to mention in my last post Keep Locke's line about teaching Knuckles about the Birds and Bees in mind. It'll be funny in about 4 issues.
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