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  1. I'm hoping they reprint the post-reboot material. It could fit nicely into a 3-4 volume hardcover of its own. Collect 16 issues a volume of both Sonic and Sonic Universe and title it "Sonic The Shattered World Saga".
  2. She's the new head writer but Ian will still be contributing. He's doing the Bad Guys miniseries and said during NYCC he'll be doing the arc after Evan's second one which will be about where the rest of the Deadly Six went. He's said though that "Season 3's" overall story is Evan's but they've talked to make surethe stories match up.
  3. Listenedto episodes 2 and 3...yeah I don't think I'm the audience for this. I'm not thrilled with Eggman's frankly kinda bland portrayal I think Emi overestimated how exciting listening to Sonic running or the sound effects of the Chaos Emerald reforming actually are. I'm also not happy about Amy being portrayed as a stalker who snaps at Tails to keep out of her talking to Sonic. I'm happy for Adventure era fans to have something like this but I don't think it's my thing.
  4. It might just be because I suck at them but I hate the special stages. They're a little too difficult and have a bit too steep of a learning curve to get used to. This might just be a me thing though because I have seen people that make them look like nothing.
  5. I mean...they gave people new gameplay in Lost World after people were saying they were sick of Boost gameplay and were met with cries for a return to Boost gameplay then that became Forces and also led to hate to say nothing of Forces attempts at trying to a darker storyline after so many demands for one. I'm not going to say all those attempts worked perfectly. I never played Lost World so I have no idea what it's like and Forces story while not great doesn't feel all that more embarrassing than any other attempt to tell a "dark and serious" story in this franchise to me. In fact it felt pretty on par with the other attempts to me.
  6. Normally I'm the type that tries to find the good in just about anything but MINDCRAFT STEVE?! Really?

  7. Fair enough. I do agree that it is super random that it just kinda happens. They could have had Knuckles randomly pulsating with power throughout the story or something to indicate it was about to happen. But no we have to spend a lengthy amount of time on bullshit with destroying Gala-Na's character.
  8. It's not likely but I almost hope that the reason Sega allowed Blaze's palace might be a hint at something involving her world in the games. It'd be a neat bit of synergy to have something from a future game have an early bird cameo in the comics.
  9. I'm just saying it's a very odd phrase and I've literally never heard anyone say it.
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