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  1. The cover is by Aaron Hammersrom not ABT. https://mobile.twitter.com/Ziggyfin/status/1221588843125600256
  2. I doubt it since Ian confirmed that it ends this year.
  3. I'm an idiot. I just realized that because #25 is a stand alone issue then #28 is the end of this arc so #29-32 is the end of the Metal Virus Saga.
  4. I'm just gonna come out and say it stuff like Sonic's robot parents and Snivley being in jail would make more sense if you'd read Super Special 2. It's set between #52 and 53. As for Tails' age he was born the day Robotnik took over so he's 10 in Archie continuity.
  5. I'm wondering if this means #29 will be the end or if #30-33 will be the ending arc? I mean honestly I'm betting 29 will end the saga and 30-33 will be clean up/starting a new one but still the wording there is interesting.
  6. Not totally related I'll admit but I think we should all count our blessings we aren't Transformers readers here because the most recent issue that came out New Years Day was supposed to have come out in November. https://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Change_In_Your_Nature_Part_Three
  7. Yeah pretty much this. I'll admit he doesn't really get a chance to actually do a lot of cool stuff though.
  8. Which is ludicrous because Mobius 25 Years Later is canon in his mind so even if we were to believe him it wouldn't have lasted.
  9. Holy fucking shit stop acting like it's coming out in the not too distant future if you're literally still coming up with plot points! Also I sincerely doubt he actually was thinking of such a plot because it would require writing Sally with literally any agency of her own.
  10. I mean being totally fair being a joke is literally Fang/Nack's whole character even in Triple Trouble.
  11. Literally one of the things she says at the end of Classic Sonic's last level in Forces is how dreamy it is to have 2 Sonic's. As for Boom her crush is played down but still clearly a thing. She keeps pictures of him and coos when he does something sweet and has a doll made to look like him which she "uses for not creepy reasons".
  12. I actually like Julie-Su but I can fully understand not liking her here. The problem, one of them, is Penders doesn't know how to write women. He's trying to make a strong independent woman but is falling into tropes like having her constantly talk about how she is a strong independent woman who don't need no man instead letting her actually do things. As for how he writes Vector the big problem is that he writes him as an "Urban" character hence all the lingo he never stops spouting. The problem is he also made a basically black coded character loud, obnoxious, hot-tempered and later on a bit misogynist. It's...it's not great.
  13. Eh, the only characters I really think are their given ages are Cream and Charmy. they act the most like actual children.
  14. Ok admittedly maybe Infinite wasn't speaking in-universe but there's a general kind of attitude that everyone takes that makes it feel as if they've been doing this for a very very long time. Either way my point was more that there's not really any actual timeframe of events so it seems kinda unnecessary to say like "It's only been a year for them" when honestly there's nothing that really proves that. Going by the characters given ages to try and form a timeline of events would be a bit maddening since apparently several unspecified years ago everyone was in their classic designs and also the same ages they are now. Basically it's just best not to take the characters given ages too seriously.
  15. Holy Crap that was a fast turn around.
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