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  1. Honestly I wish Sega was more cool with weird experimental stuff because honestly I'd love to see Tom Scioli do the kind of insanity he brings to comics like Transformers vs G.I. Joe and GoBots for the Sega properties. https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Transformers_vs._G.I._Joe
  2. I guess it's not impossible. Streets of Rage is just dudes beating up other dudes and NIGHTS is in a dream world. Granted some work better than others. Not sure where Billy Hatcher, Skies of Arcadia or Super Monkey Ball could fall in a shared universe for example.
  3. She's one of the best characters in any spinoff media so yes absolutely.
  4. Personally I'm convinced there could be cameos of other characters on Sonic's World to varying degrees of plot importance. It'd be kinda weird if a good chunk of the movie is set there and we don't at least get a look at any familiar characters.
  5. I'm betting this will be at the end of the movie. It looks like they're filming the final battle and it's so far the first Jim Carrey appearance we've seen. It's possible that he'll trick Knuckles (maybe his whole tribe if they're still alive at this point) and this will be after he realizes he was tricked. I doubt we'll get into Team Sonic being best friends if anything Knuckles uneasy alliance will carry over onto the next movie as well. I'm still betting on Shadow for the next one.
  6. I mean...Technically they kinda did. The recurring reporter was a sneaky nod to her from the 90's movie. But yeah I do get your point. Honestly like I said earlier I'm in the boat that I don't want them to be in the main book but if they ever convinced Sega of the demand I wouldn't mind a G.I. Joe A Real American Hero or Transformers Regeneration One situation where they revived the Archie book with it's original numbering but a different title like "Sonic Freedom" to avoid brand confusion.
  7. I'm going to make a prediction now that since this movie will include Knuckles that it'll use elements of Sonic 2 and 3 (possibly SA1 if they choose to include Chaos as a final battle) and it'll end on Eggman discovering his grandfather's diary leadingto Shadow for the third movie.
  8. Me: Doesn't really like SA2 all that much. Also Me: Losing My Shit Because Holy Shit G.U.N. Is In The Movie!
  9. Same. She wasn't even really a character before then. More a background prop for Tails to drool over. I'll take badass Scourge's girlfriend cunning Fiona any day.
  10. I will admit Sir Connery is kinda a random character to bring back and kill off. He's just this random Knight who showed up once and neve again until Ian dusted him off and killed him off.
  11. Same. I never paid attention to the credits (hell I'm an idiot and though Tracy was the games artist when I first saw his work) but after awhile I started to actually read the credits and noticed the change. I'll admit I might be a bit of a shill for Ian at times but it's because I legitimately think his work is that good. Though it is ironic because if I was to recommend any of his work I would go for Mega Man or New Crusaders or his various TMNT contributions before Sonic because again those are projects where he clearly had more freedom especially Crusaders and TMNT so they're way better examples of his skill IMHO.
  12. Oh so he's some Anti-Flynn guy? Then why should I care what he has to say? I mean there's a difference between giving criticism and just being an ass about a comic book writer you don't like. Also since they're usually tied if he doesn't believe in the Mandates I'll say what I always do read literally any other thing he's written. None of the problems people regularly complain about in his Sonic work tend to be present in his other work. Almost like Sega is really strict or something.
  13. Is Twitter not letting anyone else in, right now?  

    1. VisionaryofSUPER
    2. Dejimon11


      Oh thank God I thought it was only me 

    3. SBR2


      It appears to be really screwed up in general. Somepeople aren't having any problems but others are. I got in just now but it's still giving me an error message but I can still tweet and see my notifications and DM's. I have no idea what's going on. 


    4. Dejimon11


      Yeah the site crashed yesterday so it’s all going messed up atm. Most people I know have things back to normal but for me it’s still wonky 

  14. I'm a little kinder on that then most people are because it came at a particularly hard time for me. My mom was having heart problems and fell into a coma and died all over the course of that storyline (in fact the issue Metal Sonic blows up in Antoine's face was the exact time she passed away) so seeing Sonic and his friends going through heavy hardships and most importantly overcoming them was something that was very helpful to me in that time. I know that's a very specific thing and not everyone will feel what I feel and yeah there's some issues but that period is important to me.
  15. Honestly people will always make stuff up. Sometimes it can be convincing but most of the time it's utter nonsense. Nothing is ever going to change that.
  16. Ah, my bad. I always forget about the Handheld versions of Colors-Lost World.
  17. Wow. This is fake as shit. Now Heese doing music could be a mistake and he meant Tee Lopes but there's just so much wish fulfillment going on here. Upscaled Classic Sonic with the Michael Jackson Sonic 3 music restored and remixed tunes by Tee Lopes, A New Sonic Game developed by Dimps (a company Sega hasn't worked with since like Unleashed on Wii) set in the IDW universe with a playable Shadow, The Freedom Fighters coming to IDW and Battle/Dash, Rally4Sally actually working. This all just screams fake to me.
  18. Again this is page 6 of his reprint of the end of M25YL not the Lara-Su Chronicles. Like yeah trash him but make sure it's accurate.
  19. I wouldn't because it's basically perfectas is.
  20. IDK personally I think it captured the scope and size of Unleashed perfectly. Everyone got a chance to shine and it managed to work in all aspects of the Eggmanland stage.
  21. He's talking about the Mobius 25 Years Later reprints not the Lara-Su Chronicles.
  22. "It's kind of like what they did to classic Star Trek episodes" oh you mean that thing everybody hates? Ok.
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