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  1. This is part of why I doubt we're getting Ben Schwartz. The apparent messy nature of the split and the fact that only Roger is public about it right now has me thinking this is a union issue. Same thing probably happened with some of the other actors like Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham.
  2. SEGA will do anything to try and improve and reshape Sonic's image, except for making a good game. 

    1. Tarnish


      Why, what was their latest attempt?

    2. Wraith


      you will still fall through the floor in the next sonic game but at least the floor wont have grass and checkerboards on it

    3. Kuzu


      @Tarnish they're replacireplacin's voice again.

    4. Tarnish


      @Kuzu Weirdly it never occured to me that the reason for changing voice actors was to "improve and reshape Sonic's image". For all I know, it could be because SEGA found someone who does it for even cheaper.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      This hits so hard.

  3. I remember when people who never played a Dragon Quest game were arguing that "Erdrick" would be a Robin clone/derivative because they use a sword and magic spells. Then we got arguably one of the most unique characters in the entire series, with more special moves than any other fighter. Disappointed that some are actually taking the "hat Ken" memes seriously.
  4. Better still, you should be able to add its danger zones to custom stages in stage builder. Neither Smash 4 or Ultimate allowed that, and it feels like such a missed opportunity.
  5. Jake Kaufman isn't returning for this game, unfortunately. I wonder why? He's been with the series from the very beginning, and his compositions for it have always been great, so this is a pretty disappointing loss. At least he's still doing the music for Shovel Knight Dig.
  6. Regarding those rankings, read this twitter thread. This is even less concrete than the usual fan polls. TF2 is one of my favorite games of all time and I love it to death but there is absolutely no way the Heavy is one of the top picks in any region, as amazing as that would be.
  7. All these people who have no idea who Terry Bogard is are making me feel like a nerd/decrepit old man. 

    1. Strickerx5


      I mean I wish I did man. Must be someone of note if they caught Nintendo/ Sakurai's eye.

    2. Blacklightning
    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


    4. StaticMania


      He's...not...Ken Masters.

    5. Milo


      terry bogard? that's the new girl fighter in snk heroines, right? /jk

    6. Thigolf


      I tried to read up on Fatal Fury/KoF sales and I don't think the two series made much of a splash in the west, like, at all, so I'm not surprised.

    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      It's becoming clearer and clearer that Japanese gamers dictate the final outcome of the Smash ballot winners in this case. I bet Banjo will be the only break for the West, if only because he was the most popular Western rep there. I think it's best we lay hopes for anymore Western game reps to rest... for now.

    8. Tornado


      If you've been to an arcade with more than five cabinets, there was probably an MVS there. If there was an MVS there, there was probably a Fatal Fury installed.

  8. Honestly psyched for this. It seems more like a spin-off than a sequel but it looks like a lot of fun and I've got full confidence in just about anything Yacht Club has their name on. Love the spritework too. Music is also amazing, but that's hardly a surprise with Jake Kaufman composing.
  9. I'm a huge Mega Man fan but never got around to the Zero/ZX games. I actually own the collection on DS already but I'll probably just buy this anyway to play on the big screen.
  10. ...On one hand, you're completely right and this was a topic the community discussed to death, so I'm gonna have to concede there. But I swear there are pockets of the internet where the Hero is still being referred to as "Erdrick."
  11. I disagree. That's just what the protagonists in Dragon Quest are referred to as, both in the games and in the fan discussion surrounding them. It's kind of an important word in the series, and even the characters who were given dubiously canon names are usually colloquially referenced as the "hero from X game" (something not made obvious by Smash discussion), which can't be said about "Dragon Warrior." Generic though it may be, "Hero" is the name actual DQ fans are going to recognize and connect with, and if the character isn't being made for them, then who is he for?
  12. I was originally thinking August, but then Nintendo released this video. The title for this video was changed. It originally read "Fan-Favorites & New Releases- July" So either July was wrong or they're covering their tracks. The other two games (Marvel and Fire Emblem) are releasing this month. We'll have to wait and see. Part of me wants him to come out this week/next week, and part of me is dreading the thought of splitting my free time between Smash, Dragon Quest Builders and Fire Emblem.
  13. This is more or less a perfect summary of where I'm at. Nothing about Shantae is outright "bad," it just feels like there's some obvious room for improvement. I hope that Wayforward continues to experiment and innovate on the formula going forward, and that "Shantae 5" doesn't feel like yet another "celebration" of the first game that ends up wallowing in its traditions.
  14. Rarely does it feel like there are any options for the player to think through, though. If you have to climb something, you turn into the monkey. If you have to break something, you turn into the elephant. If you have to go underwater, you turn into the crab, etc. For everything else, you're just plain old Shantae, because the levels were designed around her, and every other form either has no viable attack, poor mobility, or a combination thereof. They could honestly make the dancing itself take half as long as it does in Half-Genie Hero without addressing the core of what's wrong with it as a mechanic, IMO.
  15. Wario Man is the only old Final Smash I miss. Most of the other ones are marked improvements overall. With that said, they do feel kinda samey now. I'm not sure I follow the logic here. Is there some rumor going around that I'm not aware of?
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