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  1. "The Badass Princess" I'm amazed at how much I'm not hating this. Also co-op has me even more interested.
  2. And yet sharing screenshots works now. So I'm not really seeing your point. It's obvious that some players are going to share their OCs, but is that going to actually make people want to buy the game to make their own? The custom hero thing caused a lot of buzz, but a lot of it was just people joking about terrible and uncreative deviantart characters. I feel like the creator's going to have to be a lot more varied and interesting than it looks to actually get people talking about it in a positive way- especially with non-Sonic fans. I've seen a few people use Dragon Ball Xenoverse as an example of a CC generating discussion, but I dunno, that feels like a different case. DB fan characters don't have the same stigma attached to them as Sonic ones. Toriyama's art is pretty widely liked, and the fictional races represented in the game are all more varied and have unique histories throughout the anime and manga. Characters are projects that you build and level and re-equip over the course of the game, allowing them to not just look, but play differently from each other. I don't really know if Sonic's going to tap into that same audience.
  3. What is it, exactly, that makes sharing on the PS4 so much better for this? I'm actually really curious. You said the PS4 stands out for being able to record screenshots and share to social media, and heavily implied that the Switch couldn't. I said it can. Now you're rambling about Nintendo's idea of network infrastructure. Do you actually have a serious, practical reason as to why this is going to be inferior on Switch, or are you just making another weak jab at Nintendo again because reasons? You're right, it does. You can link your Switch with social media accounts and post your screenshots to them. Discussion is pointless to begin with, though. People probably aren't going to be interested in each other's OC's.
  4. (Xbox One lets you do it too) Sharing your characters will be possible on any system. The question is, will SEGA implement something to actually make people care?
  5. Blacklightning said mostly everything I wanted to say. But I will add that plenty of payed multiplayer games that do have microtransaction cosmetics still get shit for it, and rightfully so. Overwatch, for example, has a lootbox system that is lucrative, but arguably predatory in nature. TF2's not really any better, but at least that game's free. Unlike Sonic Forces. It's not something that's universally accepted, at any rate. IMO the best single player games with character creators also have elements of character building. Souls, Elder Scrolls and RPGs in general are good examples of this.
  6. I liked Generations. I still do. I didn't want a sequel to it. The core game has flaws that this forum discussed at length 6 years ago. Which is fine-- no game is perfect, but you'd think my standards for a new game would be a little higher, and that I'd be less forgiving of seeing the same mistakes made over and over again. Contrary to what some people seem to think, this is not a case of everyone retroactively turning on Generations. It's a case of wanting something better. It's funny that Zelda was brought up in this thread, because I was going to use that as an example of how the same thing applies to other games. Breath of the Wild has been out for a little while now, and I think it's one of the best games in the series, and by extension one of the best games I've ever played. For as much as I love it, though, I would not be very keen on a sequel aping it without fixing the armor system, or the dungeons, or the other aspects of the game I consider weak. For me, this is true of every game series. And it probably doesn't help that in Sonic's case, a lot of people's gripes with Forces go back as far as Unleashed.
  7. tumblr_oogm4gk9AI1qmmsq4o1_400.jpg

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      superman is kind of bullshit, it turns out 

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      Apparently, Superman's near-invulnerability extends to his digestive tract.

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      I tested this and I have a few concerns 

  8. Honestly, if you're going to get this pissy and irritated about what other people are saying, you should probably just stay out of the discussion altogether. This is worthless commentary.
  9. I'm feelin' the salt, fellas. 

  10. Can we turn the snark down a bit? That's not what I'm saying. If I actually wanted terrible things, I would've just gotten my wish anyway. All of the customization options we've seen in the trailer look lame and generic. Character creators in general don't do a whole lot for me, but if there's one thing I actually appreciate, it's when one gives you few boundaries and lets you make whatever bizarre shit you can think of. Case in point, Bloodborne. Character creation is a form of player expression, and sometimes you want to express yourself in a way that you think is funny. The custom hero in Forces doesn't look like something I'm going to enjoy. That's all. And yeah, I fully expect the custom hero to be mandatory.
  11. Uh...props for coming up with some new gameplay concepts, I guess? Still don't like this. It looks like every generic deviantart Sonic OC, without the potential to make something hilariously terrible. I'm struggling to think of what to say. I dislike character creators in general, and while this one doesn't look bad, I don't think it's something that really belongs in a Sonic game.
  12. I think about this a lot.


  13. Super Sinful Meme Babies