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  1. I was originally thinking August, but then Nintendo released this video. The title for this video was changed. It originally read "Fan-Favorites & New Releases- July" So either July was wrong or they're covering their tracks. The other two games (Marvel and Fire Emblem) are releasing this month. We'll have to wait and see. Part of me wants him to come out this week/next week, and part of me is dreading the thought of splitting my free time between Smash, Dragon Quest Builders and Fire Emblem.
  2. This is more or less a perfect summary of where I'm at. Nothing about Shantae is outright "bad," it just feels like there's some obvious room for improvement. I hope that Wayforward continues to experiment and innovate on the formula going forward, and that "Shantae 5" doesn't feel like yet another "celebration" of the first game that ends up wallowing in its traditions.
  3. Rarely does it feel like there are any options for the player to think through, though. If you have to climb something, you turn into the monkey. If you have to break something, you turn into the elephant. If you have to go underwater, you turn into the crab, etc. For everything else, you're just plain old Shantae, because the levels were designed around her, and every other form either has no viable attack, poor mobility, or a combination thereof. They could honestly make the dancing itself take half as long as it does in Half-Genie Hero without addressing the core of what's wrong with it as a mechanic, IMO.
  4. Wario Man is the only old Final Smash I miss. Most of the other ones are marked improvements overall. With that said, they do feel kinda samey now. I'm not sure I follow the logic here. Is there some rumor going around that I'm not aware of?
  5. I wouldn't really call it political, but you're right, Smash discussion can definitely be toxic. Some people online are way too invested in whether or not "their" character gets in and feel the need to criticize other people's picks that are perceived as a threat to their wishlist being realized: See Banjo vs. Steve, Shantae vs. Shovel Knight, Dragon Quest vs basically every other Square property. This thread (and forum in general) has been pretty tame though, IMO, even though I've seen a few people act like babies in status messages. We were seeing a bit of Resident Evil vs. Ace Attorney on the last page but it's been civil.
  6. Could be, but IIRC the trouble people had accessing game servers when Joker launched was actually the result of him dropping between maintenance periods, and not from too many people trying to play at once. Extremely unlikely. Between how long it's taking them to release 5 challenger packs, and everything Sakurai had to say about DLC in his book I'm all but certain we're only getting one Fighter's Pass. I actually like the idea of more ATs getting promoted into fully-fledged fighters, but that seems like something they'd reserve for a sequel, unfortunately, and it's way too early to be thinking about Smash 6.
  7. I will always stan Phoenix Wright. Say what you want, we don't have any lawyers in Smash. Capcom's library of memorable characters and franchises is second only to Nintendo-- if even that. I wouldn't mind if the next game got turned into NvC. This would absolutely infuriate some people, but I'd be down with him too. And not just because Dragalia Lost has been monopolizing my phone's battery for the past 6 months.
  8. I don't usually call things "overrated" but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why there are so many people who want Conker to come back. Bad Fur Day's humor is something I would've laughed at when I was 12 and then never again.

    1. JezMM


      I think Conker was a product of it's time (and was outrageous on the principle of being unique, at least on the N64) and I'd like to assume that when people want more, they would want a game which would be a funny platformer by THIS generation's standards, not just more of the exact same thing. Honestly though, as someone who enjoyed it, I'd be fine with it remaining as a one-off title, and I certainly wish they would stop trying to brute-force the character into places he doesn't belong, trying to ignore what a crass game he originates from (well, not originates, but y'know, popularised him).

    2. KHCast


      I’d love to see someone like the writers behind Saints Row 4, tackle a Conker game. SR4 was fucking funny meta shit, and I can totally see them updating Conker is a reasonable fashion that can still maintain itself in the Conker universe while modernizing.

    3. Wraith


      People literally want every cartoon platformer mascot to come back regardless of whether its warranted 

    4. Solly


      @JezMM @KHCast I can see what you're both saying. Based on what I've read, though, there are a lot of people who seem to want more of the same, and I've always seen the "joke" of Conker as something that could only easily be done once. "Edgy-take-on-wholesome-children's-media" is so played out at this point, and I thought BFD was easily Rare's worst platformer from a gameplay perspective. The game industry is certainly ripe for parody, I guess I just don't find the character or the original game to be particularly funny. 

      @Wraith That's also true. 

    5. Soniman


      .....worse then DK64?

    6. KHCast


      Actually scratch that. Devolver digital making a Conker game. I need that yesterday 

    7. Wraith


      Devolver is a publisher 

    8. JezMM


      Gameplay-wise I feel Conker was a breath of fresh air in it's linearity compared to DK64 and B-T's gradual "Bigger is better!!!" mentality getting worse and worse when B-K got the scale just right.  Having said that it's very loose to control, and because the game switches up gameplay so much, seemingly being designed from the top down ("here's a joke/scene/parody we want to make, now how do we make gameplay out of it", rather than the other way round), no individual part of it feels particularly polished, pretty much every set-piece has some minor issues that you have to figure out how to work around before you'll find success (like distances between platforms, hitboxes on interacting with things/bosses etc).  Basically it's a pretty hard game, and it doesn't always seem to be intentionally so.

      I definitely respect their vision a lot more than B-T and DK64, which just seemed overly padded for the sake of padding.

  9. next smash fighter leaked


  10. Richter is an echo fighter, not an alternate costume. This sounds like splitting hairs when echo fighters are already very similar, but alt costumes don't even have different taunts. It's hard for me to imagine Leon and Claire having 1:1 animations in absolutely everything they do. Especially when they're different heights, body types, etc. Yes it could happen anyway, but it strikes me as unlikely. Olimar and Alph work as alt costumes because they aren't really that expressive in their own games (outside of the captain's logs) and because the Pikmin themselves feel like the real stars of the show, on top of being the basis for the entire moveset. The Koopalings are admittedly more distinct from each other in their home series than they are in Smash, but they strike me as being a sort of "package deal" where they were either going to be included as costumes or not at all, and you could argue that their moves are based primarily on the clown car anyway. Not a fan of how they're portrayed, personally, but it works for most people.
  11. I don't think Resident Evil lends itself to a composite character the way Dragon Quest does. The heroes in DQ are all pretty interchangeable blank slates, but the RE protagonists are a lot more distinct. They each have different personalities, signature martial arts, and even weapons (although I don't think Smash would care about whether or not Leon has used a grenade launcher in his games).
  12. My personal most-wanteds (that have a greater-than-zero chance of happening, anyway) are Phoenix Wright and either Jill or Leon from RE. Leon's always been my guy, but I'm kinda leaning toward Jill because she feels less overused and because the pass could honestly use at least one female fighter if we're being honest. Plus out of all the potential RE picks, her goofy design probably fits Smash the most. Apparently Banjo in Smash was an easy deal to make, so I wouldn't be so sure. Crash could still happen though.
  13. Interested in seeing how they'll address the complaints about weapon durability. A lot of players had very immediate, negative reactions to it, but to me it feels like one of those mechanics that you really need to spend a lot of time playing with to see what it does (and doesn't) add to the experience. On one hand, I really liked the "guns and ammo" approach to combat when the game was forcing you to just scavenge and use whatever you could find, almost like Dead Rising. It's part of what made the Great Plateau so compelling and what made Eventide Island and the Master Trials some of the most revered and talked-about sections of the game. It leads to a lot of improvising and emergent gameplay; players are tasked with considering what weapons they want to use, on which enemies, how to obtain them, what happens if they break in the middle of a fight, whether or not they want to throw a nearly-broken sword to score a critical hit on a distant foe, etc. The problem with this system, in my opinion, is that it loses much of its relevance as you progress through the game. After you upgrade your inventory and start finding weapons that last more than a dozen hits, you can easily end up with more than you know what to do with. You can eventually become choosy; I was frequently turning down weapons that did ~40 damage because I had stockpiles of swords, clubs and spears that did ~60. When you're thriving, rather than just surviving, the durability system starts to feel like an inconvenience at best. That's why I think the sequel should either double down on it and make it a more persistent mechanic throughout the entirety of BOTW2, or rethink the whole thing. I'm inclined to think they'd do the latter, though. As mentioned, many of the negative takes on weapon durability are on a conceptual level.
  14. That looks pretty close, although I was thinking he's based on Terry from DQVI. I agree, they really knocked Hero's costumes out of the park. Not only are they great references, they're all very varied and visually striking. And as a fan of the series it's nice to see people having positive reactions online. That's what I thought, too. His name is Angelo. And yes, he does totally look like Trunks, if Trunks were a foppish womanizing card-cheat.
  15. anigif_sub-buzz-24248-1505440950-7.gif?d

    This better be a Smash taunt. 

    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      When DQ gets into Smash Ultimate before Steve.

  16. Not judging anyone who likes Gaming Youtubers™ and it's fine if they're how you like to follow video game discussion, but I'm pretty tired of seeing people all over the goddamn internet expecting me to watch videos from channels like BillyBo10k or PapaGenos, or even GameXplain (who usually get a pass from me because they can go very in-depth) that could be anywhere between 5-45 minutes long, instead of citing their sources, which often amounts to ~30 seconds of reading. 

    1. Jango


      I mostly watch comedic gaming Youtubers, such as Caddicarus, AntDude, Dunkey.

    2. Solly


      I'm mostly talking about the guys who are trying to be informative/report on rumors and news--- infotainment, essentially. 

    3. Jango


      Yeah, I don't care much for those, I rather read on some websites I follow instead.

    4. Wraith


      News channels just like to bait for clicks and pass for time. Not to mention they'll report any garbage rumor they come across to make a story out of and keep the lights on. No thanks.


      I always look for a text source. 

    5. Speederino


      This has become a problem with online discussions in general. Nobody feels the need to explain their viewpoints or arguments when they can just link to a 45 minute long video that goes way too damn in-depth for its own good. Some people also seem to think that having their viewpoint outlined in a video somehow makes their opinion more valid than everyone else's, it's dumb.

  17. I want Banjo as much as the next guy but people ought to temper their expectations. It's true that Grant doesn't work at RARE anymore, and that he wouldn't need to be informed about whether or not they made it into the game. But just because he wouldn't need to hear about it doesn't mean he couldn't hear about it. We know he's still got friends at the company, and it's not unthinkable for info to have made its way down the grapevine to him. "FrieNDAs" are very much a thing. Personally, I'm inclined to take Grant's "don't hold your breath" comment at face value and say that he's just giving his own opinion, and I do still think Banjo has a shot. I just think all of the "this means nothing" comments are being too dismissive.
  18. Sonic's got gloves in the teaser image. Are they really going to take away his gross little RAT HANDS? How dare they? In all seriousness though, it's good that they're taking their time with it and that revising the design doesn't (necessarily) mean horrible crunch periods for the VFX artists. Also this is quite the movie for Valentine's Day. I wonder if cute couples will get in free.
  19. This question was answered in the game's first video ad, which happened to be the second red flag. I think it only took a few hours for this to be pulled. It's a real mystery how something marketed like this could possibly fail.
  20. I'm not sure if it's possible to understate what a weird pick Artorias would be. Franchises with playable fighters in Smash are usually represented by the main protagonists of at least one of the series' games. It's usually only when the game has no main character (Duck Hunt, Wii Fit) that we get someone else first. Why include him above one of the player characters? Yes, his lore is interesting and he has his own place in the world of Dark Souls 1, but when it comes down to it he really is just a DLC boss. He's a really cool DLC boss, mind you, but he's not your proxy that you experience the game world through, nor was he even memed into relevance like Solaire. And if you're one of the many people I've seen today who read a wiki article on the character and decided "yeah, he seems important enough to be playable" then it's worth pointing out that the lore in Souls games is dense enough that you could write that much about half the bosses in the series. I'd love it if he got in but he feels like too much of a dark horse pick for me to even buy this rumor.
  21. I see this sentiment a lot. It sounds nice but has no basis in reality. If this teaser for L4D3 is real (it probably isn't) then I don't see how it could be done in response to any of Epic's recent exclusive deals, because the game would probably have been in development for a while. And they're not going to change their approach to curation (which has also been slowly evolving over time) because of them either. If Epic moneyhats a big title, that's the end of it; Valve has no recourse but to do the same thing themselves, or make Steam more attractive for publishers so that Epic store exclusivity isn't worth it. Consumers are going to go where the games they want to play are. Valve already offers the better service, so even if they did the things you're mentioning and removed shovelware from the store it wouldn't matter. On the topic of the teaser; it's very well-made but the real-life brands, like Pepsi and Life cereal are red flags to me. It also doesn't look like it's outside the realm of what a fan is capable of faking--there's little in the way of animation. It's mostly just a camera panning through a gas station. I guess we'll see.
  22. 67af334e-f47a-419d-b41f-75d07aaf65d8.png

    1. Polkadi~☆


      we live in a society

    2. Harkofthewaa



  23. General direct, maybe. I think Smash will get a direct (or at least some sort of presentation) by the end of this month. It's hard to imagine them stealth-dropping Joker and the 3.0 update which we know are coming in April.
  24. @tailsBOOM! @KHCast That makes sense, thank you. Hopefully it pans out and we do get a direct on Thursday. I actually like stage builder a lot. Hopefully the one in Ultimate has more to choose from in terms of level gimmicks/pre-made objects, like bumpers, danger zones etc.
  25. Does Nintendo NYC closing early really mean anything?
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