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  1. My avatar is Kogoro Mouri/Richard Moore from Detective Conan/Case Closed.

    It's a murder mystery series. I encourage you to watch it, because it's probably the best anime I've ever seen.

    But only if you could stomach having a main plotline that doesn't really go that far along the span of 520+ epsiodes and soon to be 13 movies. To put this way; the show moves r

  2. As flawed as it is, I really like it. It just starts to feel a little unfinished around the end. It'd be nice, but it's not realistic. The consoles have limitations that the game is already pushing.
  3. But yeah, these runs are really amazing.
  4. It's not never before seen, nor is it home-made. It's just unreleased and unlicensed. Here's a bit of information on it.
  5. Not here they aren't. He's even doing the foot-tap thing. They could've edited that out. Also, yellow skin still puts him under the "recolor" category. Anyone who wants a really uniquely designed character should take a look at the Great Battle Kukku the 15th. Even if he only had one appearance, he's much more distinguished from the rest of the cast, and more defined than Mighty. Sonic was going to have the walljump in Sonic Crackers, but his sprites were edited over once they changed him to Mighty. And Tails had more to work with, even when his gameplay was identical. His design had greatly differed from Sonics, and he had other powers like the ability to fly, which even if you couldn't use it, gave designers something to work with in distinguishing him from Sonic. Also, Cream sucks, and she's highly unoriginal, but there's still more to Tails that separates him from her.
  6. Yep........but still a bad story.
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