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  1. @LongcrierCat Lucina's so similar to Marth that it doesn't make sense to not have both of them as a two-for-one deal. If this sort of thing bothers you then you can just stack them on the CSS. And yeah, obviously development resources are finite and there are a limited number of characters they could make each game, but I don't think fans should sweat that. The circumstances of every fighter's inclusion is unique and it's presumptuous to say "if only they cut A B and C, we could've gotten X Y and Z instead." Let's not get stuck in the bargaining phase. We'll agree to disagree. You're right that the FE cast being mostly sword wielders sucks though. Before today I wouldn't have considered Slime getting in over one of the main protagonists, but we DID just get a potted plant as a fighter. Oh shoot, source? How does the Levin Sword even work as a neutral air? Isn't it normally done with Smash attack motions?
  2. I didn't know I needed this. 


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  3. What's the harm in it, though? It's not as if cutting the clone characters would have guaranteed us more wholly original newcomers. Sakurai has been saying since Melee that they don't require nearly as much time and resources to develop. I just think of them as a bonus, and I know people who are genuinely excited that Young Link and Pichu are returning. Every character has fans-- yes, even Dark Pit (I play Smash Bros with my sibling too, and he certainly likes Dark Pit). We know Ultimate uses Smash 4 as a base and wasn't built from the ground up, so it really doesn't even make sense to cut someone like him. I'd also like to reiterate that you mentioned Marth as unneeded baggage alongside the clones, which tells me that this is less about who is truly redundant and more about who you personally care about. Maybe you don't realize how selfish that looks? I know we currently have the gift of hindsight here, but how many times did Sakurai say "don't expect too many more fighters" only to have people ignore it? The writing was on the wall and people dismissed it time and again. Sure Nintendo hyped (advertised) the game, but I can absolutely blame fans for not keeping their expectations in check. I'm not even telling people that they shouldn't be disappointed, and I definitely have concerns of my own, but people are acting a little ridiculous IMO.
  4. We can only speculate but I don't think the devs were ever looking for that sort of parity between third party franchises; the process of character selection has always been more intuitive than that. Castlevania and Street Fighter getting echo fighters has a lot more to do with who the characters themselves are rather than what they're from. Richter, for instance, probably got in because he's the original practitioner of many of Simon's moves. Simon is obviously the more well-known Belmont, but he doesn't use Grand Cross, his d-tilt, dash attack or even his recovery move in his own games. Like Sakurai said, it's hard to tell who's echoing who, so Richter was probably thrown in as a bonus to make things feel proper. Meanwhile Ken is essentially the original fighting game clone character and he's been around ever since the original Street Fighter. It's hard to mention Ryu without mentioning Ken as well-- they're two sides of the same coin. He makes a lot of sense as an echo pick simply because of how established he is, both as a gaming icon and how he might play when compared to Ryu. When looking at it like that, Shadow isn't nearly as obvious a choice. He'd be neat for Sonic fans but Sakurai will probably always be a lot more selective about third parties than first parties. I'm honestly just curious why they took so long to reveal his AT. Just as they can no longer tell me Waddle Dee doesn't belong because he's "just an enemy."
  5. What is with Smash fans' obsession with cutting characters? Why does it always come to this sort of whining with some people? And while I get thinking Dr. Mario and Dark Pit are redundant, how is Marth, the original Fire Emblem hero "unneeded baggage"? Oh brother.
  6. If this person were deliberately trying to spoil the roster (as the "fuck nintendo lol" comment seems to suggest) then the banner should be very clearly in the frame. Instead it almost looks like it was shown incidentally. That does beg the question of what the video was actually "about" though. We conveniently haven't actually seen that yet-- unless I"m wrong, we only have still images from the video. It still feels like there are more questions than answers. The leak looks convincing enough, and the evidence of who recorded it and how is interesting, even if it's not conclusive, but I really don't know about this. It still seems too good to be true. There's still a significant chance we're being taken on a Ruse Cruise. Plus I really don't wanna go into the last Direct hoping for 7 characters to be revealed only to be disappointed.
  7. Also on the subject of music, the menu theme has finally gone up. Honestly might be my favorite in the series so far.
  8. I think what people are saying is that his new Final Smash could functionally similar to his old one. Removal of the silhouettes or a change in animation would fall under the blanket of a cosmetic change. It's certainly possible, given that we know actual transformation Final Smashes (Wario Man, Super Sonic) are being replaced. Whether or not that's the case remains to be seen.
  9. Came here to post this and to also say that this means the music theory is outright dead. :V Sakurai mentioned that Fire Emblem would be getting quite a few tracks this time around. I hope we see some remixes from Ike's games. The Tellius duology has some amazing music.
  10. Gonna be honest and say that I hadn't been putting a lot of stock into the music theory these past few months, since it could wind up debunked on any random weekday, but it's one of those rumors that has survived long enough to be at least worth considering. It precludes a Pokemon newcomer, which is interesting. Even ignoring the fact that Incineroar has been heavily-rumored, I'd reckon most people have been expecting a new fighter from that franchise.
  11. I'm taking that as a "no" to my initial question, then. It's one thing to expect a surprise, but it's another to baselessly tell people to "count on" a character appearing. Doesn't it make more sense to keep expectations in-check rather than set yourself up for potential disappointment? You missed my point. I'm saying that there was, in all likelihood, literally not enough time for the Mario & Rabbids sales to be a factor. That game came out late last year, while the roster was probably finalized in late 2015-early 2016, based on what Sakurai has stated about the design document. Granted, this isn't infallible as there have been exceptions to this sort of "rule" (if you want to call it that) in the past, but there's a reason you aren't seeing a lot of people currently predicting ARMS or Xenoblade 2 characters, as nice as they would be.
  12. It seems doubtful that the Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle sales would factor into Rayman's inclusion, given that the roster was decided quite some time before that game even came out. Rayman would be neat, but you sound strangely confident in this. Is there really any concrete reason to expect him?
  13. On Ken's shading: yes, it's a little odd. I don't think that means it's fake, though-- not in the face of everything else. As for the fourth character status image being pushed to the side... I assume you mean Ken's icon? It's (somewhat conveniently) transparent because Pacman's in the way, but comparing the distance between the health percentage reveals that they aren't really spaced out. Those lines are all the same length, give or take a few pixels, and they get slightly shorter going from left to right, which is consistent with the viewing angle of the monitor. There are two things creating the illusion that they're spaced out, though. One is the fact that, as mentioned, Ken's portrait is translucent. The other is all of the debug menu junk on the screen that's in front of Pacman and Pichu's portraits making things hard to judge. And this is just my two cents, but if this were a fake, making a simple spacing error like this doesn't make a whole lot of sense when any image editing software would let you see the exact pixel count when lining up the portraits. As for Pichu's ear being cut off... That's another thing I think is a point in the leak's favor because it means that the Pichu image couldn't have been lifted from any E3 footage. Furthermore, it couldn't have been made using his official art from the site, because that art is just slightly different (note the mouth). Honestly, the comparison image with Ryu only has me more convinced that this is real. In both images, you can see that Pacman (as well as Ryu and Ken's feet) doesn't cast a shadow on the piece of metal paneling he's standing on (which I brought up in a previous post). If this were a fake image, why would the creator know about that? Why would he go through the trouble of making a version of the stage that doesn't have ink on it? How did he get an image of the stage and characters at this particular angle? None of the evidence against the leak has me convinced. I guess we'll see in due time.
  14. If this was somehow faked, I'm not even gonna be mad. Just impressed.
  15. So a character seems to have been leaked (spoilers?). You probably already know about this if you've been following any other gaming forum today, besides this one. https://nintendowire.com/news/2018/09/21/rumor-a-new-smash-character-may-have-been-leaked-spoilers/ Dunno if this warrants spoiler tags or not. People have been debating its legitimacy all day, but I'm personally 100% convinced that it's real.
  16. DQ11 is on 3DS in Japan, and coming to Switch both there and the west. Not gonna comment on what I think is more likely, just pointing that out.
  17. FF7's music situation is unfortunate, but there's probably a lot more to it than meets the eye. It's not a matter of Square not wanting to play ball; the rights to game soundtracks, sometimes even individual songs from games, can belong to multiple different parties. Getting the rights to more songs may not have been feasible. You're definitely not alone! Give us Erdrick/Loto or some other Dragon Quest hero. Dragon Quest is far and away one of the most significant franchises not represented in Smash-- and easily Square's biggest. It's the grandfather of the JRPG genre, and its influence can be seen in everything from Final Fantasy to Pokemon. Hell, the Mother franchise is a spoof of DQ specifically. Only concern is just how much legal red tape there is surrounding DQ, even if it's crossed over with Nintendo before.
  18. Agreed. We don't know anything for certain, but it is very odd that Sakurai would be so vague and indefinite about the number of remaining characters, but so specific about the number of stages. 103 was the number given in the Famitsu article as well. Not only is CoroCoro the only source suggesting that there are 108 stages, that's the only piece of information in their article that could be considered "new." Everything else was covered in the 8/8 Direct. It really could be wrong, as disappointing as that may sound.
  19. Looks like we may not seen every stage after all? If this is true, there's another 5 stages TBA. Are you all ready for the return of POKEFLOATS?
  20. You're not alone. I'm excited she made it in, and surprised to see so much negativity, but it wouldn't be Smash discussion without salt, I guess. And I'm glad she's not an echo fighter. Plus her being a fighter means this is possible now.
  21. Sonic getting two stages is nice, but Green Hill and Windy Hill are so thematically similar that it's a little redundant. I'm also not a huge fan of how GHZ plays, but walk-offs in general aren't really my cup of tea. If Sonic were to get a third stage through DLC or something, I'd love to see one based on a different locale. Casino Night Zone would be the obvious choice for me. Hazards could include flippers and bumpers, as well as those little multi-colored "safety net" platforms that bounce you back up when you're about to fall off the board. Casinos are also a recurring theme throughout the series, and therefore appropriately Sonic-y.
  22. King of Cards being pushed back to 2019 probably has something to do with it allegedly being the biggest of the campaigns (maybe even bigger than the main game?), and Yacht Club having ~5 employees last I checked. The delay does suck, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. The trickle of stretch goal updates has been slow, but only because Yacht Club has over-delivered on all of them. I just hope their next project is underway, so we don't have to wait too long for that, too.
  23. Frankly, I'm still not entirely convinced Knuckles appearing in GHZ isn't an oversight that might not make it into the final game. Yep. So do a lot of final smashes. I think the moon is going to have to do something like that in at least some levels, like Shadow Moses Island.
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