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  1. Sonic Islands is really neat, and a much better framework for an actual game than the Utopia demo from a while back, but I can't help but think it's a little bit unwieldy. Classic Sonic has always matched mechanical depth with very simple controls, while Islands manages to over-complicate things in its effort to use as few buttons as possible. I don't see why the homing attack has to share a button with a double jump, or why the spindash shouldn't just be mapped to a face button like the Adventure games. The same can be said about bouncing. 

    It's cool though. Interested in seeing how it develops. 

  2. Also Captain Toad's got his own game. I could see the Goomba comparison working if there weren't any unique Toads in the mainline Mario series, but there are. This sort of leak really isn't worth entertaining. The link in the description of the (clickbait) video links to a nerdmag article with some of the most bog-standard rumor reporting you could ask for. It just cites "a user on reddit" who said he got the list from a Nintendo employee. No link to the post itself, no mention of the source's username, no mention of the date this information was posted, and no reason to actually believe any of it.
  3. Like they said in the direct, many of the Belmonts' moves come from Richter's games (Rondo/Symphony), including the uppercut, the dash attack, d-air, d-tilt, Final Smash, and probably more that I'm forgetting. You could say he was adapted more faithfully than even Simon. Trevor would be rad, though. Typically yes, but this time around they're arranged by when they first debuted in Smash Bros (i.e these numbers) with Echo Fighters placed next to the character they're based on. The E3 demo lines up with this.
  4. Some full matches. K. Rool looks fun, but he may very well be the biggest target in Smash history. In awe at the size of this lad. And some team battle footage. Ridley's Final Smash looks to have an auto-kill effect like Bayonetta's.
  5. What we really need is Doc Louis giving worthless advice about all of the fighters and telling Dad Jokes. It's pretty much his thing.
  6. I thought this was because Sonic was such a late addition to Brawl. He was the only character added in 2007. I don't know if there was even time to give him a bigger role. As for him not appearing in any CG trailers for Smash 4/Ultimate: most of the fighters haven't. Sonic probably wasn't given a CG model because he wasn't a newcomer to Smash 4. It's also easier to write the trailers with just Nintendo characters, if only because they don't have to ask for permission. I'm still frankly surprised that Capcom let Ridley murder Mega Man. Someone had to approve of that.
  7. You guys have no idea how thrilled I am that this doofus is in Smash. Simon actually getting in was already more than I could've asked for, but Richter is my favorite Belmont, and Rondo of Blood was the first Classic-Vania that I managed to beat, so this like a dream come true. What's more is that none of the leaks floating around actually predicted him, so he managed to stay a complete surprise. And as one of the five or six people who actually likes Chrom, and was disappointed that he didn't make the cut last time around, I'm glad to see him finally get his chance. I'm sure I'll be playing both of them when the game comes out. I don't have as much personal love for K. Rool, but I'm happy for his fans too, and he looks to be very well-realized as a fighter. What's left? What more could they possibly add? The game could've launched with the E3 roster and I'd have been satisfied.
  8. Smash Tour was rough, but I wouldn't call it single player content. It's primarily mutliplayer-focused. Same for Smash Run, which was markedly less terrible (though still flawed). I'd love to see that come back, but I don't even know how they'd handle it. The whole reason it was 3DS exclusive was because every player, by necessity, had their own system and therefore their own screen. Trying to bring that to consoles where most players are looking for a couch-multiplayer experience doesn't really work. Is there anything they could do to adapt it? Melee has everything I want out of actual single player content. If they made a new Adventure mode and "fixed" Classic mode, we'd be golden.
  9. It wasn't literally all of them, but it was a lot. He was a dime-a-dozen scalper whose sole claim to notoriety was online behavior that could best be described as... abnormal. Either way, it's probably best not to pay much mind to people like him, especially considering the amiibo market isn't a scalper minefield like it was when Smash first launched.
  10. game journalism 


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Maybe we should rename "news articles" into "gossip articles."

    2. Zaysho


      Is it bad I read this in Sonic's voice

  11. Shadow being an echo fighter sounded like a possibility at first, but right now I'm leaning toward him either still being an assist trophy or cut outright. Knuckles might just be replacing him, especially considering the more "active" approach they're taking with assists this time, with a number of ATs you can KO for points. They really might have just decided to scrap Shadow since they didn't need another passive assist that just replicates an existing item's effect. They've already retired more interesting ATs than him. That wouldn't be faithful considering all of Mega Man's special weapons are from the classic games, nor would it be very plausible since X's model has very different proportions and couldn't really use a lot of existing animations.
  12. Similar -looking animations =/= recycled animations. There's a difference. Animations are sometimes recycled between characters who have the same, or at least similarly-proportioned skeletons on their model. Sonic's u-tilt, f-air and d-tilt are all unique in that regard. He may or may not share Wolf's u-Smash animation for his u-air, but it's hard to say. Likewise, Wolf is believed to have Diddy's exact d-air. I think someone did a video on this years ago, showing off the skeletons in an emulator, but I can't find it. Either way, I don't really consider that poor treatment. Plenty of characters recycle animations. Not even counting the clones (or semi-clones), incidental actions like activating an assist trophy, shrinking and growing with a mushroom, etc are commonly reused, especially among humanoid fighters.
  13. image-4.png

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      2. Never go out in just your underwear; the world will not handle what's underneath it

    2. Cobalt_Bolt


      Make sure you wear your underwear; Parents won't be able to handle what's seen without it.

  14. Every single piece of info on this movie that comes out sounds like a parody. You really can't make this shit up. I like Jim Carrey, but this is beyond surreal. It's worth mentioning, though, that it all probably seems weirder to Sonic fans than it would the average moviegoer who's just looking for a night of family-friendly fun at the cinema.
  15. My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't discount the possibility of an ARMS character, either. To be totally fair, this does seem to be a glitch. ZeRo did a play-by-play and pointed out that she jumps four times in this video. Also the blog updated again. Today's post is on Bomberman's assist trophy. Looks like he drops remote bombs as well as normal ones.
  16. ITT: people on a sonic forum arguing about what series has the worst fans Also this may be of interest. The project plan being finished in 2015 means that the final roster was probably decided around then too. You could take that as evidence that fighters from 2016 and onward aren't on the cards, but you never really know. Roy, for example, was debuted in Melee before he appeared in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He's the exception rather than the rule, but depending on how much the devs thought ahead, we could still see characters from more recent games. The Ballot for Smash 4's DLC is probably going to go a long way in determining who gets in and who doesn't. The Japanese ballot page practically said as much.
  17. Really hate to be the guy who shits on other people's suggestions, but an Undertale character getting in would be my official "old man yells at cloud" moment. There are definitely plenty of other third party characters I want, but Smash is a Nintendo crossover first and foremost, and I think there's a need to be selective. I wouldn't want to see them pulling randoms from any remotely popular indie game as guest fighters.
  18. I'm assuming Bayonetta's guns are allowed because they don't look quite like real guns and fire magical bullets. Allowing those but not Snake's weapons may seem like splitting hairs, and I understand how the door to that discussion got opened, but putting realistic guns in Smash Bros isn't just a matter of whether or not the dev team is willing to change their minds. Ratings boards also care about how firearms are depicted, and them raising the rating on the game could impact sales.
  19. Spider-Man looked fantastic. RE2 looked good too but I'm waiting to see more. Ghost looked cool but not a lot to go on.

    Zero interest in The Last of Us. Conference itself was so far up its own ass that it hurt to watch. 

  20. haha sony what the fuck

  21. Solly

    Mega Man

    Wily does look to be Keith Silverstein. No word on who voices Mega Man himself. My guess was Bryce Papenbrook. Anyway, game looks fantastic. The double gear system sounds like a refreshing change of pace.
  22. I beat Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon in one sitting last night. Took me an hour and a half. Come back online today and realize the game now has achievements and none of them are unlocked. 

    good shit 

  23. oh, god

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Huge thanks for the soundtrack to my nightmares.

    2. MegasonicZX


      Someone please end that poor creature!

    3. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      That's...really damn cool when I think about it.

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