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  1. Isn't the Havok engine just for objects in the game world? Destructible terrain, shrapnel, etc. I don't think it has any bearing on gameplay or how Sonic himself controls.
  2. I said nothing looks bad. I didn't say anything about how it sounds. I agree with pretty much all of your other points, though. Also there are people who still think Sonic shouldn't talk, but Roger being widely disliked anywhere would be news to me. He's great, both as Sonic and in his other work.
  3. I think this is just SEGA being dumb with reveals. They always start off by showing us something familiar or safe-looking, and then the game's "catch" that makes it immediately distinguished from other games shows up much later. It generates discussion, for sure, but I think it's annoying how long they're willing to leave people in the dark over what could be a major part of the game. So I guess I wouldn't say that they have a real reason to keep it secret other than "this is just how they go about business." I agree that it could turn out to be an experiment, though. They emphasized that it will 'bridge' the modern and classic styles IIRC, so whatever they create could be used in the future if it's popular. Yeah, for as much as I'm willing to criticize the game's direction, I'm still looking forward to it and I'm sure I'll have fun playing it. Nothing really looks outright bad about it, to me.
  4. I think my problem with the music, besides the instrumentation, is how fast-paced it sounds. Classic Sonic songs usually move at a slower tempo and hang on some long notes. For as much flak as people like to give Sonic 4's OST, they actually adhered to this pretty well and managed to make some decent, if not good, Sonic-y songs, especially in Episode 2. The GHZ theme in Forces (which I don't personally think is a placeholder) sounds more fitting for a Special Stage or something.
  5. I remember when everyone here was complaining about Sonic 4 and people like Jim Sterling actively made fun of Sonic fans for it, so yeah, the opinions here are definitely skewed (although still definitely legitimate). :V One thing I'll say, though, is that the dying cat thing is definitely played out. Like, really.
  6. Reminder for my fellow mobile gamer trash that the best Fire Emblem character is coming to FE: Heroes soon.


    1. Radiant Hero Ike

      Radiant Hero Ike

      I'm not sure why that blue haired dude resonates with me so much

  7. Looks pretty on-par with Generations to be honest. Never really understood why Sonic Team games don't try to accurately recreate the old physics/mechanics of the originals, like what Mania's doing. I legitimately refuse to believe they're not capable of it. For as much as I criticize the "boost" style, it at least doesn't feel like a cheap throwback. That said, I don't think it looks outrageously bad or anything, just that Sonic has a lot of competition from other great 2D platformers of recent years (Mario, Donkey Kong, Rayman) and this doesn't really look up to snuff. I guess on the bright (?) side, if this game really is just another Sonic Generations, this video is really only showing off the weaker half (third?).
  8. Are you sure that them scaling back Generation's story and making it more lighthearted is the result of Nintendo influence, or is it maybe the fact that Sonic plots, up until then, were considered universally terrible by anyone who wasn't a Sonic fan? And that maybe it was all part of a greater initiative to improve the franchise's image? That's why the series got new writers and actors at the same time, in Colors. Also what is a "Nintendo kind of plot"? Nintendo doesn't exclusively tell bare-bones stories. Their audience plays more than Mario and Kirby, so it's not as if SEGA would HAVE to strip away the plot in the interest of targeting them (which they didn't).
  9. I... really don't think that's how games are developed? There's a point to be made about Sonic Lost World taking too many pages out of Mario Galaxy's book, but they didn't have that problem with Sonic Colors, which was also Nintendo-exclusive. They also didn't hesitate to rip off God of War in Unleashed, which was released on every console. Console exclusives are lame but I don't see that as being a real factor in how LW turned out.
  10. I could see maybe one or two exclusive zones, but I'm expecting both Sonics to share most of their levels. Most people I saw liked having Classic/Modern versions of each stage, and it gives them more opportunities to actually reuse assets, so it's probably cheaper too.
  11. tumblr_onhmqwLDda1qd838bo1_540.jpg

    1. KHCast


      I don't know what is right anymore 

  12. I'm personally expecting Super Sonic. We know the game has special stages, so unless the player is collecting something other than the Chaos Emeralds, I don't see why we wouldn't get him. Mania's level design also looks to be more in line with S3&K than CD, from what I've seen, but even if it were mostly molded after CD, I don't think that's a reason Super Sonic wouldn't work. He breaks the design of pretty much every level in all of the classic games, anyway. Platforming sections become too wonky, or skippable, because he accelerates so quickly, and jumps so high. Not to mention stuff like this. Plus Super Sonic's been in the past few games. Colors, Generations, Lost World. 90% sure he'll be in Mania, too.
  13. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War is kind of a drag. I like so many things about it, but the maps are too big and poorly paced. 

  14. i am going insane 

    1. Kintor


      You've come to the right place then. :D

    2. Solly
  15. You're conflating "being simple" with "being an avatar/not being a character at all." Mario isn't some deep, Shakespearian, multifaceted, complex character, but pretty much every personality trait listed in Jez's post is demonstrated in some way throughout the Mario games. Just because a game takes a minimalist approach when telling a story doesn't mean that everyone in it is going to be flat or devoid of any sort of personality. You don't need cutscenes or a lot of dialogue or drama to convey what a character is about. Conversely, having more in-depth storytelling doesn't always produce deep or interesting characters.
  16. Does being a classic SEGA fan have to include shitposting and flashing my raging Nintendo hate-boner every time I even think I have the opportunity? You should also probably edit your earlier post. "Midget" is a derogatory slur.
  17. tumblr_ojp93pvIAh1rskcv1o1_500.png

    1. KHCast


      I want both, but I'm not a girl, so this isn't directed towards me lol

  18. No idea where this Sakurai rumor is coming from. I seriously doubt they're going to remove scenes because one unfinished animation leaked. What company would waste work like that?
  19. That's true, but isn't the current rumor that this character is customizable? What if they're silhouetted because they don't actually have a defined look for pre-rendered or promotional material? Case in point: the avatar characters in the latest Fire Emblem games never have their faces shown in the game's CGI cutscenes. They're always obscured by something, like the camera, or a hood.
  20. tumblr_ojrili9f1d1vdbx3no1_540.jpg

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      ok now i see why people are scared of clowns

  21. Really dumb, if that's the case, considering how important of a theme "time" is in Sonic Generations. Past stages, past versions of characters, past enemies... and Time Eater. How could Classic Sonic be anything but a younger Sonic? "Enjoy your future. It's gonna be great!" Granted, this is the SEGA that couldn't decide if Eggman Nega and Blaze were from a different time OR a different dimension, and eventually settled on them having separate origins.
  22. well the sonic forces thread sure is moving



    F A S T 

  23. This is true. Although has it been confirmed that the game will be 60fps on consoles? We have some footage, but that could be running on a PC build, unless I've missed something (which is totally possible).
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